by Faramarz_Fateh

Have you noticed our reaction when someone, normally an American, calls us an Arab?  Or during a discussion someone refers to all people of mid eastern origin as Arabs?  We generally rip them a new asshole and then proceed to educate them.

There is typically no love lost between Iranians and Arabs unless there is a third party is involved and that third party is Israel and the Jews.

Since the recent conflict in Gaza, I have seen and or read over 100 postings on regarding the atrocities of Israel.  If a new reader comes across he or she will be really confused as to whether this is or

If you are a supporter of IRI, then there is no question about the love.  Palestinian thugs, riding in Jeeps and carrying automatic rifles were a big factor in the early days and months of the Islamic revolution.  The Iranian regime owes them and owes them big.

If you are a true Iranian who yearns for a free secular and democratic Iran, rid of Islam and Arab influence, you would normally be on the side of Israel.  But the hatred of Jews which starts at age 5 or 6 via brain washing for most Iranian Muslim kids is so strong that it has blinded most Iranians.  I know about this first hand.  I was born and raised in a Muslim family.  The bull shit I was told about Jews and Bahais by my older aunts and uncles and family friends make one's head spin.  Don't tell me you did not hear these things because I don't believe you for a second.

Israel is defending herself and its right to exist.  To guarantee its long term security, Israel has been like a whore to the U.S.  But can you blame Israel?  I don't.  They live in a neighborhood with hundreds of millions of quasi savages who are hell bent on destroying them.  Any and all action for self defense in my opinion is justified.


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I speak against attrocities:Suffering of one is suffering of all

by soroush (not verified) on

What matter are basic human rights. The exploitation of those rights anywhere needs to be condemned.

How could we as Iranians expect others to help us create a better future for our nation if we don't (as the writer of this article suggests) give our attention to other world affairs that ultimately affect us.

We live in an inter-connected world and that means it's a small world and if someone is not enjoying their lives, that suffering is going to be felt by us to one way or another.


Nazi equation

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

Rosie, you did not say what those extreme circumtances when it should be done with extreme caution are ... However for me, it is more the case of isomorphism, the way they work, that makes the equation, rather than the particularities. I stick by the Nazi term and feel it is useful because it calls something by its name in the face of a rampant righteous delusion backed up by money and powerful propaganda. That does not serve the Jews and citizens of Israel either, it makes them objects of hate, as it has done. Many are waking up to what Israel stands for and are ashamed of it when they see not everyone agrees with their racist propaganda.

Thank you.



by Mammad on

I do not believe that that was FK's main point. But, may be you know better. But, even if that was the case, FK made it sound as if the PLO played the leading role in the formation of Sepaah. Not true. If it had any role, it was minor.

And, as Anonym7 said (or what I think he said), many members of MEK, which is now an ally of the U.S., also were trained in PLO camps. I should know, because Mehdi Abrishamchi - the guy who divorced Maryam Azdanlou, so that Massoud Rajavi can marry her - and his family were our close neighbours in Tehran, and his younger brother Hossein was my younger brother's closest friend (they were both murdered by the IRI).

We need to read history exactly as it happened, not the way we would like it to have happened. The only way forward is by learning from the past.

That is why in the shouting match between supporters and opposers of Israel over Gaza, I said at the very outset that Hamas is partly responsible for the carnage, and that Israel has a right to self-defence. We need to be fair, if we want others to be fair to us. But, having said that, I also said that Israel should learn from the past. There is no military solution. If Jews care about a "Jewish State of Israel," the only way to make sure that it will survive is to give the Palestinians their independent, viable, and contiguous state.




by Mammad on

Although I told you yesterday that I would not respond to you, but just so that others know that you either made a huge mistake (I give you the benefit of the doubt) or, as usual, you are rewriting history and fabricating it, I explain this. 

Bassam Abu Sharif had nothing to do with the establishment of Sepaah. You are fabricating history again, or confusing things. If you meant Bassam Abu Sharif in your previous post, who was an Arafat advisor, why did you not say so? Read your post again. You were not even sure what his name was!

When I was writing the previous post, it did occur to me that, to muddy the waters, you would come back with this. I intentionally did not say anything, just as a check. I was right! After reading your mumbo jumbo for close to a year, I know that the more badly you are caught in your mistakes, fabrications, or confusion, the angrier you get. Now, about Sepaah's history.

