by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

Is it highly likely or highly probable that Syrian forces under Assads Orders would attack innocent civilians in a region that has shown some of the strong support for the government. The mostly Alawites that were murdered are some of the most pro-Assad pro-Syrian people.

Why would the Syrian government kill people that represent its strongest supporters?

Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the United Nations, spoke of “consequences” for Syria for failing to live up to its commitments, even before the identity of the killers could be established.

"The Syrian government has made commitments. It has blatantly violated those commitments, and, I think it's quite clear, as we have said for many weeks if they continue to do so there should be consequences,”

What if what is going on here is the USA is disingenuously taking sides against, the people of Syria and the assad Regime by having a hand in supporting the terrorists Ravaging the Syrian people??????

Wouldn't a neutral observer offer advice on how Syria should move forward while the peace process is being sabotaged by unknown forces.

Is selectively viewing the turmoil in Syria from the perspective of the opposition forces helpful at a time when the USA is delivering arms and training support for the Free Syrian Army, all of which shows the USA is taking sides with the oppositions objectives.

Okay lets hallucinate that the USA is taking sides for one moment? What is the USA's agenda? Why The Push Now when its own economy has been in a depression since 2007/8?
Who here thinks the USA is in it to support Human Rights and Democracy, When most of the fighters killing syrian soldiers are anti-secular sunni extremists?

There are many theories for why the USA is acting this way, all are trying to find out what the USA has to gain from being impartial and aiming to remove Assad & Villifying him while hypocritically adoring the King of Bahrain.

Is it to protect Israel, from the possible consequences from Syria on an attack on Iran?

Is it to help sunni extremists come to power and use them to start a war with neighbouring shia Iraq, thereby draining the money paid to Arab allies for their oil, back to the USA lifting itself out of the depression it is in?

What ever the reason, in an ideal world shouldn't human beings start insisting we all support what the majority of Syrians want?

All I know for sure, is that what the majority of Syrians want does not matter to a certain corporate fascist power located between mexico and canada.


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The answer is Yes, they are taking sides.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Assads removal by peaceful means by supporting secular democratic forces /not extremists I am sure is accepted unconditionally by all.

Questions to both Mousa67 and Amir1973, to get a sense for your honesty

1) Did you condemn Israel when it killed over 1500 unarmed civilians
of Palestinian Origin, when Obama was about to assume office? 

2) Were you asking for the Leaders of Israel to be brought before
Human Rights courts and ejected from power as you are calling for with
Syria for taking on fighters in highly populated areas as Israel also

3) Do you condemn the Free Syrian Army for fighting in Highly populated areas where retaliation causes large civilian casualties?


Nothing changed with Sarko leaving office

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

As is the case with the govt of USA/UK/France.  France under New leadership is the most adament on sending force to Syria.  While it is intended by the West to become either 1( remove assad for Sunni extremists or 2) a sectarian war, with Russian and Chinese intervention neither will ultimately occur, as #3) is happening #3) huge loss of life, majority of the Army and society are siding with Assad against Sunni extremists funded and armed from abroad.  Civil war like conditions, like in chechnya.  Eventual winners the State.

Title ask if USA and Nato are taking sides?  The reporting is biased so far don't you think Fonzy?


The title and naivity of the writer is sickening

by fozolie on

The writer does not consider the US making the same idiotic errors in its foreign policy which has helped make the world a very dangerous place, namely the use of Islam against Communism.  

Didn't the US pursue a dual containement policy against Iran using Iraq? 

And the MBA's are still making the same mistakes. I have no love for the Syrian regime and its supporter IRI. But let's get real here. The situation in Syria has descended into a sectarian war. 

US hands are bloody through its support for the Sunnis and indirect arming of the Sunnis by Saudi and Qatar.  Thousands will die as Syirans reap the seeds sewn but the colonialists since the Paris Conference (Iraq and Syria both countries where the minority was put in charge of the majority) to this day and the mad mad mad US foreign policy.

