Learn to speak Azeri

by Sadra

I have found a great place to learn Azeri!  Ana Dili Azerbaijani blogs aim to teach Persian speakers how to speak Azeri.  If you have a few minutes, take a look for yourself and see if this is of interest to you.  The general idea is explained on this page, and this is the address for the blogs:


There have been eight lessons so far, with some grammar and some conversation lessons.  There is also a growing Azeri to Farsi dictionary available on the site.  I hope you find this useful.  Təşakkür edirəm and yashasin Azerbaijan!  Some day, I hope to be able to understand what these words by the legendary Rashid Behbudov mean without help:



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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You are right. In fact Kasravi did great research on this in his book:


But Iran haters will not let reality get in the way.


Learn to Speak The Real Ancient Azari (A Persian Language)

by ProudIran on

Learn to Speak The Real Ancient Azari -- Not the Turkic Language foreign powers want to use as a basis for dividing and conquering Iran:  

If you really care about preserving the ancient history of Azerbaijan, which is rich and beautiful, you will learn ancient Azari.  Azerbaijani people are regular Iranians that very late in history adopted Turkic-linguistic elements (they originally spoke a dialect of Pahlavi Persian).  They are not ethnically Turks (even though we call them 'Torks').  



VP Khorasan

by Golinedairani on

"چون ايران نباشد تن من مباد"  Let me ask you " Veiled Prophet of Khorasan" What religion is your family?

ramin parsa

Veiled Prophet

by ramin parsa on

I really appreciate your kind words -- all I will say is that almost every blogger on this site is biased, one way or another, myself included, but the Prophet is not only intelligent, which many people are on this site, but he's supremely balanced and OBJECTIVE, and always respectful, even when he/she disagrees with you. Frankly, I wish I had that in me sometimes.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: Veiled-ham lebaas

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


What's Lebaas? You must mean "Jameh" :-)


Veiled-ham lebaas

by Jaleho on

3) I tried to make the meaning of "one language, one person" more clear in my post by putting its meaning which had followed between --....---sign. Hope that helps.

2) so you find ramin parsa one of the most informed and decent posters in this site, fine. That probably says something about you too.

I found Little Tweet quite clever, that probably says something about me as well.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


1) It is true that the topic of conversation did move away from the original posting. But from the "I missed a great party!" remark the poster does not seem to mind. A discussion started and we participated. What is the problem?

2) I find Ramin to be one of the most informed and decent people on IC. He brings a refreshing point of view that some of us very much appreciate.

3) Regarding "one language - one person,".  Are you saying each person should speak a unique language. If so how do we figure out what the other person is saying! The whole point of a language is for someone else to understand what we say. Otherwise we just rant off stream of conciseness.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Tabar Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


In the old days there were many variations of "Iranian" languages spoken. They were based on region and differed to various degrees. One of the postings here goes into some detail. Modern Persian was developed after the fall of Sassanids. Therefore it is different from all the other ones.

Details of the old Azeri language are in Kasravi's book. Thanks to kind posting of Ari anyone interested may read the pdf document.

As for "ha ha" I am not sure what is the point? Are we here to score points or discuss issues? History is already set. Whatever we feel about it will not change what already happened.


Is ramin parsa for real??!!/ & ebi

by Jaleho on

Someone has put an educational link so people who are interested can learn a new langugae, and the Only-Persian-IS-Great-Racists are going nuts! Ever heard the saying "one language - one person," as in --the more languages you know the more of a human you are--?

 --Little Tweet, you're simply adorable :-)

And a question for ebi: I remember vaguely that somewhere I have read that the Basque language is related to Turkic. Is this true? If so, is there a simple explanation for it? thanks.


Actually Azari's did not

by tabar on

Actually Azari's did not speak Persian, but spoke a Median tongue known as Old Azeri. Haha


P.S. Turks are not Mongols

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Ramin thank you

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Thank you for your kind words and support.  We have all made our choices and mine is similar to yours. I am happy with the choice my family and I have made. 

Best wishes, VPK



by SamSamIIII on


Every single language & culture be it Arabic, Persian or Turkish  should be respected, protected on it,s own merit & celebrated among it,s speakers . Turkish is a wonderfull language with a pleasant melody & as such are many other languages yet the jist of the point is that no  one entity should force itself upon others at the expence of their demise as Arabic did to Persian thanks to native cultural agents of Ezzato al Arabii & our own resident shaikhak traitors for centuries . Promoting status quo is not called tolerance but ignorance/pacifism which in the long term will transform our already incoherent infested Farsi into some jiberish irrelevent language like Urdu .


