They're not Ron Paul

Democratic Party candidates for U.S. president look good. Ron Paul does good.

Let's rather talk about the candidates I feel most American-Iranians feel compelled to vote on, the democrats. Out of these candidates naturally we have the "handsome and dazzling" Obama. Its about time we had a black president right? I mean, Martin Luther King wasn't bad was he? Also we have Hillary Clinton, the woman. Its also about time the US got a female president, no? Its about time women got to control the White house, yeah? Wrong to both, let's just compare their voting record to Ron Paul on certain key issues and you will understand what I mean:>>>


Sir Zero

Rushdie has zero effect in dampening the waves of Islamic extremism

17-Jun-2007 (one comment)
Rushdie ought to have the right to write and publish what he wants. Muslims ought to have the right to be offended and express themselves PEACEFULLY. However, the focus in the media at the time was Islamic extremism and issues of freedom of expression>>> Launches New Site
Today, launched an enhanced website with substantially upgraded design, technologies and features. It was the first major makeover in the site in 4 years.>>>