Imagine a World Without War!

Rosie T.
by Rosie T.

Buffy Ste. Marie is a native American, she was born on a reservation, she was orphaned, she went on to earn a PhD in Fine Arts and to become one of the leading folk singers of the 60's who inspired the anti-war movement.  I have been wanting to post this video for a while. It is one of the more moving anti-war documents I have ever seen.  But I didn't even know until just now  that in the 1970's she became a Bahai. This is serendipitous.  I am not surprised.

Here she sings "Universal Soldier" at a rally for Vietnam veterans.


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Rosie T.

Thanks. I have some thoughts going on in my head...

by Rosie T. on

two articles I keep thinking about that overlap--Bahaullah and Secularism, and When Nothing is Sacred Except the Secular.  I feel Bahaullah is completely misunderstood, his vision is perfectly compatible with the Secular Enlightenment. He was one of the greatest minds of the 19th century anywhere, basically going around trying to get a League of Nations set up decades BEFORE Europe had to go blow itself up before they started one. 

Then this website, jj is a pacifist, green,  :soft left"etc., etc., his politics very similar to mine,  but the EXPLICIT preferernce of secular viewpoints here (all are published but the non-secular are tolerated rather than celebrated, this has been stated by him in so many ways in blogs, to my concern) is a betrayal of our mentors in the peace movement worldwide:  the Quakers, Gandhi, Dr. King being the most famous.  These were people of deep faith. They could NOT have moved the mountains they did without the language of faith to inspire others. That is the language of spirituality and poetry. You can be an ATHEIST but you need the language of faith to move mountains.

I feel our language is getting ousted here. I feel it is being restricted to literature and art threads. I feel during the days of the "Wild Wild West" due to all the passions and authenticity running around hand in hand with the hate, there was more of a place for the spiritual and poetic voices on the political threads. And people actually heard us sometimes.

I feel we are getting ostracized from these threads. I feel without our language all is lost.



I am a self declared Bahai.

by faryarm on


HI Robin, a little background...

I grew up in a Bahai Family in Iran until age 11;when I left my family to attend English boarding school. It was not until aage 16 that I started reading independantly about religion..I took Persian O'level which got me interested in Iran,Persian culture and history...

upon meeting other Bahais of different backgrounds and religions, who had discovered faith for themselves, i became more interested and soon declared myself as a Bahai in a little Scottish town at age 17.

As a film maker, my interests are varied , but when it comes to Iran, I see nothing more important than recognizing a cure for its current ills; i am passionate about revealing the truth about not just the injustices and the lies propagated by the Mullahs, but to try to inform fellow Iranians about the past ,present and future aspect of belief in the promise that Bahai Faith holds for Iran and Humanity.


Rosie T.

Faryarm, are you Bahai? Thx all!

by Rosie T. on

were you born Bahai? did you become Bahai? Or are you just influenced by the Bahai? I saw on your account you have several articles about them.



Kate Bush on War...

by faryarm on


The Cruelty of Mullah's war; a Heart Wrenching clip...

by faryarm on



 After seeing this hear tearing clip from the Iran-Iraq war where children were used by the Mullahs as Cannon fodder to sweep iraqi mines..

I thought of the following:

O people of the Qur’án,” Bahá’u’lláh, addressing the combined forces of Sunní and Shí’ih Islám, significantly affirms, “Verily, the Prophet of God, Muhammad, sheddeth tears at the sight of your cruelty. Ye have assuredly followed your evil and corrupt desires, and turned away your face from the light of guidance.

Erelong will ye witness the result of your deeds; for the Lord, My God, lieth in wait and is watchful of your behavior… O concourse of Muslim divines! By your deeds the exalted station of the people hath been abased, the standard of Islám hath been reversed, and its mighty throne hath fallen.”


Kouroush Sassanian

Generation Kill!

by Kouroush Sassanian on

see it . . .

AmirAshkan Pishroo

Nicely put, "serendipitous"

by AmirAshkan Pishroo on

Surprisingly, a nice derangement of epitaphs. A great post, too.


For sure there have been

by American Wife (not verified) on

For sure there have been many effective anti-war artists / protesters... not sure I would have considered BSM as one of the top ones.  Maybe she just didn't do it for me.

Naturally, the thought of a world without war... well, we can always hope and pray!