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by Zion

Many have already realized the disturbing and striking parallels that exist between Nazi ideology and Jew hatred in one hand and the violence and rabid anti-semitism that has emerged from modern extremist Islam today. Few however know that a direct link exists between Nazis and Islamists:

(In German with English subtitles)

Similarities do not end there, but extend to almost all areas: world views, dreams of dominating the earth, interpreting any attempt at peace as a sign of weakness and the careful indoctrination of children:

It is in the same context that the policies of the officials of the Islamic republic is to be understood:



I think it is crucial to learn about such connections in history, the deadly devotion to a joint ideology and the common accomplicity in crime. Iran has been dragged into the midst of this battle by her Islamic clergy and their allies from all over the political spectrum. To save the future, you need to step in and help rid your land of this newest ressurection of the age old madness.

The time to decide is now.


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Discussion Panel on "Iranian

by Anonymousmm (not verified) on

Discussion Panel on "Iranian Textbooks: Preparing Iran’s Children for Global Jihad"
Hudson Institute, Washington, DC, March 10, 2008
As debates rage about Iran’s nuclear intentions, educational textbooks may serve as one of the more candid guides for discerning this regime’s worldview and ideology. IMPACT-SE researchers, Arnon Groiss and Shayan Arya, covered the Iranian report’s detailed findings and discussed the implications for the United States and the rest of the international community.
Supporting document: PowerPoint Presentation (pdf, 1.23 mb)




MEMRI TV is a known Israeli propaganda operation

by Q on

From sourcewatch:


MEMRI is operated by a group closely associated with the Israeli intelligence organizations. Now, in an article in Haaretz, we find that the Israeli Army has sought to plant stories about "terrorism" in the press, and

"Psychological warfare officers were in touch with Israeli journalists covering the Arab world, gave them translated articles from Arab papers (which were planted by the [Israel Defense Forces] IDF) and pressed the Israeli reporters to publish the same news here." --Amos Harel, IDF reviving psychological warfare unit, Haaretz, January 25, 2005.

This should raise a question or two about the reliability and veracity of the stories peddled by MEMRI.

This is what Prof. Juan Cole had to say about this:

"So is MEMRI, which translates articles from the Arabic press into English for thousands of US subscribers, in any way involved in all this? Its director formerly served in… Israeli military intelligence. How much of what we "know" from "Arab sources" about "Hizbullah terrorism" was simply made up by this fantasy factory in Tel Aviv?
As someone who reads the Arabic press quite a lot, this sort of revelation is extremely disturbing.
I also saw an allegation that British military intelligence had planted stories in the US press about Saddam's Iraq.
You begin to wonder how much of what you think you know is just propaganda manufactured by some bored colonel. No wonder post-Baath Iraq looks nothing like what we were led to to expect by the press, including the Arab press!" [3]

Another assessment:

If you rely on MEMRI for your knowledge of Arab discourse, you are really not informed. Arab public opinion, based on MEMRI's releases, is reduced or caricatured to either Bin Laden fans or Bush fans, while Arab public opinion is mosty a fan of neither people. --As'ad AbuKhalil [4] Although widely used in the mainstream media as a source of information on the Arab world, it is as trustworthy as Julius Streicher's Der Sturmer was on the Jewish world. --Norman Finkelstein [5]


What would be wrong to stick to the subject of this blog?

by bijanam (not verified) on

Of course Zion is proud to be a Zionist, pro-Israel and believer that Jews never gave up on the dream of returning to their land. But, what he has posted here has nothing to do with his love of the Jewish land. If you dispute his post on the ground that it is fabricated or is a lie, then speak up and refute. By attacking him for being a Zionist you haven’t made any argument against his documented proposition that the extermist IRI clergy and the islamo-facsists have been in bed with Nazi’s (even before the modern Zionist monement).
He is not Iranian, but I am. In spite of all you “progressive” Muslims who try to sound politically correct by separating Jews from Zionism, I have lived the experience and know the hatred for Jews amongst religious Muslims is real. This is even before the rule of extremist IRI. And, I am not, by any means suggesting that every Muslim Iranian is a Jew hater, as my closest and dearest in life are born to Muslim families. But, that does not change the atmosphere present then and of course now.

All I hear Zion is saying is that, given the current state of the world, the extremist path that IRI is following could lead to destruction of many many lives (if not nations). And I tend to agree with his assessment. This has nothing to do with my position with regard to Zionism or state of Israel.

Q, I hope this time I am more coherent for you. If you want to argue over the plight of Palestinians, and how inhumane and barbaric they are treated, and whether State of Israel should have the right to exist, etc…., let’s start talking about those in a separate post.

