Pathology of Akhoond, or geda ali demistyfied


Pathology of Akhoond, or geda ali demistyfied
by The Prince

So what exactly is an akhoond? Akhoond is supposedly a clergy in the Islamic form, a teacher, or a religious scholar!! In reality however, there are no basis for the existence of such thing as akhoond. It is a made up character, like the Santa Clause (gone evil), or Dracula (better description). There is no such thing as akhoond anywhere in the Quran or any other teachings of Islam. Look for yourselves. WE gave this thing a reality!

This made up character is a parasitic creature that lives off of others. It latches on others like a blood sucking leech with limitless apatite, and will not let go until all the blood is sucked out of the host, and then it slithers to another host  for more blood.

This parasite is now sucking the blood out of the whole country of Iran and we Iranians, are the ones who brought this fictional character to life, starting with the original parasite Mohamad Bagher Majlesi, a couple of centuries ago!  Since then, this disease has been fed and fuled by our beliefs, prejudices, shortcomings, and  made up traditions, and has spread throughout the region and the world.  The icing on the cake was when we actually mistook the disease as the cure for our ailments at the time, and collectively elected this disease to rule our lives, over thirty years ago. Talk about a smart move!!

In Iran, we now have an epidemic of  akhoond infestation and if we do not cooperate collectively to eradicate this ugly disease,  it will suck us dry until everything we have as Iranians, and as humans, is gone! It will then slither elsewhere to destroy other hosts.

We are drowning in an ocean of shit.  Yet, instead of trying to stop ourselves from sinking even deeper in shit, we are either analyzing and debating the smell and thickness of the shit, or arguing over who to award as the best shit-smeller of the drowning ship!!! How stupid is that?!


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Great description of Animal Akhoonds

by Azarbanoo on

Soory to insult animals.


It's like the cold virus

by divaneh on

We have had these parasites for over 2000 years. They are like the cold virus, once you got rid of it you have to be careful not to give it a chance or it will hit back again.

The Prince

JD, me too!

by The Prince on

And I'd have to agree with you as well!!  The virus unfortunately has spread amongst many of us. More the reason for us to, one day, rise up as one and crush these parasites as the dirty insects that they are!!  

Jeesh Daram

Trust me

by Jeesh Daram on

There is a Hajie and an Akhoond in all of us, men and women, ready to bloom with a minimum catalyzer. Sadegh Hedayat was the one first said so, and he is still correct about the Iranian regression as a culture, whatever the cause of it was is still debated. One can be dressed in any shape and fashion and still be a full-hearted Akhoond or Hajie, just give him the chance and opportunity to prove himself.



by shushtari on

nicely put!