Girl Power!

Iranian girls kick ass

21-Sep-2012 (3 comments)
So picture this: you are a guy, walking down the street, minding your own business. All of a sudden, you notice a commotion. You walk over to check it out. Why not! After all, you are unemployed... and don’t need to get your opium fix for another hour. So, you fight your way through the crowd and find a nice spot in the front. You see a mullah arguing with a group of young girls. You notice the girls wearing tight jeans, tight dresses, tons of makeup and headscarves that are practically hanging over their shoulders>>>


The Truth. The Whole Truth. And, Nothing But the Truth.

Falling victim to rumors and lies

21-Sep-2012 (76 comments)
As the Director of Community Outreach & Programming at the largest Iranian-American grassroots organization, I have the pleasure of regularly meeting and speaking with Iranian Americans from across the country. These conversations leave me proud of our culture and appreciative of our diversity. However, these interactions have also shed some light on one issue I find particularly painful, which is the fact that our community often falls prey to the rumor mill and conspiracy theories>>>


The anger of imbeciles

We live in a world that goes from explosion to explosion

17-Sep-2012 (14 comments)
“I’m always angry. See this row of buttons on my forehead? Push one and I’ll explode into irrationality.” This is what we hear, over and over, from various countries, mostly Islamic, mostly in the Middle East. Political correctness makes us keep saying that it isn’t so. Sorry, but it is. I consider myself civilized. If I don’t like you, if I find you offensive or unpleasant, if you insult me or a principle I hold important, I’ll walk away—and I’ll never break bread with you>>>


Obama's Fate

Iran may determine the fate of US elections, again

17-Sep-2012 (5 comments)
It happened in 1980. It could happen in 2012. A few months after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Islamic radical students stormed the US embassy in Tehran and took 52 Americans hostage. As explained years later by one of the hostage-takers, by “the admission of the Shah to the United States,” the radical Muslim students thought that, “the countdown for another coup d’état had begun.” He was referring to the 1953 coup that toppled the Iranian, democratically-elected Prime Minister, Mohammad Mossadeq>>>


تهدید تکه تکه کردن ایران

چارچوب ملی و کنفرانس بروکسل

17-Sep-2012 (25 comments)
همان‌طور که در بیانیه جمعی در اعتراض به توافق‌نامه کومله و حزب دمکرات به تفصیل آمده است، تاکید کردم که ۱- بخش‌ناپذیر بودن حاکمیت ملی، ۲- یگانگی ملی، ۳- یک‌پارچگی سرزمینی و ۴- استقلال ملی از اصول غیر قابل معامله برای ما می‌باشند. تخطی از آنان به شدت با برخورد روبرو خواهد شد>>>


حاضر و آماده

مغلطه ایرانیها آمادگی دمکراسی ندارند

17-Sep-2012 (3 comments)
اینکه ایرانی ها آمادگی دمکراسی ندارند هم به یکی ازمغلطه های رایج بین ما تبدیل شده است. گویی لازمه ی دمکراسی شدن یک کشور ابتدا دمکرات شدن مردم آنست. در حالی که حتا در مهمترین دمکراسی ها نیز اکثریت مردم، نه تنها در آغاز گذار به دمکراسی دمکرات نبوده اند بلکه امروز هم آگاهی دقیقی ازدمکراسی و شروط آن ندارند>>>


Mixed Bag

Review: Ghobadi's "Rhino Season"

14-Sep-2012 (one comment)
Under a starry sky, on a typically warm and humid September night in the heart of Toronto, throngs of giddy Iranian filmgoers (with, of course, the odd exception here and there) formed a serpentine queue outside the historic Elgin Theatre, full of hope and great expectations – and understandably so; for they were a privileged few, who would not only witness the world premiere of a film from one of Iran’s most celebrated directors, but also the performance – and presence – of an Iranian icon>>>