For now I haven’t seen anything from you to refute Zion’s assertion in this post. You can dismiss him for not being Iranian, but there are many “critical thinking” Iranians who would make the same assertion.

Btw, if the name Q (Qumars) makes you transparent, my name is Bijan (I am Bijan= bijanam). I guess in your previous post you suggested that you are not a Pasdar, but, shame on you, if you are….

iraj khan

Similarities of Zionist Israel and Nazism

by iraj khan on

10. They both started in Europe.

11. They both deny the victims rights.


Re: IRI is anti sematic ...

by almo5000 on

I only watched :


5) Alqueda & Mossad Committed 9/11


Nothing in this is either untrue or made up. What is your argument? We all know from US TV news that the video filming of the towers on 9/11 were taking place by a bunch of Israelis (prenteded to be truck drivers), were arreted and after a short detention were send to Tel Aviv (because their mom were missing them -- in the workd s of Doodool Chini!!!). The video obtained by the FBI shows that filming started 5 minutes or so before the attack. It was focuesd on the WTC towers.



by AnonymousHAHA (not verified) on

Eradicated from the face of the earth

Please see the proof for yourselves below. You IRI supporters who only claim to be "Anti Zionists"- see the none sense from your racist Shia leaders. The IRI has mixed zionism/anti semitism up (ALODEH KARDEH) and there is no difference between its anti zionist propaganda and its anti semitic propaganda. The IRI is an evil regime that must be destroyed at all expense.

It is OK to criticize Israeli policies against our Palestinian brothers and this does not equate to being Anti Semitic. However, to compare Israeli Policy to Nazism is pure anti Semitic garbage and has no relation to facts on the ground.



2) 600K Typhus Victims of World War II into Six Million

3) Blood Thirsty Jews

4) Passover Matzah Blood

5) Alqueda & Mossad Committed 9/11

6) Rafsanjani Says Jews are a pain in the neck


7)Seyyed Tabatabai: Jews should convert to Shia Islam


8) Drugs and Star of David


9) Jews Are Geneticaly Blood Thirsty & Criminal




by ahmad.bahai on

Lets be careful.  If this Zion guy who posted these videos goes to his zionist masters, they may put pressure on our JJ to either remove these posts or in the future not to post anything anti-zionist. They will not say these posts are against a bankrupt ideaology. They will say these posts are anti-semetic !!!! or anti-jewish !!! (which in fact they are not).


strange bedfellows (Pastor Hagee, Nazism and ...)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Zion, go read about the Pastor Hagee, one of ultra right doomsday supporters of Israeli extremists. As you may know this guy has been in bed with you guys for his doomsday promotion activities (but in fact he is a fascist) here is the link from
Even Mccain does not like him, any more!
Some of you ill informed extremists are helping likes of Hagee by your animosity towards Iran and ....
It is ironic that this came out just last week and you posted just last night.
--BTW when are you going to bring in a progressive Israeli to



by Arash2 (not verified) on

Gaza Strip, the largest concentration camp in history, says it all!

iraj khan

Similarities of Zionist Israel and Nazism

by iraj khan on

1. They bolth are racist by claiming they are the "Chosen People"

2. They both exterminate another people to take over the victims' property and land.

3.They both use lies and propaganda as means to justify their crimes.

4. They both start regional wars.

5. They both possess weapons of mass destruction.

6. They both try to hide their crimes in order to manipulate public opinions about them.

7. They are both the most hated idealogy in the world.

8. They both killed women, old people and children indiscrimiantely.

9. They both made very high walls and imprisoned the victims inside. The victims did not have access to outside world and many died of malnutrition, disease and hunger. The houses inside the walls were burned and destroyed by the racist criminal armies (Nazis and Zionist jews) periodically. 

Conclusion: Zionists are the best students of Nazism in history.


Dear Zion: The root of the

by Anonymousmm (not verified) on

Dear Zion: The root of the problem is pure bigotry as it is evidenced by the comments on this thread. The Islamist believe that Israel is a muslim land as if Jesus and Moses were Hispanics from Mexico and Christianity and Judaism did not exist prior to Islam and the Islamic armies did not conquer the Christian land in the their 7th century Jihad.

As you mentioned, it is the extreme sense of self-entitlment and arrogance that would be their doom. They don't see Israelis as humans because they don't view anyone as humans who is not a muslim.

Thank you for taking the time to highlight their hypocrisy.

The Islamists expect the jewish people to give up their homeland and move to Mexico or Alasak "where they came from".


