Adios Amigos


by Anonymouse

I'm just writing this blog to say adios amigos and senoritas. I was just going to stop posting but then I thought this morning to say my goodbye to inform anyone who may be interested to know why.

I will not be posting any comments or replies to this blog or any other blog for a while, if ever.  I used to just read and didn't send articles or emails, but started doing so when the new format changed just about a year ago.

We keep hearing JJ say that the moderation policy is so and so and it is not perfect and he inevitably makes "mistakes".  But I've come to the conclusion that these are really not "mistakes".  When you say insults are not welcome in this website and every now and then you write a blog asking others to consider respect and say you are tired of seeing these attacks, yet you let posters attack one another and actually approve their anonymous comments by letting them get filtered and then send them as approved comments and continue to do so even when others are reminding you these are insults, then I can only conclude these are deliberate attempts and approved policy.

We're pitted against each other like Michael Vick's fighting dogs.  In the name of nothing is sacred, everything from racism and KKK to defamation can roam free.  There isn't any point in debating the obvious, racism and sexism are dead and if it is alive it is because of the racist and sexist in power, but is has lost all legitimacy, this is deliberate for sensationalism.  Beyond the useless debate trading insults is just another low.  At least when Hajiagha did it, it was under satire.

We have to define what is an insult?  Is JJ telling us it depends what our definition of the word IS is? He is our best and brightest writer in this website.  Is he insulting our intelligence?  It is one thing to discuss virginity but it is another to allow a debater to ask another debater how many men his wife has slept with or that he is pretty sure the other debater has not only cheated but that his wife has also cheated on him too.  This is not an insult? Imagine Obama and McCain ask a question like this in a debate! Or any politician, forget politician, imagine you are in a party or get together and one of the guests ask another guest this question.

There are other examples and other posts.  This is just an example.  I don't need this shit.  None of the contributors need it.  No one gets paid here.  Everything is voluntary.  What is the benefit of having no defined policy or a half-ass one where others can insult the writer?  Criticism is good, harsh criticism is even better, insults is bad, it is worse.

I had positions where I’d come to work and see bunch of emails lined up with stuff I thought were wrong, but continued to work because I had to work until I found another position with less hassles and no-good complaints.  That was work, this is not work.  I gave JJ credit for putting up with a lot shit from the contributors and commentators thinking he must be like the rest of us, not liking these nasty emails and comments and he probably deletes bunch of them because they are too nasty.  But I’m thinking that he actually welcomes it and may even enjoy it. Everyone is different, right?

Anyway, starting today I’m going to start looking for other Iranian websites and mediums to see if I can find one where Iranians can interact with each other with respect and if they don’t hopefully the publisher has a policy that prevents abuse and consider it his/her job to stop insults and personal attacks.  If I don’t find one, so what? Life is still good. If this websites issues a policy that is clear and applies to everyone, it would be a nice change.  If not, it would be same old, same old dog fighting.  Let this website be run over.  There are still nice pictures and interesting stuff.  It is just not a good place to debate and discuss in a civilized manner.

Housekeeping note 6/30/09: the "anonymous" and "approved" comment that made me write this blog when JJ refused to delete it after I flagged it 2 or 3 times on different occasions was later deleted, much later, but I have the offensive quote in my response in that discussion. 


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Thank you Anonymoussss

by Souri on


I don't know you, but am so thankful for what you have wrote.  Fortunately there are still people like you here, who make us believe in ourselves.

It's a pity you choose to stay "anonymous" because this make other people accusing me of writing  that comment for myself !

But let them think what they want, I for sure know this  comes from a very dear reader, and am heartedly grateful.



I think Souri is...

by Anonymoussss (not verified) on

forgive me for interfering, but i really think that Souri is one of the nicest, most humble people on this site. she surely does not deserve this kind of talk, i have seen nothing but good intentions from her. your message to her, upset me as well. be kind my friend, a little kindness goes along way. also, beh ghol'e molavi:
az mohabat khaarhaa gol mishavad.



by Souri on

I'd suspected you were "Anonymouse" himself coming back here with a new name, but reading your comment here, I believe I've been mistaken.

