by Faramarz_Fateh

Have you noticed our reaction when someone, normally an American, calls us an Arab?  Or during a discussion someone refers to all people of mid eastern origin as Arabs?  We generally rip them a new asshole and then proceed to educate them.

There is typically no love lost between Iranians and Arabs unless there is a third party is involved and that third party is Israel and the Jews.

Since the recent conflict in Gaza, I have seen and or read over 100 postings on regarding the atrocities of Israel.  If a new reader comes across he or she will be really confused as to whether this is or

If you are a supporter of IRI, then there is no question about the love.  Palestinian thugs, riding in Jeeps and carrying automatic rifles were a big factor in the early days and months of the Islamic revolution.  The Iranian regime owes them and owes them big.

If you are a true Iranian who yearns for a free secular and democratic Iran, rid of Islam and Arab influence, you would normally be on the side of Israel.  But the hatred of Jews which starts at age 5 or 6 via brain washing for most Iranian Muslim kids is so strong that it has blinded most Iranians.  I know about this first hand.  I was born and raised in a Muslim family.  The bull shit I was told about Jews and Bahais by my older aunts and uncles and family friends make one's head spin.  Don't tell me you did not hear these things because I don't believe you for a second.

Israel is defending herself and its right to exist.  To guarantee its long term security, Israel has been like a whore to the U.S.  But can you blame Israel?  I don't.  They live in a neighborhood with hundreds of millions of quasi savages who are hell bent on destroying them.  Any and all action for self defense in my opinion is justified.


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take your hateful views elsewhere

by Niki on

If you don't like the fact that Iranians of various backgrounds are standing up to the atrocities in Gaza, you are welcome to take your musings to some other website. will be better off for it, that will be for sure.

Niloufar Parsi

ladan jan

by Niloufar Parsi on



I'm a pro Iranian Arab

by Arab (not verified) on

I am a Gulf Arab and I think Iran is a great nation. I must admit that some of my positive feelings towards Iran come from the Iranian government AND people's support for the Palestinian cause. And no, I don't believe the Jordanian, Saudi and Egyptian theory that Iran champions Arab causes to be able to dominate the region. And even if that was true, I'd rather have someone with a conscience dominate the region than these morally bankrupt regimes.

I don't care what you call the Gulf.

I am proud of the fact that Iran has borrowed so much from the Arabs, and also of the fact that the Arabs have borrowed so much from Iran (you'll be surprised).

Iran is a natural ally of the Arab people. We don't need to compete with each other because we complement each other. Iran and the Arabs need to recognise each other's political, cultural and territorial independence and move on.

And racists Faramarz should probably be sent to the expansionst, colonialist, supremacist state they defend so passionately. I'd like to see how the Israelis would treat you. Ask some of the Jewish Iranians who have moved there, and how they have to go out of their way to be accepted because they aren't Ashkanazi (European) enough.

Shame on you. Shame on you for defending the massacres of innocent people. Babies, mothers, the elderly, disabled. Everyone. Israel is a cancer.


Tafteesh e aghaayed on

by Ladan (not verified) on

Do you want to know something funny in the middle of all of this upheaval we have seen over the past few months? As an immigrant population all of us are so familiar with thought policing in Iran. Iranians are routinely under pressure to conform to the ideological ways and rules of a religious state which attempts to "direct" everyone to think in a prescribed way, exercising vigorous censorship and persecution of those who dare to think differently. Many people have left Iran to protest those practices.

It seems these days on there is a constant "thought police" present, who attacks and whips every single person who wishes to express an opinion in support of Palestinians or against Israel's actions in Gaza. The similarities between this labeling and psychological pressure to what is done by Kayhan newspaper and the Iranian judiciary, where every little voice of dissent must be immediately and severely dealt with, are funny in a very dark way.

The irony is that while the website's credo is "Nothing is sacred," in reality these days it feels like Israel is very sacred and no one should condemn it; "violators" are routinely dealt with in the comments section and blogs on the site!

The good news is that just as Iranians have endured and flourished under such close scrutiny and vile treatment which has attempted to restrict their freedom of thought and expression, Iranians on will also find their way to not getting intimidated by bullies on the site, fighting their way through vigorous debate and reasoning. This is inevitable.

Faramarz Fateh: You are a softy clown who doesn't know how to the job of being a bully right. Leave it to professionals like Zion and her army. They have been doing a systematically fine job of it for a while now.

