Which took more guts?

by Zion

"The Left fell in love with a reporter who threw shoes at a man who couldn’t (and wouldn’t) take retribution against his protest. What about supporting a protester who actually put his neck on the line to “tell truth to power”? Two weeks ago, an Iranian student ripped Ali Larijani to his face at a speech and denounced Mahmoud Ahmadinejad":


The Iraqi "journalist" got all the attention, while almost none of them paid much attention to the Iranian student, including in this "Iranian" website. As is typical of these days, the real heros are ignored while the buffoons get all the attention and all the praise. Can you think of any better sign of moral degeneracy of our multi-culti age?


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honest questions for Zion

by Anonymous Irani (not verified) on

1. Zion, are you of Iranian origin or just watching us on the iranian.com?

2. Do you get paid for what you do, ie defending zion in this site?

3. If the answer to 2 is yes, does it pay well? Where can someone apply?



by YT (not verified) on

Whats more disgusting than an outsider who spews propaganda and hatred about Iran and Iranian, is an ignorant self proclaimed so called[Freedom lover] JUVENILE who chews and dresses what the outside hater has already spat out.

Follow the HATEMONGER and HYPOCRITE, you shall end up where they are now, in an never ending genocidal war against women, children and elderly.


American Wife

Ok... I read the title of the article

by American Wife on

and then I started reading some of the comments... from last to beginning.  I was sure I was lost in space cause the comments didn't seem to have ANYTHING to do with the article itself. 

I don't see why Zionism or the Israeli/Palestine conflict are referred to at all!  She's got a point. I think "degeneracy" is going a little overboard but jeez... the point is simply that throwing a shoe at Bush got more attention than a student renouncing MA. Is there anyone here who could possibly disagree with the logistics of this???

It has nothing to do with Israel... why the Israeli atrocity video?  Do you not think I could pull up one featuring Palestineans as well?  To what end? 

I support Israel but not Zion.  She has no other agenda other than bashing Iran... hell, I don't think she likes ANYONE.   But I think most of you have gone way overboard on this.  You're hating the messenger and ignoring the message.

Samsam... I have GOT TO KNOW.  You make these little references ALL the time.  Who are you referring to when you say "ommatist"... you do this in virtually EVERY thread.  I'm just curious... who do you think is the same person?  I just can't understand you when you make such oblique comments.  Enquiring minds want to know...:-)

Anonymous Observer

That's Right

by Anonymous Observer on

That's rights.  Anyone who thinks outside the box and advocates anything other than the status quo is a Zionist, Israeli, Jewish, Iran hating racist.  Listen you nit wits, as I have said time and time again, I am opposed to any military action against Iran by anyone.  As I have also said, I do not care about the Arab / Israeli conflict because I think that Arabs should setp up to the plate and deal with that issue.  So, I don't know what you're whining about.  But please go ahead and make your list (and in the spirit of the season check in twice).  Zion and I differ on many issues, such as: I was, and am, against the war in Iraq.  I am an Obama supporting Democrat and I am against military action against Iran. But of course, your masters in the Ministry of Intelligence in Tehran say otherwise, and tell you to make a lot of noise so that their agenda does not get revealed. 

You people are just pathetic.  You are stuck in this Third World conspiracy theory mindset that has paralyzed you for centuries.  You have become blind of your own shortcomings and instead of taking a critical look at what are the problems in your society, you blame everything on an imaginary bogeyman.  Trust me, if it wasn't Israel, it would be something else.  But, pleae go ahead and continue it...this will ensure your masters' survival for another thirty years.... 


heh ,

by samsam1111 on

Deragatory terms such as "an"  or "ob" for Anonymous Observer stays while my comment to cmplaint about it gets deleted . Bravo the neutral moderators wink wink .


Anno Observer, a clone of miss zion too

by zionist detector (not verified) on

This ones repeats exactly what missy writes and advocates. Also, this one says "bless you" whenever NathanYahoo sneezes in Israel. It seems like I had forgotten to add his name to the haters of Iran and Iranians (and muslims, Arabs and Palestinians). Business must be getting slow in other quarters since you spend so much time on this website. Thanks for reminding me to include your name in the list of Iranian haters zionists.

