On behalf of political prisoners and nation of Iran

by fatemeholfati

Iran's much disputed June 2009 presidential election and the belligerent state and para-government sponsored terrorism against innocent civilians that has since ensured, is now regarded worldwide as a significant turning juncture in the tumultuous failing policies of the three decades of the Islamic Republic Regime. WE, in the strongest sense of the word, DEPLORE the violence, murders, imprisonments, tortures and rapes of innocent Iranians, and the trials of political prisoners of conscience and their coerced confessions under duress in the show trial and as shown on Television. We the undersigned request that the human rights and the UN agencies, the governments, and the international community support the following statement on behalf of the political prisoners and the Nation of Iran:
1- Immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners and cancellation of Stalinist style Kangaroo courts.

2- Immediate public apology by the Supreme Leader to the people of Iran and accepting responsibility for the massacre, imprisonment , torture and rape of the protestors.

3- Immediate prosecution of the culprit criminals responsible for the murders and atrocities inflicted against civil and political activists.

4- Immediate compensations for all the families of those civilians wrongly prosecuted, murdered, imprisoned and raped .

5- Immediate reinstatement of freedom of expressions and assembly and the press, as stipulated in the Article 27 of the Iranian Constitution.

6- Immediate and amicable resolution of the lingering Iran’s nuclear stalemate in an open and transparent forum that is based on the rationale of cost/benefit analysis for Iran.


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Islam goes to Hell .

Hi there ,    Your

by Islam goes to Hell . on

Hi there ,    Your dreaming to think you can have justice in IRAN under this blood sucker Islamic shitty regime , the only solution is the Military intervention with the help of internal Iranian opposition resistance which requires millions of armed  people to fight the Revolutionary guard and the Passdaran and sooner or later there will be a massive civil war againt these two camps , one the supporters of regime and the other side the denfendents of Democracy in Iran , unless there is a Miraculous third alternative to solve this IMPASS .   By the way if there are still million of other Iranian who still have not waken up to realise that we are not , and were not and will never be able to assilimilate the Islam to our Psychic and Culture then , it takes many more years ( i hope not centuries ! ) for them to awaken to these realities that Islam is not for US Iranians and all it's history and  creation is based MURDER , RAPE , CRIMES , and so on and on ........   Those Millions faction of Iranian population who are clinging to Islam thus so far so long are the real Hurdle and real responsible for keeping Iran  in this disaster that we are in Now . They put their heads under the sand and do not want or maybe can not see the facts of Islam , the reason would be 1400. years of daily prayers and practices of these Satanic verses ! it would be hard to remove Islam from the Psychic of a nation after such a along periode of historical brain washing by Islam and these fucking Ayatollahs , they have perfectly inatalled themselves in our Psychic , it has become a second nature ( subconsciousely speaking ) , when we are in trouble in the world for any reason we immediately are conditioned to refer back to our Subconsciouse and out of the sudden there comes the prayers of Islamic nature ! all these are naturally due to our parents and great great parents who themselves adhered to Islam and passed this disease to their children through education and the family surrounding  , Iran's problems are so many ! I am sure all these with Psychological Education could be mended and we can recover our Persian cultural herritage which was left behind 1400. years ago at Darisush's time .         Unless there is a massive Military counter against this blood Sucker regime soon , or we wait another 100. ! years for those religouse masses of Iranian to wake up and give up Islam .   It is a TRAGEDY due to ignorance what has happened to Iran since 1400. years , and we Iranians non BELEIVERS to Islam are suffering just becasue of supporters of this dirty , Arabic ,Barbarian of 1400. years of it's supporters in Iran .   The only way would be :    National Democratic Republic Of Iran .       

Lynn Wong Abdullah


by Lynn Wong Abdullah on

Immediately uplift suspension on those under suspension imposed by Basiji and alllow them to return to work be in offices, hospitals or universities and to allow them to travel freely.