Expressions to retire

Kardashian, Kimora Simmons, mansions, Petra Ecclestone

11-Jun-2012 (2 comments)
Some words–too extreme, too intense, too vehement–raise my hackles. Others I find inaccurate or incorrect. And some are just tired and need to be put to pasture. Examples Outrageous. Spoken with sputtering indignation. The word is a favorite of politicians, council men and women, hedge fund managers, irate people denounced or caught as having strayed, dipped sticky fingers in the till, lied in courts of law or to the SEC, cheated on spouses, uploaded videos of crotches… and generally been guilty of indiscretions or of a variety of pathetic crimes and misdemeanors>>>


پدیده شاهین نجفی ماندنی است

راهی اگر وجود دارد توصیه به مؤمنان است که سعه صدر پیدا کنند و تحمل و تساهل را پیشه گیرند

08-Jun-2012 (8 comments)
آقای سروش باید بپذیرد که اگر نجفی و نجفی‌‌ها زبان تند و درشتی را در بیان دردهای اجتماعی خود به کار می‌‌گیرند دقیقا به دلیل ستم دردناکی است که از ناحیه دین‌مداران حکومتی بیش از سه دهه بر آنان و هم‌نسلان آنان رفته و آنان را کشته و زجردیده و یا بی‌‌خانمان و آواره کرده است. وقتی خدا این افراد را قابل ملامت نمی‌‌داند، نواندیشان مذهبی چگونه آنان را در ردیف آخوندهای جنایت‌‌پیشه و به قول آقای سروش «فقیهان کافرخوار» بنشانند؟>>>


Istadeh Mordan (Standing Dead)

In response to fatwa against his life: ایستاده مردن

04-Jun-2012 (19 comments)


A Family Affair

A Family Affair

Photo essay: Yasmine Pahlavi's mission for Foundation for Children of Iran

by Darius Kadivar
01-Jun-2012 (74 comments)



I am the change that I want to see

Toronto Conference on Social Transformation

31-May-2012 (one comment)
An impressive range of activists and scholars, artists and well-wishers had turned the venue into a Mecca to explore various nuances of change and its preludes from 18 to 21 May 2012. The discourses of the inaugural conference of the Society for Studies in Persian Culture and History ran the gamut. They ranged from health and literature to human rights and media. The conveners, performers and panelists included homeopathic doctors, poets, specialist in Islamic studies, television producers and rappers>>>


Give in? I won't do that

Interview with Shahin Najafi

28-May-2012 (8 comments)
Najafi: I was a very devout boy and one day I heard the music of an Egyptian Koran singer in the mosque. The melancholy of this music touched me so deeply that it brought me to tears. So I asked a boy there what kind of music this was, and he told me. Funnily enough, I ran into him again not too long ago; he lives in southern Germany, plays guitar and listens to Pink Floyd. I find it very moving that one of the people who kindled my interest in Koran singing has ended up taking a path that is similar to my own.>>>



From streets in Iran to stardom in the US

25-May-2012 (5 comments)
A car accident left the scrappy young mutt paralyzed in the back legs, lying on a road’s edge outside of Tehran. Kind strangers loaded the gravely wounded dog into their car, fed him then transported him to the VAFA shelter, outside of Tehran. Shelter personnel say if Omid, whose Persian name means hope, hadn’t been rescued, he would have perished due to the extent of his injuries. The dog also had fleas and intestinal parasites, common among Iran’s street dogs>>>


ارزش جان انسان

حرفی برای اندیشیدن

20-May-2012 (2 comments)
جوانی دور از وطن خود آواز می خواند تا با هنر خود دلها را شاد کند. عده ای آن را خوش ندارند. عده ای که نه قاضی هستند و نه کاره ای در سیستم قضایی. عده ای که خود را مافوق قانون کشوری و هر نظام بین المللی می دانند حکم قتلش را از آن سر دنیا صادر میکنند. جانش را بگیرید تا دیگر زبانش در جهت نارضایی ما نچرخد. این فرد نه قتلی کرده و نه جنایت>>>


Pray or act?