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia

ramin parsa

Veiled Prohpet

by ramin parsa on

For the life of me I cannot understand where racism enters the picture here, and why some people feel the need to bring it up every time we talk about preserving the Iranian language and heritage. What you advocate is NOT racism, not even close. This Hovatshaster character must be on some PC soap-box.

As I wrote much earlier, the Azeri language spoken in Azarbaijan TODAY is a Turkic/Mongolian language. The wonderful and patriotic people of Azarbaijan are Iranian, through and through -- they are the salt of the earth (great example: Sataar Khan!), but the truth is that before the Mongol invasion, the people of Azarbaijan spoke  PERSIAN! That means today, in Azarbaijan, Azaris speak the language of one of our invaders -- the Mongols (who by the way killed so many people in Iran that it took almost 700 years, until 1955, for Iran to reach the same population level it had before the Mongol invasion)!

Let's be real here -- Turkey speaks Turkish today (a Mongolian dialect) because the area of modern Turkey was conquered by the Mongols. What Veiled Prophet is saying, as an Azari himself, that because the ancient language of Azarbaijan for thousands of years was PERSIAN (not Azeri), we should try to promote Persian, our original tongue, not the foreign Mongol language (Turkic) imposed upon us by our sadistic invaders!

After all, the conversion to Turkic in Azarbaijan is somewhat recent in terms of Iranian history, some 700 years. Again, before the Mongol invasion, these people did NOT speak Azeri/Turkic, they spoke PERSIAN! So why should we promote the language of our murderers on our soil today? And how is it racist to suggest otherwise?


This is a great tool

by tabar on

I'm an Iranian Turkmen and I'm glad to see this page! I only wish there were more resources to learn Turkmen although Azari is similar to our language as well. We're all Turk and I'm proud of my Turkic heritage. Yashasyn TurkmenSahra

ebi amirhosseini

Learn a new language and get a new soul....

by ebi amirhosseini on

The Altaic Family is named after the Alti Mountains, in Central Asia. These people were nomadic horsemen living in the plains. One group migrated towards Europe, the other group migrated towards the Korean Peninsula and the islands of Japan.

Turkish is the most westerly member of this family as well as the most spoken. Many of the others are spoken in former USSR republics (Azeri in Azerbaijan), Turkmen (in Turkmenia), Kazakh (in Kazakhstan), Kirghiz (in Kyrghystan), Uzbec (in Uzbekistan, land of Genghis Khan), Uigur (in Western China east of the Pamir Mountains).

Mongolian is found in Mongolia (where it is written in the Cyrillic script) and Northern China (with a script that goes down rather than horizontal). Korean and Japanese are the most easterly Altaic languages.

Turkic Branch Turkish : Azeri : Turkmen : Kazakh : Kirghiz : Tatar
Bashkir : Uzbek : Uigur : Chuvash : Balkar : Nogai : Salar



The Iranian Branch

These languages are descended from Ancient Persian, the literary language of the Persian Empire and one of the great classical languages.

The main language of this branch is Farsi (also called Iranian, Dari and Persian), the main language of Iran and much of Afghanistan. Kurdish is a close relation. Kurdish is spoken in Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq by the Kurds. It is the second largest of the Iranian languages after Farsi. In Turkey it was banned until recently.

Pashto (also called Pushtu or Pakhto) is spoken in Afghanistan and parts of north west Pakistan. Baluchi is spoken in the desert regions between Iran, Afganistan and Pakistan. These languages are written in the Nastaliq script, a derivative of Arabic writing. It is interesting that you cannot tell which family a language belongs to by the way it is written.

Ossetian is found in the Caucasus mountains, north of Georgia. Tadzhik is a close relative of Farsi, written in Cyrillic and spoken in Tadzhikistan (of the former USSR) as well as northern Afghanistan.

Avestan is the extinct language of the Zoroastrian religion. Scythian is an extinct language of a warrior people who once lived north of the Black Sea.



Iranian Branch Farsi : Kurdish : Pashto : Baluchi : Ossetian : Tadzhik
Persian : Avestan : Scythian

Ebi aka Haaji

Ari Siletz

Kasravi book

by Ari Siletz on

 Here's the Kasravi book (~1925) on Azari hisotry to read online. It is fascinating as research material but needless to add, a modern rendition of the same facts would have a different tone. 



Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Why don't you read my comment before you go off misquoting me?

1) When did I say anything about repatriation? Show it to me or stop misquoting me. I already addressed the rest of the issue in my last post.

2 You claim that "Azeri's will always speak Azeri" which I gather means Turkish. Using Kasravi's research I just proved that they did not "always" do so. Hence your argument was wrong.

3) You are saying racism and just did in your post again. Now you add "immature" to your insults. 

I am not here to insult people. However I have found out that both sides but specially the left is found of using personal insults and attacks. If you have an issue get to the point. Making charges of "Racist; Nazi; Immature" are just throwing words and do not count  as arguments.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

To: Hovakhshatare

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Just a couple of responses:

1)Re: "I assure you Azeri will always speak Azer..." As I pointed out Azeri's did not always speak "Turkish" Azeri. They used to speak an Iranian language. The Turks forced them to change their language. In recent times many including my mother's side CHOSE to speak Persian. No one forced them to do it. When young "Azeri"s rediscover thier heritage I think a good number will chose to do as my grand parents did and were proud to do it.I am talking from personal and family experience.

2) Re:"Chinese and nazi type resettlement activity suggested here..." You are mixing forced resettlements with voluntary movement of people. Iranian people should have a right to move to and settle in any part of Iran they like to. I think it is a good idea for Persian speakers to move to areas such as Khuzestan to prevent them from becoming 100% non Persian speaking areas. This is not saying that any others would be moved out. How is ths "NAZI" like? Are you tellimg me that encouraging people to move to an area is equal to gassing Jews? This is the second time in this thread people have willy-nilly screamed NAZI. Do you people even know what NAZI means or do you call anyone whose ideas you don't like one?


VPK, repeating yourself and the google stuff

by Hovakhshatare on

does not make your point relevant. No one argued that the current Azeri or Farsi (Parsi) are polluted and mixed as are most languages on this planet. That is called hybridization and evolution either via war or peace or trade. Azeri speak as they do regardless of history and Persian is as it is today so stop beating the research drum. Ahmad Kasravi did the research but he spoke Azeri as it is because if he spoke the original, no one would know what he was saying. Your comments including repatriation and resettlement among others are racist or immature no matter how you sugar coat it, and topping it off with your leftist attack scream does not help your argument. Nor does claiming your statements are logical. Make your comments and let the readers decide.

Q, attacking and fouling Kian is pretty rude and crude. Grow up.



by Sohraby on

The best answer to this guy, the well known ommate pan-turk, is to  ignore him. You may fill in the blank!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

For the 3rd time Azeri language & race

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I said twice before. The true Azeri language was researched by Ahmad Kasravi and proved to be a Persian language. Mr Kasravi an Azeri himself described it in his book:


Instead of the raving screams of "racism" which is the bread and butter of left why don't people do some research. The problem with research is that is does not fit the Islamist left wing PC pre-determined opinions. In 1946 Mr Kasravi was tried on charges of "slander against Islam," Kasravi and one of his assistants were knifed and killed in open court in Tehran by followers of Navvab Safavi.

Sounds familiar right? The Islamists at it again. On one hand they scream slander and racism. On the other hand they commit the most heinous actions themselves.

Left's motto: When all arguments fail cry RACISM!! 


"Kiraan" ?martikeh hezbollahi Pino Q, its good to see

by SamSamIIII on


BS hypocracy of moderation by the shaikhmaster letting some hezbollahi low life such as him get away with associating some one's lineage & family  with Penise & kirr . if it wasn,t a hazbollahi this would have been ground for suspension. where are you jj?

Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia


Chill on the defeatist attitude, extremist respnses & racism

by Hovakhshatare on

-Iran stood like a wall and helped all the lands behind us (North, Northwest and East) from speaking Arabic or becoming Arabs, which is what happened to majority of countries often with superior cultures that were taken over by brutes from Arabian penisula. So while we took some hits we are not speaking Arabic. Not even close. and after IRR we can hopefully clean it up a bit but make no mistake people will not somehow go back to some old Persian language. No one else in history has done that and we have more important problems to attend in foreseeable post IRR future. We can even look at alternatives of de-islamization of our language and culture of which language is but one tool. Furthermore, we have made a gigantic footprint on all of them, Arab, Turk, and everyone else that passed thru here. Teymour Lang's kids were allowed to be thaught and speak farsi because of the superior culture and not love of the language. And yes there is some intermingling of the two.

