Petty role model

While Mr. Bush wages war against ‘evil’ he is inspiring malice at home


Petty role model
by Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

One of America’s greatest presidents, Franklin D. Roosevelt, recruited a group of advisers from the prestigious Columbia University – they were known as ‘Brain Trust’. In their first one hundred days in office, the Brains Trust helped Roosevelt enact fifteen major laws beneficial to the country. Regrettably, today, Columbia under the leadership of a petty role-model, Lee Bollinger, is losing its prestige and has become a place of hate and discrimination. A noose was found in a lecture room of a black female professor.

America’s intolerable past is re-awakened at this prestigious university because Bollinger demonstrated to the world that under his leadership, Columbia is not a place of learning, truth-seeking and exchange of ideas, but rather where the powerful are permitted to dominate not as a result of their intellectual capabilities, but due to the interest groups that give voice to their authority.

The United States is going through a critical juncture. It is the leadership in the White House that sets the mood for the tragic incident at ‘Jenna 6’ and the audacious people such as Bollinger to surface in the manner in which they did. Throughout America there is a reappearance of nooses because hate-filled ‘God-fearing’ leaders have publicly announced by way of example that attacking those we feel are weaker, disdainful, or inferior, is the acceptable solution. Mr. Bush’s genocide in Iraq, his neglect of the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and Bollinger’s disgraceful treatment of Iran’s president, Mr. Ahmadinejad, the next nation that is the target of Mr. Bush’s genocidal attack are such examples.

So once again, the ugly monster of bigotry that had been dormant is stirred in this country. During the Cold War years, as America was competing with the Soviet Union to win over the ‘hearts and minds’ of the free world, it faced the same monster – The Jim Crow Laws and segregation. How could it brag of democracy, human rights and the American Dream when blacks had no rights? It set out to correct its tarnished image through diplomacy. One has to wonder what will be done in today’s world where the truth is not so easily buried.

While Mr. Bush wages war against ‘evil’ he is inspiring malice at home. Bollinger’s ‘petty’ performance has brought wickedness to Columbia. Thankfully, the students of Columbia are resisting the evil temptation. Surely one must wonder why it is that there is not the same unity to resist the hatred they are brewing towards Islam. Does a Moslem have to have his/her head in a noose before we take action - Is the red, white and blue not solid enough to cover religion?

Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich has lived and studied in Iran, the UK,
France, and the US. She obtained her Bachelors Degree in International
Relations from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. She
is currently pursuing her education in Middle East studies and Public
Diplomacy. Soraya has done extensive research on US foreign policy
towards Iran and Iran’s nuclear program. She can be reached at


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To " Karim " & " Afsaaneh " ! La'naty ha .......LOL

by Majid on

Khodaa la'natetoon kone , mordam az khandeh reading your posts !

Hilarious !! You two should start your very own blog, article, SITE !!

If you two promiss to post comments (just the two of you), I will start a blog with ANY subject that moves you !


p.s.  Do you have a website by any chance?.........LOL



by Anonymous3433 (not verified) on

Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

Thank you for all that you write for us. As you can see below, everything you type is very thought provoking.

I never read your articles. I just start from the first comment and move up. I laugh and laugh.

This time, my favorites are:

Goozidam beh Susan Moalem (not verified) on Sun Oct 14, 2007 02:41 PM PDT

You and your entire class ghorbooneh koonam berin

Please continue. I am laughing really hard.

For the participants...thanks..keep them coming. Someone, please start using "gooz" "chos" . don't underestimate their power.


Agents everywhere

by Rosie T. (not verified) on

Moosad, brilliant, but AB2 has a point anyway. SOMEONE sabotaged the discussion, which was the largest one going, even subtracting the idiocies of these two jerks (if they are in fact two). That kind of stuff should really be censored; it is not censorship to throw away SPAM. SPAM is garbage.


Mossad's view

by Mossad Agent (not verified) on

As an Iranian-Israeli working for Mossad I am authorized to tell you with absolute certainty that neither Karim nor Afsaneh have any connections with our agency. It is not our style to resort to sexual perversion as a diversionary technique. This is a favorite technique used by the American and Russian secret services and recently used by their Iranian colleagues in Tehran. These two charchaters may well be in the pay of the Islamic regime of Tehran to sabotage a genuine debate that if conclusive, it would prevent a strike against the Revolutionary Guards targets. Your readers must appreciate that both pro- and anti-War movements are being supported by the two rival factions in Tehran. The reformist lobby like Khatami and Rafsanjani support the pre-emptive strikes against the Islamic Guards as such strikes will strengthen their hand in running the country. On the other hand, the conservatives oppose the war as they know fully well that their base of power will be severely weakend in the event of such strikes, hence giving their opposition group i.e. the reformist an upper hand.