Zion: If ...

by almo5000 on

If your home and farmland was taken away from you as a result of occupation as zionists did from poor palestinans, if your mother and father were murdered like those of palestinains, for nothing but to try to make a living, and get back their belonings and what was rightfully theirs, if your young and defenseless brothers and sisters were murdered by the zionists because they wanted to go to school and they had to cross a "wall" to get there and could not, and if .... and if ..... I bet you would feel and say the same things as the Islamic world is doing and saying today against zionists (not jews).


An invention called 'the Jewish people

by Sadaia_qesa on


Most of us growing up have never heard of Nazi or semites ...

And never did give a rat's ass to either one including the Islamists ...


An invention called 'the Jewish people

Shattering a 'national mythology

85% JEWS are Ashkanazi from KHAZAR and not palastine

I already have responded to you look for Anonymous ...


Who Are The Terrorists?


You stop the killing and make peace and than we can talk!


Zion! How is Israeli Football team doing in qualifying

by samsam1111 on

rounds in Europe...It,s a good team but :

اسراييل به من گفت. چی گفت؟
در گوش من گفت.چی گفت؟
با ترس و لرز گفت.چی گفت؟
من از ايران ميترسم من از ايران ميترسم

I remember when team Irael was in Tehran...I was pre teens..2-1 we got you buddy...



Thank you...

by Zion on

... for taking the time and reading it.


Zion, How about some progressive Israelis?

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Hey Zion, some of the most descent people in the US are Jewish liberals among them billionaire George Soros, journalist Seymour Hersh (perhaps the best journalist in the World), anchorman Keith Olberman (msnbc), comedian John Stewart, ..., I can go on and on with this list.
.... I hope progressive Jews in Israel have not joined endangered species, can you please bring some of those guys in? As I said before I appreciate that you post here and familiarize us with your views (such as the one last week in which you advocated limited war against Iran), but it would be good to have some progressive Israelis post here as well.


Zionists are hoping to divide muslims

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

this has been their plan from the start. Iroonis here hate Islam just because of their own experience with IRI, but that's not surprising. The large majority of Iranians are proud muslims before and after the revolution.

until zionists are willing to criticize Israel and hold it to the same standards and be fair about islam we cannot accept their criticism of Iran as honest.

This is the simple truth.

Even people who are secular will be offended by this -- mahi giri dar abe gel alood -- that zionists are famous for.


Zion Thank you

by Kababi on

Thank you for your posting


You are very welcome Q

by Zion on

No sweat buddy.



by Anonymous Iranian (not verified) on

Modern Zionism has drawn many lesson quite well from the Nazis. Israelis have segregation and racism down to a "holy" science. leave it to the most oppressed among us to demonstrate the most brutality and savagery. When it comes to criticizing Zionism for what it actually is, religious apartheid, Muslims need not draw on scripture. The Zionists have given the world in general and the Palestinians in particular ample reason to hate them. However more importantly, what is the relevance to us as Iranians? When did the Jews or Arabs ever care about us, that now we're so preoccuppied with them? I say let them take care of each other. The Jews will never allow the Palestinians to have a state, and the Palestinians will not disappear and go away. There is no solution. Actually there is a solution, but it's not the traditional two state solution. I think in the end what we'll see there is a ONE state solution based on democratic principles. There's no other way for Israel to survive. The chosen people/promised land nonsense argument will stop selling sooner or later. They will have no choice. And now that virtually ever parcel of land for a future Palestinian state has been carved up with settlements, the Israelis will have no choice but to annex everything, and make all the Palestinians Israeli citizens. And once that happens, Israel (as we know it) will cease to exist, and as our buddy Mahmoud decreed, "....It will vanish from the pages of time."


bijanam, unfortunately you are confused and incoherent.

by Q on

Q try to distort the undeniable fact about the true nature of extremists and Islamo-fascist IRI, by changing the debate to what Israel is doing now.

Of course you are reading things that weren't there. I did not try to "distort" anything about the IRI. If you can find such a statement please let me know, but I have a feeling we'll never hear back on this issue. Dispite what you want to believe, what I wrote is directly relevant to the discussion on this blog, the title of which starts with "Today's similarities..."

You and Zion must think you are real special to actually believe "staying on topic" means believing and accepting your point of view and the bigotted attacks, stereotyping all arabs and muslims. Sorry, you don't own this site (that I know of) and you can't force your will down people's throat by force like you may be able to do, for example, in the occupied lands.

What I stated were established facts, uncontroversial in any unbiased forum. Whether or not you, Zion or your other manifestations accept them is completely irrelevant.