Mr. Fozolie

PS: at least that runt of a pimp Sarko is out of office.  


lion king joon: unfortunately i was turned down by mossad.

by mousa67 on

once i told them during the interview that the best way to get rid of an islamist  terrorist is to LOL @ him. i think the correct answer was something else.

but you'll certainly pass the the islamic regime's "agent's exams" with flying colors. LOL

btw. what's all this "ergh" thing? got a sausage stuck in your throat during queen's jubilee party?


LOL Soosan Khanoom, LOL Mousa67, this has become so fun

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Which organization does mousa67 sound like he supports,

especially in
following that organizations creed of defending the rights of others like MK to insult, personally attack, humiliate others,

therefore which of the following leaders is Masoud K likely to also say he a supporter of? 

A) MOSSAD-egh supporter

B) CIA-egh supporter

C) KGB-egh supporter

D) MI6-egh supporter



DON'T REVIEW ANSWER until after making your choice. 

Like 2 pea's in a pod., The Answer is M.O.S.S.A.D.-egh A)


soosie joon: my guess answer to your question to masoud.

by mousa67 on

masoud's agent detection device can only detect imbeciles. only islmic republic hires imbeciles as agents


Anahid Hojjati

Dear MK

by Anahid Hojjati on

If I were you, I would not waste time thinking about who on IC is fishy or not. Some people just have to write so they sound fishy. I have given up on thinking who is fishy or not. It is not worth my time.


Correction MK: Not all Angals are Nokar

by anglophile on

and not all Nokars are spies. This 'Angal' is No Kar (deaf)



Soosan Khanoom

Dear MK does this agent detective device of yours

by Soosan Khanoom on

Detect the IRI agent only?  Or it can be used to detect some other agents on this site.

For example

CIA Agent

FBI Agent

KGB Agent

MEK Agent

Admiral Aladeen Agent

Kim Jong-Il's Agent

Kim Kardashian Agent


if so please enlighten us. 



The Dictator On SNL  ...






Vildemose why are you engaging yourself in name calling?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Insults, name calling, labelling, you don't have anything valuable to say for or against my views?

You don't care to come and meet me at a monarchist meet and ask others what i am and what i stand for in their views/????  I can easily disprove your allegations, but not if you disingenuously put them forward and you/Masoud have zero intention of exploring your accusations and getting to a real answer. At this point I am disgusted by all the personal attacks by those putting up comments.


These posts look like the

by vildemose on

These posts look like the work of MOI. If it looks like a duck,talks like a duck, walks like a duck. Perhaps it a a damn duck (and not a pig).  

MK Jon: You are right. We do have two ducks desparatly  trying to sound like peacocks. Waste of everybody's time.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Shahzde is so funny,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

He is supposed to be a Monarchist, "Shazde", yet insults, personal attacks, insults monarchists.  At least he knows we are monarchists.

Then there is Masoud, who starts with name calling, insults, personal attacks and pretends he doesn't know I am a monarchist and he's all innocent, yet has completely shown no interest of finding out about me or coming to a monarchist gathering or sending someone to.

Shahzde and Masoud, if you have an issue with my views, beliefs, attack them, wrestle with them, disprove them, don't insult me or the king.  Don't enter a public domain like Amir1973 attacking my views/beliefs with supporting evidence from activists and then insult me by calling me a liar. The point is this, the USA/UK etc have both jumped to conclusions and taken sides based on no evidence, anyone who points out what is happening, is attacked.

I have said that the majority of those killed are alawites and supporters of assads regime, this is something that will take time to prove definitively one way or another, because it requires time for investigation.  At this point I have some evidence on the location being described as one with sympathies to assad and ringed by alawites.  i look forward to having more of the truth. As of now I know for a fact that the USA/UK and Amir1973 are taking sides and acting without independent info. As i said earlier to those who act based on no independent informaton, at least my source was not the Syrian Army and Assad, while your were opposition fighters and activists being funded and with strings attached to unknown sources.