My dear "Anononymouse" would never call me "khaaleh-zanak"...

Although this is the first time someone (in the site or out) say such a thing about me, I take note of your observation. Of course, I won't change my attitude because of one single opinion from one suspicious person, but just  take it as an isolated observation.



Souri Jan

by Khar on

Forgive me for saying this but you are too nosey (Khaleh-Zanak) azizam. Just relax, nothing is going on!




Dear Anonymouse

by Souri on

Hope you are still reading this blog. I tried to send you an email
but actually I forgot :D) how we could do it trough

I was in vacation the last couple of weeks and didn' t follow all the blogs. Just need to know what' s going on ?

Of course I read your blog here, but didn' t get what was the click that bring you up to this decision ?

Although this wasn' t a surprise for me that you want to leave but I could say I really miss you here.

You can send me an email to talk more. I' ll be glad to read you.



Bargard Bargard pashimoon mishi akhar :D

by Hassan kachal (not verified) on

Anonymouse barghard digheh roye "Nazaneen" ra zamin nandaz, "Rosie" fadat sheh az khareh sheytoon biya payeen

Rosie T.

Well since I'm so popular here, a few observations...

by Rosie T. on


ANONOMOUSHY: I haven't been speaking against this site.  Actually the two people you just lumped me with have been  attacking me for defending it IN THIS PARTICULAR CASE  (and that's fine btw)  Re-read the thread. I am not privileged. I am not privileged to be cast intoa pigeonhole with MRS. and WIFE.  They are married. I am single.

Anyway, I'm sorry you had unfair deletions.Write to jj and ask him why.  If you're not satisfied with the response, write a blog on it.  EVERYONE is still learning.  HELP them LEARN by pursuing the issue. Vigorously.

TO VARIOUS: RE MY LIFE:  My life has been a tapestry of red and gold and blue. (Carole King). You should be glad that there are non-Iranians who are so dedicated to this site. Because then when you go oh boo hoo boo hoo nobody understands our culture, nobody cares, everyone thinks we're terrorists in chador,you can always think of me to brighten up your day.  Don't talk out of both sides of your mouth.  It's bad table manners.

If I want to spend 24 hours a day here seven days a week, it is NONE of your BUSINESS.  IF I MAKE YOU SICK, DON"T READ ME. Get well soon.

SAMSAM:  you are an angel, you BASTARD (just kidding, private joke. Don't flag me LOL)

Red Wine:  How is your womanizing going?  Fine, I hope. LOL Don't flag me. Private joke.

Off-topic? Maybe.  But a little socializing is good for the soul.

Rosie Tozih

Explanation of Talkativeness


I feel like I'm at the Oscars

by TheMrs on

Just Say No :

You love me! You really, really love me!



by not registered yet (not verified) on

I think only registered users should be able to leave comments. that does not infringe on freedom of speech. people can still remain anonymous, but at least will think twice before posting their comments. i think that would create a much better environment to have constructive discussions.


American Wife, I Agree with

by Naseem (not verified) on

American Wife,
I Agree with you 100%!
Although my kids are grown, but I too have a life outside of cyberspace. I have wondered for a while when I stop by here ... where on earth do these people find the time??



by Anonymous for real (not verified) on

Folks, ain't it time we looked a little deeper inside ourselves?????????!!!!!

That is .... instead of constantly hurling accusations L & R?
Instead of getting red-hot inside defending the Solidified Ideas within,....can we just THINK ABOUT IT?
ALL of US!!!!

Just a Q for the self:

"DO I DO" what "I AM ACCUZZZZING OTHERS" of -? ?? ;0)
DO I?? DO I?? DO I??

Go on Ask yourself ...ask ...think... dig deeper and compare ... Do I do it? Do "I" ???

If no ans.
Ask around people will answer ya!!!



Ban Spoilt Brats

by Just Say No (not verified) on

LOLLLLLL! I was reading this brand new character's comments, thinking to myself: she sounds like a spoilt brat! And all of a sudden I realized it WAS a spoilt brat--our one and only Nazanin in Canada, only claiming that she is married now! Soooo funny!