قصه اتمی

از این تعلیق تا آن تعلیق

گرفتاریِ ما از بی‏ کفایتیِ است که به این وضعیّت دچار شده‏ ایم

12-Sep-2012 (50 comments)
من معتقدم که حتّی اگر ما شرایط خاص آمریکا را بپذیریم؛ یعنی، اولا به کلی دست از غنی‏ سازی برداریم. ثانیا پروژه آب سنگین خود را متوقف کنیم. ثالثا اجازه دهیم که بازرسان آژانس سرزده هرجا خواستند سرکشی کنند و به سؤالات باقیمانده آژانس پاسخ دهیم. رابعا پروژه‏ های موشکی برد بلند را نیز متوقف کنیم؛ باز در تعلیق خواهیم ماند>>>


Can we live with a nuclear Iran?

Awful choices with unpredictable consequences

10-Sep-2012 (31 comments)
The prevailing view now is that a nuclear Iran cannot be safely contained. On this point both President Obama and Mitt Romney agree. They can hardly say otherwise; to even hint that a nuclear Iran is acceptable would undermine the efforts aimed at preventing that outcome. But I tend to think they mean it. However, there are serious, thoughtful people who are willing to contemplate a nuclear Iran, kept in check by the time-tested assurance of retaliatory destruction>>>


Enemy Number One?

The problem will not go away if Iran is shattered to pieces

07-Sep-2012 (64 comments)
Iran is not an exemplary country by any measure, and it is far from having a representative government. It has a dismal human rights record but it is preposterous to claim that it is the biggest threat not just to Israel and the United States but to the world. At the end of the day, Iranians will have to find a way to overcome their many problems and make the ultimate changes>>>


زمان موعود

هیچ سپاهی از عهده آرمانی که زمان ظهورش فرا رسیده باشد برنخواهد آمد

با ظهور انسان هائی که در معیار های تنگ زمانه خود جای نمی گیرند ابتدا نسیم و رفته رفته طوفان تغییرات اجتماعی وزیدن می گیرد. ویکتور هوگو به زیبائی هر چه تمامتر غیرقابل اجتناب بودن تحولات اجتماعی را اینگونه توضیح می دهد: "هیچ سپاهی از عهده آرمانی که زمان ظهورش فرا رسیده باشد برنخواهد آمد.">>>


 آیا این خداوند است که متمدّن تر شده یا پیامبر خدا؟

آئین بهائی و ادیان دیگر ایرانی

07-Sep-2012 (15 comments)
این روزها بمناسبتی بیشتر توجّهم روی ادیان ایرانی ست: پیش از اسلام و پس از آن. ادیان ایرانی پیش از اسلام عبارتند از آئین زرتشتی، مانوی و مزدکی و پس از اسلام شامل آئین های شیخی، بابی و بهائی می شود. از خصوصیات مشترک ادیان ایرانی پیش از اسلام به سه مورد می توان اشاره کرد:>>>


The Military Option

Interview with president of Council on Foreign Relations

05-Sep-2012 (8 comments)
I take the Israelis at face value here. They are genuinely concerned, given that the Iranian nuclear program continues to progress both in terms of quantity and quality. The negotiations--or the "diplomacy," to use a better word--have so far come up empty. This is all done against a backdrop where, for the Israelis, it is extraordinarily difficult politically and psychologically to franchise out their foreign policy>>>


Is There a Way Out?

Iran, Israel and the West

03-Sep-2012 (5 comments)
From the beginning, the West has used coercive diplomacy against Iran. This strategy does not aim at reconciliation of interests, but at a de facto capitulation of Iran. From the Iranian perspective, there has been a security deficit, which was enforced by the neoconservative wars of the last decade through the increased military presence of the Americans in the region. Due to the fact that the West didn’t take into account Iran’s legitimate security interests, coercive diplomacy has failed>>>


عکس: وقتی چریکها چریک نبودن...

عکس: وقتی چریکها چریک نبودند

سرنوشت هر کدام از آنها برای من درسی بود

by Amir Fetanat