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Tuesday, June 20, 2000 / Khordad 31, 1379, No. 1005


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Tehran's good side
It's there. Just have to look for it

By Najmeh Fakhraie
June 20, 2000
The Iranian

When I think of Tehran the first things I remember are drug addicts, homeless children, heavy traffic and rude people. Not a good sign. But no matter how awful it might be, no matter how polluted or dirty, it's still MY city and therefore it deserves to be loved. If there's a million things going wrong with it, if things aren't going too well, the only ones responsible are the people who live in it. Me included.

Unlike what most think, Tehran is really a beautiful place. Anyone whose looked up at the sky on a clear day know's what I'm talking about >>> GO TO FEATURE


Oh, What a Fine Plot We Hatched. (And Here's What to Do the Next Time).

The New York Times
June 18, 2000

WHEN the Central Intelligence Agency helped overthrow Mohammed Mossadegh as Iran's prime minister in 1953, ensuring another 25 years of rule for Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi, the C.I.A. was already figuring that its first effort to topple a foreign government would not be its last... The history, which remains classified, was recently obtained by The New York Times; excerpts were published this spring and a more complete version is now available on the Times Web site. >>> FULL TEXT

Sex-change Iranian hates life as woman

The Guardian (London)
Geneive Abdo in Tehran
June 20, 2000

Maryam took one hard first-person look at life as a woman in Iran and made a decision: "she" wanted out. Born Mehran, the 25-year-old Iranian, then a man, had earlier swept aside strong parental objections and undergone a sex change operation last year. But in female form, Maryam soon found it impossible to cope with the constraints imposed by the Islamic republic - so impossible that she now wants to reverse the operation >>> FULL TEXT

    Left hook


    Cherik-haaye Fadai-ye Khalq: On 30th of Khordad, the new Majlis, press reform >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Lancaster, PA (THE ONION) -- After centuries of enduring harsh, spare living conditions and voluntarily shunning modern amenities such as microwave ovens and red clothing, Amish leaders announced Monday that Amish across the country will abandon their traditional ways >>> GO HERE

More Letters

* Wanted in Australia: Googoosh

A.K. from Australia writes: Earlier this week we heard the news of Googoosh's departure from Iran and her upcoming Amercian, Canadian and European concerts ["Khosh oomadi"].

Although delighted and ecstatic about the news, I among hundreds of thousands of other Iranians living in Australia felt outraged and most disappointed to find out that Googoosh's tour did not include a visit to Australia >>> FULL TEXT

* Royalties?

Niloo Soleimani writes: I recently bought a video of Googoosh. I own all her CDs. Do these major CD and video distribution companies pay her any royalties? Every month hundreds and hundreds of Googoosh's CDs and videos are sold. Are they paying her anything?

We claim we love her. But are we honoring her? It is not fair if Pars Video, Caltex and all other distributors are making money off of her life's work.

* We did not chose the Shah

A.Forati writes: I would like to thank F. Rafat for responding to Farah Pahlavi's letter, "Shah's Return in 1953". There are some good points. I will add some more.

The facts are that we Iranians did not choose our leader (Shah). He was given to us by the British and then the U.S. He came back in 1953 by the WILL of the U.S. and for the price of $60,000 and NOT the will of the majority of the people, unless you call Shaaban Bimokh and his gang of hoodlums the majority of the people! >>> FULL TEXT

    * Afghans threaten national security

    Cyrus Raafat writes: Bravo, very well said ["Higher priority for Iranian interests"]! Your expressed opinions were exactly my same sentiments too!

    Although I was hopeing you could have mentioned that these Afghans are not only a threat to Iran's national security and economic vibrancy, but they -- all the Afghan people -- are responsible for the eventual political turmoil within Afghanistan by neglecting to remove the backward and savage Taliban >>> FULL TEXT

Rights: Pro-students vigil in Washington DC

Alliance for Defense of Human Rights in Iran: Saturday, July 8th 2000 marks the first anniversary of the student movement in Iran... To commemorate this day and to voice our support for the students, the Alliance for Defense of Human Rights in Iran will stage a silent vigil in front of the Interest Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Washington DC on July 7 >>> DETAIILS HERE


Black on Black: Iran Revisited
By Ana M. Briongos
2000, Lonely Planet

From Booklist: When the shah of Iran was deposed in the late 1970s after 2,000 years of continuous government by shahs, it marked the beginning of a new era in everyday Iranian life as well as in politics. Since 1960 the Spanish author Briongos has made numerous pilgrimages to Iran. Her chief discovery is the Iranian belief in and practice of ketman, a traditional philosophy that allows its adherents to publicly renounce their innermost beliefs while remaining loyal to those beliefs anyway >>> GO HERE

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

I told my heart, don't start that love business

Don't start all that suffering and sadness

My heart frowned and said go man!