Kaykaavoos Mashangii

FaFa "Jaaaaaaannnnn"

by Kaykaavoos Mashangii on

FaFa bro>>>diz irna dokhti aint  such lame aktress .The sis sings goody good arabiscaaa sermon>>>>>irna bayad biraghsah .hey chief plutooos u r da man give us bros some mooosic off ur planet() A Humane Anarchist  exposing hypocracy of the humanity


Arabs=Savages first proclaimed by Saadi

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Eight centuries ago, the genious Parsi poet, Muslih-ud-Din Mushrif ibn Abdullah, aka  Saadi called Arabs savages.  He was right then, and his saying is right to this date.

As long as Islam and Arabic culture remains a part of Iran, I continue to stand by Saadi's words.

You Israel haters should thank God for the State of Israel.  If Israel was not there, Iran and Iranians would have been the Jews of the Middle East.

That is the very reason why the destruction of the State of Israel is Iranian leadership's biggest fear.

Wake up people.  How soon you forgot 1 million+ dead in 8 years of war between Iraqi Arabs and Iranians?!


A contradiction of a blog

by TheMrs on

There is an assumption in your blog that a “true Iranian” is whoever YOU define them to be. That’s a shame. Aren’t we all Iranian despite our political or religious affiliations? What the heck is a true Iranian anyway? Someone who is secular like me? So my Ammeh who prays 5 times a day is not Iranian? You say “arab influenced” Iranians aren’t “true”, how do you feel about our ethnic groups in Iran? Do you like them as long as they walk on the other side of the street from you? Democratic language doesn’t leave room for defining a hamvatan’s identity! I don’t want to be rude but who do YOU think you are?

You mention a “free secular and democratic Iran” which I agree with. But then you say we should be rid of segments of society which don’t appeal to YOUR apparent agnostic sensitivities. What kind of democracy is that?

We can’t have secular societies without freedom of religion. There’s no such thing as “any and all action for self defence”. Can I nuke you if I feel threatened? Your view of democracy is twisted man.

As far as the constact dialogue about Gaza, why can’t Iranians be involved in international politics? Could you provide a list of causes and countries we can discuss and have compassion for? Who else is a “savage” in your book?

 I don’t think being Iranian and caring about the world is mutually exclusive. And Palestinians are part of the world.


Be wary when reading suspicious posts

by Bedros (not verified) on

Keep this in mind when reading comments at this site or any other website:

- - - - - - -

Israel recruits 'army of bloggers' to combat anti-Zionist Web sites

19 January 2009

The [Israeli] Immigrant Absorption Ministry announced on Sunday it was setting up an "army of bloggers," to be made up of Israelis who speak a second language, to represent Israel in "anti-Zionist blogs" in English, French, Spanish and German.

....volunteers who send the Absorption Ministry their contact details by e-mail, at media @ will be registered according to language, and then passed on to the Foreign Ministry's media department, whose personnel will direct the volunteers to Web sites deemed "problematic."

Complete story Here



by Zion on

That was an interesting website. Thanks for sharing.


Mr Fateh

by IRANdokht on

You seem to be muddying the waters for people to fish in it and portray Iranians as they please!

No Iranians do not have an "obsession" with Israel. Iranians condemn the criminal actions and the barbaric wars that Israel engages in. For thousands of years we have lived with jews and have never had any problem with them! Now please don't go rewrite history people!

What is your agenda? Why does it feel like one sets the stage and the others run dancing on it to their own strangely suspicious tunes?

FF I suggest you read Mr Massombagi's comment below a couple of more times.

This is going too far.


Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

the whole world is reacting the same way. pls don't confuse issues. people are disgusted by the spectre of crimes against humanity shown live on their TV screens. you should join the boycott campaign!


What did I tell you?

by Plato Himself (not verified) on

Madam Ambassador showed up to annoint and bless your hateful post, Faramarz! I told you she would! Please note the adjuncts got here before she did too.

What are you smoking these days? Pass it on because you'd have to be completely out of it to write such a post.

Then again, you are being an ablah as usual.


Every site with a conscience is right now

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

It's not just Iranians.

Do you ask these questions in American or Canadian sites too? Or are you just against Iranians expressing humanity? The fact is Israel is acting like Nazi Germany and the world powers are covering for it.

everyone with integrity is outraged about this.

get over your racist self.