Why don’t you have the courage (and the balls) to come out and say you are a Pasdar or Bassiji.

I like your style. The fact that this laughable attack is coming from someone who has neither the courage nor the balls to even use his real name makes this priceless. Nevermind anything about your allegiance to zionism or Israel, you hide behind a fake identity, call people who did not show your cowardice "islamofascist" and still dare to talk about balls? Don't make me laugh. For all I know you ARE zion. Why should anyone give you "mahale sag" ?

Zion: Thanks for the lecture. We Iranians always appreciate hearing moral lessons from supporters of Israel. Because we all understand they are only trying to help us confused iranians figure out the "right path" out of the goodness of their big hearts. Thank You for showing us what's right and wrong.



by Sarzamine man (not verified) on

I do not understand why, when ever there is a discussion about Iran, Islam, some people have to bring up America, Christianity, I mean why the hell do I care if Christiany is like Natzy or Jewish for that matter, I think we should let American people decide for that and let us concentrate in our problems, what is important here if Islam or the IR leaders which they are running OUR COUNTRY are anyway close to Natzist, whatever happen in other area or religion should not be our concern. Yes it is all correct and nice to say that sure, everybody must be free to have their thoughts and choose their religion and nobody should bash another religion, but is this a case now in Iran ?? for God sake, the reason that Islam is being questioned right know is because Islam now is in our affairs, our country is ruling with Islam, Islam decide on Iranian everyday life, what to wear, what to eat, what to say and so on, for the past 1400 years all we have been hearing was all about how great Islam is, cheghadr khoshbakhty meyare, now please after all these years give us some room to question this religion.

ye matlabe dige ineke yesery az dostan avizon shodan be in mardome mazlome flestin va vel kone mameleham nistan, to har sohbaty dar baraye Iran ke mishe, in mardome mazlomo meyaran mizanan to sare taraf, vaghean bayad in kaseye daghtar az ash bodano jam konim agha, in che basateye vase khodemon dorost kardim, akhe agham mondegeyam hady dare, agha mardome flestine eyne kheyaleshonam nist che zolmy dare be Iraniha vared mishe, yek done Flestiny ta be hal naymade dar morede kasifeye in IR rejim benevise ya bege ke mardome Iran harzo zire feshare in heyvanha hastan, agha ye done Flestiny bande nadidam edeaye ham dardy ba mardome Iran kone, bad ma inja shodim ghayeme Flestinyha, agha inja man 100 ta Flestiny didam, ta migam man Irani hastam, roshono mikonan onvare asabaneyam mishan, badam migan agar be khatere shoma nabod, alan ozaye ma behtar bod, hala maham aghabmone va kaseye dagh tar az ash, avizon shodim be in mardome Flestine ke roye badbakhteyo nangy ke Islame aziz baramon ovorde maleh keshy konim, agha tarsidan dige base, bayad beyaym beshinim bebinim che balayee dare saremon meyad.


The three `wise` monkeys ?

by Zion on

Thanks Bijanam. There is no reason to become angry about this bunch. They deserve really only pity, if you think about it.

MKB et al., you are mistaken. My blog, as well as the videos I have posted, very clearly speak of Nazi influences on modern extremist Islam and Islamism. If showing the horrible reality of what is being done with your faith can only lead you, as a muslim, to be even more defensive and narrow minded, this only proves how successful have such ideological venom been in penetrating Islamic communities. You are right in that the entire Islamic community in fact comes out with a bad reputation from such exposition of facts. But you have only yourselves to blame for this, not those who speak out the truth. It is your apathy, your community`s unwholesome passivity and fatal silence in face of such things that are responsible for such an image.

If I amy say so, it does not help your position either that all you can say in face of hard facts is to parrot the same conspiracy theories of the Nazis and their Islamist allies. The very same, as a matter of fact, that is discussed in these documentary videos. It only corroborates what is said there.

I am not a religious person, I hardly know how a believing Jew sees things, let alone how a devout muslim would react in a given situation ... and to be honestl I couldn`t care less. I am presenting you the facts of the dire situation you are in, and the dire situation into which you have managed to drag all of us. I suggest instead of shooting the messenger, you better open your eyes and do something about it.


Thank you Zion

by bijanam (not verified) on

For your informative post. It is mind boggling when people like Q try to distort the undeniable fact about the true nature of extremists and Islamo-fascist IRI, by changing the debate to what Israel is doing now. How can anyone in the right mind use actions of recent days Israel, to defend or deny the tie between Islamo-fascists and Nazis, at a time that Israel didn’t even, exist?

