Petition Against Geda Ali Mofangi AKA Rahbar

The Prince
by The Prince


To:  Prosecutors of the International Court of Justice

Dear Madams/Sirs, Prosecutors of the International Court of Justice,

Based on the constitution of the Islamic regime ruling Iran, Ali Khamenei, the leader designated as The Absolute Theocratic Guardianship, has unlimited authority, his commands must be unconditionally enforced and he cannot be challenged or opposed in any way. As such, Ali Khamenei acts in nothing more than in his own self-interest, in dereliction of his duty to safeguarding the lives, property and dignity of the people of Iran and maniacally runs rough shod over our nation; and with the aid of his oppressive henchmen, they add to the multitudes of the tortured and murdered of this land. This is a dictator whose inept and brutal policies has stiffled any expression of dissent and has squarely put our country in the path of destruction.

This suffocation and continued injustice has drowned out the voices of protesting groups such as the legions of workers, teachers, students, writers, journalists, bloggers, etc. Each day the number of the executed and tortured, in the prisons increases, all simply as a result of differences of opinion or opposition to the regime’s course of action.

As a result, in view of the recent warrant issued by your court, in the case of Omar al-Bashir, the criminal leader of The Sudan, we the below signatories, call upon you to also investigate crimes committed by Ali Khamenei, and to also issue a warrant for his arrest.






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