We have questions too

We have questions too

Students demonstrate against Ahmadinejad visit at Tehran University

by M K
09-Oct-2007 (25 comments)



Give diplomacy a chance

Say no to military conflict!

09-Oct-2007 (79 comments)
We, the undersigned, represent the views of a diverse grouping of Iranian expatriates in the United States, the UK and elsewhere in the West. Some of us have vastly different views regarding the current government in Iran; we are individually members of many different political parties; we do not all agree on how best to reach stability in the Middle East. But we all feel a connection with both our homes in the West and the finest core values of the societies in which we are living, and with the country of Iran and its cultural traditions, whether we came by these ties by birth, heritage or friendship.>>>


You can make a difference

Interview with former Miss World Canada Nazanin Afshin-Jam

06-Oct-2007 (47 comments)
Nazanin Afshin-Jam: I was ecstatic when I found out that not only was Nazanin going to be spared from execution but that she was also going to be released from the agony she suffered from being in jail for over two years. I was particularly inspired by all the individuals around the world, young and old, who used their talents and blessings to help free Nazanin. There were 8 year olds holding assemblies in their schools for Nazanin, there were artists who had painted pictures for Nazanin, created sculptures, written poems and songs for her, everyone played a role.>>>


Last ditch effort for redemption

"Benedictus" is a good look at possible scenarios in current U.S.-Iran standoff

The song of thanksgiving for the coming of the redeemer, is Jewish in origin but Christian in tone, as the expression of redemption and hope. For instance the song is used at funerals at the moment of internment when such matters are of sudden urgency. So it is only fitting that this clever little play about an Israeli Arms dealer, and an Iranian Mullah is called "Benedictus". The play is set in a Roman church for secret meetings between estranged, and unlikely friends, to help fend off a war with the US, and the ever present specter of religion serves as the backdrop for a poignant, sometimes funny, and always eerily accurate look at Middle East tensions today, and in particular the impending war against Iran. >>>


Ultimate saviors

Porochista Khakpour author of “Sons and Other Flammable Objects”

03-Oct-2007 (one comment)
I wanted to poke a bit at Persian history and highlight my belief that many of the personal problems of the men in my book were actually ancient cultural problems that got a bit twisted through the filters of time. From the moment they were given their very DNA, even before they were tagged with their names, that very rich history was going to define their every step. It seems obvious but I think this is very different for many Americans, for instance, who often come from many different places—various European countries mixed with Native American blood, mixed with Black or Hispanic blood, etc.>>>


Naughty Saudis

MEI acts as the mouthpiece for the Saudi royal family

02-Oct-2007 (30 comments)
The dangers to Iran posed by the Israeli lobby have come to light on this web site and in the blogger community. Juxtaposed to this lobby, is another dangerous force to Iranians, It is subtle, religiously driven and indirect. It is important to be aware of, considering the increase in tension and possibility of military action. It is mainly religiously driven. DC is home to a diverse neighborhood of “think-tanks”. The scholarly names and titles for these provide neat covers for the ugly work they are often responsible for>>>


Thus, the dialogue began...

A conversation with the creators of "Benedictus"

01-Oct-2007 (one comment)
In the small set of San Francisco's Tick House, four theatre artists sit around a table and talk. What is different about this theatrical discussion is who these people are and what has brought them together. Who could imagine that the Israeli playwright Motti Lerner, the Iranian director Mahmood Karimi-Hakak, the American dramaturge Roberta Levitow and Golden Thread Theatre Company's Iranian-Armenian artistic director Torange Yeghiazarian would get together to make a play -- Benedisctus -- about the relationship between Iran, US and Israel?>>>


Creative protest

Creative protest

Wide variety of protesters greet Ahmadinejad at Columbia University

by Qumars Bolourchian
30-Sep-2007 (11 comments)



Participate, suggest ideas

A Seminar on the Impediments to the Observance and Promotion of Human Rights in Iran

27-Sep-2007 (2 comments)
Iranian Society for Human Rights in Northern California plans to organize a seminar in order to generate an inclusive and non-partisan discussion among interested Iranians on the problems and challenges facing human rights activists in Iran. The idea of a non-partisan struggle for human rights or democracy is very new to our political culture. While recognizing that non-partisanship is not opposed to or a substitute for partisanship, the proposed seminar will explain the central role of non-partisan agents and agencies in promoting a culture commensurate with the idea of human rights. >>>


Columbia circus

Columbia circus

Anti-Ahmadinejad, anti-war, pro-shah, pro-gay, pro-women... & students greet Ahmadinejad

by Roozbeh Shirazi
25-Sep-2007 (17 comments)



Enter the dragon

Enter the dragon

Official photos of Ahmadinejad's meeting with Iranians

by admin
24-Sep-2007 (61 comments)





Iranian Internet gathering in San Francisco

by talieshah
23-Sep-2007 (11 comments)



Not important

Let's just think a little bit and see whether the 9/11 attacks affected the lives of the normal citizens of the Western world in any way!

11-Sep-2007 (2 comments)
The world has changed dramatically ever since the 9/11 attacks because of some changes completely irrelevant to the causes or consequences of the attackers or the Western reactions to the attackers. The world has changed over the past 6 years in a very good way, technologically, materially and in many other ways, and some of changes have not been that great. The 9/11 attacks and its consequences have been nothing but news in fact. It has not been like World War II when people's lives were affected and the whole world suffered and changed becasue of the war.>>>



A screenplay by Ren A. Hakim

27-Aug-2007 (3 comments)
Interestingly Hollywood may well discover a new and interesting version of the legendary tale of Xerxes and Esther thanks to a script written by a beautiful American actor/writer of Iraqi heritage: Ren A. Hakim. All the more interesting is that Hakim's script is titled Xerxes and tries to take a look at this story from the perspective of the King whose reign saw the expansion of the Persian Empire to its pinnacle and during which the Palace of Persepolis was to be completed as an architectural Imperial legacy for future generations before its fatal destruction and burning centuries later by Alexander the Great. >>>


Finally, is catching up with the rest of the internet

26-Aug-2007 (25 comments)
You may have noticed changes in in recent days. Well now it's official: 12.0 has gone live! The site has gone through many changes in its look and feel since its launch in 1995. This time, however, the transformation is more fundamental. For the first time visitors have the power to self-publish. You can leave comments immediately on the site, have your own blog and submit articles more efficiently. Basically, you are no longer at my mercy to have your voice heard around here (do I hear "thank god"?!) >>>