Since You ASKED, Am I Leaving?

Rosie T.
by Rosie T.

I AM DOING EXACTLY WHAT I ANNOUNCED ON MY BLOG CALLED "THE 'DRAMA QUEEN'" DECIDES" (can't paste link, track it...)  in RESPONSE to Qumar's blog asking me to stay.  I re-thought it. This is the PLAN I announced:

I would stay here for TWO WEEKS to consolidate my relationships with new people I was just getting to know and to blog things I was in the middle of working on.  Then I would leave for a MINIMUM of two months during which time I would keep in contact with people off-site and brush up on my Persian.  Then I would return when I thought it was time because of a very SERIOUS personal situation HERE.  I am a person of integrity and I am CAREFUL with my language. I would NOT have used the word "pain" to describe my situation if it weren't real PAIN.  I said I would COME BACK and then SEE if the situatino were resolved enough for me to stay.  At this point it looks like it will be.  But the jury's still out on that...

THE TWO WEEKS END TOMORROW AND I AM WRITING MY LAST BLOG FOR SOME TIME TOMORROW. I ALREADY STARTED IT. IT'S A GOOD-BYE FOR NOW BLOG with some other things I think are IMPORTANT to say.  The name of the blog is "This Website is a Caravan of Dreams."

NOW, LEAVE ME THE HELL ALON!E!  Bunch of barracudas and pinanhas masquerading as goldfish...the REAL goldfish are so sweet...


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Au revoir...

by ThePope on

I was reading your blog and just found out that tomorow (or today, by now!) is the day you've been talking about for some time now. You're leaving "this caravan of dreams" (like you call it) for a min. of 2 months!! Well, since I read your blogs time to time (meme si des fois je n'comprend pas exactement tes paroles, a cause de mon anglais qui est faible) I just wanted to say 'God by ye'(God be with you for protection & good fortune) ...,,, enjoy life and have fun as much as you can. But don't 'disappear' for too long cuz "les absents ont toujours tort"!




Rosie T.

it isn't complicated at all! it's....i mean...i can't TELL you.

by Rosie T. on

I can't TELL you....but...I gotta get my ass outta here before I go bonkers! (meaning, must leave before losing my mind...)'s SIMPLE..but i don't wanna go and i just needed to set deadlines for closure on this right now or I would NOT be ABLE to leave and the BAD situation would get worse...I am NOT complicating things, things are complicating ME!!! LOL

In reality I would be an EXCELLENT bureaucrat or corporate flunky (slang for employee in a funny way), I WAS a crackerjack (excellent) administrative assistant in a real estate firm in a previous life..and I was DAMN good at it because I'm organized, even regimented (despite being very verbose...) and VERY good at plans and's just that this is a public/private forum...and I can say ONLY SO MUCH...

c'est la vie, sweetie pie, c'est la vie!  :o)

bajenaghe naghi

rosie jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

if i ever decide to make my life complicated i will come to you my darling for some lessons. you should work for a big big company or even the united nations as a expert complicator. i look forward to reading you comprehensive bye bye blog it must be fun and chuck full of words that i need to look up in my dictionary. 


Listen to Jamshid...focus....focus........focus.....focus.......

by Dreamweaver (not verified) on

Rosie T.

Dear Fish,

by Rosie T. on

Thanks so god...I have SO MANY blogs and articles half-written or at least half-written in my head...and important on-going political discussions, and now one on linguistics, and then there's Kouroush's poetry...that if I get it all out of my system I'll be here for QUITE A WHILE LONGer...and the fact of the matter is that I simply need to create space right now in a  personal situation here with someone on the websute, we need time and distance from each other and unfortunately it's the type of situation which really overrides any other consideratons. But don't worry, I'm going to be keeping in contact with a lot of people offsite and the dialogs will continue and the ideas will keep coming...and...I'll just come back...refreshed...and better...everything will be much better....for everybody...I won't be so temperamental and I won't have so many misunderstanding over language with people because I'm on edge and also the person needs space from me...and you know sometimes you just have to make a choice...


ebi amirhosseini

Rosie Jaan !!

by ebi amirhosseini on

 I said this before "Dear Q !!", on Q's blog :

"PLEASE don't go! (Rosie and more)",so I don't repeat myself again.

 Best Wishes


Laughing is the best medicine!!


Rosie T.


by Rosie T. on



Don't sweat it Rosie

by Anonymous-Fish (not verified) on

The person who is rushing you out the door as anonymous- theMrs is the same person who wrote a long blog saying goodbye not long ago and not only did not leave but came back with a second ID! now we have to deal with her both IDs, her quickly deleted blogs and her not-so-nice anonymousTheMrs comments.

She'd better be the last person here complaining about drama!

and if I were you, I would not say goodbye until I have said all I have to say. You seem interested to clarify everything and comment on every subject on this page. then why are you planning to leave, all the unsaid words will keep repeating in your head and drive you crazy. Not a good idea! say your peace and free your mind.

Kouroush Sassanian

Water off your back! Come

by Kouroush Sassanian on

Water off your back! Come down from the Devil's donkey!