Shifteh Ansari
Live webcast of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech at the UN General Assembly, on Wednesday, September 26, 2012.>>>




Photo essay: Two weeks in Spain

by kfravon
25-Sep-2012 (5 comments)


First Amendment
25-Sep-2012 (one comment)
مختصر و مفید >>>


Is Rafsanjani Up To Something?

Could he sell out his own children?

25-Sep-2012 (9 comments)
The Iranian government has arrested Ayatollah Rafsanjani’s daughter Faezeh. And after her arrest, instead of staying put in the UK, his son Mehdi who is wanted in Iran went back there! Why would he want to do that? Surely his father Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani would have told him not to come back and to stay put in the UK instead>>>


«شورای ملی» در ترازوی سنجش

آقای پهلوی نبايد تافتهء جدا بافته ای محسوب شود

25-Sep-2012 (7 comments)
صميمانه آرزو دارم «شورای ملی برای انتخابات آزاد»، که با شرکت شاهزاده رضا پهلوی اعلام موجوديت کرده است، عليرغم آنچه که هفتهء پيش نوشتم و اين هفته نيز مشغول نگارش آنم، در کار نجات ايران موفق شود و اميدی را که بخصوص در دل بسياری از جوانان ايران برافروخته است متحقق سازد>>>


Pagan Roots of Allah

An inquiry

25-Sep-2012 (37 comments)
In spite of the prevalent mainstream description of Allah, there continues to exist a somewhat controversial of Islam, put forth by some scholars and a number of Christian groups, in which it is claimed that the Islamic deity Allah has pre-Islamic pagan roots stemming from local mythology. According to this "popular" view, the chief deity of pre-Islamic Mecca "was the moon-god called al-ilah (meaning the god or the idol), which was shortened to Allah in pre-Islamic times".>>>


The Old Vine
25-Sep-2012 (6 comments)
There is a green fence
Between death and me
Covered by an old vine.
When passing by
I part the dense leaves
To see the other side
Obama did it again. >>>


 دو بیتی های ویژه ۳

مناظره عقل و عشق

25-Sep-2012 (28 comments)
گفتند برون کن زسر این عشق محال است
این خواب پریشان تو رویا و خیال است

گفتم که اگر خوابم  از این خواب چه خوشتر؟
بیدارم اگر، خواب مرا آفت حال است >>>

Petrodollars vs. the BRICS currencies and gold accepted by the Iranian Oil Bourse -- that's the elephant in the room. 

Iranian President in action in New York.... >>>
A short interview with Iranian-American visual artist Kymia Nawabi whose work opens tomorrow in NYC as part of a group show at the Lower East Side Printshop. >>>
Darius Kadivar
25-Sep-2012 (6 comments)
BBC’s correspondent Frank Gardner revealed that the Queen had been upset that there was no way to arrest the radical cleric Abu Hamza>>>