Just pay us with rice!


Iran sanctions disrupt food imports

khaleej times
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Multiple Personality Disorder
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A great Iranian translator has died. >>>




Mélodie Hojabr Sadat's paintings

by Monda
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A post about poster art disseminated during the 1979 Revolution and the Iran-Iraq War. >>>
Saba Vasefi
"دکتر هو" یکی از پر بیننده ترین برنامه های تلویزیون بی بی سی در بریتانیا است که تا کنون چندین مجموعه آن بخش شده است >>>

Dehnamaki:Oscars are decided by Pentagon


Iranian Movie ‘A Separation’ Gets Oscar Buzz, Political Flak

The Daily Beast / Omid Memarian
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Day at the Museum

Day at the Museum

Photo essay: Montreal's Museum of Fine Arts

by Shazde Asdola Mirza
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International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran
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Supreme Leader Directly Responsible for Illegal Detentions of Opposition Leaders >>>

Alternative to War


Signs build that Iran sanctions disrupt food imports

Reuters / Niluksi Koswanage and Parisa Hafezi
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نشست استکهلم

اقدام مرکز اولاف پالمه را صرف نظر از نقاط ضعف آن باید مثبت ارزیابی کرد

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گردهم‌آیی دو روزه‌ای که به دعوت مرکز اولاف پالمه در روزهای ۴ و ۵ فوریه در حومه استکهلم برگزار شد به بحث‌های زیادی در بین اپوزیسیون و محافل ایرانی آن دامن زده است. این جلسه به صورت ناعلنی برگزار شده و از فهرست دعوت شدگان یا شرکت کنندگان در آن یا گفتگوهای آن گزارش مستند و رسمی منتشر نشده است>>>


Blunt Instrument

Sanctions don’t promote democratic change

08-Feb-2012 (4 comments)
Supporters of the policy assume that there is a positive relationship between broad economic sanctions and democratization. The policymakers responsible for these measures either are ignorant of or are simply ignoring the empirical evidence: broad sanctions—total financial and trade embargoes—do not have a good track record of changing target countries’ policies or of pushing them toward democracy>>>


Patriot of Persia

Interview with Christopher de Bellaigue

08-Feb-2012 (110 comments)
Mohammad Mossadegh — Iran’s charismatic Prime Minister—and the coup that brought him down in 1953 stand at the center of modern Iranian history. British journalist and writer, Christopher de Bellaigue, has written a new book on this remarkable figure titled "Patriot of Persia", which counts as the first real biography of Mossadegh in English. De Bellaigue, who is married to an Iranian artist and who has lived in Iran, has written about the country and the wider Middle East >>>


The World is Watching

Iranian movies must be judged either by their political braveness or high cinematographic standard

08-Feb-2012 (9 comments)
Movies by Iranian directors who have the chance to work abroad (like Marjan Satrapi or Ali Samadi Ahadi) are extraordinary masterpieces, carrying a very unique handwriting of their directors. And they breath the spirit of freedom and of unlimited creativity. But because they are produced in the west, they attract much less media attention. The media and critics in the west too often judge a movie more by the cirumstances under which it has been produced, and therefore grant a movie that has been produced inside the country an extra bonus for “braveness”>>>

Rejection of carrot and stick!


Iran: U.S., Israel highly vulnerable to retaliatory strikes

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