No excuse

Human rights crisis in Iran


No excuse
by Sohrab_Ferdows

Canadian government has recently initiated a motion to censure Iranian government over its human rights record in United Nations after its successful work in same direction during last few years since the death of Iranian-Canadian photojournalist Ms. Zahra Kazemi in year 2003.

More that 28 years after establishment of Islamic Republic in Iran, human rights continue to be number one victim of this theocratic government which still remains in revolutionary state to justify the unlawful punishments and human rights abuses even against those who never saw the revolution in their lifetime and did not have any role in it.

The story of suppression and violence against different people by their own government is a sad reality particularly in the world of revolutionaries but sometimes the impact of some of these issues go beyond the borders and affect the people in outside world too. That's why human right is a global issue and no government should be allowed to subject its constituents to inhumane acts of torture and violence with any kind of excuse.

The extent of human rights violations and abuse against people in Iran can not be described adequately in a short article but a glance at the events like Zahra Kazemi's death may give us a hint about what is really happening to others who might get caught in similar situation.

In fact, less than a month ago, twenty seven year old physician Zahra Bani-Yaqob, who was arrested while walking in a park with her fiancé, became one of newest victims of human right abuse in the country. She was arrested for not observing Islamic dress code and was declared dead only 48 hours after her arrest. Iranian government declared her death as suicide while in custody but her family denied that and reported of signs of torture on her body.

In the case of Zahra Kazemi, Iranian government had first reported stroke as the cause of death but when evidences came to open, they had no choice other than accepting the true cause of death which was a blow to the head with a hard object while in custody.

Sometime later, the report by Dr. Shahram Azam who had received and examined the dead body of Ms. Kazemi showed the extent of torture and abuse that Ms. Kazemi had been subject to. This report did not leave any doubt about inhumane treatment of detainees by Iranian revolutionary judicial authorities even though Iranian government tried to discredit the report by denying Dr. Azam's status in the hospital in which Ms. Kazemi's body was examined.

Unfortunately, in case of Dr. Zahra Bani-Yaqob like thousands of others, Iranian government has been able to hide and suppress the evidences of crime with less difficulty. Lack of international interest in such cases in order to avoid jeopardizing relations with Iranian government as a supplier of crude oil to different nations has complicated the situation for Iranian people and has made this more difficult to draw attention of the world community to the extent of systematic violation of human rights against Iranian people by their government.

Reports from human right watch and amnesty international have never been able to exhibit true nature and of these violations which range from unjustified harassments and arrests of the people on the streets and in their homes to torture of detainees resulting in their death.

During late 1990's which coincided with beginning years of Iranian reformist President Khatami who is also a clergy and had served in different positions with Mr. Rafsanjani's government earlier, suspicious disappearance of some members of Iranian council of writers ending with discovery of their dead bodies in some cases, resulted in opening an investigation after some secrets leaked by a whistle blower from within.

Some members of Ministry of Intelligence were implicated but number one suspect, who was the team leader of the operation and had all the information about how the murders were planned and carried out, died in custody. Iranian government once again, declared his death as suicide.

Later on friends and relatives of the dead team leader tried to confront the authorities for putting all the blames on him but they were all arrested for conspiracy and were put under the same kind of interrogation which themselves imposed on others sometime earlier.

The videos of these interrogations were captured and leaked to outside world and brought to attention of Amnesty International organization by Iranian dissidents in London. Inhumane and extremely undignified treatment of former colleagues and even wife of former ring leader was very clearly displayed in these videos which were originally made to be handed to different officials of Islamic Republic government of Iran.

That is just a minor example of attitude of the current ruling system in Iran that operates more like a mafia system rather than a government that should represent its people. In the beginning months of year 2006 hundreds of Iranian public transportation drivers were arrested and sent to prison.

Mr Mansour Ossanlu, the union leader was among arrested and was severely beaten and injured by security forces of Iranian government. He still remains in jail after receiving a five year term in year 2007.

In more recent days, Iranian government has carried out a wave of public hangings in different cities and towns all over the country and conducted mass arrests with the excuse of national security and enforcement of Islamic moral codes.

Among those are at least 200 University students who voiced their objections against tyrannical rules when President Ahmadinejad attended Amir Kabir University and demanded answers to their questions. University students have been constantly under attack by Iranian government for their stance on democracy and demands for a more democratic governing system. Mr. Akbar Mohammadi, one of the students in pro democracy demonstration in the year 1999 who had been arrested and undergone cruel treatment in prison, died last year in Evin prison.

Iranian government has ignored all requests made by the Human Rights Watch for an independent investigation in this matter and the death was reported as result of Mr. Mohammadi's refusal to receive treatment in prison. To this day, the situation for tens of thousands of other Iranian political prisoners is no better than it was for Mr. Mohammadi. Religious discrimination against followers of other beliefs has also been another reason for violation of human rights of Iranian people.