Be roobah goftan shahedet kieh? Goft dombam!

Of course she would come to Anonymouse's rescue! She has some nerve talking about the delete button on blogs. She has also deleted her blogs where other people have left comments. In fact Anonymouse copied her when he deleted his blog!

JJ: I think the software should be modifed to only let blog owners delete so long as there are no comments on the post. Once there is even one comment, it should become impossible to delete.

I also think people who delete their posts must never be given the privilege of being featured on the first page. Let their one or two supporters go read them inside the blogs section if they must.

When you feature a blog, you encourage people to see it, read it, and get involved in the dialogue inside that blog. Once people do all of that, it is really not right for ANYONE to be able to delete a whole blog, lock, stock, and barrel, not even you. Please deprive spoilt brats of receiving the spotlight on the site. If you reward unacceptable behavior, it will only be repeated.

Last, I think this Mrs. Character was at her funniest when she called your replies arrogant! does not have a user more arrogrant or spoilt than Nazanin in Canada. Can't Anonymouse take her, too? Pretty please? Is it too much to hope that Anonymouse went to her khastegari for Haji and that she is now The Mrs. Haji?


Dear wife..I get your point but...

by samsam1111 on

your comment about rosie was kinda outa whack because there comes a time span in every ones life that you do a thing for a while outa change or habbit and thats called life too...example;

I,m 40ish and proune to middlife crisis changes..For many many years while being ultra busy & occupied with bussines & life..etc..when passingly checking sites like this I would think of em as buncha losers having nothing to do but yap about some mundane idiocy on gougoosh or dariush..until I broke my leg few months ago and outa boredom registered here to write a comment on an idiot blogger article but got hooked and wrote some blogs you see..this is part of life too...This site and this JJ dude might not be my ideal characters but for now will do until I pass this phase too...




by American Wife (not verified) on

You're only reinforcing my point.  Enjoying a beautiful day sitting on your laptop????  I'm sorry.  Perhaps my idea of a real life is different from yours or Rosie's.  I usually post at work during lunch or during a little teenie tiny break.  On my way home I'm stopping at the library to drop off, donate, and pick up.  I'm going home and will spend a few minutes with my husband going over our day... then we'll start dinner... then we'll clean up.... then we'll watch a little TV or play backgammon.  If I'm really in a vigorous mood, I might do a little ironing.  Then I HAVE to devote a few minutes to reading before going to bed.  And if there is time to sqeeze in anything else, I'm sitting on the patio by the brook watching the butterflies or listening to the kids playing Marco/Polo in the pool... or maybe calling family and friends on the East Coast.  What I am NOT doing is spending a beautiful day or relaxing evening on for  hours on end.  Enough said.

Damn... I did it again.  I swear I said I wasn't going to return to this post.  Well, that's the best and the worst of you just can't help yourself... lol



by Zebel the rebel (not verified) on

You avatar is very nice. TheMr is one VERY lucky guy. Congratulations and all the best.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

All of us are racisim,for example i am Bacheh shemiran and born there and i don't like many and many of shahrestani which destroyed my Shemiran.

Now is your turn... common... say us the true how i did it .


Dear American hot wife! & your rosie comment...

by samsam1111 on

sweety! I don,t want to butt in but your comment about rosie is kinda dumb!

""As far as it being a lovely day outside, did you hear about it online?  Cause it sure don't seem like you do anything else BUT post online.  Come on Rosie..""


Have you ever heard of the laptop? no..not lap can actualy take it to the park & enjoy the air too...





Avoid you?????

by American Wife (not verified) on

How, pray tell?  You're

As far as it being a lovely day outside, did you hear about it online?  Cause it sure don't seem like you do anything else BUT post online.  Come on Rosie... don't get your panties in a wad!  We DON'T read you (ok, I'm busted, obviously I DID read you but only only only because I saw my "name").  As far as your understanding me, I'm not sure why you'd even make such a comment.  I can assure you that concern over your understanding me is the last item on my agenda.

I have no doubt your clever repetoire will wound me to the quick therefore I won't come back to this post.  Your sarcasm is quite effective and I just don't have it in me to take that kind of shit.