We in Israel will keep watching until both sides are worn off by each other and then ...

Long Live Israel, Long Live America


Reason for vile and improper statements by (Israeli agents ...)

by A B 2 (not verified) on

I think Karim and the likes are doing what they are doing (i.e., mixing their past background and stories' disucssion in an arena that presented a thoughtful idea) in order to divert attention. As some others have pointed out on this site in response to attack on this and other authors, I think Karim and the likes are Isralei residents on who when they find an article that that they don't agree with (in their mind the article is "pro-IRI"), instead of arguing about it in a civilized manner, they try to trash the author and if that doesn't work, they try to turn the comments section into a porn discussion, as Karim did. Lets not forget that Karim started his lewd language after a woman with the name "Afsaneh" (not Afsaaneh" as karim writes it) appreciated and thanked Soraya for her article. Why should Karim then start with a discussion of his background in brothels, is beyong me. He is not the only one, there are several others. Someone has pointed out that these commenters with improper attitude and language are Israeli and some Iranian monarchists who are members of US Government's "$75M Club" and therefore they are paid to do what they are doing on these sites.

A B 2


i couldn't have said it

by Anonymousaa (not verified) on

i couldn't have said it better KZ. apparently alot of these men hide behind "funny" pseudo names and talk about vile things that to me are disgusting. Karim, why don't you have this reminiscing down memory lane chat with your lady friend outside of this section. i don't see how it is relevant to anything, and frankly is pathetic on your part in getting attention.

i don't doubt that these little boys talk to their daughters, mothers, wives, girlfriends (if they can get them) in the same vile and subversive way.

no wonder you guys spend all your time on this website! hahahahaha


about the language

by kz (not verified) on

By reading the comments now I know why the IRI doesn’t have to worry about its oppositions.
One more thing to all the tough Iranian men don’t you have mothers, sisters, daughters, kids that might read this junk.


RE: Karim (our royalist soldier)

by someone (not verified) on

Please be kind to Karim, he along with Colonel Hemayat are among our potent Royalist forces, impatiently waiting to be placed in power by US necons.
They are part of the Bush/Chenney yellow-brown revolution for Iran! Karim, in particular is part of a special ‘Kalleh pook force’, trained by Dick Chenney himself in using sh*t guns!



by Anonymousa (not verified) on

You are disgusting.



by Rooshan-been (not verified) on

Dear Hossein

Even racist like Tom Bollinger unintentially confirmed there are elections taking place in Iran when he told Pres. Ahmadinejad "Iranians did not vote for your allies in the last municipal ELECTION (read he said ELECTION.

Same Racist University gave Mohamad Reza Shah honorary degree after his murderous coup, go fiqure.

YOU KNOW YOU AND PEOPLE LIKE you WHO LISTEN TO SELF SENSORED CORPORATE OWENED MEDIA SUCH AS NBC, CNN, FOX, and Tehran-geles TV and radio stations. can not unscrammble your brain to listen to voice of reason.
I have never said there is full fledged democracy in Iran, but it is far better than shah's ers at least Student are aware and they protest and talk. compare to other Islamic/middle easteren countries it is the most sophisticated one, can you tell that about non-existant Saudi democracy? where women can not even drive or go to College, 65% of University students in Iran are female according to western media confessions. Lets compare apples to apples, If you are comparing Iranian democracy to Sweden or Norway, then we have huge problem.


RE: Afsaaneh joon (from Karim)

by afsaaneh_kosoo (not verified) on

Honey Karim,
I think you are mistaken. The event you referred to was when you paid my pimp to suck my "koss" and instead you were sucking my "koon". It was tickling me and I was laughing my head off and that is when the pimp entered the room and did what he did. It was the second time that the pimp stick his ... to your "koon" because you paid for my "koss" and you were doing my "koon". I think being a jendeh keeps you young and alive. Haven't you figured that out from your momy or your sister? By the way, after that incident of my pimp raping you, you never came back to see me. Some people were saying you became a "kooni". Is that true? Do you walk "goshad goshad" and "wave your hands"?



Rooshan-been, been in a cave for the past 30 years?

by Hossein (not verified) on

You're right. People should change their governments every 2-4 years, and they do just that in free nations. They usually do it through a process called "free and fair elections," something denied to Iranians by the Islamic Republic. Maybe you should take a look at the video clip of the pro-democracy protestors in Iran, who called for a free and fair referendum on the Islamic Republic. Otherwise, please spare us your nonsense.



