by Faramarz_Fateh

Have you noticed our reaction when someone, normally an American, calls us an Arab?  Or during a discussion someone refers to all people of mid eastern origin as Arabs?  We generally rip them a new asshole and then proceed to educate them.

There is typically no love lost between Iranians and Arabs unless there is a third party is involved and that third party is Israel and the Jews.

Since the recent conflict in Gaza, I have seen and or read over 100 postings on regarding the atrocities of Israel.  If a new reader comes across he or she will be really confused as to whether this is or

If you are a supporter of IRI, then there is no question about the love.  Palestinian thugs, riding in Jeeps and carrying automatic rifles were a big factor in the early days and months of the Islamic revolution.  The Iranian regime owes them and owes them big.

If you are a true Iranian who yearns for a free secular and democratic Iran, rid of Islam and Arab influence, you would normally be on the side of Israel.  But the hatred of Jews which starts at age 5 or 6 via brain washing for most Iranian Muslim kids is so strong that it has blinded most Iranians.  I know about this first hand.  I was born and raised in a Muslim family.  The bull shit I was told about Jews and Bahais by my older aunts and uncles and family friends make one's head spin.  Don't tell me you did not hear these things because I don't believe you for a second.

Israel is defending herself and its right to exist.  To guarantee its long term security, Israel has been like a whore to the U.S.  But can you blame Israel?  I don't.  They live in a neighborhood with hundreds of millions of quasi savages who are hell bent on destroying them.  Any and all action for self defense in my opinion is justified.


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Niloufar Parsi

Anonymous commentor

by Niloufar Parsi on

you and kaveh are as disgusting as it gets. your time is up. people are waking up to your dirty agenda, and no one is intimidated by your pathetic insults and witch hunts. much as you like to drag everyone down to your gutter level, rest assured, you are irrelevant. you remind me of those ignorant basiji kids. it's the likes of you that give birth to the mullah regime, and it is the likes of you that justify and strengthen islamic radicals. for as long as your kind is around, iran or the region will never know peace.



by Ajam (not verified) on

Relax AC, it’s the cyberspace! No one is handing out trophies here... so why would anyone try to lie about their friendship (or lack thereof) with Jews?! There’s nothing to be gained in doing so.

It makes little difference as to whether I had dinner or played YehGhol-DoGhol with the Jewish neighbours. Who cares anyway?! My main argument was in response to Mr. Fatah’s blanket statement claiming that all Iranians are Jew-bashers who are told to do so since childhood -- which is evidently based on his personal experience. My point is that he’s wrong, not only in that regard, but also about his other fascistic statements such as calling for eradication of Islam… What I’m getting at is that not every Iranian child is instilled with hatred and prejudice by his family as he was. My parents where non-religious, hence they did not care whether whom I played or spent time with was of a certain faith, or non at all. In other words, whether they believed in god, Mohammad, Moses, Buda, a goat or a stone! That is not tantamount to me claiming that ALL Iranians are Jew-lovers. Indeed a blanketing word such as “all” should be used wisely and with discretion, otherwise, it could lead to thoughtless remarks as seen above.

A rational mind does not generalize and avoids a Manichean, black-and-white view of the world, especially when humanity is involved. Thus, a generalizing view can not distinguish between a Muslim and a fanatic, a Jew and a Zionist. Hitler did so by condemning all the Jews to annihilation, now his wannabe clowns are trying to compensate for it by doing that to all Muslims!


Israel has a right to exist,

by - (not verified) on

Israel has a right to exist, but Palestinians should die? Israel can throw a bomb at a school and kill innocent children but palestinians should shut up because they are arabs and most of them are muslim?
I think you're the one who's brainwashed by the western system.. I feel really sorry for you.
I'm an Iranian I'm a muslim I'm proud of my country and I would kill every american/israelian bitch for my country, it's a good thing you don't live in iran.. you don't fit in anymore.. you're a typical low class person who loves to dig in western asses 2 fit in.. how can your opinion be meaningfull? you just aren't strong enough you can't even be yourself.


Ya'll need to

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Ya'll need to brew some golgaavzaboon, chilax and thank your lucky stars that there is a site such as that provides you with a venue to let out steam.

