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Is it highly likely or highly probable that Syrian forces under Assads Orders would attack innocent civilians in a region that has shown some of the strong support for the government. The mostly Alawites that were murdered are some of the most pro-Assad pro-Syrian people.

Why would the Syrian government kill people that represent its strongest supporters?

Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the United Nations, spoke of “consequences” for Syria for failing to live up to its commitments, even before the identity of the killers could be established.

"The Syrian government has made commitments. It has blatantly violated those commitments, and, I think it's quite clear, as we have said for many weeks if they continue to do so there should be consequences,”

What if what is going on here is the USA is disingenuously taking sides against, the people of Syria and the assad Regime by having a hand in supporting the terrorists Ravaging the Syrian people??????

Wouldn't a neutral observer offer advice on how Syria should move forward while the peace process is being sabotaged by unknown forces.

Is selectively viewing the turmoil in Syria from the perspective of the opposition forces helpful at a time when the USA is delivering arms and training support for the Free Syrian Army, all of which shows the USA is taking sides with the oppositions objectives.

Okay lets hallucinate that the USA is taking sides for one moment? What is the USA's agenda? Why The Push Now when its own economy has been in a depression since 2007/8?
Who here thinks the USA is in it to support Human Rights and Democracy, When most of the fighters killing syrian soldiers are anti-secular sunni extremists?

There are many theories for why the USA is acting this way, all are trying to find out what the USA has to gain from being impartial and aiming to remove Assad & Villifying him while hypocritically adoring the King of Bahrain.

Is it to protect Israel, from the possible consequences from Syria on an attack on Iran?

Is it to help sunni extremists come to power and use them to start a war with neighbouring shia Iraq, thereby draining the money paid to Arab allies for their oil, back to the USA lifting itself out of the depression it is in?

What ever the reason, in an ideal world shouldn't human beings start insisting we all support what the majority of Syrians want?

All I know for sure, is that what the majority of Syrians want does not matter to a certain corporate fascist power located between mexico and canada.


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by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

who is this mamoor joon, if he/she really said to you or anyone... "Jew boy, or i wipe you off with my keyboard" they need to be outed from this site, racism has no place on ic or anywhere, its  sadly a common disease among humanity and not sure why shows up frequently as a symptom of poverty, lack of free education etc.

On why are you denying the very well documented & reported
massacre of syrian women & children by asad forces aided by
khamenei/ahmadinejad filthy shia child/women killing bassijis?

Its complex, honestly I don't think its been documented yet beyond a reasonable doubt by anyone, no one lived to speak, no one yet knows for sure the names identities and demographics of each person, if syria is not forthcoming with that kind of info, it will say volumes against assad.  I'm cautious and want info before jumping to a conclusion.

I have a serious problem with US policy for the M.E. and Iran, the fruits of it I do not support and condemn strongly, it is not a question of blaming America, they really are at fault.  One thing to blame a person for murdering another and robbing him... another thing when a person was really robbed and murdered by another.  Capiche Mousa67?

The USA and her Allies show they are nowhere close to changing policy for our region, despite the carnage they cause.  So for me those that bring khomeini's/AN's/Saddams/Mojaheddins etc are worse than each independently.




"APFSM" has been caught in one of his lies, so he's obfuscating

by AMIR1973 on

It's a natural reaction, of course.


Monarchists don't support Assad, thats not true

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Its just that unless they have a good reason they don't support the actions and policies of any of the following USA/UK/France/Russia/China/Italy/Holland/Canada.  Question to all:What is supporting the west, lead by the USA doing for you???

Lets Reflect on the last 33 has for 33 years guaranteed the security and imposition by brutality of the IRI, wow such loyal, honest, good opposition members we have here on IC.  And they say I am a IRI agent for outing the consequences of their actions.  Its why for me at least, Iranian sell outs, who take sides with those who have proven themselves to be in support of extremism for iran are exactly that... sell outs.  And if Anonymous Observer thinks I am nuts, I am in great company. 