This guy is like a Red Army guard from the Cultural Revolution

by Zia111 on

Amir Parviz, despite his claims of being a Mossadegh supporter, I think Kazemzadeh is actually a Communist. He sure has the mentality of a Red Army guard from the Mao era.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Shazde jaan, my views on APFSM and Zia

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dear Shazde,

I really think something very fishy is going on. Not only about APFSM, but also with Zia. Zia has been at IC for 2 weeks and 1 day. Just see what he has written so far:


This is a promo for the book that Zia posted. It says that the protests in Iran in 2009 were a fake protests made up by the U.S. Does anyone know that monarchists condemn the 2009 protests as bing made by the CIA????? The IRI’s hard-liners were saying that the protests were made by the CIA and they condemn them. Of course the Greens, JM, and the REAL monarchists like RP and all other real monarchists on this site and elsewhere were SUPPORTING the protests after the June 2009 elections. Now here is Zia who is condemning them as a nefarious creation of the bad evil U.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!




Amir Parviz buy this book

by Zia111 on Sat Jun 02, 2012 11:43 AM PDT

FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE is unique in presenting the evolution of
CIA tactics, ranging from its crude "coups" of yesteryear (as in Iran
and Guatemala) to its current -- and perhaps more insidious -- use of
"non-violent" electronically manipulated technological "crowd control"
via cell phones and (as is currently evident on the streets of Tehran)
. If Americans are woefully ignorant of the full range and
dangerous extremes of American violence around the world, of American
interventions into and manipulations of other countries' elections and
environments and economics, then there is no longer any excuse for such
ignorance. FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE is a "must read." To understand
pipeline politics, the critical importance of Eurasia to US defense
contractors, read this book. To understand how and why America has
become such a rapacious and violent empire with bases all over the world
and tens of thousands of agents provocateurs doing its dirty work from
Tibet to Tehran, manipulating elections, staging phony "revolutions" to
surround Russia with hostile Made-in-USA regimes, propping up
American-trained puppets or fomenting chaos from Myanmar to Congo andfrom Ukraine to Iran -- read this book!



and posted the following from Al Jazeera:



Do you know monarchists who are more concerned about Americans torturing those suspected al Qaeda militants in Guantanamo than those in Evin prison??????????


In his other post, Zia had a post he called "Marg bar Englis." And had a nice exchange with Nokar (sort of accusing him for working for spy agency of the British if he know better).



Maybe there are monarchists who side with Assad, attack the U.S. and British, and attack those who protested against Ahmadinejad as being a tool of the CIA's nefarious activities during 2009.


These posts look like the work of MOI.  If it looks like a duck,talks like a duck, walks like a duck.  Perhaps it a a damn duck (and not a pig).

I have not seen a pig that looks like a duck, walks like duck, and talks like a duck.  Pigs do as pigs do, and duck as ducks. 

In conclusion, I find both Zia and AMFSM fishy.

My 2 cents,




Shazde Asdola Mirza

Dear Masoud: you should never overestimate the IQ of monarchists

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Your 1st guess was close to the truth, as I have seen so many Monarchists turn into IRI people ... because of similarity in IQ and ability to believe in fairy tales.

Great example:



AMIR1973 you did not answer my question.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

You just Provided Opposition activists as your source.  If that is your only source that is PROPAGANDA, that means YOU ARE LYING, exactly what you claim I am guilty of.  Pathetic Belief system you defend, at least my source wasn't the Syrian Army or Government.

What evidence do you have or do the governments and free world media have, before they jumped to conclusions and took sides against Syria's Government?  PROVE YOUR CLAIM Particulars on the people that were victims themselves and their living relatives statements is a good starting point.

Zia111 you were very astute to notice that the people who go out of their way to personally insult others are likely exactly what they blame others of being.

We Got Kazemzadeh who will call me a IRI agent, yet won't come see me and ask about me at a monarchist meeting.

We Got Amir1973, lover of all things that harm Iranians like the USA, who calls me a liar and proves he has no information "right now, today" what so ever on who was killed, what they did for a living or what communities their living relatives say they came from or what their sympathies were. 

Up to this moment, here and today, all they have are Pathetic & Desperate Accusations with name calling. Honesty never mattered to them for others.  Reminds me of the USA/UK human rights & democracy never matters to them that they exist for others, they just want it for themselves.


APFSM: You are lying again

by AMIR1973 on

The link that you yourself provided reads:

"One opposition activist from the area, Hamza Omar, told the BBC: "The shabiha militias attacked the houses. They had no mercy. We took pictures of children, under 10 years [old] their hands tied, and shot at close range."