In the most recent case, there have been several attacks by Islamic Republic’s militia called “Baseej” on mosques of Daravish sect of Islam just in recent days. These attacks were carried out in different parts of the country almost simultaneously with a very large number of militia involved, resulting in many casualties and destruction of those mosques. Violence against Iranian citizens by their own government has not been limited to physical borders of the country.

Islamic Republic government of Iran has dispatched and carried out assassinations missions against Iranians all over the world. The last prime minister of previous Iranian regime, Dr. Shapur Bakhtiar and his close ally, Dr. Boroumand were assassinated in France. Iranian Kurdish leaders, Dr. Ghasemlou, Dr. Sharafkandi and some others were assassinated in Germany. Some of Iranian officials were implicated in a German court and The assassin, Kazem Darabi and his Lebanese accomplice Abbas Rhayel, were given a life sentgence but that never stopped Iranian government of continuing in the same path.

These are just a few of many successful assassinations that Islamic Republic government has conducted against Iranian people. Lack of serious attention and action from international community and organizations seemed to have convinced Iranian government of being able to get away with same kind of crimes against others too. In recent months, a court in Argentina concluded that at least five Iranian officials were involved in bombing of a Jewish center in 1994 in Buenos Aires that caused 85 deaths and 300 injured.

Interpol has received a request from Argentinean judge for arresting those Iranian officials from which, former intelligence chief Ali Fallahian; Mohsen Rabbani, former cultural attache at Iran's embassy in Buenos Aires; a former diplomat, Ahmad Reza Asghari; Mohsen Rezaei, former head of the Revolutionary Guards; and Ahmad Vahidi, a Revolutionary Guards general were named. Hezbollah militant Imad Moughnieh, one of the world's most sought terrorism suspects, also was named in the list.


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Mr. Ferdows, great article

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Mr. Ferdows, great article and observation. Keep up the good work.


foreign aid, that is what it has to do

by Bahram the iranian (not verified) on

the pepole who get any support from any kind from a foriegn entity CAN NOT be indepedent therefor cannt pursue interest but interest of that foriegn entity.I amnt here to critizie the goverment of canada, they are being hit and hit hard by the death of polisih immigrant, That has been big blunder for them. What I crtizie is double stantard being applied to Iran. Check the news about girl being raped in sauadi and the sentce is 200 lashes for the victim the girl. Guess what canada and us and other what didu say??CIILIAZIED nation reaction to this??your job to find out, just because the king of snake eaters is also the ally to your civiliazied western world.
Another point, the element of iri that u and Mr hajjiaha, Mr batarbiet.... have mentioned are actualy the ex-officials of goverment of Khatamei who came here with bag of money earring in golden era of reform, they also built a mosque. guess what??it isnt because the poltical party changed in canada it is because the khatamei and his gang are gone now and the new goverment isnt up to please any foriegn entity to get a visa or residency in their lands. they(khatamei supporters) are now in line with opposition, condemning left and right the current Iranin goverment. I dont go to the mosque that has been built with money taken off the mouth of iranian childern and I do no crime sell no drug as I observed with my own eyes the old iranin opposition is doing here in Canada.Old or new they both are bunch of polticaly and socialy corrupted gangs. I dont know you sir I amnt saying you are one of these pepole, this isnt what i am up to, destroy somebody character.


Islamic Republic has no credibility in anything

by Sohrab_Ferdows on

There is no sane person in this world to know about the crimes of Islamic regime against Iranian people and all the lies that they have always said to deceive Iranians and then believes their claims about something like "human rights in Europe"! It is true that human rights violation may exist in different parts of the wolrd but what we see in Iran today is beyond any words! Knowing this fact that tens of thousands of Iranians are in prisons for political reasons and also knowing about harasment of people in their daily lives in the name of monitoring Islamic moral codes, speaking of human rights by Islamic regime's leaders and their supporters is more like a joke!


Where in the world a government sends its agents to arrest more than 900000 of women in less than a month for "not observing" Islamic dress code?! This is in a country with a population of about 70 millions! Just imagine, one seventieth of all Iranian people or over 2% of all Iranian women! How representatives of this regime can speak about human rights in other parts of the world?! This is not an internal matter! It is a catastrophe which is currently happening inside our country! Denying people's rights with the excuse of threats which their source only come from the criminal regime in Iran is absolute nonsense and unacceptable! You can not commit rape, murder and all kinds of other crimes against people and expect them to keep silent because you intend to start a war or some other place in the world the rights of someone was violated by their government!


What kind of logic and justification is this? What does violation of native rights in Canada in 1960's have to do with crimes of Islamic regime today?! What does abuse of power by a single cop in this or that civilized country have to do with systematic violation of human rights against Iranian people by Islamic government?! It is silly to compare systematic attrocities, torture and crimes of Islamic regime in Iran with isolated incidents in America or Europe!