The title of my blog is a question to the readers and contributors of; not to JJ.  I was amazed at the # of pro Palestinian and anti Israel posts.  So, leave JJ out of this; as always, he has tried to remain true to his beliefs and has run this site without bias.

If you look at # of posters responding to the original piece, you'll easily see that 80% of posts is by the same half a dozen people.  Many post under 2-3 names.

Bottom line is that a good % of us Iranians dislike Jews.  Hate maybe a strong word.  If and when we admit to this reality, we can move to the next step.  In Iran, Jews were in "aghalliyat" without much power.  In the U.S., they have power; lost of it.

Because of this, we don't know what to do.  In Iran, us Muslims were "posht be zin".  Here we are "zin be posht" and we don't like it.  Not only we are zin be posht, we are in a sense giving rides to Jews and other non Iranians and non Muslims and we can't do anything about it.  This is NOT true for all Iranians.  Many live their lives with pride, dignity and harmony with others and have been great examples of Persian culture, heritage, intelligence and goodness.  On the other hand, many have picked up the cause of hatred for Israel and Jews.

Be honest with yourselves for once.  You'll come to the same conclusion.


Story of an 80-year old

by darkesthours (not verified) on

Story of an 80-year old Jewish Iranian man exiled in Los Angeles: from:


""We exchanged small talk in Persian and he began to tell me the story of his life in Iran. He starting from his childhood while living in the "Mahaleh" or the Jewish ghetto in Tehran. “You know you’re very lucky,” he said. “When we were living in the Mahaleh, we never had enough to eat, we lived in extreme poverty and we were regularly beaten and constantly harassed by the Muslims”. As he slowly relived his memories in the car, this older gentleman began shedding silent tears and then weeping. I tried to comfort him and he apologized for his breakdown. “I used to have a large pharmaceutical company in Iran, we made millions-- and overnight they took it all away from me,” said the older man. “And now look at me, I’ve come full circle and I’m living in poverty again!”"


since everyone has so much time to watch videos and read links,

by Anonymous commentor (not verified) on


for all you hypocrites talking about how

by Anonymous commentor (not verified) on

you "ate" with jews or had A best friend who was jewish and how iran isn't anti-semitic. check this out:


niloufar. no one is impressed with your false sympathy anymore. as kaveh said, your agenda isn't even hidden anymore. it's disgusting.

ID. don't bother with empty denials. do you think we're blind? or deaf? it simply amazes me the blinders that some iranians have once they've left iran. i could pull a hundred times more articles, stories, books, videos, historical accounts, personal experiences of jews and bahais in iran from the internet. forget the recycled videos from gaza with the "innocent" hamas cowards hiding in schools and churches. iran's despicable attitude towards jews is amply recorded.

no one believes your empty slogans of humanitarianism anymore.


Hamas killing and torturing

by darkesthours (not verified) on

Hamas killing and torturing Fatah members after the ceasefire.



and it's not either!

by zionist detector (not verified) on

What did Israel achieve for the mass murder of Palestinians? I tell you what it achieved:

1. Condemnation of the whole world for war crimes committed.

2. Hatred and scorn from 1.5 billion Muslims.

3. Re-surgence of anti-semitism in Europe.

4. Bringing millions of people to streets all over the world to support Palestinians.

5. Israeli mission was kicked out of three countries.

6. Israel was condemned by non-Zionist Jews all over the world.

7. United Nations has accused Israel for using Phosphoros bombs and depeleted uranium bombs/ammunitions and destroying U.N. missions.

8. United Nations is investigating crimes against humanity charges against Israel. A long way from Nuremberg trials, isn't it. The victims have turned into predators (Zionist Israel).

Palestinians will rebuild their cities, farm land, towns, schools, factories and get one step closer to independence. Now you Zionists can go and chew on that for a while.


Unfortunately, a small group

by beware! (not verified) on

Unfortunately, a small group of extremely vested ideologues have forever branded almost all of us Iranian-Americans as racist anti-semites. Their every word in documented and for the rest of the world to see. We will reap what we sow.! I'm disgusted by the level of bigotry and hypocrisy.

I never used to believe Mr. Bush's "War on terror" and his bogus claim of existence of terrorist cells in our midst. But after reading some the most revolting comments here and getting to know some of the vilest Islamsts zealots on this site, I do believe that we do have to be very cognizant of who we let into our own backyard.


