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Plain politics
Goli Ameri's candidacy should be regarded as nothing less than a political event
Kyle Kourosh Saghafi

Way way off
It it so childish and rediculous to blame cruelty against women on a supposedly dysfunctional culture
September 28, 2004

Cynicism justified?
We have exhaused all of our options yet
September 7, 2004

It's our job
Leaders do not necessarily represent the pride and honor of a nation
August 19, 2004

Full relations
Setting aside far-fetched idealistic goals in Iran-U.S. ties
July 30, 2004

Half full
Doom-and-gloom scenarios raise unjustified alarm
July 8, 2004

Heart vs. mind
Giving advice on overly realistic premises
May 26, 2004

Hang in there
Why should you surrender to the notion that your heart will "break a thousand times"?
May 3, 2004

Your own immaturity
In response to Mitra Riaz's "Guys are stupid"
March 29, 2004

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