Urgent Action Required to avert the war on Iran


by xivaro

In recent days in the MSM and as Gen. Petreaus testimony last night indicated, it has become increasingly clear that the administration has decided or has nearly decided to launch a massive attack on Iran, which will include but not be limited to all installations connected to the country’s nuclear program and economic infrastucture. All military equipment is in place for such an attack (three carrier battle groups in the Persian Gulf), as reported in the raw story piece yesterday.

Even if the reports are psy-Op, ignoring the escalting rhetoric is foolish. There are two Republican foreign policies. One involves the pragmatic use of force to protect vital US interests (strategic and economics), the other is the Ideological struggle against Communism, Militant Jihadism, and the rest. It seems like, the U.S. is leaning toward the former.

Here are sample MSM report on Iran:

  • New Yorker, April 2006. Sy Hersh: The Iran Plans.
  • Congress, April 2006. Ron Paul: Iran:L The Next Neocon Target.
  • Rolling Stone, July 2006. James Bamford: Iran - The Next War.
  • BBC News, February 20, 2007. US 'Iran Attack Plans' Revealed.
  • Times Online, January 7, 2007. Revealed: Israel plans Nuclear strike on Iran.
  • Times Online, February 25, 2007. US Generals 'will quit' if Bush orders Iran attack.
  • ABC News, May 22, 2007. Bush Authorizes New Covert Action Against Iran.
  • Telegraph, February 25, 2007. US funds terror groups to sow chaos in Iran.
  • Guardian, July 16, 2007.
  • The goal is said to be to get support in polls up to about 35-40%, The Anti-Defamation League announced today a campaign with the theme "No Nuclear Iran."

    The only way we can save Iran, if we were to write or ask Senator Hamilton to write both to Bush and Khameni to meet face-to-face. We don't need to bash either Bush or Khameni at this time. We need to appeal to their humanity. Both men are insecure and in need of lots of praise and validation, it seems. If we can come up with a creative way, to make these two men meet, we might avoid turning Iran into a parking lot. Please write your feedback and ideas. No warmongering from either the pro-IRI or anti-IRI, please. It's not helpful at this time.

    Update: Former Congressman Lee Hamilton's E-mail:

    Email: lee.hamilton@wilsoncenter.org

    His website


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    trust me we are not bikars!

    by asefati on

    I personally have a full time job, a business to run, and also attend school
    par time to get my masters. Trust me I am not a bikar!

    I am however a patriot and a lover of Iran and Iranians. I don’t
    want to see a bunch drunk red necks bomb my motherland back to stone ages!


    You guys are so bikar

    by Anonymous on

    the mollahs regime needs to be threatened regardless.

    any US actions are under severe surveillance by the world community, this isnt 2003, US is having a difficult time in iraq,

    stability in iraq = serious threat to the mollahs!!


    it was always the plan to attack iran

    by asefati on

    Bush is stupid but the people who write his speeches and tell him what to do
    are not!

    When he called Iran part
    of Axis of Evil along with Iraq
    and N.Korea, even when Iran
    had nothing to do with 9/11, and then attacked the weakest of Axis of Evil, it
    was clear that they plan this from the beginning.