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Flower delivery in Iran

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The red rose
A biogrpahy of Khosrow Golesorkhi
By Maziar Behrouz

Encyclopaedia Iranica is the ultimate source on all things Iranian
By Davood N. Rahni
March 12, 2001

History of Iranian theater.
M.R. Ghanoonparvar

On dreams and dream interpretation.
Hossein Ziai

Looking good
Holding aesthetic effect in high esteem.
Priscilla P. Soucek

Departed soul
Rites of the dead among Zoroastrians.
Mary Boyce

Conspiracy theories
... and the Persian mind
Ahmad Ashraf

Qomran's Zoroastrian spirit
Traces of Iranian dualism in the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Jacques Duchesne-Guillemin

One of Iran's earliest communist publications.
Nassereddin Parvin

The Standard
On the legendary "Derafsh-e Kaviani".
Djalal Khaleghi-Motlagh

Science, fiction, reality.

Good and Evil
Dualism in ancient Iranian religions
Gherardo Gnoli

The donkey: More than a beast of burden
Mahmoud Omidsalar and Teresa P. Omidsalar

Refusing to bow to Adam
Who or what is Eblis?
Hamed Algar

Persian eagles
There are ten different kinds
William. L. Hanaway, Jr.

A place to meet and...
Why coffeehouses were so popular
Ali Al-e Dawud

The Qajar class structure
The privileged included princes, governors and prominent descendents of the prophet
Ahmad Ashraf & Ali Banuazizi

Iranian diaspora, pre-Islamic
Maintaining ethnic and cultural identity under alien rule
Mary Boyce

Persians in the Russian empire
74,000 Persian subjects in Russia in 1897
H. Hakimian

Art of gaining knowledge by observing and interpreting signs
M.R. Ghanoonparvar

Zoroastrian Divorce
From ancient to contemporary times

The Dog
The love-hate relationship with man's best friend

Sabt-e ... Ma
An interview with Ehsan Yarshater, editor of the Iranica, in Persian

Sharh-e Hal
An autobiography by Ehsan Yarshater, editor of the Iranica, in Persian

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