So why do we have SO MANY Iran lasters, as in so-called Iranians who consider the human rights and intersts of iran last, who unfortunately are also incidently are opposed to the monarchy and misrepresent the monarchy??????  Do they honestly believe the USA does not love IRI for Iran, did not bring them to power, isn't busy spreading extremism????? 

Back to the Issue of this blog before all the diversion, "Is the West Taking Sides Before it has conducted an open study of the situation?"

Make up your own minds, answer for your selves and if you have nothing constructive to say, keep your distractions to yourself. 

Lets face it crimes are going on in Syria Today.  No one can condone it or justify it.  Syrians deserve better than this brutality no matter who is behind it.  The important issue is how do we remove the IRI, when the USA loves extremism for Iran and as we clearly see they have done a great job of using their media to manufacture raving fans for their politics.

Reflect on this, Amir1973, Mousa67, MK, AO, Vildemose, were you proportionally condemning to the same degree the USA as you are Assad, who's fascist corporate controlled news you are robotically following with out question during the time when the USA/UK were committing somewhere on the scale of 500 times the carnage going on in Syria , In Iraq? 

Be fair.

Was bringing a govt imposed by the USA at gun point, which unlike Iraqi history the usa also imposed sharia law based on anti-secular values on Iraqi's really something you support?

Do you agree with A US hardman in power in Iraq, receiving as much scrutiny for his actions in the western media as other USA allies like the king of saudi arabia or king of kuwait receive for their actions?




   Satellite Images

by vildemose on


 Satellite Images Show Syrian Army Siege of Houla (BBC)

As I predicted, the Houla massacre knocked some Syrians off their fence. Earlier this week, Sunni merchants of some quarters of Damascus staged a general strike, declining to open their shops. These Sunni merchants are a backbone of the regime, and they were risking government contracts by this protest. The regime is losing more and more of the country.

A dark cloud on the horizon is the possibility of direct intervention in Syria, or on the Lebanon-Syrian border, by Israel. Any such Israeli action would destroy the uprising, making it impossible for Syrians on the fence to oppose the Baath regime, since that would make them de facto allies ..



All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


hamsade jaan,

by AMIR1973 on

There is a large pro-Press TV, pro-Russia Today/Putin, pro-Assad, and pro-Qaddafi contingent among Iranian monarchists. In fact, I hear that the Iranian monarchists residing in the UK tend to associate with George Galloway, whose positions are also very pro-Press TV, pro-Russia Today/Putin, pro-Assad, and pro-Qaddafi.

hamsade ghadimi

to be fair amir, the "russia

by hamsade ghadimi on

to be fair amir, the "russia today" news should be attributed to iri's "press tv" and not to original news reporting of "russia today."  by the way, "press tv" is the number one reliable news source for monarchists.  just ask d. kadivar. ;)


It's worth checking "APFSM's" links to see dishonesty in action

by AMIR1973 on

Here is what Mr "APFSM" claimed:

"The mostly Alawites that were murdered are some of the most pro-Assad pro-Syrian people.

Why would the Syrian government kill people that represent its strongest supporters?"

Here is what the link from Russia Today says:

"Iran’s Press TV conducted an interview with Syed Ali Wasif, from the Society for International Reforms and Research. Wasif argued it was unlikely that Syrian forces would attack innocent civilians in a region that has shown strong support for the government.

“This was a premeditated, pre-orchestrated component of NATO foreign policy…with regard to this premeditated action and this murder, killing a hundred people there,” Wasif argued. “How could the Syrian government kill its own people when [those killed in the massacre] represent the Alawites…and all other pro-Syrian people?”

Nowhere is there any mention of "mostly Alawites" being murdered (as falsely claimed by Mr. APFSM), not even on Russia Today.

According to the BBC link:

"One opposition activist from the area, Hamza Omar, told the BBC: "The shabiha militias attacked the houses. They had no mercy. We took pictures of children, under 10 years [old] their hands tied, and shot at close range."

If that is the case, it is possible the killers were drawn from a string of largely Alawite villages to the south of Houla region."