Sepaah was formed at the suggestion, of all the people, of Ebrahim Yazdi, the present leader of Freedom Movement. There were 30 original commanders. Almost all of them were from the Organization of Islamic Revolution Mojahedin (OIRM), which is not the same as the MEK. The OIRM was formed, right after the Revolution, as a coalition of seven pre-Revolution Islamic groups that were fighting with the Shah. Some of them were former members of the MEK before the revolution.

The OIRM were opposed to MEK, because they thought that what the MEK leadership had done during the Shah in terms of ideology, had caused the communist coup within the MEK in 1975 that caused the murder of Majid Sharif (of Sharif University fame, because he was a student there), and formation of a communist MEK which after the Revolution became Peykaar. This is also why for the first two years after the Revolution, the MEK and OIRM were bitter enemies, and also why when the MEK decided to take up arms against the IRI, Sepaah could easily crush it, because those commanders knew very well how the MEK operated.

The OIRM believed in the leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini as the only person who could topple the Shah. You give the link to a site. Just because a site somewhere says something, does not mean it is telling you the truth. You can, of course, say the same about what I say, but the fact is the history of Sepaah is just too well-documented to be altered so easily by you.

In 1984, there was a split in the OIRM. The right-wing of it, including people like Mohammad Bagher Zolghadr, Mohsen Rezaei, Ahmad Tavakoli, Yahya Rahim Safavi, and others joined the Sepaah permanently. The left wing of it - including Behzad Nabavi (the leading figure of the OIRM who was in the 6th Majles and negotiated the Algiers Agreement with the U.S.), Mohsen Armin (deputy Sepeaker of Majles in the 6th session), Mohammad Salamati (the present leader of OIRM), Mostafa Tajzadeh (deputy Interior Minister in Khatami's Government and a leading and outspoken reformist), Morteza Alviri (who was Tehran's Mayor before Ahmadinejad), Hashem Aghajari (who was given a death sentenced by the IRI which was later overturned), Saeed Hajjarian (the leading reformist strategist), etc. - was first silent after the split, but later (4 years later) revived the OIRM, which is now a leading reformist political party.

Now, does the above brief history mean that, for example, Sepaah and PLO did not have any relations? Of course, not. In addition to Abbas Sharif Zadeh, people like Zolghadr, Alviri, Rezaei, ... had been trained by the PLO in their camps in Lebanon. So, a relation between the two was natural. But that quickly ended, because Arafat supported Iraq in its war with Iran.

Not only do I know all of this based on historical documents and because people like me who attended Tehran University in the 1970s and were politically active know such issues, but also because Saeed Hajjarian, a leading strategist for the reformists who is now partially paralyzed as a result of an assassination attempt on him in 2000, was my classmate, contemporary at Tehran University, and friend. In addition, I had several other friends who were very active in the revolutionary years, who are still in Iran and had important posts in various governments. I do not name them here, because I do not want by any chance cause any problem for them. I am already in trouble myself with the IRI. I mentioned Hajjarian because he is partially paralyzed, and they will not do anything to him.

So, no matter how hard or loud you shout, you cannot change the basic facts. You cannot fool people like me.

My political views have nothing to do with my job as a professor. I believe that in this case shame is squarely on you. Should I ask you what you do for a living, so that when you fabricate things, or make a huge mistake, I can mock you? I am above such low-life styles.

For your information, I graduated from the top-ranked department in the U.S. in my field, and as a scientist I put my track record up against anyone's. But, we should not mix up political views with our daily jobs, whatever they are. Do not accept anything from me. Just do a google search with my name to see what you get.

And, as I told you in another post, when people are invited to speak in a symposium, the first thing they do is checking who invites them with what credibility. Clearly, despite your deafening shouting and hitting your head against the wall, I must be doing something right. Oh, I know, I only invite leftists like myself!!

I was a leftist, I am a l;eftist, and will die as a leftist. I am absolutely positively proud of it. Eat your heart out! 




by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Kashani, let's assume that you are correct, and IRI brought in some "Palestinian thugs" to Tehran to protect it, how come you or any other "courageous" supporter of Shah did not manage to get rid of them!?



by samsam1111 on

Isn,t it odd that the mentor to this polite Pan-Arab/reformist Ommati gentlman is another Pan-Arab Ommati  jehadist theorician , the one and only Ali Shariaati who lived half his life among jehadist wanneh be,s of Arab Lebenon . From Chamran to Ghafari , from zavelghadr to najafabadi, mousavi khoiniha, and early side kicks of regime MKO, Fadaii,so on & on and every other Ommati , the main culprits of Arab regime in Tehran seek their lineage to some hell hole Arab cave either in Lebenon , Pals refugee camps or I-raq . these tokhmeh Qadesiyeh 5th collumn are nothing but cultural agents of Arab subjugation in Occupied Iran . they are all buncha half breeds to real patriots .