Dear Faramarz, I agree with

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Dear Faramarz, I agree with you, but even if one is a friend of Israel, one should admit that the Israeli army has gone amok in Gaza! They have pretty much been able to ruin their once proud military forces reputation! But, surely the Palastinian civilians are not caged animals!


Dear Faramarz

by Zion on

Despite all this I have to say, an average Iranian is no foe to the Jews or Israel. There is a certain group here with very loud voices who use the opportunity to project their image and their ideological bias against and in many cases pure hatred towards Israel (and when looked deeper, the Jews). For all its worth, I am convinced however that that is not a representative of the Iranian culture and mentality.


Not true

by Zion on

'Israel ... denies Palestinians the right to exist and have their own country.'

Israel has stated clearly that she stands for a two state solution. She has offered many incentives, including east Jerusalem to Palestinian authorities, has unilaterally withdrawn from Gaza to initiate the beginning stages of a viable palestinian state. Yet there are no reliable relevant Palestinian authority to negotiate with in good faith. It is the Palestinian side that has been beating the drum of annihilating Israel and "liberating Palestine" from the river(Jordan) to the sea (The Mediterranean).
So sorry, but that is simple untrue.


with the exception of the

by Anonymous comment (not verified) on

unfortunate use of the term "savage", this article is absolutely right on. more and more i'm of the conclusion that the supporters of israel are right on this one. soooooos much outrage for the palestineans. i don't remember seeing ANYTHING on the many other atrocities committed throughout the world, by REAL criminals.

why this sudden outrage against israel? she's fighting a war, this is not genocide. you people who compare it to real holocausts and genocides simply void your own arguments.

this has been the perfect opportunity for the IRI supporters to come in and vent their anti-semitism under the guise of concern for palestine. there isn't a one of you who really gives a crap.


Who is the &$%hole here?

by Asghar_Massombagi on

I don't normally get involved in this type of rubbish but I like to "rip you a new asshole" for polluting this site with further hate content.  I'm so tired of this toxic garbage that the likes of you propogate. How many Arabs do you actually know?  You think your racist rubbish is any better that the crap your aunts and uncles fed you about the Jews?  And who died and made you the spokesperson for all Iranians?  And where were those "Palestinian thugs" at the beginning of the revolution riding in armored cars?  Riding along the phantom Israeli soldiers who were shooting up the anti-Shah demonstrators I suppose.  The likes of you are the best arguement for dismantelling the internet.

DW Duke

Iranian Obsession with Israel

by DW Duke on

Could the Iranian obsession with Israel be partially attributable to the fact that millions of Iranians are actually carrying Hebrew DNA?  Just a thought for the next time you look in the mirror.  :) 





by Plato himself (not verified) on

Don't worry your pretty little head about this. It seems you have been away too long.

It's been for a while now with a full ambassador and several adjunct members on board. She'll be right along to pay you a personal visit, too.

Happy life inside your incubator.

MRX1 for sure! why do you even ask

by MRX1 on

Of course, you don't even need to ask!For example: Take a look at an issue of stoning in Iran for instance, the most posting it would get will be less than ten. What does that tell you about pschychee of Iranian people? This shows complete lack of care towards your own nation specialy towards it's women.   you did pin point the problem though,  it's a 7/24 brainwashing of hatered towards jews in the past thirty years as well as some degree of brainwashing even before 1979. You see if you repeat a lie and garbage  again and again like ten thousend times, even the non believer will start questioning their belief! 



Israeal's shame .... it doesnt seem to have any.

by javaneh29 on

Israel has shamed itself infront of a world audience. They have used their strengh to annihilate as many civilians as possible and are now hiding behind the past wrong doings of Gaza, who were after all only fighting to claim a place to call home.

The Israeli attack on Palestines people was a premeditated killing spree and I dont see how the world can ever forget what they have done.

It was never a fair fight.


Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Faramarz, Israel is not neighbors with savages, it TREATS them like savages and denies Palestinians the right to exist and have their own country. The Israeli war on Gaza is savage behavior on a people who have nothing. There will be no peace for Israelis or anyone else in the region until Palestinians are treated like human beings.


Boycott Israel: We need a complete list and a plan of action

by Observer (not verified) on

We need a complete plan of action to boycott this savage inhuman regime. There are some suggestions here that we can continue our boycott against Israel.