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News Alert...Beep...Beep
by The Prince

The ousted president of Tunisia , Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali has fled the country after days of unrest. After arriving in Riyadh, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali told reporters that he is a great leader, is loved by Tunisian people and has unjustly been forced to step down. He is seeking asylum from Saudi Arabia!! The Saudi’s Government has granted asylum to the ousted president and his family.

In other news;

Prison Brake-California- Former convicted serial killer and cult leader Charles Manson, escaped from Corcoran Maximum Security prison in California last night, January 16 2011, using baby wipes and a roll dental floss. Manson shortly thereafter fled the country. Manson has claimed that he is a great leader, is loved by his followers and was unjustly imprisoned. He is seeking asylum from Hell. Lucifer himself has granted him asylum.

In an interview with Press TV anchorwoman, Batool Haj Pashmaloo, Hell’s president also announced imminent special asylum to be granted to the Islamic Republic’s Leader Ali Khamenaie also known as Khar and the currentjavascript:mceToggle('edit-body',%20'wysiwyg4body'); IRI's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, also known as AN. The special asylums for An and Khar come at the request of, strangely enough, one of Hell’s low level Sphincter Cleaning workers named Khomeini.

“This goes to show you that no matter what menial position you hold here, there are always opportunities and equal opportunities here in Hell. If you are with us, no matter where you are, you are always one of us” Lucifer told Haj Pashmaloo.

Critics claim that this is just but a minor PR attempt from Hell’s higher management to clean Hell’s image.

Asylum Applications are also being processed for all other IRI’s officials, their supporters, thugs, bitches and cyber dogs. However, according to one of Hell’s admission officials, Dr. Josef Mengele, "all of these applications will probably be rejected, …because these applicants are not considered “worthy"! PR or no PR, we have standards, yes, even here in Hell” Mengele added.

…End of wire.


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