Commentor, Kaveh, others

by Anonymousessss (not verified) on

Don't waste your breath...this site has become an extremist site, kind of like, but on the other end of the spectrum. There is no room for rational debate. You have to start every comment with at least one paragraph of profanities directed at Israel. You then must declare your unwavering alligiance to Hamas, Hezbollah, the status quo in Iran, and your general love for Islam and Arabs, regardless of their position on anything and everything. lastly, you must give a "ditto" to Niloufar Parsi's "boycott" fatwa, and then you can include a sentence or two about what you want to say SO LONG AS what you say does not offend their extreme ideology.

Other than that, get ready for being called names, being insulted, attacked and abused. And this is all happening under the watchful eyes of the site's moderators. Pathetic!!!!

Maryam Hojjat

Iranians' problem!

by Maryam Hojjat on

we iranians are kaseh Daghtar as Ash for this stutation.  Iranians & iran have their own problem which is IRI. We must come together as Persians to  save our heritage ,land & help our people who have been suffering in the past 30 years.  This can been done by letting world knows what in reality has been happening to Iranians.   We must help world to see how Iranians are hostages in their own country. We must let world know who are Akhonds & their mentalities.

Iran needs our help.  Let's spend time for solving our problem.

payandeh Iran & Iranians.      

Maryam Hojjat

Said well

by Maryam Hojjat on

on this topic .  I agree with you on all the points.  Mr. Fateh what you said it is what all real Iranians feel.  iranians have been suffered directly & indirectly by Arabs for 1400 years. 

I have a dream:  removing this backwarded Islam & its effects on our culuture by removing these akhonds for ever from land of Arians


Isreal's agents

by Anonymous2323 (not verified) on

well i was reading on which is an israeli news paper that Isreal is paying a massive army of bloggers to counter anti israeli comments on the internet .
What are the chances that we have few well paid Isreali students on this site too.
Guys dont waste your breath arguing with these dudes they are bunch of uni students on holidays working for 20 $ an hour from thier houses in telaviv ..
Yea some also speak persian there are around 100 000 jews of iranian origin in Isreal
Zendeh baad iran khaak bar sareh vatan froosh u know who u r


Dear Iranians

by Bunyip on

The point is Iranians are being:
- denied their freedom
- massacred for their belief (Bahais)
- denied basic rights because of their gender

The point is Iran:
- became IR Iran because of support from Palestinians
- was subject to an un-necessary war for 8 years, with Palestinians joining the ranks of our enemies;
- and Iranians are intensely disliked in Arab countries, so those who utter the bs that the above article is racist, will need to think twice: "If Israel were not there, Iran and Iranians would have been the Jews of the ME"

The point is, yes we are humans, and are concerned when others suffer, be they Palestinians/ Jews/ Zimbabweans/ Burmese or Koreans. So why are we so silent on the sufferings of others around the world, but noisy when Jews and Arabs fight each other? I neither dislike nor like Jews or Arabs or any other breed and creed.

Have we forgotten that it was the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire that created artificial states of Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Kuwait and others? So what is wrong with creation of another one, Israel?

Turks got their piece of cake, Arabs got a few pieces of this cake, and now Jews have theirs. But the only ones missed out were the poor Kurds.

Yes, the actions of the Israelis are deplorable and inhuman, as are these:
- Turks against Kurds
- Iraqis Sunnis against Shiites

Then why are we silent against all these others? Why are we silent against all other cruelties around the world?

Why are we silent against cruelties in our own homeland? Are we not Iranians first? Then why are we silent when snakes of Zahhak are killing are own kind?

I am an Iranian first and shall never forget how these same Palestinians helped with the establishment of IR in Iran, then the turncoats fought against us, and are unashamedly taking our money, the money that can be used in Iran, in places like Bam.


Do you know what does free, secular democratic republic mean?

by Mammad on

Faramarz says:

"If you are a true Iranian who yearns for a free secular and democratic republic Iran, rid of Islam and Arab influence, you would normally be on the side of Israel."

In other word, Islam as the religion of 98% of Iranians, is bad and must be disposed with.