Cheers patriot!!!


Farhad Kashani

Mammad,   Shame on

by Farhad Kashani on



Shame on you, shame on you, shame on you! Shame on you for fabricating the truth. How low can you possibly go Mammad? How much are you in love with this regime? I mean I know the regime provides you the anti American fuel you need to survive by its 24/7 bashing U.S propaganda, but really how much? It’s astonishing to me!


Ladies and gentleman, this guy teaches at a CA school and holds “meetings” with people to explain them things about Iran, when he either lacks the basic knowledge on how the IRI regime operates and/or makes outrageous efforts to twist reality!! For Havens’ sake, how pathetic is that?? That we have this guy, and people like him, to make analysis for the rest of us! That’s how you can tell how the intellectual (or I think the better word is non-intellectual) movement has got it wrong about IRI and Islamic Fundamentalism.


Mammad, I really am not surprised that people like you can go so low. The Abu Shareef I’m talking about is Bassam Abu Shareef. I’m not gonna tell his story, but, I will attach the audience this link, to see for their own eyes what devilish tactics you IRI supporters resort to in order to re-write history. Folks, please read the “PLO influence” section, and then refer to what this Mammad character, who is supposedly a “college professor!!!” (of course one of those leftist anti U.S college professors elite) said in his posting:




Shame on you man! Have some dignity, just some.



I can relate to them and I

by persia (not verified) on

I can relate to them and I can understand why they do what they are doing in self defense. I liked the following pro-Isreali site in particular. It answers to all of your questions.

Please see below:


I also found the following athiest site very interesting:


thanks Mammad

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Mammad, thanks for the very concrete clarification. I was going to ask one of my Tehrani friends about this story, as during that time I was in Esfahan.
As you know, ironically some of these "Palestinian thugs" that our "historian" is talking about turned against IRI soon after the victory ... because they were in the far left.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Personally, I'm grateful for Palestinians

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I think that without them, Israel would have to move on to bullying Iran more and more, and send their trigger happy troops over to our digs in Iran. That would suck. So thank you Palestinians. Please continue this conflict Israel. Much appreciated,

An Iranian who would not like to see you attack Iran, especially since we've had Mullahs all these years. Where ya been? Why all of a sudden? Oh screw it, you're always right Israel ! Yes you are. Woohoo. Super human wonderful Israel. 


OK Mammad

by Zion on

Yet you yourself just acknowledged the main point he was trying to make about the palestinians' crucial role in bringing about the armed forces that instigated and later took over the revolution:

'went to Palestinian camps in Lebanon before the Iranian Revolution to learn armed struggle against the Shah.'

Clearly, that was the essence of the point he was making.


Abu Shrif, a Palestinian?

by Mammad on

Once again FK, you either make things up as you go, or do not know what you are talking about.

Abu Sharif was his "moste'aar" name. His true name was Abbas Sharif Zadeh. He was the first commander of the Paasdaaraan, and an ally of Abolhassan Bani Sadr. He was an enginnering student, went to Palestinian camps in Lebanon before the Iranian Revolution to learn armed struggle against the Shah. During the Revolution he went back to Iran.

Later he became Iran's Ambassador to Pakistan. After Bani Sadr was removed, he kissed politics good bye. No one has heard from him ever again.

Anyone who says that Palestinians were patrolling in Tehran is either lying, or has heard it from some monarchist. The revolutionaries also said that Israeli agents were largely responsible for killing of the people on black Friday in September 1978 at Jaleh Square in Tehran. Both claims are sheer lies. Anyone who believes such fantasies is out of his mind.


rosie is roxy is roshan

Oh Mehrmaz the reason why we shouldn't make Nazi

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

equations, or anyway the most IMPORTANT reason from many non-Jews's perspective I guess, is that  it will further the bloodshed because it will push the moderates into the hands of the Far Right. And give the Far Right the excuses they need to bolster their rhetoric. It is a strategic reason.