Regime change

by Rooshan-been (not verified) on

Since when every littel or even big dissatisfaction be it rise in unemloyment, higher gas prices, housing, call for change of regime. In that case every regime should be replaced every 2-4 years. all countries have problems and they do their best to resolve them within their means, important thing is current government officials are less corrupt than Alahazrat era, but they have to deal with bunch of mozdoors. The have to keep sharlatans from harming the country with their idiotic ideas.

In most other countries, no matter how much disagreement people have , one doesn't want his/her country to be bombed and reduced to rubles. These Monarchist idiots want to sacrifice the country and 70 million so they can claim their past glory. Where is your Moron toppeled son of a king :D) the so called VALI_AHD to speak against foreign intervention or is it that he wants his TAj o Takht sooo bad that he does not care what happens to his beloved country.

No one wants democracy and liberation for Iran except for Iranians who live inside Iran. If they wanted democratic government they would have left MOSADEGH alone the most democratic government in the history of the world. They want oil based on Alen Greenspan's and many other experts..
I love democracy and freedom and the whole nine yard, but it is not problem of one particular country rather the whole world.
Again Where is the call for free elections and respecting the human rights, womens and childrens rights in Saudi, egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, oman etc....
when was the last time a movie from above countries won any awards, when was the last time a female lawyer from those countries won the Noble peace prize. why isn't there a mention of those in the self sensored media, even the most right wing and psychopaths of radio talk show hosts does not have the gutts to mention most brutal dictatorships in middle east.


Hemayat Ay nAderest!

by someone (not verified) on

Hemayat , Ay nAderest! Why are you using so many nasty words? You are becoming a bad influence on the others too, Ay nAderest! Visit Iran Ay nAderest! (yade Ghatebeh be kheir)


to Afsaaneh joon

by Karim Keerkoloft (not verified) on

Sweetie, of course I remember that day , how can I forget, the only problem is that due to your old age you are mixing things up. Your jaakesh was so horrified by your screaming that to shut you up, gozaasht tooye dahanet and you received an extra bonus!! joooon!


Baba basse digeh

by Goozidam beh CASMII (not verified) on

In zaneeke ham khaste shod. She is getting a big head thinking that all these comments are because of her cheap jibes and petty (and I really mean petty) article. The truth is that we Iranians have so much Dele-por from each other that waste no opportunity at having a go at one another, regardless of what the orginal topic is about. I suggest JJ to dedicate a page exclusively for "jarro bahss" or "settling scores" so we can all get even with each other without giving any undeserving credit to such bitch as SSU.


to: Rosie (about Colonel Hemayat -- an Israeli Character)

by mole (not verified) on

Don't be fooled. This character "colonel Hemayat" in reality is an imposter. He is an Israeli who hangs around on and typically lines up with the monarchists. His job (if we can define it that way) is to make everything iranian look stupid, and he is doing it under the cloak of being anti-IRI government. Another name that appears often on these threads and is Israeli is a fellow using name "jamshid". There are few more.



I jerk off looking at Soraya's picture, she reminds me of a mule

by Gholi (not verified) on

Well, her writings are good for Ultra soft toilet papers with aloe...


I agree with Jamshid

by Colonel Hemayat (not verified) on

I second that.




Hey numbnuts here is the simplest example, one meal "Jojeh Kabab" would cost 30 Toman  in 1979, NOW it costs 3000 Toman, show me one paying job,factory shop level job, which pays 100 times more than it paid in 1979. So fuck your mother.


Rosie, ofcourse, I am with peace, I have been through a war, felt it, witnessed it, fought it, lost comrades to it, and shed blood and tears for it. War is most horrible thing in life. I don't want a war on Iran.


But, I want mullahs off Iran, I have a few years left and I want see Iran free. And, I will make a deal with the devil himself, if I have to, let alone neocons.

 You are so very naive to think that mullahs will die out as dinosaurs, to think that the likes of ULRICH the cunt have one drop of patroitic blood in their veins,and to think that Ahmadinejad should be spoken with like a humanbeing, one should piss on Ahmadinejad while speaking with him, and I do mean figurativley!! do you know that is what they do to some political prisoners in Iran?


Fuck Politics, fuck the art of possiblities, we used that during Clinton faggoty presidency and IRI just got more aggressive, now, we are out there to get them and fuck'em good, and we have G.W.Bush and Dicky CH with us, let's roll, WHO IS WITH ME, WHO IS MOTHERFUCKINGGGGGG with me?



Colonel Hemayat-joon

by Rosie (not verified) on

Colonel, it seems you are getting popular here...