Q, if you hate Zionism and state of Israel then start a blogg (as you have done so many times) and spread your poison. But, here, Zion is posting factual data about the dangers of IRI and how they could lead a nation to the path of destruction. If you are arguing that what IRI is doing is justified because of Israel’s actions, or you subscribe to the ideology that Israel should be wiped off the map, then there is no debate. Why don’t you have the courage (and the balls) to come out and say you are a Pasdar or Bassiji. Come out and say that, you have been to Hezbollah camps and continue to be on IRI’s payroll.

But, no, you are not man enough to face who you are. You rather hide behind a few biased books you have read and continue to worship your beloved Imam Khomeini.

I truly believe you are a disgrace to the intellectual community and from the bottom of my heart SHAME ON YOU, again SHAME ON YOU


Not so Subtle

by MKB (not verified) on


You are clearly not Iranian but you certainly seem to spend a lot of time on this site expressing opinions which are not necessarily good for the average man in Iran. You and a number of Iranian Zionist come across as proponents of a US or Israeli attack on Iran to get rid of the mullahs etc and somehow blame every thing on Islam and the Muslims. I have seen the same sort comments/attacks by Zionists on other blogs and sites.
In fact in extreme cases journalists and bloggers who have written about Israel in a bad light have received death threats.

Do you guys go to some sort of school or have weekly training in how to infiltrate sites like the and promote the Zionist cause so well?

No sane person in the world would look at the clips (the two showing Iran Saudi etc) that you have posted and say: wow the Muslims seem like a nice reasonable bunch lets immediately become their friends, because what is said and done in these clips is racist, immoral and wrong.

But your intent here is not to promote justice for the Jewish people and it is far more sinister. You want people to see the Arabs/Muslims as a whole in this light, it is beneficial to your cause and gives it legitimacy.

Whilst in Saudi Arabia and Palestine etc they promote hatred of the Jewish people in such vulgarity, you guys are much more subtle in your approach in promoting hatred for the Arabs and Muslims. Its in the press, its in the movies and TV programs and its in articles/postings such as this.

For some reason Zionists think because Iranians are proud of their Persian heritage and do not want to be known as Arabs they will some how prostitute their morals and beliefs. There are many Iranians who hate the regime in Iran but still consider themselves Muslims because its what they believe in. Seeing clips such as the one you have posted, many Muslims become less sympathetic to the Jewish view point because so few see themselves as radicals, but see such well produced pieces( Dershowits?! please) as an attempt to demonize them and their religion when they know the truth about the plight of the Palestinians and the oppressed people in ME.


Zion read this!

by Anonymo (not verified) on

Sun May 25, 3:01 PM ET

LONDON (AFP) - Former US president Jimmy Carter on Sunday described Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip as "one of the greatest human rights crimes now existing on Earth."



I agree with Fatollah

by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

He is absolutely correct in mentioning that the plight of Palestinian is not an Iranian issue and the Iranians should worry much more about their own welfare than the others.

The only thing that Iranian should do is to be a constructive role in the peace process and help both sides to get to a just conclusion. That is my two cents.



by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Zion says: "The time to decide is now...."
Zion, Iranians will decide WHEN to change IRI you are an Israeli citizen, it is None Of Your Business. FYI, although I am not a Muslim I don't believe it is a good time for a regime change in Iran. I don't want to see AIPAC creating another disaster for Iranians, Americans, and the region. READ this quote from George Soros:
"I am not sufficiently engaged in Jewish affairs to be involved in the reform of AIPAC; but I must speak out in favor of the critical process that is at the heart of our open society. I believe that a much-needed self-examination of American policy in the Middle East has started in this country; but it can't make much headway as long as AIPAC retains powerful influence in both the Democratic and Republican parties. Some leaders of the Democratic Party have promised to bring about a change of direction but they cannot deliver on that promise until they are able to resist the dictates of AIPAC. Palestine is a place of critical importance where positive change is still possible. Iraq is largely beyond our control; but if we succeeded in settling the Palestinian problem we would be in a much better position to engage in negotiations with Iran and extricate ourselves from Iraq."


No one has ever exploited ....

by fair and balanced (not verified) on

No one has ever exploited a tragedy like Holocust to creat a worst tragedy like the one we witness today in Palestine like Zionists!

Nothing is unhollier than bunch of kids being killed for "holly land"!

Bunch of innocent kids are being killed for the sake of some myth! "promised land" "chosen people"!!! Jews, Muslims are all humans and deserved to be treated with fairness and dignity. Zionists however are so blind by their ambitions and self rightousness that would set fire to the whole world to achive their goals.