Anonymous Observer

Anonymous Irooni

by Anonymous Observer on

My spell checker was off and I was writing fast.  I guess Mr. Manzavi Kia can still grace us with a response.  Although I doubt it.  His type  don't engage in a discussion.  I am still waiting to hear a response from Jaleho on how she can justify Khomeini's instructions on how to sodomize an infant.  She went into hiding the last time I asked her that, and has only surfaced a couple of times on this piece.


samsam, I am not hajieh or saideh

by zionist detector (not verified) on

You are barking at the wrong tree again just like your writings about Iran and Iranians. Just give it up. What difference does it make? What's important is you are a tool in the toolbox of Ms zion and she can turn you on and off at will.


Oh my, this guy is good!

by Anonymous Irani (not verified) on

He doesn't post much, but when he does; it seems to really hit a spot.

The zion engine is on all six-cylinder duty, and yet they can't but eat his dirt! LOL

Hey An. Ob., get your spelling right, maybe then he will throw you a reply again.

Boy oh boy, they are foaming at the mouth!


Hajieh crush aka detector

by samsam1111 on

Pathetic that since nobody give a hoot about her idiotic comments under hajieh she has to recreat herself under detector to get some  needed attention like an "old cat lady" ...lol

Anonymous Observer

Arash - For Once in Your Life Answer A Question

by Anonymous Observer on

if you want to give a speech, go stand at a street corner, and starts yelling.  Take Jaleho with you while you're at it.  It'll be a nice echo chamber.  I asked you a simple question, and after a page of Third World conspiracy theory diatribe which is only fed to you by your leaders to conceal their own atrocities (and you are unfortunately not intelligent enought to undertsand it), you still failed to answer my question.  So, I will repeat it again.  Here it is:

What does a student demanding freedom in Iran have to do with the Israeli / Pealstinianin conflict?

Now, answer this question first, and then you can post as many videos about Israel bombing Gaza as you want.  See if I care. As I have said a million times on this site (will repeat it again), unlike you, I am not obsessed with the Arab / Israeli conflict.  The people of Iran should not be the sacrificial lambs in that mess.  There are hundreds of millions of Arabs who banded together against Iran in its war against Iraq in the name of Arab unity and bortherhood.  They can do the same to helo the Palestinians.  So, again, post as many videos and reports about the conflict as you want, but first answer the question that I posed above.

BTW, yes, everything that happens in the Muslim world is Israel's fault.  More than one billion Muslims are dumb, mute, deaf and stupid, and the entire Mulsim world, from Indonesia to Morocco and beyond is being manipulated and ruled by Israel.  There are no other problems in the Muslim world.  Everything is honky dory, EXCEPT for Israel's interference.  There are no despots, dictators, in-flighting, tribal societies, a religion that is stuck in the 7th century and is vehemntly opposed to modernization, unemployment, inequality, racism, ethno-centrism, nepotism, corruption, poverty, opression of women....(and the list goes on).  It's all Israel. Don't you think that it's about time for the people of the Muslim / Arab wolrd and Iran to take responsibility for our own actions, have a critical self examination and stop escaping solutions for our problems by escapegoating some imaginary bogeyman?  Don't you think that's the only way out of our current misery?

Incidentally, the IRI has killed more Iranians in the past thrity years that Israel has killed Palestinians in the past 60 years.  And yes, the Iran-Iraq war was all Israel's fault.  It had nothing to do with Saddam Hussein and other Arab countries's  Arab nationalism.  It had also nothing to do with Khomeini's desire to export his revolution.

Lastly, aside from your Third World conspiracy theories that you probably overheard at a party while sipping tea after your chelo-kabab dinner, can you please provide one piece of document that definitelively shows that Israel was wholly responsible for the 8 year long Iran-Iraq war?  But before you do any of that, please do us all a favor and answet the questions that I posed above.


Bijan, I forget to mention you, don't be hating!

by zionist detector (not verified) on

You are another zionist on this site who I forgot to mention I apologize for not mentioning your name. Of course you are a very "dignified" zionist, how could I forget. Are you happy now?

Now is it raining in Tel Aviv? Either way take a deep breath before you pass out of excitement. As you mentioned so far we have zion, as the ring leader who provokes, and we have the weak links like you, "parthian", samsam and kw. Did I forget anyone else? Please remind me if I've forgotten.


Mr M Kia

by Fedup with this BS (not verified) on

That's exactly what they're planning to do!

why else would they want to bomb Iran if it weren't to take a piece of it for their beloved vatan Ezrael? They keep pushing for bombing, zion has naughty dreams about destroying Iranians and samsam couldn't love anything more than geting rid of the southern part of Iran which is full of non-aryans. Bijan will sit there and enjoy the view of the destruction, that should cool him off!

ina shodan vatan parast hayeh in site! khandeh ham dareh!!