I suppose it is possible to make an honest mistake between "the killers were drawn from s string of largely Alawite villages" and "mostly Alawites" were murdered. Sure, it is.


basiji is symbol of

by مآمور on

sacrifices , bravery, and resistance, I would be honored if in my upcoming trip to Iran, which u said u will be coming with me!! will u?? Ahmadi would hand me the credential!!

oh yeah always......bring it on.....

I wear an Omega watch


mousa67, your comment makes sense,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

First Some can't imagine a monarchist being left wing,

second the world media is united in its reporting which is not documented thats the point.

mousa67 the person with the biggest gun is saying what the documented facts are.

Remember Ossetia, when the USA/world condemned the russian advance saying it was unprovoked, only to realize that russia has the biggest gun on her border and said that its peace keepers and civilians were attacked first, that has now become the official story, though it was not the month that it happened.

Its not okay for iranians to have no doubts regarding what they read.  True Syria is a ally of IRI, but Syria being take down doesn't necessarily mean IRI being taken down/weakened, because the USA has shown it will negotiate and do anything to keep their own monstrosity in power in Iran, including implementing policies that weaken the people and strenghten the IRI as they are doing right now.  If they were serious about IRI, the USA would have done what it did to mossadegh/cut off all income and create a series of massive unmanageable shocks to the regime.  So i guess I am a touch anti-US M.E. policy and Assad is benefitting, its not that i support him as you say. 


First Name calling then asking for a helping hand, so dishonest

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Amir1973 you could just go to the sites and see the "questionable facts" listed all over the place?

On Houla being sunni majority like rest of country yet ringed with the minority alawites  //

On massacred being alawites //

On style of massacre like Iraq //

On syrian militarys review //

Before any proven facts come out on who the victims are, is the USA taking sides and pointing fingers?????? 

Based on what happened in Iran and Iraq, houla is similar to the work of religous extremists seeking power... then I see the USA which is the worlds largest covert supporter of religious extremist groups is not neutral at all, and however I am not ruling out other possibilities. 

Lets not forget who delivered the present of Khomeini to Iran Amir1973, //

and who has kept them in place ever since.  The Mullahs don't even deny this as they are the ones who are most responsible for providing hard evidence of US covert actions/conspiracies against Iranians, namely by painstakingly putting togehter all the US embassy files that were shredded by marines over a 15 year period, proving the extent of US help to khomeini, even though khomeini betrayed carter after he got what he wanted.  The organization behind planning khomeini was not in Iran.

MK: If anyone believes anything coming out of the mouth of a JM Saint Mossadegh follower or an Akhoond its because they are not Iranian, as for Iranians getting expert opinion from either group isn't worth that much at all. 


Anonymous Observer

Just when I thought some Iranians couldn't get any nuttier

by Anonymous Observer on

I was proven wrong by Mr. APFSM.

BTW, The victims in Houla were Sunnis.  The attackers were Shia and Alawite:


hamsade ghadimi

هله هولهٔ خبری هولا

hamsade ghadimi

هله هولهٔ خبری هولا از "ممد مهدی برای دموکراسی‌ دینی" به نام مستعار "امیر پرویز" برای مصرف و ادامه صحبت سایرین ارتش سایبری.

ای دختر صحرا نیلوفر، وای نیلوفر...



mr lion king: since you also live in london.

by mousa67 on

can you tell mamoor joon to: yes, i cant get her out of my mind , since the day she told me on fred's blog: "bring it on", & "go back to pre 1967 border you jew boy, or i wipe you off with my keyboard" . tell her i'll dump fati commando for her at any time. she's costing me $50 a go anyway. LOL

But seriously: why are you denying the very well documented & reported massacre of syrian women & children by asad forces aided by khamenei/ahmadinejad filthy shia child/women killing bassijis? i believe that is at least one reason people on this site(not me!!!!) believe you are a cyber bassiji.