Now, if an atheist or communist says that, I can understand it. But, this proclamation is in an article in support of a nation which was founded based on the idea that Jews - followers of a RELIGION - are the "chosen" people; that God promised them the land of Israel; that they must return to the land that, of all the entities, God promised them, and that because they, the Jews, are the "chosen" people, they have a right to commit any crime in the name of "defending' themselves!!

Sir, I do not believe that you know what a free, secular, democratic republic is. Even if you know, I do not believe that you would practice what you preach, if you ever are in a position of power. It is just a tool in your "arsenal" to attack other people.

If it is free and democratic, then it must respect the freedom of religion. If it does, then how do you propose to get rid of the influence of Islam and religion on people's lives?

And, yes let's get rid of Islam and its influence on Iran:

Let's love and cherish Persepolis - we must, of course - but let's destroy the beautiful Esfahan, and Ghazvin, and Ardabil, and Tabriz, and Zanjan, and Hamadan, and Mashhad, and Kerman, and Yazd, all of which contain all those majestic historical places built in the post-Islam era, and all contain verses from the Qor'an, indicating the influence of Islam on people's lives. In particular, Esfahan should be destroyed because it was built to its magnificent present during the Safavid who established Shi'ism as a force to reckone with in Iran.

Let's denounce Bou Ali Sina, Khwarazmi, Hafez, Khayyam, ..., and let the Arabs "own" them (they make such a claim, anyway!) who were pious Muslims and proud of it, but also brought us much honour.

Let's denounce Ferdowsi who was also a pious Muslim, but like any sensible man recognized that being a Muslim and loving the pre-Islam history of Iran are not mutually exclusive.

Why should we even go that far back? Let's rewrite the history of contemporary Iran, to eliminate the important role that the Shi'ite Rouhaniyat played in the anti-colonialism Tobbaco Movement, in the Constitutional Revolution of 1905-1908, and the resistance that they led against the Mohammad Ali Shah.

While we are at it, let's delete Ghaaem Maghaam and Amir Kabir from history, pious Muslims but also the first reformers in Iran's recent past.

This list can, of course, go on forever!


I love Kourosh and Dariush and other great Iranian Emperors before Islam, but also Nader Shah, Shah Abbas, and others. I do not love them for the specifics of what they have done - all of them did a lot of bad things also - but because they are part of the history of the land that I love and cherish. 

I love Nowrouz - one cannot find a better day to start a new year - but also the Ashoura festival.

I love celebration of Nowrouz for almost two weeks, but also Ramazan, the month of trying to be good to others, reflect on what we do, celebrate its end, and be thankful for being able to fast one more year.

I can go on with this dual love affair forever, because I love Iran, its history, its culture, and its people.


Mola Nasredeen

It's not for sure, do you know why? because we are

by Mola Nasredeen on

Iranians first not Zionist Jews first! Your murderer idol, Israel just killed 1300 men, women, childern, injured 5500 people, destroyed 4400 homes, damaged 20,000 houses, 20 mosques, 10 defenders of zionism better shut up for a while. Are you thirsty for more blood? What a bunch of It's unbelievable.


Farzad the Zionist, you are a bigot against iranians & moslems!

by gol-dust on

You are full of it! Just because your parents were ignorants, you assume everyone who is not educated is ignorant in iran! You really have a problem! How insulting to the iranians! Hell with you skinny ass! not worthy of writing anymore! you worthless anti human piece of crap!


I asked for you to point out to the "blatent lie"

by Q on

and as predicted you can't.

Are you trying to undermine by making up crap you have no clue about (like my childhood experiences in Tehran Mosques?) Do you have the decency to admit you have no clue what is said or isn't said about Jews there?

I have no doubt prejudice happens, as I explained to you with all kinds of ethnic groups in Iran. There is some superstition about Jews and other religions, I have heard about as an adult, usually from people who are not religious. And there is the much more sinister European-imported kind of prejudice that says Jews own everything and control money and bazaar. This kind of prejudice was very much the part of upper class life during the Pahlavi regime. Most ordinary people were thankfully immune this cultural import.

But the fact of the matter is that for most Iranians, the vast majority of Iranians, Jews and Bahais are not part of the everyday conversation. Most Jews and Bahais interact with Muslims without their religion being any issue at all. That is the reality. Do you have decency to admit this simple reality?

