Here I go one more time. Maybe you read it this time!!!


Here I go one more time. Maybe you read it this time!!!
by The Prince

Couple of days ago, I posted something about the below video and asked if we can consider it as a hint of a feasible idea for solving our own problem, a stepping stone if you will, and perhaps open a dialogue between ourselves? I mean, we talk about everything here from Oscars to Boobs. Why not about an idea to get rid of akhoonds?

Out of over 380 reads for that post, I recieved a whopping two responses!! Yeah I know. I am way too optimistic. Why would I excpect to recieve more responses from people? I never respond to their post. Where is the time? Mortgage, new car, divorce, marriage, 401K, kids, payments, lawsuits, business, classes, illness, not to mention my body fat index…. Plus my guy is way better thatn your guy. So Fuck You!

Also, my daily passionate rants about these dirty akhoonds are not really that serious. They are merely only comic reliefs, after having a full portion of Ghormeh Sabzi. In all honesty, there is not much that I can do. Sometime I may wave a flag here and there. But I cover my face. I go back every summer.

So why in the world am I re-posting this, is just beyond me! I guess I am just a stubborn asshole! I have only one request though, if you don’t mind that is.

WATCH THE DAMN THING!!!. It is only half an hour. It won’t kill you. I promise! It may give us a clue, a possible starting point! We can learn from this movement and give it an Iranian twist. We have the resources, the brains, the money, the knowledge. Heck, just the number of Persians here in the US, is more that the true IRR supporters all over the world, including the ones in Iran!! I know that I am stretching this too far, but honestly, It may one day be possible for us, as Iranians, to rise up as one and crush these dirty pests once and for all.. Don’t blame me. I am just a dreamer!!



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Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

I am in tears and I am touched by the suffering of the poor kid. " I rather die to stay " he said and then he broke down to tears.

I felt his sorrow, I felt his pain, but above all I felt for his " loneliness ".... Where is the crying shoulder?  In this ruthless world of ours there is none. 

But the following statement by the producer somehow makes me think deeper.  " Taking children from their parents ... Giving them guns and make them to shoot and kill people "  

Is this unique to these people? Aren't we all in danger by the very same action to be done to us by our governments?  Is this not, after all, what an Army does ? 

Taking children from their parents

Giving them Guns

And make them to shoot and kill people 


I know I have deviated from your question... sorry for that.  

Using this tactic to get rid of VF dictatorship certainly will work if we do it inside Iran.  This can be achieved only and only if the people of Iran collectively demand it .  We should try to bring the atrocities to their attentions, eductae them and ask them to get involved rather than look for an overnight help from countries that certainly do not have Iranian's people interest in mind.

A permanent change only comes from within. This thought-provoking film clearly is a proof. More power to the people.

Thanks for sharing ...

The Prince

Soosan jan

by The Prince on

Try my previouse post. It has the full version

Soosan Khanoom

Dear Prince

by Soosan Khanoom on

I haven't forgotten about the promise I made.  Several times today I clicked on the video. It ran for five minutes and kept starting all over again ... I have no clue why ?  Any idea?  

The Prince

Thank you

by The Prince on

Soosan Khanoom!!

Soosan Khanoom

I like the way you write....

by Soosan Khanoom on

You have my full attention now ... Sorry that I missed your first post.

I promise to watch the whole thing tomorrow and then share my 2 cents. 

: )