Lion Heartz

I have combined Dervish Sufism with Persian martial arts to create "Lion Heartz"

12-Oct-2007 (31 comments)
As a young child, I grew up as a Persian Sufi Dervish and understood what being one was all about. As a young boy, I would get into countless confrontations over the color of my skin, friend, ego and who we thought was the toughest. My father would always see me come home with a black eye and a bruised body. He decided I should learn some self-defense, in order to defend myself and learn self control. My father who was a brown belt, and had three years in the Persian Royal Air Force, and was advanced in Persian Martial arts called: “Varzesheh Pahlevooni”>>>


طرفدارانِ دوآتشه

رقابتهای تکواندوی انتخابی المپیک پکن در منچستر

08-Oct-2007 (one comment)
آخرین تکواندوکار تیم ایران هم از مسابقه حذف شد. با دلسردی مشغول جمع کردن وساﺋلم از زیر صندلی بودم که فریاد "ایران، ایران" واضحتر از همهمه های گنگ حاکم بر سالن به گوشم رسید. این تشویق نابهنگام و غیرمترقبه گویا خیلی از ایرانیهای دیگر حاضر در سالن مسابقه را نیز متعجب کرده بود. همه نگاهها به گروهی از طرفداران که مشغول نواختن طبل و سرودن شعار بودند دوخته شده بود. >>>


Tokyo bound

Tokyo bound

1958 article on Iranian sportswomen

by bahram9821
26-Sep-2007 (12 comments)



My favorite sport

Interview with Reza Pahlavi

17-Sep-2007 (100 comments)
I have to say that football (or soccer, as it is called here) was definitely my favorite team sports. I played the game, along with my classmates, during most of our school years. I would not be exaggerating if I said that we played over 250 days a year! I have many good memories of playing; not only with my classmates, but also joining an impromptu game with people I would meet during my travels around the country. For instance, playing with locals on Kish Island, our in an Air Force base in Ahvaz, or some village kids in Kalardasht. The best memories are from the practice sessions we used to have in Sa’ad Abbad with members of the Iranian National Team!>>>


Sheiky baby, I love you

Howard Stern interview with the Iron Shikh, the "Shah's bodyguard"



The saga continues

As fans, we are left disappointed and unfulfilled, hardly influential in the course of the team that we so passionately love

31-Jul-2007 (one comment)
Let us as football fanatics be just that: fanatics, and let the extremities of our emotions overwhelm our logic in dealing with the continuation of the same, old saga. But this saga does not consist of any heroic exploits; there is an abyss of notable achievements. It is the saga of Iranian football filled with the short-lived ups and the long-lasting downs, the flashes of brilliance and the enduring taste of misery and underachievement. This saga belongs to the post-revolution times, experienced by me and the likes of me especially since Team Melli's exit from the 1996 instalment of the Asian Cup of Nations. It may well be a matter of irony that the joy of a revitalized Iranian football, initiated and led by the golden generation of Daei et al, brought about hard falls of hopeful dreams>>>


Not your father's home poker game

This is basically what people with way too much money and a lot of extra time do for fun

This past weekend, 2 slambills, one from the U.S. and one from Hong Kong were in Vegas to play in a full cash game against 4 pros and 2 other amature, but very rich players. The game was held in a private suite in one of the nicer hotels in Vegas and I had the "pleasure" of being present for around 5 hours of this game. I had to also give my word not to devulge the name of any player or the name of the hotel where this game took place. Although completely legal, these players are very descrete and do not want publicity>>>


We will always love you

Each one us see a part of us in those young kids who are taking on the opponents on that beautiful grass field

29-Jul-2007 (one comment)
Team Melli Iran through years have been so much a part of the Iranian life, both outside and inside Iran that has become an official word in English language. It has been a single source of uniting factor among all political beliefs, and ethnic and religious backgrounds among Iranians. Each one us see a part of us in those young kids who are taking on the opponents on that beautiful grass field. We are so much devoted to them that we forget always that there is also another side to the game, and after all, it is just a game. It has a ball and it is a play! Just a play! That does not get reduced because grown men are doing that. It is a play!>>>


Team Melli? Tokhme chapam.

On Iran's elimination from Asia Cup

23-Jul-2007 (one comment)
First and foremost I will apologise for the language I am going to use as for the past few days I could not come up with anything more suitable that would convey my true feelings for this bunch of shit that we have had the misfortune of having imposed upon us. The poor poor excuse of humanity called Olaghnoi the head coach and his camp followers and brown nosed hezbullahi yes-men. This mardikeh olagh and his pastfetrat supporters have done exactly what they set out to do and that is to destroy the Iranian spirit even further. Akhe mardikeh olag, how do you put that retard midget Khatibi as a forward to deal with tall Korean defenders.>>>