It is not the ONLY reason so please others on the blog just read my last post on my last blog, click on my name and go to blogs, and don't jump down my throat. I am just trying to explain it to Mehrmaz in most basic terms possible.

 It is basically the same reason I use to try to get people to stop Islam-bashing (as opposed to Muslim-bashing which of course I try to stop too), it pushes people into the loving open arms of Khamenei & co.

Nazi terminology can be used in certain situations for certain groups of people and in certain ways but only with extreme consciousness and caution. Well anyway it's all in that long post of mine on my Zion blog but I am writing a separate blog on it too.

Thanks for your concern.



Nazi analogy or Nazi equation

by mehrnaz (not verified) on

In relation to whether it is Nazi analogy or Nazi equation, Rosie, in this case, it is the same. Nazism belongs to a particular historical location, so there is no equation as such. However, the practices, the policies and the purpose behind the Israeli treatment of Palestinians, is based on racist ideology and annihilation and that fits the bill, the rest is playing with words. It may be tired but true.



by anonymous commentator (not verified) on

oh my. that was good. i'm shivering in my boots.

sexually affliated? what does that mean? obviously some kind of insult, i'm sure.

no dear. I don't make blanket statements. you self appointed experts on everyone and everything are the ones who make blanket statements. i make comments and form opinions. your not LIKING my opinion means less than nothing to me.

i say the same thing as before. registered versus anonymous fish. NO DIFFERENCE. your name could be roxanna or it could be another registered name for a registered user. why do you care?

you don't like the truth, not my fault. you want to pretend that iranians are perfect, go right ahead. you want to feel free to criticize everyone else but be affronted when someone points the truth out about you? go right ahead.

you and your buddies (or alter egos)don't bother me. never did and never will.

why do insignificant people make comments about someone's intelligence when they've got nothing to say. are you going to apologize if i show you my educational achievements? never mind, you just don't get it.

show me where i've said anything untrue about you, your buddies, or iran. come on... put your money where your mouth is.

i'll be waiting... "roxanna"


I read it Rosie ...

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

Dear Rosie, I just read what you had written and thank you for being such a fair-minded and decent person and your concern that dialogue should not be tainted with labeling, hatred and racism. But, why should we not treat with contempt those who, in the midst of this suffering, use squalid racist language against Arabs, in this case, those same victims of these atrocities? I don't believe many of these communications are misunderstanding or failure of effective communication. They are meant to rally support by appealing to the ugliest of emotions and unfortunately anti-Arab sentiment is one of those areas that is usually targeted without much resistance, in fact it is absorbed very readily by many, why? Because not only does it satisfy our own sense of inferiority through scapegoating and identification with the aggressor, it also escapes scrutiny because it falls within the dominant discourse in the West which humiliates, dehumanises and kills us, Arabs and Iranians alike.

I am glad you have read the Iron Wall. Prof Shlaim has written a piece in the Guardian, //
referring to Israel as "a rogue state [which] habitually violates international law, possesses weapons of mass destruction and practises terrorism". Many commentators too are referring to Nazi-style practices.

I agree with you in spirit but if all this bloodshed and suffering does not touch someone, would dialogue? In fact, they have read enough in these pages, if the issue was simple ignorance, and that assuming was the only place they became aware that there is a slaughter going on and people are suffering immensely, right at this moment ...

Anyway, thanks for reading and for your compassion.


some mighty fancy footwork...:-)

by Anonymous commentor (not verified) on

it's interesting when i hear some iranians talking about experiences in iran as though their's are the only viable or certifiable ones. if i'm not mistaken, there are over 400,000 iranians living in the US. each has his or her own set of memories and experiences. some were directly involved in demonstrations against the regime and were imprisoned for their beliefs, thus leaving iran under pressure and under threats. others left iran more willingly because life was better elsewhere and they wanted the good life instead of staying in their motherland.

FF is being criticized for voicing HIS experiences because they don't match "A"'s. In effect, calling him a liar. That kind of arrogance is simply beyond me.

the same people are criticizing him for OVER generalizing. based on what? his or her experiences? YOUR family didn't practice hatred for jews so according to you, HE's overgeneralizing. isn't that just double standards.

who's to say who is generalizing... you or FF?

i can assure you than all non-iranians i'm aware of have done FAR FAR more than just read a few blogs on to form any opinions, including conversations with said family members, extended family members, books by iranian women and of course the media. those books, movies, songs, etc. by which some feel they can accurately determine the true experience of the US are also the same medium by which these non-iranians form their opinions.

dangerous are those who deny the truth.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Mehmaz, thank you for answering me but...