If that is the case, it is possible the killers were drawn from a string of largely Alawite villages to the south of Houla region."


The following link (// has a detailed account of the massacre and states: 

"He names several villages and later we are taken to a rooftop where we can see those villages from the overwhelmingly Sunni town of Houla." 


None, absolutely none, of the sources state that it was "mostly Alawites" who were killed, as you falsely claimed. Hence, you are lying. I have been wasting my time with a liar, something I will no longer do. I will not reply to any more of your falsifications and fabrications. 






Yes I said those killed were mostly Alawites

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I said it in black and white in the first paragraph of this article. If you are saying this is a Lie, false and fabricated, At this point in time June 3rd 2012 .  What is your source????

Please provide proof that says those killed were not Mostly Alawite.

Who were they Amir1973?  For example their names and addresses, what the adults did for a living etc and what do their living relatives not living around the area say of them etc.  Wouldn't not having evidence, specifically in the present moment, to support the claim that these murdered individuals were not mostly alawites show that you are jumping to conclusions and taking sides?

Full Stop.

To help you out google "background of those killed in houla"

or even easier click on this link

No offical source is disputing my assertion, the victims were mostly Alawite, at this point in time all the articles are by western media are not even addressing the victims background. Not knowing this and then blaming Assad.  Talk about blatant bias and taking sides.



"APFSM": You falsified & fabricated even what Press TV said

by AMIR1973 on

With your lie that most of the people massacred in Hula were Alawites. Once again, I demonstrated that you are a falsifier and fabricator. All the rest of your noise is an attempt by you to divert attention from that fact. Full stop. 


Who said what, Amir1973, does not make it the truth or a lie.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Does that point make sense?  I was the one that said where I got the information from, you did not expose anything, because i myself gave the sources. That press tv said it, that rt quoted it, that the bbs known as bbc acknowledged the area is one with sympathies to the assad regime and "ringed with alawites" and where the syrians had been fighting armed opposition, none of these make it either the truth or a lie.  Only an investigation will give info on this and no source out there has factually contradicted my belief yet.  Is the News of the USA, Fox, CNN more reliable in discerning the truth than the Cuban daily News, press tv, or south african press? Really?

I do like your quotes Amir1973, I hope you don't mind me making improvements to them.

What's wrong with endorsing the US Government and News Media's, bias/activist supported opinions as fact?

Nothing.  Nothing at all. Especially If its done by an Iranian who has experienced for the last 35 years the US policy of supporting and strengthening extremists while destroying prospects for human rights and democracy.



What's wrong with endorsing IRI Press TV's opinion as fact?

by AMIR1973 on

Nothing. Nothing at all. 



by Zia111 on

Put a sock in it.


APFSM: I demonstrated your IRI Press TV lies for all to see

by AMIR1973 on

I clearly caught you out in a baldfaced lie about the Syrians murdered by IRI ally Assad and your shameless attempt to falsify and fabricate based on distorting what IRI mouthpiece Press TV claimed. No amount of diversions or demagoguery can change the fact that I demonstrated your lies for all to see.


Zia, Anglophile, Soosan Khanoom, Kazemzadeh, Amir1973 Thank you

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Zia: For Showing me how to stand up and nipping intolerance in the bud.

Anglophile:  For having all the right words and expressing your concern for Iranians suffering under IRI brutality/tyranny.

Soosan Khanoom: For standing up for my free speech

Kazemzadeh: For Uniting all types of Iranians, through your slander, personal attacks and name calling.  And Showing us the Needless suffering that one individual can perpetuate just because they choose not to express honest remorse. 

Amir1973: For Being Civil and so Generous in your support of the USA and its ongoing crimes against Iranians.  This reminded me how disasterous unquestioned loyalty is.  If you need any recommendations for licking up to the USA, no matter how many syrians or iranians are murdered, you can have it from me.  