The Hell at Houla

by Faramarz on



Houla where these massacres occurred are just down the road from Homs, the center of anti-Assad opposition. Assad’s father killed tens of thousands of people in Homs back in the 80’s and then leveled the town. Among the foreign journalists who were allowed to visit Homs and write about it was NY Times’ Tom Friedman who described the scenes of dead people and body parts sticking out of the rubbles.

According to reports by credible international reporters including CBS last night (through British Channel 4 // , Assad military first fired artillery into the town and then sent plain-cloths to kill women and children from close range.

To imply that the massacres at Houla were done by the opposition to create outrage and foreign involvement is either pure ignorance or a well-designed attempt to defend the Assad’s Regime.


Mr. "APFSM", prove your claim

by AMIR1973 on

My source was both the BBC and RT, and to be fair they are both something else when it comes to details.  

Provide the links to those sources and show that those sources prove what you claim they do.

Arash Kamangir

Syria has become the battlefield between Shia and Sunni

by Arash Kamangir on

Syria has become the battlefield between IR and Sunni forces such as Saudi Arabia, Katar, UAE and so forth. It reminds me of the war between Iran-Iraq. I think Syria will be a battlefield of these regional forces for years to come.


Amir jaan please forgive MK

by anglophile on

Poor chap! Since nobody sees any value in his writings to even critique them,he has to critique others - dragging the fifth rated Irano-American academics whom he represents into further embarrassment.

Just enjoy the forthcoming celebrations and remember Mossadegh whenver after a jllly good time you need to answer the call of nature.


Cherio :)

Masoud Kazemzadeh


by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dear Soosan Khanum,

I welcome honest and intelligent debate. But dishonest false flag operations are NOT honest debate.

In addition to being a political scientist, I have been a political activists since I was a precocious 15 year old. So I have been part of this cat and mouse fight first with SAVAK agents and then with the agents of the IRI’s Ministry of Intelligence. As YOU KNOW the IRI has Basij Cyber Army, the IRGC has its cyber folks, as well as the MOI has its agents. Remember last year, when the MOI sent the IRGC Gen, who pretended to be now against the regime who has infiltrated the group composing Dr. Alireza Nourizadeh.

As a pro-democracy activist, it is our duty to make counter-measures against the agents of the IRI. It is their job to infiltrate various groups and harm the opposition. It is our job to counter their nefarious activities.

Based on my 36 or so years of political activity, I am of the opinion that the person posting under the screen name "amirparvizforsecularmonarchy" is an affiliate of the IRI. If I had to put numbers to it, I would guess there is a 99% likelihood the dude is a paid agent of the IRI. There is 1% that he is merely a supporter of the IRI and kheili bikhar who wants to confuse people here.

I think that many anti-IRI posters on this site agree with my assessment.




OMG MK did you just say Monarchists are puppets of the USA/UK???

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Still Living in 1070's lalaland nonsensical thought.  The West Betrayed and Removed the Shah, because after 30 years of bringing peace, progress and human rights for iranians they were not able to control iran.  Name calling Monarchists as Puppets is very surprising coming from a JM Saint Mossadegh follower, who's approach of nationalization was causing champaign partys in the UK, it was so good for them.  Mossadegh was a UK agent who the UK then had to betray, because the shah sought and succeeded in receiving US political backing. Iran lost its rights of a percentage of Iraqi, Bahraini and Kuwaiti Oil as a result of Mossadeghs Populist approach, yet puppet/servant at heart.


What a beautiful morning in London here today,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Good to see some passionate debate going on here. 

I feel like people put too much bellief in the Corporate controlled media

I'm called presstv, the IRI, liar and a lion with so much time on my hands, of which having time on my hands is so true, I spend lots of my time traveling, when I'm not on IC I like  walking my dogs in hampstead and getting my face licked by them... but I'd have to be lying about that too because I am from the IRI LOL.


Sassan1, you have a point, there are some that are genuinely Syrian opposition, though many of the people who support the opposition are satisfied with the concessions made by Assad.

The elements of the opposition that have been cultivated with funding from abroad are being encouraged to push this to a civil war and ask for assistance, however they do not represent most of the people or most/the majority of those doing the fighting in Syria.