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

what I asked you to do was read my analysis of why these comments should not be used. If you did that then please let's go over my points raised. And I will go over yours too. If you didn't read mine then please do.

Also you didn't make an ANALOGY with the Nazis, you made an EQUATION, actually two equations: your Nazi masters and Nazi Israel. An analogy (your master are like Nazis, the Nazi-like state of Israel) would be different. I won't even go into the masters part. Yes we all know what you mean but the language is so...tired.

Anyway if you noticed I only asked the moderators to look at the first sentence in your post. Not the Nazi part.

Sorry, I'm not getting on your case. I know you are coming from a viewpoint of compassion but compassion that sounds hateful is not helpful. It's just not helpful.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Dear MODERATORS: Do you see any point in exing out

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

at least the first sentence of this comment below in this post in bold? Until this Gaza situation exploded these kinds of comments had virtually zero tolerance on this website. Do you see any point in changing that policy or are these just oversights? And it's from a fish which is fine with me, but it means it was pre-screened therefore seen by someone on the team. Why did it go through?

Is there a new policy that people are allowed to club each other over the head verbally? Or rather not new but a reversion to the Wild Wild West. Nezanin on her current blog found one saying the poster would like to "kill all Israeli bitches." That's a lot worse than the one above. I don't know where it came from. If it was from a reg user okay maybe no moderator saw it but I bet it's from a fish, so pre-screened.



Fateh, How pathetic, spineless and brainless can you get?


The Nazi analogy is apt, Rosie

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

Dear Rosie, the Nazi analogy is apt. Israel is a settler colonial state founded on racial identity. Israel, by policy and design, has exterminated, expelled and excluded Palestinians, stolen their land and property and treated them like animals. It has symtematically terrorised and dehumanised the Palestinians. The current massacre, as before, is as part of the same policy of terror for expansion. To sympathise with the plight of Jews and their historical persecution is not tantamount to supporting and diluting the meaning of their own Nazi practices in relation to Palestinians. And also this does not mean that all Israelis are Nazis! I believe the majority of Israelis are frightened and kept frightened, as is also the case with all colonial settlers.

I am sorry you don't like the analogy of Nazi but it is true. I don't feel there is any need for being apologetic for calling something by its name, perhaps this way some human beings would come to their senses and stop causing so much suffering. And no thanks I will not dance a Nazi Waltz, I rather dance on Nazi graves.


rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on


Anonymous Observer

Yes Zion, It Is

by Anonymous Observer on

and they keep deleting my response, while they allow her to post her nonsense!!!!



by samsam1111 on

Don,t let the cultural agents & seeds of Qadesiyeh and Pan-Arab foot soldiers of Ommati shaikhs derail your message . Islam as a private religion is not the problem , we must burn the roots of Ommatism . 

 I do believe if only we had accepted Islam & it,s one God, without the cancer and virus of Ommatism , the godfather of every thing that ailes this culture , we might have had a chance to preserve still a large chunk of our psyche /language & heritage .. The problem is the corrupted icing on the cake aka Ommatism & Pan-Arab mastery, that brought us The khallife , Jazieh, Taghieh, Sufism, kharabati poetry, Sanaii, Ohadi , Al Massudi , Shaikh Attar, Fakhrodin Eraghi , Abu Saiid ,Molavi , Jammi, Shabestari , Hafiz , abu bakr Razi , ibn Eshragh , the Mullah, Majlesi, Safavid, Ghajar, self-pity mentality , seeking foreign messiahs in conmen of Karbala , Mogol hords, Britain & Soviet Union & so on .

So let the Pan-Arabists bark , You are on the side of True Iran .

Cheers Patriot !!!




Farhad Kashani

Anonym7,   The

by Farhad Kashani on



The involvement of Palestinians during the early days of revolution is not something that the regime itself denies. Like I said before, you guys are nothing but a “kasey e az aash daaghtar” in defending the regime!


