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June 11, 2004


* Jaded Shiites

Dear Mr. Nezam Mafi, Sharif jaan, [Iran-Iraq friendship pact]

The friendship pact has already been signed between Iraq and your Islamic Republic when Madam Rafsanjani visited Saddam. While I completely agree with the peaceful sentiment in your writing, nevertheless you have to keep in mind that if you would like to bring on the example of Germany and France after the war, you must also take into consideration that it wasn't the Vichy government that signed a pact with the new Germany: both governments were new.

The Islamic Republic has to be dismantled before there can be any talk at all of democracy, liberty, human rights or anything else in the region, let alone the continuing talk of Shiite and Sunni etc. that you are on about. The majority of people in Iran, whether you like it Sharif jaan or not, are not any more like they were thirty years ago, Shiites; they hate everything about this religion and this not because of Mammad Reza Pahlavi, but because of the very people who would try to categorize them as Shiite regardless of their wishes.

I do understand that you, as a sympathizer with, and a regular visitor of, the Islamic Republic of Jahl o Jor o Fessad, will want to do all you can to Massmaali the ultimate underpinning questions. But the problems will not go away no matter how much you spin the truth. Iranians have to have popular sovereignty and liberty before anyone can sign peace and war treaties in their name. And although you may not like it, the answer is to Rock the Casbah, hard and in high volume, in echos and distortions.



* Enmity between government

Dear Mr. Mafi,

I read you nostalgic piece with a great grief. [Iran-Iraq friendship pact]

First as long as the IRI regime is in power that kind of a friendship between Iran & Iraq can not be achieved & it is not beneficial to our Iraqi brethrens.

I do not have to elaborate on that. The enmity is not between the two nations, it is between the two Governing Systems. I was Charge des affair of my country, Iran, in Baghdad in 1960's. I have my recollections written about my assignment in Baghdad which is published on our Family Site.

Please read it, though a bit extensive, & find that you are not the first one who has come out with the idea to make brotherly friend with Iraqis.

It is unfortunate that the Foreign Powers are behind the enmity between the two nations.

If the Foreigners, especially the Brits leave the two nations alone, we know how to make friends, but alas, they do let none of the two.

I very much appreciate your feelings, & hope that one day we will live in a world void of greed & divide & rule mentality.

H. Hakimi,


* North-South rivalry

Regarding your photo essay titled, "The city of angels",

First of all, lovely photos! Secondly, it always amuses me when people of Iranian origin who live in the Bay Area pooh pooh Los Angeles and the Iranians who live here, as if they had anything to do with any of the cities' cultures! But I'm glad you had an open mind and enjoyed our excellent tourist traps.

Next time you visit the City of Angels, let me know beforehand and I'll take you to some wonderful places that we don't usually share with tourists (we need our own "space," you understand?).



* Who was the aghed?

The wedding pics are great [The city of angels]. Who was the aghed? Tehrangeles has many agheds we are looking for a good one.

Mahmood M. Farazian


* Emotional

I saw your pics ot Elham's wedding, nice [The city of angels]. You looked really emotinal in that Indian restaurant!!



* Not to mention biased

Regarding the latest poll on U.S. attack on Iran,

First of all nobody has ever carpet-bombed either Iran or Afghanistan; and no one ever will, except you, with this trash.

Secondly the question is only stated so to get a desired answer, and hence cover up the real issue that it pretends to treat, and as that, it is in fact done in bad faith, and no matter what the results should only reflect your and the poll taker's ignorance, not to mention covert and biased opinions.

As such this poll is not only wrong, but tries to destroy the finding of anything true.



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