Today`s Similarities, Yesterday`s Links


by Zion

Many have already realized the disturbing and striking parallels that exist between Nazi ideology and Jew hatred in one hand and the violence and rabid anti-semitism that has emerged from modern extremist Islam today. Few however know that a direct link exists between Nazis and Islamists:

(In German with English subtitles)

Similarities do not end there, but extend to almost all areas: world views, dreams of dominating the earth, interpreting any attempt at peace as a sign of weakness and the careful indoctrination of children:

It is in the same context that the policies of the officials of the Islamic republic is to be understood:



I think it is crucial to learn about such connections in history, the deadly devotion to a joint ideology and the common accomplicity in crime. Iran has been dragged into the midst of this battle by her Islamic clergy and their allies from all over the political spectrum. To save the future, you need to step in and help rid your land of this newest ressurection of the age old madness.

The time to decide is now.


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hypocrisy and bigotry as usual...

by Q on

First, you have nothing to say about real the perpetrators of the crimes against Jews and are opportunistically trying to equate attacks on Israel with the Holocaust, shame on you!

Second, you blame the victim. You say that Palestinians are "paying" for "their own crimes". Really those kids being shot by Israeli bullets and bombs are paying for their own crimes? You are justifying the killing of children, the civilians, the general hunger, misery and poverty that is caused by Israeli occupation on the occupied. Once again, you are conflating Israeli crimes with acts of self-defense. Shame on You.

Third, you are using racist terms to demonize an entire people and an entire religion percisely what you pretend you are against with respect to Jews. "If the Arabs had the wisdom and goodness to understand this," That's right: arabs are stupid and have no "goodness" Can you get more racist and supremacist than this? What if I said the same thing about Jews, would that be acceptable? Shame on You for justifying bigotry.


Other Points

by Zion on

Fatollah, I understand the dire situations Iranians face. You have to remember however that the regime in Iran came to power by a revolution. I completely understand that people now realize they were fooled and lie to and seduced into this situation, but youy have to understand that Iranians have a responsibility nevertheless today to play a major role in putting an end to this cancer. If they don`t they will unfortunatelt have to pay. One way or the other, the price will have to be paid. Either you do it with courage or it will be imposed on you from outside as the events unfold.

Q, you miss the point. Of course many many were involved in aiding and siding with the Nazis back then. The point is that most of them are no longer continuing in that path, at least not so in a lareg part, the Germans themselves, the Catholic church, the Japanese, the British, the Americans... all except the Arabs and the Islamists. The bias is in your own words:
`Why are Palestinians the only ones paying for the Nazi crimes`

The `palestinians` are not paying for anything except for their own crimes, their own genocidal acts against the Jews. You of course mean the formation of the state of Israel. That is your bias. Why do you consider that a punishment for your palestinians? This could have been a blessing, millions of educated, young and determined people with absolut love for the land have come to build it. If the Arabs had the wisdom and goodness to understand this, to recognize the links that ties the Jews to that land and would have joined them, everyone would have benefited and the Middle East would have been a progressive paradise now, after centuries of backwardness and oppression.

It is precisely this mentality, the mentality that sees the return of Jews to their homeland and the cahnce to co-exist with them as a punishment, and the inevitable consequences of this mentality , for which they are paying now.

The shame is on them and the shame is on b>you



Islam does not need

by Anonymousinc (not verified) on

Islam does not need villifying. The actions of muslims and their apologists speak volume and it's on display for Americans who visit this site everyday. The Islamist supremacist/arrogant, intolerant, and bigoted attitude comes through loud and clear when your read comments by Daryush, Mehdi, Almo, Kavalvo (?sp)et al.



by Zion on

Thanks Ben. I agree with you 100% about Iranians not being anti-semites. I am personally fascinated with Iranian culture because it is a culture with close affinity to the Jews and it has not developed a noticable anti-semitic bias. I have a deep respect for that. As I said it is the Islamic clergy and the specific modern political influences from Europe that have dragged Iran in this mess. However now Iranians do have an obligation to do their part in getting rid of this venom from amidst themselves and the rest of the region.

My comments here are not meant only as a defence of Jews. The situation is worse than that. It always starts with Jews, never ends there. The treatment of Iranian opposition, youth and women is the same as dissidents under Nazis. More to the point, the way the system in Iran treats Bahais is complete Nazi like. The regime in Iran would have doen the same to Jews if it were not for a strong Israel nearby. So they use Bahais as scapegoats with shameless lies about Zionist ties which does not exist. Everyone is a victim of these kinds of ideologies, and that is why everyone must take a stand and do their part in bringing them to an end.


and Whatabout the links to German Christians?

by Q on

and American / British Christians?
and American industrialists?
and other Euro-American white-supremacists?
and the Italian fascists?
and the Stalinists who initially allied with Hitler?
and the Japanese who were allies until the end?
and antisemites of all religions?
and Jews who collaborated with the Nazi regime?
and Jews who abused the suffering of the Holocaust for political gain?
and the Swiss bankers?
and the Pope, European Catholics?
and the Argentines who sheltered the Nazis?

You see, these and probably millions more people had more to do (that means stronger connection) with supporting Hitler than "islam" ever did. But the fact that you choose to highlight only these "links" shows that you are not interested in presenting a fair analysis you are just using this as an excuse trying to demonize Islam, and justify attacking it wholesale.

You see, when you ignore all those other stronger "similarities" and "links" and instead focus on the most minor one, you are literally propagandizing: distorting the truth.

You too are sadly abusing the Holocaust for political gain. Shame ON YOU.

Why are Palestinians the only ones paying for the Nazi crimes?


one more thing

by Fatollah (not verified) on

by the way, Adobe Photoshop or Pinnacle can be as deadly as Qassem rockets! catch you all later


The Nazis lead by Hitler and

by Fatollah (not verified) on

The Nazis lead by Hitler and their unspeakable atrocities towards the jews unparalleled
in the history of mankind were unforgivable and horrendous! The whole world knows and acknowledges the fact! But, that does not give the government/state of Israel or the jewish settlers a free ticket to abuse others in the name of GOD or whatever they were promised! Israel's treatment of the Palestinians is suffocating and can't be justified! Don't have to go into details, I am sure you all have your facts straight. Palestinians are not animals nor do the Israeli jets need to fly low over Gaza and break the sound barrier, which in turn leads pregnant women to have many miscarriages! I am sure this is not intentional by the Israeli AF, so they say!

David vs. Goliat sounds familiar?

On one side, we Iranians are being suppressed by our own- the IRI thugs. And on the other, we face obliteration from the democracies of world, including the state of Israel! I don't know about you fellows, but I would choose my friends with care! And NO, the plight of the Palestinian people is not an Iranian problem! And YES, there are comparable similarities between Nazi Hitler and some World learders and some world states today!

Bless you all, bless the Holy land- not worth dying for!

Cheers Fatollah


Beware Zion propaganda!

by Anonymou (not verified) on

Given there are many closed minded, fanatic, ignorant people in Arab world. That does not however justifies the brutal policies, crimes and like minded prejudice of Zionists!

World need to rid of both.

Ben Madadi


by Ben Madadi on

Youa re doing a great job by showing these videos and defending your people! I admire you ;)

I have seen these and others like them long ago. But believe me that Iranians are not anti-Semitic. Anti-Semite Iranians are very few. The Iranian regime is anti-Semitic but that's their problem, not arising from the Iranian people.

Tyranny will always find justifications, and ignorance is such an immortal human trait that even old justifications are so easily renewed and few realise.