You are either too young to remember, B – too old and forgotten, and C- live in a different universe (mentally) (I pick C), to witness Palestinians working as police force during the early days of revolution in the streets of Tehran! Maybe you can ask people who witnessed them, like yours truly! Also, from time to time, you might wanna read IRI newspapers to really see what’s going on Iran and what they’re doing to your country. Not long ago, they interviewed some IRI thug (the ones whom you love so much!!!), I think some military commander or something, and he himself was praising the Palestinian guy (Abu ..something, I think Abu Shareef), who was one of the brains behind establishing the Sepah, the army that is massacring your brothers and sisters in Iran.


So, please keep your childish comments to yourself. I know you have absolute obsession with me and what I write, but, before you make yourself look bad, maybe you need to do some research!


rosie is roxy is roshan

So let us dance the Nazi waltz...Mehmaz

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Please read my long post at the bottom of page 1 of my last blog // regarding the use of equations with Nazism of Israelis. It is mostly the second half of the post I am referrinng to.



You're right Rosie

by IRANdokht on

My "all non-iranians agree with ..." was a generalization of sort and I apologize.I don't think I had even seen your comment.

What I meant to say was the foreigners who agree whole heartedly have a different agenda, because you can't agree with someone to that level if you do not have first-hand knowledge of the situation. If you do agree with all their accusations, then maybe there is a different agenda behind it.

There are certain characteristics of the society that are not documented anywhere and can only be experienced first-hand. What happened in US in the 60's has been the subject of many books, songs, movies etc... People have developed a certain understanding of the times even the ones  who were not born yet in the 60's. That is a different phenonemon compared to something shameful and hidden as bigotry in certain parts of a third world (as much as I hate to admit) country. People do not have the same level of familiarity with the mindset as they would the 60's atmosphere of the US.

Now Mr Fateh uses that personal experience and takes it a few levels higher, pretending it was the common mentality of the country all the while insulting all of us with blatant racism and bigotry. Then a bunch of people who can't possibly have any such experience jump up and down cheering him on and slamming all Iranians who have spoken against the atrocities committed in Gaza.

It's just a shame that some people can't see what's going on here...



Ajam: Did you use to have a

by .... (not verified) on

Ajam: Did you use to have a blog of your own 2 years ago? A superb blog I might add.

rosie is roxy is roshan

No, ID, not me, I didn't agree with Fateh wholeheartedly,,

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

I just said I have rarely encountered anti-Semitism here but that could be largely due to the demographic of the publication's audience and the ideologies they imply.  So I postulated there could be more anti-Semitism in Iran thanon this site. But more than "rarely" I have no idea what percentage that would be.

So I kinda sorta agreed with him in that there is a whitewashing process going on here about anti-Semitism among Iranians which I have seen many times before. Najes is najes I said. The very term contains anti-Semitism I mentioned some anecdotes of Iranian Jews too.

I do not agree with his characterization of Arabs as quasi-savages. Yuk. Also same ol' same ol'-get rid of the Arab influence in Iran. Get rid of all 1400 years of it. Let's start now. How about new words for house and book? All Shiism, which goes back to Mohammed, or only those elementx devoid of specifically Iranian accretions? Like Twelfth Imam si, Quran no? Which should we get rid of and method and time frame please. Fateh may say that's not what he meant by "Arab influence, manzel and kitab can stay. Ok, then clarify. Then the implcit contention that anyone who supports the Gazans supports IRI. Who supports IRI here? Who came here to infiltrate? Same ol' same ol'.

What is a true Iranian? Same ol' same ol.

I only agreed with pieces of what he said. So no not all non-Iranians here agree wholeheartedly. Actually I have a feeling ID you didn't even mean to include me(???) So you see what happens when people are not careful and consciously or unconsciously the generalizing begins.


Israel is what you see in Gaza and in Fateh's letter

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

Fateh, How pathetic, spineless and brainless can you get? You are so blinded by propaganda from your Nazi mentors that can't even feel sadness in the face of this crime against humanity that Israel has committed. Your stupid savage racist dribble is the best indication of what Israel itself stands for. Shame on you that you can't even refrain from Arab-hating and pleasing your Nazi Israeli masters when innocent people have suffered so brutally and are suffering ... Iranians worth their salt, neither hate Arabs, nor hate Jews, nor in fact hate Israeli citizens. You seem not only ignorant of history but full of racist hatred, and yes, this is what Israel is about ...

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

As much as you and I have banged heads lately, I was honestly expecting you to add to the stream of comments like one preceding yours that you're referring to when I saw you had posted here.

Then, I read your first sentence.

All I can say is I echo that sentiment completely.