First off, thank you for welcoming me to the site but as I said I've been coming here regularly for years. I assume you meant welcome to the conversation. You are most gracious.

I don't smoke joints, as you imply, and this is an example of the black and white thinking some Iranian expats fall into. You are assuming things about me based on generalizations, which leads to divisive ad hominem attacks.

Of course that small comment was nothing compared to the BARRAGE of invectives you unleased on Soraya in the same post.

The only reason I am answering you is because you wrote that people should support the Neocons in anything SHORT OF WAR. Therefore at bottom you want peace and guess what, that makes us...HAMSAFARAAN!

And so, hamsafaram, I urge you to read (or re-read) the Project for the New American Century from which the neocons emerged. There it is clearly stated that the sole agenda of these people is and always has been war. Specifically to cure a so-called "Vietnam Syndrome" by victory in imperialist military actions.

If you want peace, forget about the Neocons. They are not your allies. One cannot say neocon and no war in any sentence except the one I am writing now. It is an oxymoron.

Remember: Boys go to Iraq. REAL MEN go to Iran?

Those people WANT to attack Iran, they ALWAYS have, they always WILL. Forget about them. Forge coalitions with people who want PEACE.

Also I never said Mullahs could be reasoned with, as you claim. I just said they would die out like the dinosaurs they are if US would leave Iran alone. I also said it was Bollinger's hypocrisy in strengthening Bush's agenda that appalls me. Bush/Bollinger have no right to preach moral rectitude to ANYONE. Not Ahmadinejad, not ANYONE. Iraq, you want Iran to become like LEBANON?

As for my so-called "ultraist moments," there is nothing extremist about me. Only in the US, where the Clintons are "on the left..."

Finally it was my MOTHER not my grandmother who I said shares Soraya's views. (You're not smoking joints now, are you Colonel? :D ) That same mother used to wash my mouth out with soap when I was a child and said naughty words. I suggest you do the same to yours (your mouth I mean, not your mother), forget the Neocons and build coalitions with those who want peace. If you really don't want Iran to be attacked, those are my suggestions. Politics is the art of the possible.

Rosie, I welcome you to the site, have your ultraistic moments here, smoke a joint... but you are as naive as your grandma, you can't dialogue or reason with mullahs, they only respond and understnad FORCE. And the people of Iran need support from the outside.


To Jamshid (re: Roshan_been)

by Jamshid's Momy (not verified) on

Go pee, brush your teeth (not with the tiolet cleaner like you did last time) and go to bed. Make sure you don't wet your bed tonight.

Good Night Momy


Re: Roshan_been

by jamshid on

I nominate Roshan_been for this week's top stooge of Perhaps even this month's. What a total, absolute, complete, utter idiot this guy must be. He is so ridiculous, you can't even get mad at him! That's how funny this bozzo is!


Even Hagiagha is far above this imbecile, by leaps and bounds... Now go figure....




WOO Colonel

by Rooshan-been (not verified) on

Dear Colonel;
Your language speeks for itself. That is why IRI is not worry about opposition b/c the most hard cores are morons like you.

Few more reality check about Iran:
-most people are in better financial condition than during alahazrat, i.e. more trips abroad, better living conditions for every family compare to Alahazrat era. especially in villages and and smaller cities, which by the way were ignored and forgotten by Alahazrat. True not every one is ambitious enough to live in luxurey, but door is open to go for it if one wants to, yo do not need to be connected to Darbar to do so.

- More Universities, more educated people, all critically medical procedures done right there in Iran(bypass, transplants, elective cosmetic surgeries) again during Alahazrat sick had to go to other coutries to get it done if one could afford it or else started reading you "fateheh"., cloning{one the 8 coutries in the world}, as matter of fact more and more immigrant iranians in the west have their many medical procedures done in Iran than in their adopted country. These are the realitie on the ground whether you IRI or not.
More middle class, better sports teams, much much better culture and art compare to Cabareh, sex and jafangiat oriented TV and film indusries of Alhazrat era{which by the way was right up Colonels alley if you what I mean:)}.. I personally am overwhelemed by number of artistic awards to Iranian films, actors, directors, etc... which during alahazrat was zip zero, b/c other coutries sex and action movies were just much suprior than Cabareh Shokofeh's dance and fight clips.

- There are corruptions every where in the world, it just happens that it goes under microscope when it happens in Iran, no matter how small or big it is.
one country attacks another sovreign and member of UN under false pretext and based on lies, one million innocents die, Billions of $ , wasted , stolen , or not accounted for, it continues for almost 5 years, aginst the will of whole world, NOW another government raises the Gas price by ~ 30 cents, questions few Scholars whom are on payroll of hostile foreign government and it is labeled the most murderous of all governments. True, IRI hve long way towards democracy and freedom , but it has taken 500 years in the west to arrive at it, and it is the first thing to be sacrifised when the security of the government and the coutry is in jeopardy. of course it is the duty of every government to protect the country against threats.