It IS a beautiful day and I think I'll join the real world...


Rosie T.

Mrs. & Wife... JJ ...Mouse

by Rosie T. on

Mrs, iyou just spent more space replying to ME than to JJ.  Don't you find that odd?  I do.  What IS it about me that makes me so irresistable?

JJ: You said it before, Mouse will probably be back.  He needs the cheese.  We ALL need the cheese.  And WHAT could possibly be cheesier than this site?

Mouse IMHO, yes, you do. You need the cheese.  Oh sorry I forget. Just answer jj.  The rest of us are "the little people". He's a VIP.

MRS AND WIFE.  Maybe I can't understand you both so well because I've been single for so long. 

Ciao, people.  It's such a lovely day outside.

Rosie Tozih
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Going to Iran with Green Card or US passport?

by Anonymouse on

No I am not one of those JJ. I've posted here for about a year and my profile says 37 weeks, as a registered user.  So you know where I'm coming from. You know that while I've criticised you a lot and I have never said good bye before.

I am not one of those who leave for Iran fighting for a cause.  I am one of the contributors who is leaving because of the inconsistent policy.  I am not the first one, am I?  If I retaliate to something offensive that someone else has said, is that fair play or is that dog fighting?

Why should I have remorse about deleting that blog?  Do you have remorse for not saying something back then when you had a full day to say don't do it?  I could have just deleted it without any notice.

I will read this website like before, like before the new format.  I really loved it and enjoyed interacting with others.  But in the end it is just not worthed.  Just like it is not worthed to go back to Iran with a green card or US passport.  I have strong views but I just prefer not sharing them anymore until there is consistency.

Are you afraid I delete this blog or you just don't want to admit something is seriously wrong with the moderation policy?  I know you love doing your job but are you reading ALL comments? I sometimes see your chief editors leave a comment for you to approve and few hours later, you approve it and I can see why the chief editors wouldn't approve it in the first place.

Anyway, this is not a threat of leaving, who am I to threaten? Be man che? I am just as unhappy as leaving as those friends I leave behind, but everyone has some values and I am just not willing to stay here and trade jabs with bigots, racists, sexists and other joonevars just to continue a debate. Let them have their say, they can't have it anywhere else.


JJJ I feel strongly about

by TheMrs on


I feel strongly about deleting and why should moushi have any remorse. You put the delete button and it gives the logger control. If he wants to, he has the right to delete it. Those who comment know that blogs are deletable. It's like saying there is an Attach button but don't send any attachments you criminal you! WTF??? It's a button and he can delete it if he wants. You don't agree, take the button off.

You were playing with him? to kheily kalakiaaa...moosh nakhoratet



by TheMrs on

No I'm not happy. YOU ARE SUCH A DRAMA QUEEN. I said my question was rhetorical meaning please I beg you don't respond. But you can't help it.

Who are you to tell anyone about who bend over for whom, and I ask...WHY WASN'T I INVITED??? And it's not a race between who is more arrogant SHEESHHHHH I said he was arrogant get over it. Go watch tv or something.

And pleasssssssssssssssssssssssse give it a rest with platform, contribution, and bla bla bla bla

I can't take this anymore. You win just leave me alone. MEA CUPLA


Anonymouse: Didi barat che fada kari kardam? I stirred up nothing for nothing and a few people had a good laugh. So this is the point. This site is being run like a business, it's not what it was. A few deletes here and there, a few provacative subjects here and there. Some virgins and gays and heck a bit of sex to the mix and the site has more hits. So...stay please, don't leave me by myself. They'll eat me alive. Yad begi in Rosie chetori defend mikone JJ ro, I thought we were a team man, hala mikhay jeem shi ke chi??? If you do find a better about it.  

Jahanshah Javid

Open door

by Jahanshah Javid on

TheMrs jaan... I'm just playing with Anonymouse. He's just acting like he's caught between love and hate.

I really don't know how to respond to him because he's already passed judgments and decided to never come back. And on top of that he feels no remorse for deleting more than 300 comments from his blog. So why should I, or anyone who participated in the last debate, put two cents into this one?

