by Faramarz_Fateh

Have you noticed our reaction when someone, normally an American, calls us an Arab?  Or during a discussion someone refers to all people of mid eastern origin as Arabs?  We generally rip them a new asshole and then proceed to educate them.

There is typically no love lost between Iranians and Arabs unless there is a third party is involved and that third party is Israel and the Jews.

Since the recent conflict in Gaza, I have seen and or read over 100 postings on regarding the atrocities of Israel.  If a new reader comes across he or she will be really confused as to whether this is or

If you are a supporter of IRI, then there is no question about the love.  Palestinian thugs, riding in Jeeps and carrying automatic rifles were a big factor in the early days and months of the Islamic revolution.  The Iranian regime owes them and owes them big.

If you are a true Iranian who yearns for a free secular and democratic Iran, rid of Islam and Arab influence, you would normally be on the side of Israel.  But the hatred of Jews which starts at age 5 or 6 via brain washing for most Iranian Muslim kids is so strong that it has blinded most Iranians.  I know about this first hand.  I was born and raised in a Muslim family.  The bull shit I was told about Jews and Bahais by my older aunts and uncles and family friends make one's head spin.  Don't tell me you did not hear these things because I don't believe you for a second.

Israel is defending herself and its right to exist.  To guarantee its long term security, Israel has been like a whore to the U.S.  But can you blame Israel?  I don't.  They live in a neighborhood with hundreds of millions of quasi savages who are hell bent on destroying them.  Any and all action for self defense in my opinion is justified.


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To: Arab

by Anonymousxxx (not verified) on

You are of a rare species; had all arabs thought like you, we would have had no problem embracing arabs. Welcome aboard.


Mr Fateh

by IRANdokht on

After reading your post once again and since some of the comments mentioned it, I thought I should also speak up and let you know that the extreme prejudice and racism or whatever it was you were exposed to in childhood was not an "every day" event for some of us.

Growing up, my best friend was bahai. we had the same first name and our moms had the same first name too. Our families became close. I see her every time I go back to Iran and we spend time as friends despite all the changes that have occured in our lives. 

My Father's best friend who passed away a few years ago in NY, was jewish and we also spent the holidays with them and I never forget how he would recite his prayers and break bread before we all ate. One thing I never forget is how he promounced Insha-allah and Masha-allah a lot stronger than any muslim I knew!

I have heard that some people have experienced prejudice and bigotry in Iran, but I never experienced it and never heard it from my parents or aunts and uncles. I actually have called people of other faiths aunts and uncles too.

Please don't draw a complete biased and lopsided image of the Iranians. Also: Iranians have always been compassionate and fair to others. Don't make an act of compassion sound like an ugly side effect of prejudice, because it's not.

Thank you



Ajam, you and your likes make me puke

by Fara Marz Fa Teh (not verified) on

You actually ate at a Jewish home?! LOL
Wow, what favor you bestowed upon them Jews...Couldn't you come up with a better lie than "appliance operator"?!

Give me a break.....You are a joke.

Niloufar Parsi

Anonymous commentor

by Niloufar Parsi on

wow, what garbage! your agenda is a sad one.



by Anonymous commentor (not verified) on

"cat bite ur tongue under your own ID?"

is that a pun i see. :-0
even if not intentional, damet garm. LOL

wow Ajam! you ATE with a jew? my god. aren't you the progressive one!

kaveh. i hate to say "give up" and i hope you don't. but niloufar has a hidden agenda and she and her compatriots are fighting tooth and nail to cover it with this sympathy act for palestineans. she still does not express one iota of sympathy for innocent israelis.

people! do you not see this!!!!!!

Niloufar Parsi

new heights of intimidation?

by Niloufar Parsi on

you are too much of a joke to try and bully me. but, my, you are foul. you kiss your mother with that mouth?

and nice try, but you have on far too many occasions talked about hamas and hezbollah like they are animals that should be wiped out. actually, lower than animals i guess because you don't talk about animals that way! you are filled with hate and racism, and god help the world if fascists like you think you are the answer.


Samsam, Faramarz

by AnonymousJamshid (not verified) on

Well said dear friends.

One word of warning to both of you: Have you noticed how recently, any argument against the IRI, or the dislike of the imposed Araboislamist culture in Iran is immediately (and methodically) confronted with:
"You are a racist", or "you are a hatemonger", or "you are a bigot", etc...?

Have you noticed the "systematic" use of this counter argument?

Give vezaarate etelaa'aat credit. They are good!

Jew in SS prison camp, in chain and bleeding: I don't like Hitler! This German culture he imposes must get lost!
Nazi SS torturer still with shalaagh in hand: You jewish hatemonger! You are a bigot anti-German racist! You promote hate! You are rude too!