Hajiagha is right that Canada is residence to many elements and supporters of Islamic republic but this is all from the time when LIberal government under Jean Cretean was in power for over 12 years! Things have changed in Canada since couple of years ago that PC party has won the federal election and Islamic regime has also felt the heat!


ای مرتیکه احمق

khashmgin (not verified)

ای مرتیکه احمق ای الاغ باز که تو کون برهنه پریدی وسط اون گاله دهنتو باز کردی و شروع کردی به عرعر کردن
:A video of Faribors Maleknasri's political comments
مرتیکه پفیوز...



by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

we iranians and the one who wish to be one do best if they would try to look and see further of that what the their assylumgiver wish. For example why do not report the lowsbreaking of the strangers who are enemy of IRI? Please acknowledge the following:

Iran protests against violation of human rights in EU
Iran-Portugal-Human Rights
Portuguese charge d'affaires in Tehran was summoned to Foreign Ministry Monday to receive Iran's protest against violation of human rights in the European Union (EU).

Portugal is currently the rotating president of the EU.

According to Foreign Ministry Media Department report, in the meeting, the Iranian diplomat condemned extensive violation of human rights in European countries.

He cited issues like smuggling children by a non-governmental French organization in Chad Republic, continuation of secret flights of CIA in Europe, violation freedom of speech in France and arresting university students in that country and called for prompt
consideration of such inhuman approaches.

The Iranian official also asked the EU current rotating chair country, to dispatch an independent delegation to Chad and Sudan to consider inhuman measures adopted in those countries and find an appropriate way to take the perpetrators to court and prevent the repetition of such horrible acts in the future.

Just in a time were the europians are doing such devilish things they must distract the attention from their actions. and who helps them? Well we know all who is the real helper of the strangers. Greeting


canadian care about money not human right

by hajiagha on


in Canada Canadian government are looking after who's bring money here such as terrorist gangs drug dealers , and....they don't care about human right and they never care what was happening to Zahra Khazemei, they are having some show on TV before and politics but far as i know Mullahs from Iran are free to travel in Canada with money , and open new Islamic center, which i call this place terrorism place where Arab and iranian go there ?????

you pay to government of Canada and do what ever wish here,


REPLY : CANADIAN GOVERNMENT, did he say canada?

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

of course he said it. according to the happy happy(!) event on october 13th the ones who are employed and obliged ....... well it is their duty to bungle, botch and make a mass of that horrible devilish police action . and just guess who is the best to be attaked with the purpose to distract? Of course IRI. who else? Impossibly USA and the europian countries. the authour of CANADA has done well. and may be he gets his salary from his paymaster. the fact is: most of these HUMANRIGHTISTS are only NOKARE BI JIRE O MAVAJEB. Never mind, be happy, dont worry. Greeting



by Bahram the iranian (not verified) on

did u say goverment of Canada??isnt it where on oct 13 police killed a new immigrant who had just arrived in its sole?oh canada isnt it where the aboriginals were sexualy and mentaly abused and raped in their catolic schools for years in 60s??
let see canada, isnt it where Kevan Tabesh was shot to death on 2003 by cop who had just joined the rcmp from Newyork police department??
Goverment of Iran has preapared documents of human violiaion in canada. check it out coming soon in theater near you in Canada.


Well said. Islamic Republic is gang network of mafias

by Wake Up (not verified) on

Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) is not our Iranian government. This government does not represent Iranians. Islamic Republic is gang network of mafias. They constantly terrorize Iranians. IRI is geneciding Iranians and Iranian culture. The Iranians can not be freely be Iranian in their own country Iran.

Iran belongs to Iranians. Stop genecide of Iranians by Islamists.


The Futility of Ignorance

by Shae'r (not verified) on

These Mullahs Clad in An Attire of Holiness ..
With Their Hands Soaked in The Blood Of Innocence ..
The Dead Cry for Justice, "Am I Worth Nothing?" ..
The Living Growling From The "Vehemence" of Torture ..
My Religion,
"Islam" ..
Prostituted By These "Mongrels" ..
Bereft Of Any Humanity ..
Why Do You Bring "Agony" To The Masses? ..
Why Doesn't The Shrieking of The Human "Pain" Not Prick Your Conscience? ..
Why doesn't The Cry of The Young Move You? ..
Have You Lost Your Humanity? ..
Is There No Dignity apparent in Your Eyes? ..
Is Your "Soul" Sold To The Beasts of The Forrest? ..
Your Eyes Do Not See The Gnashing of The Teeth? ..
Oh Islam, Islam ..
Why do You "Prostitute" Yourself ..
Allowing a Bunch of "Imbeciles" ..
Run "Havoc" Over 70 Million ..
O' Men Of Good Will ..
Do Not Be "Silent" ..
The Torrent of "Indignation" Should Motivate All ..
To "Abolish" these Bastards of A Nation ..
Do Not Allow The Morons To Control The Assylum ..
The Assylum Which is Now "Our Beloved Iran" ..