I repeat, why not pick on real dictators of middle east(saudis, Egypt, Kuwait, Pakistan, Jordan, etc) and bring their level of democarcy in par with IRI then start with IRI again OR is that driving around in your SUV's are just to precious and too COOL to be effected by real issues like that??


RE: Dearest Soraya Please ...

by someone (not verified) on

Naderest Ghamar! use the scrollbar, this article probably has the highest traffic. Your scrollbar is very likely in the right hand side of your browser.


to: Ghamar

by Ghamars_EX_Husband (not verified) on

Ghamar Jooooon
Where have you been dear. Instead of coming to take car of your kids, you are visiting web pages? "Khat too saret jendeh khanoom".

Your Ex Husband


Dearest Soraya please post your writing on

by Ghamar (not verified) on

I think you will get more readers there...


To: Jamshid (who is worried about IRI opposition)

by asghar_ghatel (not verified) on

The problem with the "IRI opposition", as you have stated, is not that the IRI agents have infiltrated the opposition, or may do so in the future. If you take your argument further, you will find out that when there is "$75M" at stake in fact you are going to get a lot of that, plus the IRI government monies (assuming you are right). In fact IRI people can argue that their organization has been infiltrated with the "$75M club" members, and therefore it is a fair game. THE PROBLEM with the "IRI opposition", and you included, is the "brain power". Look at every single one of the comments you see in this thread as opposition to Soraya's writings. Presumably they are coming from the "IRI Opposition" because they all indicate that Sorays's writing is in favor of IRI. What you find in these "opposition" writings is a sick mentality of a moron, rather than an intelligent being who wants to express himself or herself freely. If you don't beleive that, show their writings to any unbiased third person, and ask their opinions. With this lack of "brain power" on the "opposition side", IRI is going to survive, and thrive VERY happily.



TO: Colonel Hemayat

by someone (not verified) on

Colonel Hemayt, it appears that your hatred for IRI has progressed to hatred for many others including many Americans. The best treatment for your hatred cancer is an Iran visit. Let me tell you that Iran is not by all means perfect, there is big disparity between the rich and the poor, pollution is a big problem, drivers drive very crazy and they rarely have mercy on each other, here and there (albeit rarely) you will see women are being warned for what they are wearing, corruption is visible, etc.
Having said all that, you will also see that many infrastructural progress are made, many cars are being made or assembled in Iran, people and IRI are much more tolerant than years ago (definitely more tolerant than when you guys were running the country), the country is not run just by the mollahs, people loudly object to corruption, …, and you will not see Blackwater USA, or MKO mercenaries use Iranians for target practice and getting paid $1200 per day for it, you will not see all the oil money getting stolen (some gets stolen though), and you will not see foreign politicians carving up Tehran’s neighborhoods into Persian, Turkish, Kurdish, … sections.


RE: Shame on you Soraya for Supporting an Islamo Arab thug ....

by Afsaneh_Cigari (not verified) on

Shame on you not to understand that people are FREE to express their point of view. This is America, this is not Iran under the Shahanshah Aryamehr, or under the Rejavi dynesty. In this case, that point of view is also apparently shared by many Iranian and Americans (as you can tell from all the support Soraya is receiving in comments to her article). However, her point of view may be opposed by some such as you, and that is fine as long as you approach it in "civility" (look up the dictionary and find out what these words mean). There is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing ones' opinion openly and freely. That is what the "freedom of expression" in American constitution is all about. In this case Soraya, and millions of others are free to say that what the columbia president did was wrong, and what the regime in USA is doing is a determinet to the American values and American system. If you disagree with that, that is fine too. Please write your article opposing what Soraya had to say (in a responsible and ethical manner) and we will read your pioint of view as well. You have no right to shame people for stating their point of view, as long as they do it "responsibly" (which I doubt you know what it means -- look up the dictionary).
If you are still in elementary school, that is OK, you will grow up and learn. In the meantime, go play with your dolls. They are waiting for you.



To: Colonel Hemayat (from Shahanshah Aryagooz)

by shah_parast (not verified) on

You forgot to answer question about which akhond buttered your "behind" and did .... that causes you to hate the IRI Government so much? Did you enjoy it? Are you going to sue anyone?

Shahanshah Aryagooz
(from underground in Egypt)