Showing teeth to ordinary Iranian immigrants

19-May-2012 (2 comments)
In the Iranian community here in Toronto a debate has started. Many see this matter as a good development, a turning point against potential financial supporters of Iranian regime who for decades have invested in Canada without any interference. They complain about many real estate investments by Chinese, Russian and Iranian investors that creates big headaches for the residents. On the other hand many insist that the sanctions enforced by Canadian financial institutions under government pressure only affect ordinary hard-working Iranians >>>


Internet Good?

When it comes to the "Gulf Wars," mullahs OK social media

17-May-2012 (2 comments)
As the points continue to add up, the Islamic Republic of Iran is frantic to change the debate about Iran, yet again. Its recent focus on seeking to win the Persian Gulf – Arabian Gulf battle proves that the Islamic Regime in Tehran will play both sides of the coin if it means buying time for its nuclear weapons program. After discouraging Nowruz events year after year, essentially banning Zoroastrian inspired holidays and customs, and sometimes outlawing relics of pre-Islamic Persian culture, it seems very odd for the Mullahs to suddenly rally to save the name “Persian Gulf” >>>


The Great Heist

U.S. Loots Iranian Assets

17-May-2012 (6 comments)
The report, citing the views of the Intelligence Division of the New York Police Department, reiterates that the "FBI officials have suspected that the Alavi Foundation is using its Islamic centers as a means of penetrating the Black Muslim Community to recruit sympathizers." It goes as far as saying that "According to open source reports, black Muslims involved in the 1993 World Trade Center (WTC) bombing were recruited from mosques in Jersey City, NJ and Brooklyn." As we see the discoveries of the intelligence report needs no proof>>>


تفاوت فرهنگی و فجایع ناشی از آن

چند فرهنگی وقتی مثبت و سازنده است که فرهنگ‌های موجود در ان ارزش‌های اولیه برابری و آزادی انسانی را به رسمیت بشناسند

17-May-2012 (7 comments)
آنچه که در پرونده پاکستانی‌ها در بریتانیا اتفاق افتاد با آنچه که در برزیل به دست دیپلمات جمهوری اسلامی صورت گرفت، هر دو از فرهنگ مردانه‌ای بر می‌خیزد که نه فقط زن خودی را شیئ جنسی می‌شمارد که باید او را تحت کنترل داشت و بلکه به زن ناخودی (نامسلمان) به چشم طعمه‌ای نگاه می‌کند که می‌توان آن را تصاحب و تصرف کرد و مورد تجاوز قرار داد. در این فرهنگ، پسر خانواده حق دارد به هر نوع فعالیت جنسی بپردازد>>>


The Democratic Majorty

Iranians have democratic values

14-May-2012 (12 comments)
In the high-stakes international discussions surrounding Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons, Iran's 80 million people are often forgotten. So I, along with a small team of Israelis, decided to explore the driving forces of Iranian society. There have been signs, on the streets and over the Internet, of a battle raging between the country's Islamic fundamentalists and the proponents of freedom. The question we set out to explore is where the majority of the people stand>>>


Education At All Costs

Despite uncertain future and the regime's ever-tightening noose

14-May-2012 (6 comments)
The rule barring 300,000 or so Bahais from Iran's colleges and universities remains in place. It is enforced with particular vigor by the hard-line government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Even before Pohl's exposé, the Bahai community had begun seeking ways to educate its youth. Those efforts culminated in the establishment of a secret distance-education college operated by hundreds of volunteers inside and outside Iran>>>


جمهوری  خامنه‌ای

نظامی که آیینه تمام‌نمای یک نفر شده است

11-May-2012 (6 comments)
با روی کار آمدن خامنه‌ای، ولایت فقیه صفت «مطلقه» به خود گرفته بود و او بر آن شد که نظام جمهوری اسلامی را آن گونه که می‌خواهد شکل دهد و اجازه چون و چرا به کسی ندهد. او که اعتبار و اقتدار معنوی خمینی را نداشت، تنها می‌توانست با حذف هر عنصر و نیرویی که در برابر او کمترین مخالفت و انتقادی را پیش بکشد به این هدف دست یابد>>>