Arash Monzavi-Kia

"Parthian" is right - give him the Khuzestan province to annex

by Arash Monzavi-Kia on

Parthian is right; give him the Khuzestan province to annex to Israel. After all, they have used the same "logic" to claim the land of Palestine, after 2000 years! Do it, do it now; or Bijan is going to blow your cities up and mutilate the bunch of you; while Zion and samsam share a laugh or two! 

Arash M-K


Khod Gozi o Khod Khandi....

by Khar on

"Khod Gozi o Khod Khandi"...Author unknown!


Persians are occupiers..

by Parthian on

Persians, and Iranians are evil occupiers of my land. I am part Elamite, and I want my occupied land back. Yes, it was 3000 years ago, but why should temporal nature of events create a moral distinction? Occupation is occupation. Please first remove yourself of the occupied land you hypocrites before lecturing others. Set, and lead by example!


Dear Bijan

by Zion on

Thanks my friend. No need to get frustrated, it only attracts the worst kind of hypocrites among them all ready to bite.

I take it easy, they are always good for a laugh.



by IRANdokht on

It's hard to detect any hate from your comments... 


Bijan A M

Hey sheikh Sherlock

by Bijan A M on

Detect this one as another Zionist….you sorry piece of art work….Who is full of hate?The whole subject of this blog was about the flaws in the “ultra left” media who brings a gutless, “dying for fame” idiot to the stature of a revolutionary and ignores the voice of a true believer in freedom who risks his life for his belief. Where in the hell did Israel get into this? Just because the blogger’s name is Zion his/her blog becomes invalid and the whole issue becomes Israel and her existence? Who the f**k is full of hate? You tell me….

If you wanna talk about Israel, why don’t you talk about reality. Israel exists, whether you like it or not. That’s reality. You have to accept that before you start criticizing how she protects her existence. If you, like a bunch of other anti-semites, start questioning formation or existence of  the unique Jewish state of Israel, then you are in for a never ending debate.

 Don’t you ever dare talk or bring up the proportionate reaction argument.  You blow up yourself in  my coffee shop, I’ll blow up your entire  town and every living soul in it. Got it?.... then, don’t even think about it, you moron.

 Eventually you will face the same price to pay in Iran (sooner or later). You hang one of my teenagers and be ready to get a whole block of mullahs mutilated to pieces. That day is near.

 Don’t let me get off on a different tangent. The issue of “ultra left” liberal journalism of US is the topic of this blog. All you hippies of the 50’s and 60’s already have admitted that the current media is what you raised and trained and they have been true to their promise. They have provided this election coverage as their indication of their loyalty. The shoe thrower coverage is just a freebee for the simple minded. A kid who didn’t have the guts to blow himself up in a bus or a crowded place decides to throw his shoes at a president. How is he any different from the guy who blows himself up?

 So, you showed your disagreement with overthrow of the dictator Saddam. Is that your point? OR, are you trying to say, United State should get out of Irag, (right away) so that you can test your luck with taking over and blocking flow of oil to the west?  But, you know well that, that’s not gonna happen.  You are holding my life line and I will not let you control (even if I have to make you disappear). Let’s live in peace. Let me live, and I let you live. However, if you choose confrontation, don’t you ever expect proportionality.  I warn you in advance. If you kill one of mine, be prepared to lose your entire force (innocent or not).

 Your best advice is to get a grip. The days of discrimination against Jews are long gone. The days of IRI are numbered. You can’t count on it for long.

Thanks to Samsam, Parthian, an. Observer, and many other Iran lovers who don’t give up their tireless fight.

Thanks zion for your vigilance.


Ya habibi, a very good nose/upper lips job .....

by Bache Ahvaz (not verified) on

But she sounds angelic, doesn't she? And rhythms. Beautiful, thanks for posting.


Eat your heart out...

by ARAB LOVER (not verified) on

Off limit to Aryans, Zionists & Ghadessieh Ommatists!




samsam it's amazing? how could you ever be wrong? but I'm not

by zionist detector (not verified) on

her. You claim to be the best that Aryan race could offer and look at your positions on the land of Aryans, Iran. You want a war with Iran just like your guru Ms. Zion. She can throw a red meat in front of you any time she wants to, all she has to do is advocate for war with Iran and you jump in. Is this the best you can do? Your hate has blinded you so much that you have lost your way.