Your lover is wonderful! Go, don't be coy/silly
-- Rumi
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More news

Khatami visits China to build on already strong ties

TEHRAN, June 20 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami arrives in China on Thursday for a six-day state visit, his first since being elected in 1997, with plans to strengthen the two countries' already close political, economic and military ties. The length of Khatami's stay and the make-up of his entourage demonstrate the importance attached to the trip >>> FULL TEXT

U.S. general says Iran still a threat despite reform

ABU DHABI (Reuters) - The commander of U.S. forces in the Gulf said Tuesday that Iran remained a threat to the oil-rich region despite political reforms inside the country. ``We are hopeful that there is change taking place in Iran. We certainly think it would be best for the region if the moderates continue to gain and to control the path that Iran is taking,'' General Anthony Zinni told reporters in Abu Dhabi >>> FULL TEXT

Blast rocks southern Iranian university

TEHRAN, June 20 (Reuters) - A blast rocked the university campus in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz on Tuesday, but there were no immediate reports of injury, local journalists said. They told Reuters by telephone the explosion occurred in a lecture hall at the college of literature, scene on June 17 of an address by a prominent Islamic modernist who has often been the target of hardline violence >>> FULL TEXT

Lawyers for Iranian Jews worry over trial delay

SHIRAZ, Iran, June 20 (AFP) - Lawyers defending Iranian Jews accused of spying for Israel are worried by the delay in winding up the trial and announcing a verdict in the southern city of Shiraz, their spokesman told AFP. They also maintain that no proof has emerged to corroborate the "confessions" of the accused, and contest their validity, said Ismael Nasseri, 40 >>> FULL TEXT

Iran , E.U. to hold talks in Tehran

June 19, 2000, Tehran (dpa) - Iran and the European Union will hold talks in Teheran this week, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hamid-Reza Assefi said Monday. ``The fifth round of comprehensive dialogue between Iran and the E.U. will be held Wednesday in Teheran,'' Assefi told the official news agency IRNA >>> FULL TEXT

Rafsanjani calls for legalization of satellite dishes

Tehran (IRNA) -- Tehran, June 17, IRNA -- Former president and current Head of the State Expediency Council Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani characterized satellite communication as a necessity in the lives of people, the press reported on Saturday >>> FULL TEXT

Book: Mossadegh & the U.N.

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Fazlollah Nurredin-Kia, a former senior foreign ministry official, has published a book on Mohammad Mossadegh's deliberations at the United Nations >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Sohrab Sepehri

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Special Report: Sohrab Sepehri's poetic style >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Pour-Heydari looks to the future

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Following Esteqlal's sweet victory in the elmination cup, head coach Mansour Pour-Heydari talks about the club's future plans >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Player sues Esteqlal

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Meanwhile, Majid Noruzi-Zadeh is filed an official complaint against Esteqlal for selling him off to Zob Aahan without his knowledge >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Battle over Hashemi-Nasab

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- The battle continues: Mehdi Hashemi-Nasab is still claimed by Persepolis which insists he signed a NEW contract with the club before he signed with Esteqlal >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Qajar-era cinema

In 1900, Mozafar-e Din Shah Qajar(1896-1907) traveled to Europe for the first time. He saw a film on the international exhibition held in Paris >>> LISTEN HERE

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It's the beginning of the month and people have just gotten their salaries. So they're all headed towards the bazaar to shop. You come here at the end of the month and they all want to go to Behesht-e Zahra [cemetery].

-- Tehrani taxi driverSecretary of State
"Tehran's good side"
The Iranian
June 20, 2000

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