Closing of Islamic Republic embassy in Canada


by Sohrab_Ferdows

The news is that Islamic Republic of Iran's Embassy in Canada is closed, which was overdue by at least 10 years. The bad news for those who used to travel back and forth from North America to Iran is that they will have to find another way to renew their passports and resolve other matters which require contact with an Iranian diplomatic rep. This, of course would not be that difficult knowing that Iranian embassies in many other countries (including Turkey) are still open for business. It may cost a little more for them but still not impractical. The worse news is for those who were linked with this Iranian embassy for their financial matters (which we, the opposition activists in Canada, know there are many of them) because they lose their most important resources and support. But there is also a "WORST" news which is most disturbing of all and that has nothing to do with the thugs and lackeys of Islamic Republic in North America.

Closure of the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in Canada and cutting diplomatic ties with Islamic regime in Iran at this time has a significant message in it that probably affects the lives of all Iranians everywhere. This message is definitely not about peace and that is probably most important reason behind closure of the Embassies in Iran and Canada. There are rumors about upcoming violence and military aggression against our country in coming months which are most concerning. There have been many warnings from everywhere and all evidences indicate that we are heading for serious situations and possible violent confrontations which may have grave consequences for our nation (and not necessarily end of Islamic rule).

Closure of Islamic regime's embassy in Canada may bring some difficulties for some ordinary/non-partisan Iranians who used it for business as usual but there have been mounting evidence to indicate that this embassy has been involved with activities out of diplomatic norms. Islamic regime's embassy was involved in recruiting and mobilizing some Iranians (even some of those who had nothing to do with politics including students) to enter in activities against Iranians who publically displayed their opposition to Islamic regime in different events. Also, they had purchased a place near Algonquin College and Ottawa U (for about half a million dollars as per a local paper) apparently for cultural activities (under management of a known Islamic Republic stooge who is also teaching in Carlton U and was a candidate of Green Party of Canada in parliament from Orleans in Ottawa) but the place was mostly used for the events to promote Hezbollah agenda among Lebanese population and distribute money among them. They were very successful in that regard too. After exposing of this matter by opposition activists, the embassy donated that place, which its value is probably much more than the figures claimed, to be used as Islamic Center in Ottawa.

In one of the so called cultural events which was organized by a few of high profile lackeys of Islamic regime (couple of them teaching in Carlton U), we could see the gang of so called revolutionary guard with their unique attire and the appearance, that one could never miss, walking around and monitoring people. In that event, they had also brought some of the camera-men from IR TV organization which were positioned at the top of a high platform to film everything and everyone, possibly to be used for propaganda inside the country. When we confronted the organizers (whom we knew), they denied having anything to do with IR embassy (and even cursed them!) but everything else would tell us otherwise. There are many other issues of similar nature which Iranians who oppose Islamic regime and live in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto, are aware of. During the presidential election of 2009, Islamic Republic embassy in Ottawa had arranged for free transportation from Toronto and Montreal (which included a meal) for the huge number of their supporters in those cities to be brought to Ottawa for voting. The queue of voters in front of the embassy at that time was something that I had never seen in Iran (even when President Khatami was elected for the first time). This was one of the greatest "show" of "democracy" which was put on display by Islamic rulers of Iran.

The demand for closure of the embassy by opposition activists was announced right after murder of late Zahra Kazemi by Islamic prosecutor Mortazavi, about 10 years ago. This demand was repeated many times by protesters in front of the embassy throughout the years after that. Some of the activists also took a personal approach in that regard and among them are Nazanin Afshinjam, HR activists, and Sayeh Hassan, a criminal lawyer and political activist. Nazanin and Sayeh participated in many events and interviews to convince their audience that Islamic regime's embassy was not an ordinary diplomatic place and was engaged in activities against Iranians in Canada who oppose Islamic regime. Recently, a bill was presented by one of MPs which suggested closure of the embassy. This bill was supported by many Iranians who considered presence of this embassy as a source of problems and ignorance of western nations towards humanitarian issues in Iran.

Having said all of that, do I believe that Canadian government has terminated diplomatic relations with Iran based on the request of Iranian Canadians and for the sake of Iranians? The answer is NO. So please do not get mad at people like Nazanin or others because they said or did something. I also do not agree with absurd views that Canadian government has taken order from US authorities or others to take such measures. In my view, this event, no matter the reasons, has some bad news hidden in it. Canadian government probably was secretly informed about some upcoming and inevitable events against Iran and did not want any association or engagement in such issues so the best way to do that was to stay away and out of Iran, and they did just that. Next few months are very crucial in the affairs of our nation which is forced by some evil minded people (and their agents inside Islamic regime) into a direction to accommodate implementation of their strategic plans to take over the resources of the region and the world. Let's hope this is all wrong and pray for the victory of our good nation over these evil people, inside and outside Islamic regime.

Yesterday, some people had gone to see the Islamic Republic's embassy staffs leave with their packed boxes. There was a lot of booing and cheering. Today however, everything is quiet so far. A demo is expected to happen in front of the embassy in next couple of days to mark this event as final days of presence of Islamic Republic representation in North America for good.


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Dumbest move Canada could have possibly made!

by P_J on

This unwarranted and IDIOTIC act will neither isolate the IslamoFascist regime nor will it inconvenience them, in any way shape or form or even lower their standards; they will still have their Dom Perignon Champaign to sip on and plenty of caviar to nibble with; but, will cause and bring innumerable hardship and misery to Iranian populous, lowering their living standards even further!  

Not having learned any lessons from the North Korean sanction fiasco; where we witnessed starving people sustaining themselves by eating grass, while Kim Jung Il, the dictator, was seeping Remy Martin Cognac, at cost of $400+ per snifter glass.

But, realistically, as a “US” lackey, what can one expect!

Orders were DICTATED/GIVEN from higher ups in Washington, and like a good NOKAR this imbecilic RIGHT WING government of Canada, led by an out of touch, out of mind obedient stooge, were obeyed, and executed, diligently and subserviently; reminds one of another subservient stooge a traitor called M R Pahlavi!  


Human rights notwithstanding

by Rea on

..... as well as the Embassy being into more than just visas and diplomacy, the question remains as to "why now" ?

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

There's nothing, absolutely nothing to be gained by the filthy Pahlavis , and their good-for-nothing Pahlavist/Chalabist parasites from this kind of (either really stupid, or seriously well-calculated) actions............Let be clear on that issue, first and foremost............



by Frashogar on

Am I reading you correctly? Are you saying that the closure of the Iranian embassy in Ottawa means that a military attack on Iran is imminent, like within the next few weeks?