Parthian & Zion

by samsam1111 on

Excellent points & thank you . I being a humanist take pity on her wild omati rides . come to think of it who cares who she is anyway ..just another insignificant angry ommati . cheers !!!



zion, do you take us as a fool? You are looking for weak links

by zionist detector (not verified) on

to provoke them on this website. Who are the weak links on this website you ask? The ones who are so full of hate that are blinded by it.

Is this the best zionism can offer? Subjugation of other people through manipulation and oppression? And you expect to be loved and respected by the rest of the world? Is this why the people of Palestine choose Christianity over Judaism during the Romans rule of Palestine? Even jews couldn't take it anymore and chose Christianity over Judaism.

Is this the lesson learned from your own near past? say last 70 years? Why don't you Respect the feelings and intelligence of the Iranians who visit this websit. Stop the lies, stop the provocations, stop the hate.


Dear Parthian

by Zion on

Thanks for your feedback. What you say is very interesting. So you think the problem is the result of an identity crisis and a habit of seeking the minimum risk/understanding/values to merely survive. This opens a very interesting angle. So is it correct to assume the same malady that manifests itself in the "intellectuals" is also common among ordinary people? Or are they different because they have to deal with realities of life and are thus in more contact with reality?
And how do you describe and analyze this identity crisis?

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

The Echo Chamber of Zion/Samsam...... take 400

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I wonder if some of you Internet warriors will go to Israel/Iran to fight and defend Israel if they launch attacks??? What economic crisis? IRI is the most important issue!!! Woohooooooooo. They've only been around for 30 years? But now is the time to go to war once and for all! Left right left right left right.


ms zion and friends (aparthiedian, etc) confirming each others'

by zionist detector (not verified) on

position. Only a righ wing nut or an extremist zionist can shows so much hatred towards Iran and Iranian people. zionists and right wing nuts deserve each other the same way Nazists and fascists deserved each other.


Zion..you are asking a very important question..

by Parthian on

This question goes deep into the Iranian psyche, especially when it relates to our self-claimed intellectual humanitarians who care so much about "humanity". Being opposed to U.S in very chic right now, and you know how superficial most Iranians are; identity crisis, perpetual victim role playing, and survivor mode of the past 1400 years has created a superficial, degenerate population whose concern is to give the world a perception that they care about humanity. Meanwhile most of them use enough hair gel to destroy the ozone, while breaking every traffic law around the world with their Mersedes.

The biggest degeneracy is this lack of gratitude to a country that has given them a home, education, wealth, and every opportunity. Ironic that the shoe thrower would not have dared doing this if it was not for George Bush's decision to remove Saddam. This guy would have been shot on the spot by the Saddam's henchmen.

Can you imagine someone throwing a shoe at a mullah? he would be executed. Few years back, a mullah judge in I believe the Mazandaran province hanged a teenage girl, it was later found out that the judge found the girl too "fiesty" because she was not taking his bullshit in silence. They raped her, and hanged her. Here we have the most powerful man in the world, his response, extremely civilized, and humble:"no hard feeling toward the guy" was Whitehouse's response.

Iranians are good at standing up things where there is no risk. Meanwhile standing up to real menance and evil, they are very very quiet. No wonder we are one f**ked up culture, and country.


Samsam is absolutely right..

by Parthian on

It is so funny to see these IR history "scholars" repeat the same nonsense that is been put in history books by IR. Arash' take on Zoroasterian religion said it all.

These people are still mentally sick. They have a complete obsession with Israel bordering psychotic. Let's assume what he says about Israel is true, why bring it up here on this subject which has nothing to do with Israel. You can tell these people have been brainwashed by IR, like robots, you could be talking about Hamburger, and somehow they bring Israel and jews into the discussion. As a matter of fact, if  you look at every topic here, at least one of these robots injects the Israeli-Palestanian conflict into the discussion. If that is not a sick obsession, I don't know what is.

Arash's post here shows his deep anti-semitic views, again inline with the rest of the islamist that Jews control everything in the world. Of course it was not Kuseh (rafsanjani) who was the main player in extending the Iran-Iraq war, and buying weapons from Israel. I bet a jew put a gun to Rafsanjani's head, and the poor guy had to do everything that evil jew told him. What a bunch of crap!


Whatever you say Anonymous this and that,

by Zion on

but I somehow doubt what I do makes much difference for those who think defense of Israel is " Shameless" anyway. Wouldn't you say?