Horrific Child abuse and poverty in Iran

by xivaro


Abject Poverty in Iran. Economic report:

Iran and the revolution’s economic malaise

From archer's blog: The fact that one policeman would run after a girl for her ” immodest” clothes, while such events happen in Iran, is horrible, disgusting, and shameful. The rest of the pictures are archived in the photoblog. Warning: they are horrible. View the photos and weep.

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Sheila K

Irani haa khailie baa aftefan!

by Sheila K on

These horrifying pictures were shown in Iranian.com before and left many of us in agonizing shock and heartbreak. You see, we're the reformed kinds. But what's worst in Iran is that people either don't care or they are cruel toward these children. I crunch everytime I see a child begger in Tehran's streets. I am told by many friends and relatives not to give out money to them cause they (the children) are "pedar sookhteh." What's really funny is that we call ourselves "baa atefeh."