The Prince
by The Prince


I wrote this two days before we separated 

خداوندا، دلش روشن نشد او          ز نور مهرورزی پر نشد او

 دعا کردم که شاید ر‌ه گشایی        گشودی ر‌ه ولی‌ رهرو نشد او

گنه کردم، گناهم را تو بخشای      که راضی‌ بر گذشت هرگز نشد او

گذشت و احترام فرزند عشق‌اند           دریغا! چون به من عاشق نشد او

برویاند محبت گٔل زهر خار             ولی‌تیغ زبانش گٔل نشد او

دل‌ خونین که بر پایش نهادم      قدم بر آن نهاد، آگه نشد او

نبیند درد سوزان دلم را           که محرم بر دل‌ و دیده نشد او

مرا یارای ماندن بیش از این نیست        خداونداببخشا، زن نشد او

لاس وگاس




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So beautiful.......

by Souri on

Although I have never been separated from the ones I truly loved, in this way, but your poem made me feeling the true sadness of a dolorous separation. The feeling of disappointment and discouragement........A sad feeling of impotence, when hope is disappearing!

As MPD said below, with such a profound sentiments, I'm sure you will soon find the woman deserving of you. More power to you!

Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

What a sad and beautiful poem. All I can say is that I've been there. I have left and I have been left. Either way, separations are hard and painful and life tastes pretty tasteless and dark around them.

Thank you for putting your pain into such a beautiful frame and sharing it with us. I send you waves of warmth and strength.

Multiple Personality Disorder

The most heartfelt seperation poem I've ever read recently

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Just hang in there, you'll be fine.  With the kind of poems you write there will be a woman deserving of you soon.