No to war with Iran

by xivaro

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Consequences of an attack

by Keyvan (not verified) on

In all the talk about the reasons why there should or should not be a war with Iran, few people have concentrated on the consequences of such a war.

Those Iranians who sit comfortably at their desks outside of Iran supporting an attack on Iran, need to realize that “Iran” is actually the people of Iran with all their traditions and history and not a piece of property that belonged to their father/grandfather, and 97% of the population are Muslims (even if by name) whether they like it or not.

Whilst the Mullahs are clearly the “bad guys” I do not see how a war with Iran could help the Iranian people. As the pundits and experts are predicting an attack on Iran would concentrate on damaging the infrastructure of the regime by bombing as many as 1300 targets. In Iraq, the US Army committed to going all the way to Baghdad, deposing Sadam and putting some one charge once the bombing was over. They can not and will not do this in Iran. The attack on Iran, would bring massive civilian casualty and suffering, and complete chaos will ensue in the country. Of course this will not affect the ruling classes and the Mullahs as they will be safe and secure with plenty of resources at their disposal.
This is just part of the equation.

What would the Iranian regime do to retaliate?

It took 20 people to pull off 9/11. As the masters of terrorism and the real creators of suicide bombings, it is anticipated that the Iranian regime will mobilize its agents across the Mid-East, Europe and North America. And you have to remember that there are Shia minorities, in significant numbers, in almost all the Gulf States including Saudi Arabia. I can safely say that we will see acts of terrorism across the world that would dwarf 9/11 by comparison.

Guess what happens next?

In retaliation for the terrorist acts, the US/Israelis/Europeans will have to come in for a regime change etc …..

Attacking Iran would just bring misery to the people of Iran and war to the region. Listening to some of the “crazies” may be that is the intention.

So Xivaro is right. We have to do all we can to stop The American Enterprise Institute
war mongers like, Richard Pearl, Ladeen, and William Kristal pushing their agenda forward.


Whoever that says war with Iran is good for Iranians is an idiot

by ushater (not verified) on

US needs enemies to keep its own people occupied, howelse can they divert millions of your money into their own personal accounts. First it was Taleban, then Iraq, now Iran, wonder who's next?

For god sake why can't you just leave others alone. If US doesn't stick their nose into everyone's affair world would have been a much better place.

You killed democracy in Iran during Mosadeq when you helped the shah, now your president has the cheek to say he will only travel to a free Iran.

For your information, we are free. I would have those mullahs anyday than the occupation of war raging, women raping, men torchuring arrogant US soldiers.

Whoever that says war with Iran is good for Iranians is an idiot.


War on Mullahs

by War on Mullahs (not verified) on

Iraq was ruled by a secular dictator, but Iran by a religious one. By contrast to Iraqis, Iranians want to get rid of any sort of religious state. This is a big difference and another potentiality.

A UN mandated air attack on Mullahs repressive and jihadi organs will hasten a popular revolt. The aim is not a Shiite PM or a Karsai President, but a democratic, secular state. This aim is now stored in Iran it needs a little flame from any direction.


thank you..................

by Faribors maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

I think nobody needs to be appeased either. because there is zero-chance to win a war against those fanatic mullahs. The best chance to win a war against them was in 1978/79 and it was no chance. One found later, 1980, the sadam and sent him to I.R.I. and now where is he? he can by no means be replaced. the fanatics counted at that time 30 Millions, now they count 70 Millions. any aggressor would be irradicated in a very short time. these knowledges prevent the war. Be sure, dont worry. Greetings


War with...............

by faribors maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

You are right. That would not be a war against Iran. Only against some fanatic mullahs. Allone they counted 1978/79 about 30 Millions, now they count 70 Millions. It seems they know also how to defend themselves. and think: 1978 NATO-general Heuser said, as he was asked to reccruit troops to throw away that 30 Millions, his answer was: Not even thinkable. Now we write 2007, there is no kaiser in Iran, no 80.000 ( eghtytausend) froeighners as military-adviser, the weapons would have to be brought in an so on. besides all those soldiers who want or are to be obliged to fightagainst mullahs need Food, Drink, plastik puupies, drages and much moor. who could give garanty, that we could expect a better Iraq? who couls garantee that we would be able to take just only one drop oil afterwards?You? many many greetings.


Who needs hier UN-Mandate?

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

Who needs hier UN-Mandate? Look at Iraq, look at Afghanistan. All these countries with their military bases and repressive organs got destroyed and afterward people were encaraged to attack and destroy the rest. Allone in case of I.R.I. the means of this blitz-attack are not available, sothat such an intervention is feared to happen exactly by the ones who have such dreams. the majority of people will irradicate th aggressors from the earth. then we will have permanent peace. Out is the story. Greetings


UN mandated military attack

by War on IRI (not verified) on

Iran and a number of countries in the world have been freed by outside troops in the course history. Tailand and Germany are two successful examples.

In an UN mandated blitz air-attack on IRI’s military bases and repressive organs, people will certainly be encouraged to attack on the rest of IRI’s centers.

Such an intervention is expected by the majority of people.


War with the Mullahs

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

This is not a war with Iran. Whoever thinks that is totally mistaken. The objective is to rid Iran of this parasite. I am constantly appalled how some of our so-called intellectuals equate Iran with the Mullahs. The Mullahs are jeopardizing the lives of the Iranian people by behaving the way they do. To stop the Mullash is to fight and get rid of them. This is the only solution, despite the obvious sideffects of such an action. I believe the long-term effect will be quite favorable for our beloved nation.



by Anonymousssssssssssssss (not verified) on

stop appeasing them!


Thank you Nazy jan. We need

by xivaaro (not verified) on

Thank you Nazy jan. We need to do everythin in our power to stop this catastrophe. There are no winners in any war.

Nazy Kaviani

Thank you Xivaro

by Nazy Kaviani on

Dear Xivaro:

I'm afraid our time for standing on the sidelines and watching has run out after three decades. We have to take responsible action and register our concerns with US officials about the human catastrophe looming, should US attack Iran. Iran should be remembered as more than just a vacation destination, or a distant nostalgic memory for Iranian Americans. Everyone should try and voice concerns no one else seems to care enough to voice. The choice is ours: we can be cockroaches on a cartoon, waiting to be exterminated, or responsible, tax paying US citizens who won't stand for warmongers to take innocent lives in a country already overwhelmed with social, political, and economic hardships. American Iranians must remember Iran.