-I assure you Azeri will always speak Azeri but unless Turks  or someone else take Iran- or Chinese and nazi type resettlement activity suggested here to inflame separatist extremism- they are not converting to Turkism/Turkishness/Turkmen/Mongol either- culturally or linguistically. And they will keep producing some of the fiercest and finest Iran has to offer per my previous comment

-Even at the time of Cyrus himself, Persian was spoken by inner court and not the common language of the Persian empire.

While we have a beef with Arabs of peninsula and islam and now fundamentalism, we have lots in common with others that became Arabs via conquest and islam. So please chill on racism and biggotry that seems to get a pass when it is against Arabs first and few other groups next. The spanish, Turks, Vikings, British and the rest all have similar aspects and considerations. I'm proud of my Persian heritage, love every color and accent of Iran, pure and impure but that very same heritage teaches me not to be a racist or a biggot, whatever the excuse and context.

Sagh Olasis


Wow, racist AND sensitive?

by Q on

some of these comments make me laugh outloud.

I don't parrot Lou Dobbs, like some people in this thread! Its more than obvious to me some people just don't like the Azeri language. They go as far as to lecture native Azeri speakers of what language they should be speaking! According to them the entire population (Iranian and former Soviet) should just abandon their mother language and speak Farsi! What a joke.
And when called on this offensive bias, they act like they said nothing wrong! How sensitive.

Someone really needs to say:

gardashim, sane na?


Language is culture. The

by benross on

Language is culture. The more the better.

I'm not very talented in learning languages. The increasing age doesn't help either. I hope some day Iranian children in school learn at least three languages. One national language (Persian) one international and the third one their mother tongue language. If it is the same as Persian, then another Iranian language.

I'm too ashamed never tried to learn Kurdi or Azari, Lori, Turkmeni, Baluchi... 


I missed a great party!

by Sadra on

Wow!  This is a most pleasant surprise to come back to!  Thank you all for your active and thoughful participation.  Now I think it would have been easier for me to explain my motives earlier than later, feeling inadequate now in the company of such intelligent users!

For years I have wanted to know Turkish Azeri.  I want to join conversations with my friends from Azerbaijan and I particularly feel sad that I can't understand the words to beautiful Azeri music.  I feel the same way about Kurdish and Luri dialects.  I now have a group of wonderful friends from Tabriz.  They are some of the warmest, nicest, smartest, and most generous people I have known in my life.  They are educated and patriotic Iranians who each speak at least three languages, some even more.  The time I spend with these friends is a very good time, because they have fabulous music (they play multiple instruments such as accordion which they call Garman) and they sing and dance their dance whenever we get together, and I won't even try to make you jealous talking about their food!  These good people have been my inspiration to learn their language and customs.  They are not invaders, they are not separatists, and they are not anybody's enemy!  They are great Iranians!

As for learning new languages, when my father enrolled me in an after school English class in Tehran when I was 12, I read on the cover of my first textbook "A new language is a new life."  At this time in my life I fully realize the meaning of that quotation.  Live and let live and if you have time and hoseleh, learn more languages! 

Thank you all, Zendeh Bad Iran and Yashashin Azerbaijan!


ooooh my national pride would be so injured!

by Monda on

So deeply and thoroughly that I will participate in that food fight first chance I get!  You'll see....  oon bemiri az een bemiri haa neest Ari.  

Ari Siletz

Monda, just let them claim tahdeeg

by Ari Siletz on

Who knew Iran's first serious conflict with Israel would be a food fight.


Ari they claim Palestinian olives too!

by Monda on

Next thing you know it would be naan sangak - in fact didn't Israelis already claim to have invented Pita bread?!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Get things right

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

1) No Iranian in their right mind will allow "Arabistan". The Iraqis tried and failed. In fact I think the next Iranian government should deliberately place Persian speaking populations in Khuzistan to get the matters settled. How about some of the Persian speaking Afghans?

2) The primary language for Iran is Persian.  If anyone wants to speak a different language in non official situations that is fine.

3) Separetism is a danger not just to Iran but to all nations. That is one reason why we need a national language. That is Persian.

Fortunately most Iranians are not going for the uper-PC stuff. Even the IRI understands the danger of it!!