You bet. I passionately "hate" IRI and the foreign culture it imposes.

Jamshid not logged in


Bigotry running in the family?!

by Ajam (not verified) on

Mr. Fateh, having butlers and gardeners does not make one educated, it just makes them rich bigots! And what I mean by education is a way of seeing the world without prejudice, not merely holding a college degree as your uncles did -- which makes them bigots with a degree. You don't seem to understand what education is, if you did, you would get my clue on your parents lack of the bare minimum education. And I do not mean it as an insult, for they preferred to buy you an education to help you get you by. And there's nothing wrong with that. What one does not possess cannot pass to the next generation!

There are many Iranians who grew up with Jews without holding a prejudice against them. I for one grew up with Jewish neighbours, having dinner at theirs and having them over at mine. Occasionally, my sister and I even acted as appliance operators for their (orthodox) grand parents on Saturdays! But I learned to differentiate between a Jewish person and what Israel is doing in his/her name. I learned that from my parents who giggled and obliged when my friends asked permission to let us do the favours for their grannies. Such notion might be alien to you for you were, and apparently still are, surrounded by bigots. That is why I consider you uneducated!

And FYI, you are the liar here! If you don't care about Arabs, why do you have to lie about it? Since when do you care about Gazan victims as you shamelessly claim here?! Here is what you said in another blog just a couple of days ago: "As for Israel, I support their actions 110%. They are fighting for their very existence. As long as there are over a billion Muslims in the world and at least 50% of them hate Israel for no reason, I'll support them bombing any and all Arab countries."

Sir, if you are a bigot, at list have the courage to stand by your own hate-speech rather than lying about it!

P.S. If I were you, I'd hold on to that left nut, it comes handy!

Kaveh Nouraee

Turn and convolute?

by Kaveh Nouraee on

It's your own argument that is turning.

I've never denied that Israel has at times acted improperly, or at least appeared to act improperly, so for you to try and use that angle just won't work.

As far as what you believe to be my attitude regarding Palestinians, get this through your sick, twisted little mind. Hamas and Hezbollah are the problem, and neither one of them are Palestinian.

And you're absolutely right, there's already enough of a stench, emanating primarily from every orifice in your bigoted body.

So take a shower then take a hike.

Oops, I forgot. For you to practice even a modicum of personal hygiene, you'll probably have to violate your boycott.


hehe , sissy ommati is mad as hell

by samsam1111 on

what is it pluto , cat bite ur tongue under your own ID? ha? or is it because you are just a spineless ommati warrior who has to be even more annonymous than your regular annonymous id offers ::)). You see madam , your problem is that your own argument and Pan-Arabi/ommati mumbo jumbo is so bankrupt that you can,t express it or defend it under your own ID , unlike us patriots . So crawl back to another annonym id . or better yet , go educate yourself and come back in 10 yrs just to hear me tell you "take a number" hiiiiih:).

chi chi chi cheeeeers!!!


Faramarz jan, you really need a therapist

by Q on

It sounds like you grew up in a household with lots of hate.

During my childhood and adolescense in Tehran, not once did anyone in my family or in my School, not even in Mosque say anything negative about Jews or Bahais, not ONCE!

I heard far worst things about Azeris and Kurds on daily basis, mostly from clean-shaven tie wearing upperclass "edari" men.

You have the classic, classic Iranian upperclass narcisism: you are the center of the universe, therefore what you personally experienced is what everyone else experienced. Nevermind that you were probably in a propaganda concocted cacoon and when the revolution came, you and your family had no idea what hit you in the ass.

The fact that 1 million Muslims in Turkey or 300 Muslim Kurds protested against Israel just shows more clearly that to most Muslims, hating Jews and Israel is a duty.

how do you explain the UN General Assembly condemnations of Israel which usually pass by about 150-5 margin?? What? The whole world is antisemetic?

Here's someone justifying savagary right here. Note the similarity between what Livni says and what you/Zion repeat on the blogs:

Mort Gilani

If you play with fire, do not get surprised if you get burnt.

by Mort Gilani on


I agree with everything you wrote here.

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

you turn and convulte the argument yet again. if you valued israeli lives, you would stop being such a supporter of israeli bullying, and that would save lives on all sides. and lets not discuss your attitide toward palestinians lives. there is too much stench here aldreay.


oh Plato Plato Plato

by Anonymous fish soldier (not verified) on

do you even read what you write?

are you not one of those same "fish soldiers". LOL

you forgot to comment under your usual registered name, or zionist detector, or one of your many other anonymous names. don't forget. you already spilled the beans...LOL

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Well, the truth is out. You have confirmed that Israeli lives are of less value to you than a Palestinian life.

"They need to be slapped down a few pegs", and "a boycott is meant to bring peace."