It is absurd -- in my view -- to think that rough and rude comments appear on the site in order create fights between this group or that group. Or to drive up readership and make more money. The same with videos or articles that are provocative.

No my dear. I love publishing. I love finding and collecting interesting things about Iran and Iranians. I love people and things and ideas that are different, original, new, exciting and provocative. And I have turned it into the best job into the world: Doing what I love.

Anonymouse has strong views and looks like he plans to stick to them. He will be missed here although it reminds me of those Iranians with American passport or Green Card who decide to go back to Iran "for good": They know they can always come back.

The door is always open -- to come and go as you please.

Rosie T.

Wife, fed up with my ranting? So don't read me. Skip my posts.

by Rosie T. on

Why be masochistic?  Skip me.

I was away from this site for three months. I don't even post on that many threads any more.  If I am on one out of a hundred threads it's a lot. .

This happens to be one of them because the issue of who controls this site is near and dear to my heart. And I DON'T THINK IT SHOULD BE JJ.  Ask him.

To repeat: Don't read me. Skip me.

C'mon, it's EASY.  Really.  You can do it if you try.

Start now.


Haala Chera

by Anonymous4ever (not verified) on

Del-e- nazoket shekast? Khob Ghahr nakon....bargard barat bastani ham mikharam...

Rosie T.

Mrs., you ask why I "always" defend JJ. The answer is I don't.

by Rosie T. on

I defend jj publicly when he deserves it.  I criticize him VERY MUCH  publicly when he deserves it.  In fact I have been one of the MOST vocal critcs of the moderation system on this site because since this site opened for blogging I have nurtured it as though it were my own child. I am one of the people who is dedicated to bringing up issues of moderation/censorship publicly TO MAKE SURE THE ISSUE DOESN'T DIE because I believe this site should ultimately be run by its contributors and I don't want people to become complacent about that.

As far as criticing jj PRIVATELY, well....ask him.

 JJ DESERVES defense in this case. He bent over BACKWARDS to support Mouse when he wrote that critical blog about the site. HE LEFT IT UP FOR FOUR DAYS and Mouse DELETED it with 307 comments.


I will defend jj and this site when necessary as long as I can breathe. That doesn't mean that jj is not sometimes a big pain in the a-s. The two issues are completely unrelated.


Happy now?



Can I keep your logo since

by an amigo (not verified) on

Can I keep your logo since you're leaving and not going to use it anymore?


Hassan kachal...ghorbunet

by TheMrs on

Hassan kachal...ghorbunet azizam mersi. Age mishnakhtamet hatman davatet mikardam. The world needs your kind of humour.



by American Wife (not verified) on

Wow... I leave for a few days and come back to a hailstorm!  I'm sorry to hear you say you want to leave IC but can surely understand your feelings.  I left but came back... and I KNOW that no one gives a shit about me or who I am.  People DO care about you.  Even Zion will soon admit somewhere in the deep recesses of his mind that he misses you. While IC isn't perfect, it's no worse than anywhere else and in many cases, much better.  I went elsewhere and as I've stated again and again, my interest is non-politcal but purely personal.  My husband comes here and I wanted to share his interest and hopefully learn something.  I've gotten caught up in the quagmire and gotten my feelings hurt... gotten fed up with Rosie's rantings... gotten pissed off at JJ's dictorial censorship... gotten upset with the viperous bigotry and vile anti-seminism... but still I come back.  I hope you will as well.  I think JJ is getting a liiiiiiiittle full of himself and isn't worthy of the sarcasm but so what...

I am truly surprised at the attitudes seen here.  But then again, why should I be... we're all human.

Anyway. If you do leave, then I'd just like to say I've enjoyed knowing you.


Anonymoushy : ghorbooneh

by TheMrs on

Anonymoushy : ghorbooneh sheklet beshe in Rosie T, fadayeh hameh ke shodeh ham roosh. bebin, mikhay insult koni, email me directly. I am very curious to hear about how my language is offensive.

If anyone has ever moderated you for me, let me tell you here and now, I never knew about it. And now, I'm angry about it.