Kazemzadeh I agree with you and I thank you too!

by anglophile on

I agree with you when you say:

A true Mossadegh supporter could NOT be an agent of the MIO. A genuine member of the JM can NOT be an agent of the MOI. "


But who says you of all people are a true Mossadegh supporter or a geniune member of Jebhe Melli? Never mind that the so called true supporter or a genuine member are highly questionable to begin with but then you are not even recognised as a true this or genuine that! So you are shooting yourself in the foot!


I also want to thank you for brinfing various shades of monarchists so close to each other. We see that despite our minor differences we are in full agreement when it comes to our opposition to the enemies of Iran and Iranians - YOU!  


Raghi has some good points though misleads as she informs

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

at the end...

"the rush of the
Americans to embrace the Islamists has a strange flavor and a suspicious
scent, especially as non-Islamist movements in Egypt are being
intentionally marginalized and ignored. Perhaps this represents part of
the doubts felt by some Egyptians towards the Islamists."

The Is nothing Suspicious about it, the USA has been covertly and in every way been helping to strengthen extremism, because The USA hates democrats and freedom lovers like the late shah of Iran, who's team of non military leaders have always made clear that the Shah did not consolidate power, but gave them all the power.  The USA loves anti-secular extremists, which its secret service helps to cultivate and strengthen, this is the problem with the 33 years of US dominaton of the people of the M.E.

Russia is at this moment, the greatest beneficiary of USA Stupidity regarding Iran and may have the option in time to bring down the USA using the M.E.



Zia111 The Most Democratic People I Know Are Monarchists

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Starting with the Late Shah, who never, ever ever used absolute power even once.

Who Democratically sought the Interests of the Majority of Iranians and would stand up against any and all powers that were not serving the interests of the overwhelming majority of the people of Iran.  The reason why Iran had the largest growth in the world of education, health care and Middle class is because he was Irans democrat at heart.  He understood the foundations necessary for the democratic ideal to manifest in peoples lives and the importance of taking responsibility for giving people real choices that are free from coercion, manipulation or deceit.  When I saw Obama call him a Dictator 33 years after starting that lie, I was not surprised at all.

Their motives and goals for the future of Iran are no secret to me, because I know the real justification for why they betrayed the late Shah, a reason they will cover up for ages to come.  


Russian Agents in our midst??

by vildemose on


Russia wants to be the "sponsor of the new regime in Syria"



All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Amir Parviz & Anglophile

by Zia111 on

Do you notice how all the name calling and accusations on this site comes from the Communists and Mossadeghollahis. None of the monarchists accuse anyone of being an IRI agent. It is only the Communists, Mossadeghollahis and that Tea Party guy who do it.


Since when should anyone listen to anti-secular extremists?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

From the infamous BBC.


Annan warns 'all-out war' approaching

Syrian opposition groups said Russia was becoming part of the problem by supporting President Bashar al-Assad.


News Flash for Annan, based on the lessons of 1979, where all out war came to iranians as a result of the UK/USA/France betraying the SHAH for Anti-Secular Extremists, with participation and active help from JM and all other non-Monarchist Supporting Groups, lets not pretend that the western powers are not openly and through their media doing everything they can to get innocent Syrians murdered and push extremism for Syria like they just recently did for Libya and others.

Why should we listen to What the Syrian Opposition has to say? Have they been verified as either secular democratic or freedom pursuing??????  Are they Ghandi Like Figures of Religous Perfection as the USA intentionally presented Khomeini and the IRI to the people of Iran????

The only major world powers that we know for sure are not arming anyone in syria with weapons that can be used on civilians, like artillary/shells/mortars/guns/grenades/bullets (the syrian govt manufactures these for itself) are the Russians and Chinese, who are taking seriously the people of Syrias Future More so than defending Assads Regime.  The Opposition is using weapons suppied and paid for by which powers I wonder that are taking sides with them??????

Human Rights & Democracy, lets not pretend the west is at this point in time helping anyone achieve these, especially not the people of iran who deserve and could use the help to remove the IRI, which the USA/UK/France helped bring to power on Iranians for well planned and intentionally sinister motives.  When will the people of the USA say enough is enough and rebel against their Propaganda based Media Institutions which are deceiving Americans and giving the US Govt and Allies a green light to committ grave crimes on people in the name one virtue after another.