There has been lots of reporting done on the camps in jordon and turkey training foreign fighters, thousands from libya, al quaeda etc.

MK: Most of the Monarchists I know in the USA are liberals or socialists, here in London its more even.  Some of the Monarchists that worked on the teams to elect Kerry and Obama would be disappointed in your making light of them.  Yes we monarchists have our differences among each other too, you should come to a meeting, you'd be very welcome. 

We are trying to get the message across that Monarchy/Republic is not the question of significance for Iranians today as our King wouldn't accept the throne without support from a majority of all our communities.  Monarchists today need to let go of the past in order to unite and focus on giving the people of Iran the choice through a UN monitored election across Iran once the IRI is brought down from within by the people of iran with zero foreign interference. 

Amir1973 you could be right on victims not being Alawites

My source was both the BBC and RT, and to be fair they are both something else when it comes to details.  It will be intersting to have this independently verified and for all to know the details of those killed.  Houla population is both of sunni majority and Alawites and Assads side says these were Alawites singled out and killed for not opposing the regime. 


Mousa 67:  Boy are you going to be so envious of me, I plan of contributing many more articles like these, we need to have less dependent servants in the Middle east, building our countries with more independence like russia, china and what Iran was doing with the late shah before he was betrayed by the USA. 

That way when the USA says it stands for human rights and democracy, yet in practice brings more pain and suffering to the planet than hitlers reich, we can work with others to do something about it.


i m always on your mind

by مآمور on

wowww, what a impact?? i put this on my resume as one of my accomplishment!! making ex-brave IDF hero fall for the head of all cyber basijis!!


 I wear an Omega watch


Masoud joon, you are 100% right

by Sassan1 on

I have been wondering why a person who is such a "monarchist" would be posting so much anti-American, anti-Israel, and anti-west propaganda. There is no doubt you are 100% and this is either a regime stooge or a paid member of the IRI AKA Islamic Republic "Cyber Army".


soosan joon, dont call me dear in public.

by mousa67 on

not that i mind, quite the contrary. only that mamooreh joon gets jealous and starts calling me names before flagging my comments.

btw. while you are here, do you have a british accent?

Soosan Khanoom

Oh mousa dear it is actually called being " beekar "

by Soosan Khanoom on

I am too commenting much ... Obviously I am beekar tonight ... 

now search for the word " beekar " I am not sure you know farsi




lion king joon: i still envy you

by mousa67 on

having so much time to write such long comments on this site. as if you do this for living. not that i am suggesting anything.


Soosan Khanoom

Amir to reply your second post

by Soosan Khanoom on

I should say generalization and accusation is wrong.   It is like you are at a concert and throwing tomato to the singer because you do not like his voice.   I mean stop throwing tomato at people !

We are discussing this blog.  So for now let us focus on this one .


Soosan Khanoom

Amir that is much better

by Soosan Khanoom on

Now it is up to this blogger to give us a source for this statement.  He must have read it somewhere ...  It is very hard these days to find a reliable source and the western media are no exceptions .  By that I mean their sources are also as reliable as their opponents.  I would also not trust any news agency these days.      

But at least Amir you are discussing something here rather than bringing up pointless and meaningless issues like MK.      


This blogger has a pattern of fabrications & falsifications

by AMIR1973 on

I wish it weren't so, but it is...

Soosan Khanoom

MK do you know that

by Soosan Khanoom on

There are some retard republicans who have been doubting the Ron Paul's the very same way !!   Calling him a Fake Republican ! Just because his foreign policy does not match the Neocons.   Basically what they are suggesting is that anyone in that party who is not an asshole is a Fake Republican ...  

Think about it !    


Ridiculous lies

by AMIR1973 on

"The mostly Alawites that were murdered are some of the most pro-Assad pro-Syrian people.

Why would the Syrian government kill people that represent its strongest supporters?"

The above statement made by this blogger and the "question" following the statement are both lies. Most of the people massacred recently in the town of Houla were NOT Alawites. The blogger is lying.