You have been there. I have been there. I have the decency to respect your opinon and your experiences, not call you a blatent liar because mine happens to not match yours. The question is, why do you have a hard time extending the same courtesy to others?

(See what I said about being the "center of the Universe")

good day.

Fae: Thank you for the Ron Paul video. I don't agree with everything he stands for but he's always fascinating. I will embed it here.

Bijan A M


by Bijan A M on

You can argue, debate, dispute,….any subject, any fact,…. But you cannot deny the fact about treatment of Jews by Muslims in Tehran. Your attempt to undermine that fact and therby discredit Mr. Fateh’s post is shameless. I have been there, I have lived it and it was not a class specific. I have seen it in my next door neighbor, in my classmate in high school, in our grocery store clerk, in cab drivers, in government office workers,…..

So, stop your sophistry and lies. It is not about race. And it is not about me. It is about religion. I say this independent of anything that’s happening in the middle east. It is just a true, honest, real, and personal observation.

So, please have some decency and argue the case without resorting to lies and distorting the true argument.


Nausea ?!

by Ajam (not verified) on

FMFT, I don't know where you grew up, but in Iran, Jews do not live in ghettos. Indeed, contrary to what you've been told, interaction between Jews and Gentiles is not a big deal. Even now when I need a good deal on an antique or semi-antique rug, there's an old family friend Ya'ghub (Jacob, a fine rug dealer) whom I call and with whom I go to bazaar to find a good deal. Sometimes I have kebob and vodka with him in his or my sisters' (adjacent to his) place. I also have Armenian friends with whom I go on hunt for wild boars in north of Iran! I don't see what the big deal is about that!

I also can't see what it is that you find so unbelievable... about socializing with Jewish neighbours! Is that so hard to fathom for you? Do you have no sense of humor? When I say appliance operators, I'm talking about myself, 6 years old and my sister, who was 8 at the time. Only a retard could have concluded from what I said that I meant that we were professional apliance operators!

Our friends whose grandparents were orthodox Jews, at a certain time on Friday evenings, they came and asked us to go to their place and turn on/off the lights, and subsequently, the next day to go and turn on/off their gas stove and... May be it was a way for them to keep our company! I don not have to lie about this, for it’s of no particular significance to me and does not qualify me for an award or a prize. Hence, whether you find it believeable or not, I couldn't care less.

P.S. Try to watch what you eat. It helps you keep it down so you won’t easily puke in your mouth!


Bijan, my old friend,

by Q on

Q, shame on you to come out and speak blatant lies to undermine the voice of justice.
what blatent lies? What voice of "justice"! Are you high?

Our huamanity cannot afford your offspring.

Everything is about race with you people isn't it?

Bijan A M

Where have you been Mr. Fateh?

by Bijan A M on

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for speaking out and telling the truth about the atmosphere of hate for Jews in Iran (or at least in Tehran). Of course I agree with everything you have posted but nothing gives me more sense of vindication than you speaking the truth about the mentality of general Muslim Population towards jews and Bahai’s. I hope your courageous act will open the door for others to speak the truth.

Q, shame on you to come out and speak blatant lies to undermine the voice of justice.

Niloofar, keep on selling your boycott idea, it is very effective!!! Israelis are shivering!! BTW, Israelis today found a 3 TCF gas reservoir (0.5 Billion Barrels) off their coastal waters. Your boycott will definitely negate that find……NOT


Please listen to Ron

by Fae (not verified) on

Please listen to Ron Paul.He has said it all. //


If Islam is the problem...

by Rasp (not verified) on

Mr. Fateh,

Since you are the "True Iranian" and you alone represent all Iranians, and everyone here seems to agree with your post and generally like you, I'll ask you this question:

If Islam is the advent of Iran's problems, then why do we see many secular democracies in the countries with a majority of non arab moslems? Many of which are near or border Iran.

Since Mr. Fateh won't answer, I urge all of you to try to answer. If you believe in Mr. Fateh's statement, this is a pretty important question to answer. Maybe it could lead to a future solution for Iran.

By the way Mr. Fateh, I thought Q's post was really good, and I'll copy and past on my comment just in case you miss it.