I'm guessing that's your idea of "justice".


dear God in Heaven

by Anonymous commentor (not verified) on

even faced with the truth that the hypocrisy of said selective bloggers is apparent with their crocodile tears for innocent palestinean victims of war, and ZERO sympathy for israel's victims, the blogger continues with her disgusting agenda.

irregardless of WHO is the aggressor, an innocent victim is just that. an innocent jewish victim is obviously not as dear to your heart as a palestinean.


you continue to amaze me with your disgusting rhetoric.

you, madam, are no champion of peace.


Enter the Zionist entourage!

by Plato Himself (not verified) on

As previously promised, the adjunct entourage is coming in! As you can see in Exhibit Kaveh Nouraee and Exhibit Samsam1111 below, your idiotic and racist talk has a few Iranian defenders too. Too bad none of them have any credibility on this site after exposing their political views and unleashing their racist talks against other Iranians. Let’s see, you should wait for two more to arrive soon and then you’ll be done with all the registered users who support your racist viewpoints. Next will come an army of fish soldiers to defend the cause.

By the way, I thought you said you or your wife and children are Bahais! What happened here? Oh I see, you talk nice around your friends and family and use for your back alley spitting stints?


Dear Ajam,

by Faramarz_Fateh on

I don't doubt for a second that your parents had bare minimum education.  That trait seems to have carried on to the next generation.  If you show me one uneducated Iranian who denounced bigotry against Jews and Bahais in Iran, I give you my left nut.

What you are saying is an out right lie.  My uncles were highly educated and hated Jews.  Our gardner didn't study beyond the 3rd grade and he hated Jews. My experiences are not limited to my family.  I socialize with Iranians from all walks of life in LA and Orange county.  I have yet to find a dozen Iranian Muslims that have good to say about Jews.  Specially after they have a couple beers or cocktails.

Not sure why you think I am angry.  Israel crushed Hezbollah about 2 years ago and is now successfully eliminating Hamas.  On the contrary, I am happy.

Wanting an Iran rid of Islam and Arab culture makes me an ultra nationalist?! Based on what?  Just because you say so?

Iran's history to goes likes of Cyrus and Darius.  The fact that 1 million Muslims in Turkey or 300 Muslim Kurds protested against Israel just shows more clearly that to most Muslims, hating Jews and Israel is a duty.

You, and 80% of the responders to my post belong to this category.

Am I sad that innocent children have been and are being killed in Gaza?  Damn right I am.  Do I sympathize with Palestinians for their "cause", absolutely not.


Arabs have reasons to hate Israel.

by reality (not verified) on

I am an Indian Muslim, I don't think Arabs are wrong in hating Zionists, remember what happened after Sep 11 ? Americans destroyed 2 countries and killed thousands of innocents in the name of self defense ?

Arabs don't hate Jews, they hate Zionists, who created 4 million refugees, killed thousands of people in last 60 years. I don't think that you are going to entertain some body who occupies your house.

Savages are the people who support Zionazis, savages are the people who in the name of Israel's security contineously try to control middle east and destroy countries who are strong.

Israelis are thugs who occupied that land and every body who support this illegal occupation is himself corrupt.

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

as already mentioned, israel's security would be better served through a peace movement. it is the warmongers who want constant conflict and are the cause of israeli civilian suffering. no matter how well you dance with words, israeli warmongering outdoes the palestinian one by a ratio of 100 to 1 exactly. it is no time to cry for israel. they need to be slapped down a few pegs before they are ready to talk. the only practical and just solution must come from a clear global message to israel. a boycott is meant to bring peace.


Another hate post

by reality (not verified) on

Do you know the history of Palestinian conflict ?

It was not Arabs who attacked America or any other country , It was west who implanted Israel on Arab land even after the resistance of local population, What would Americans do if some body does the same thing on their land ? I don't thing that they are going to accept it.

Kaveh Nouraee

Exactly The Response

by Kaveh Nouraee on

to expect from one of the crowd.

"they should forgive us for ignoring the impact of palestinian resistance on israeli population."

Ignoring the impact (as well as the scope) of the Palestinian resistance on the Israeli population disqualifies you from even beginning to think you can talk about the concept of "justice".


Faramarz jan , thank you

by better half of The Mrs (not verified) on

see how every one of this lefty intellectuals are jumping to attack you, for just voicing your opinion. all the bad mouthing to jews , no problem, but just one word of "savages" and see how their lefty temper flares. I love you, thanks for saying what many want to say but are afraid of on line lynching.


Many faces of

by zeerak (not verified) on

among the suitable alternative titles for are:

and ...