Faramarz jan, you really need a therapist
by Q on Mon Jan 19, 2009 04:06 PM PST

It sounds like you grew up in a household with lots of hate.

During my childhood and adolescense in Tehran, not once did anyone in my family or in my School, not even in Mosque say anything negative about Jews or Bahais, not ONCE!

I heard far worst things about Azeris and Kurds on daily basis, mostly from clean-shaven tie wearing upperclass "edari" men.

You have the classic, classic Iranian upperclass narcisism: you are the center of the universe, therefore what you personally experienced is what everyone else experienced. Nevermind that you were probably in a propaganda concocted cacoon and when the revolution came, you and your family had no idea what hit you in the ass.

The fact that 1 million Muslims in Turkey or 300 Muslim Kurds protested against Israel just shows more clearly that to most Muslims, hating Jews and Israel is a duty.

how do you explain the UN General Assembly condemnations of Israel which usually pass by about 150-5 margin?? What? The whole world is antisemetic?

rosie is roxy is roshan

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

I have schpiels (stock comments I wind up repeating when through my travels on this website I encounter situations which keep repeating myself. This is one of them so I will begin with a schpiel. abd then expand upon it. is not about anyything in particular except Iranian identity primarily among the vast expat community. Naturally this includes politcal and cultural issues specifically related to Iran but it also includes anything on any Iranian participant's mind which becomes a de facto Iranian issue simplu because they are Iranian.. It incudes phto essays about people's dogs, travelogues, submissions on sex, paintings by non-Iranians, non-Iranian politics and so forth. In other words, whatever.

The Palesting/Israel question is de fact a burning Iranian issue within the context of this forumbecause it is on so many people's minds here.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is free to cignore all  these submissions on Palestine. My suggestion to those of you who strongly oppose thi sissue appearing 'here is that you should write numerous blogs and articles on spefici Iranian cultural andoliltical issues abouy Iran, also to submit videos. People find them so fascinating and engaging. Party Girl and Kadivar in my opinion are the champions in this respect. Maybe you could get to be one too. You would find it very rewarding. You should encourage all your lke-minded friends to do the same. Who knows, you may tip the balance and even persuade the Palestinee submitters to do same.

For various reasons many Iranians feel Pa/Is is a specific Iranian political issue. Iwill leave them to debate that. 

My main contention is the one I just stated. .



One Nut Got Cut!

by Jaleho on

Ouch, ruthless Ajam!!


The conflict in Gaza is over and the rats are out again

by o\ /o (not verified) on

I was wondering when the sun would come out for the biggoted, racist people to show their teeth again on . When Israel was murdering the innocent people of Palestine, they all had shut up.

Now after the conflict is over, they are crawling out of their holes one by one and attacking Islam, Muslims and Iranians once again. Once again, you are considered IRI, lefty, killer, bad, bad, bad if you support the innocent Palestinians and you are good, good, good if support Israel.

Oh Faramarz_Fateh I pitty you and your stupid Shah and Israel and all your friends. Crawl back into your holes and stay there please.


Re ; Jam & Anonym commentor

by samsam1111 on

AC ; You are sharp enough to catch that ;)o

Jamshid ; You are absolutly right  on pal . Put yourself in Mullahs shoes for a sec. any talk of Iranian history pre-Qadesiyeh is a defacto proof of your illigitimacy & must be suppressed , any talk of Pan-Arab imperialism in post Qadesiyeh is in fact questioning mullah regime legitimacy & must be suppressed . So how do you suppress it? easy, you borrow cliches western ideals such as racism out of context and use it to prevent patriots from talking about their heritage or history . As you have noticed on this site , Ommaties consider my blogs regarding pre-Qadesiyeh Iran as racist & bigotry . Now ask em to point to it & as usual shy away with rethoric . but in essence what they mean by bigotry is the picture of true Iran that they are so afraid of .period. So in effect they are the bigots and racists trying to deprive a nation from her identity for the interests of a selected class & breed of aghas & Pan-Ommaties . So next time you talk about your heritage, remember it,s racism . if.....



Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I won't "give up", but Niloufar has proven her bigotry beyond any doubt. I can't say she has a hidden agenda anymore, because it's really out in plain sight for all to see.

But it is indeed one of the ugliest agendas I have ever seen.