Faramarz ! look & learn

by samsam1111 on

This is Ommatized , Pan-Arabist fascism in action . The Iran(V-ran) is a mere serfdom of mavalis for Pan-Arab/Seyed cause for 14 centuries . The virus of Ommatism vs True Iran ,read my blog ;


Among the many fruites of Ommatism is a class of Ommatized female gender who suffers from stockholm syndrom which makes them the most fierce defenders of Status quo Pan-Arab supremecy . This gender has for ages gone thru khorafat & myth of ommatism 1st hand from their mothers , dakhils, imamzadeh , sofreh moshkel gosha and has become the most devoted serfs to it,s shaikh mastery . I call em the "Kaseh daghtar az shaikh" . They(secular & non-secular) are the unconscious tools of  passing the Ommati torch to the children they bear & nurture . They don,t even realize that worshiping that imamzadeh or that kharabati poet is in itself anti Islam & God almighty . They have mistaken Pan-Arabism for Islam & equate Bedoine icons to true God . simply misinformed and misguided about what constitute True Iran & the concept behind her inseption 3 milenium ago .

A language & culture deformed & devoid of true essence and character of True Iran, A psyche bound by old myth and Ommati generated hoax , A collective identity that is pre-packeged to wrap the fake content by the misleading tag "Iranian" , A status quo intelectual crowd so pre-occupied with foreign or Shaikhist solutions that have lost touch with their own native heritage and what it offers for remedies , in short, the dual-identity syndrom that is bound to face us head on some day no matter how foolishly we try to avoid it . longer we wait , harder will be the impact .


Cheers patriot & keep well !!!




by Ajam (not verified) on

Mr. Fateh, contrary to your belief, not every Iranian had bigots as parents. It may be unfathomable to you, but some of us happened to be brought up by parents who, with a bare minimum education, denounced bigotry and racism and taught us to do the same. Your problem seems to be one of personal upbringing, not uncommon to Iranian society as in any other. There are better ways to deal with your rage in a constructive manner (therapy, anger control programs, support groups...).

However, your condition does not give you the right to speak on behalf of all Iranians, for ultra-nationalism is a fringe current among Iranians as well as in every normal society. And to your dismay, I should tell you that people are sympathizing with Palestinians all over the world, especially in Muslim countries. Below are some examples:

One million Turks protest against Israel:
300,000 Kurds support condemn Israel:

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

Calling an entire group of people "savages" is nothing short of being a Nazi.  And as to your notion that but for Israel, Iran would have been the next Palestine, may I remind you that Israel was created 60 years ago, and we have been in the Middle East, along with the Arabs, for the past 3000 years. 

As I said in a previous blog, the support that you see on this site for the people of Gaza is indicative of our humanity and care for other human beings, and in my opinion, it is the right thing to do. 

Niloufar Parsi

what the selective-pointers should realise

by Niloufar Parsi on

is that the security and lives of those israeli civilians would be better protected through a less brutal approach by israel. they should forgive us for ignoring the impact of palestinian resistance on israeli population. one tends to see them as part of the problem. they are directly creating an atmosphere of conflict by constantly and increasingly bullying the palestinians out of their land and resources, and now, their very survival. you are asking us to side with the wolf in the attack on a lamb in the same manner that we side with the lamb? what about the good old idea of justice for a refreshing change?

Kaveh Nouraee

Selective "Humanity"

by Kaveh Nouraee on

It appears that there's a core group of people who could be considered or referred to as "regulars" on this site. These people have made it abundantly clear that they wholeheartedly condemn Israel for the deaths Palestinian civilians, not just in this latest period of escalated hostilities, but for the past 60 plus years.

Now, while it would be unfair to discount or disbelieve their sincerity in feeling sympathy and sadness over the plight of these people, it bears noting that not one of them have uttered a single syllable over the deaths of any Israeli civilians.

When Moslems in the Balkans were being slaughtered, there wasn't even a fraction of the outrage as there is now.

When Iraqi insurgents kill other Iraqis, none of these people said a word. 

When these sociopathic freaks of nature beheaded people and videotaped it for all the world to see.....nothing. The only sounds were the screams of the victim as the knife was drawn across their throat, the screams turning into gurgling as they choked on their own blood and the chants of "Allah O Akbar!!!"

And last but not least, if an Iranian is the victim of the IRI, it gets soooo quiet, if there was a mouse on the moon and he farted, you'd be able to hear it.

Bigotry, however thinly veiled it may be, is still bigotry.

But humanity towards some, and not all, isn't humanity at all.


A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

by Sara D. (not verified) on

Please take a look at the pictures on this site, and then maybe you can tell me who the real "savages" are:


Israel subjects Palestinians to the most inhumane and savage treatment, subjects them to unimaginable cruelty, kills their children with impunity, and still portrays itself as the victim stuck in the middle of "quasi savages"! Sometimes, there are just no words to describe the inhumanity, which is why it makes pictures so much more powerful.