Lies, more lies and Iran's nuclear project

by fatemeholfati

Recent events have shown beyond reasonable doubt that at the core of IRI philosophy, one comes face-to-face with systematic and orchestrated lies; it can beat any Hollywood script and scenario hands down. To combat such extreme ways of thinking i.e. the bigger the lie the more plausible it gets mentality, is Gobbelzian by design and is hard to beat.

Sir David Owen, former British negotiator in Bosnia once said "I have never been in any negotiation where there has been so many lies!" well Sir David, you aint seen nothing yet as the saying goes. The government of Vali-Faqih has proved they can be very sophisticated when it comes to spreading their narrative of deception. In the last few days under immense pressure from the world community they have suddenly become transparent again such that they now welcome Dr Al Baraei to visit the enrichment facilities at Arak and Natanz in short notice. Can we trust the stage managed shows by the mullahs? what is real and unreal are all part of their complex plot but can the world afford to listen to more lies?


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Russia has achieved its Tsarist goal

by azerbrown on

Russia has tried unsucessfully to reach the shores of the Persian Golf in the past 100 years by means of force, both in the WWI and WWII to be stopped by the British and the Americans respectively. However now Russians are the shores of the Persian Golf in Busherher building the Nuclear plant and helping IRI to consolidate its efforts to crush the Green Movement.

mostafa ghanbari

Thirty years of mourning over an empty grave

by mostafa ghanbari on


Dear Fatemeh, you are very  brave and articulate as well; and it makes the burden of responsiblity on your shoulder much heavier.

I do agree with your points about the nature of the Islamic regime and its astute Mullahs; but there is a very significant point which most of us, knowingly and unknowingly, ignore it when it comes to going through the Islamic regime and its alien identity and its sophisticated life during the remarkable amount of time-three decades. And that is our role(I mean Iranian people) in helping them to get more and more powerful and dominating; as for three decades all of us have been waiting for a miracle to happen and change the things for us; while it was obvious that there would not be any chance of living a better life under the Islamic regime and its really alien Mullahs since twenty four years ago.

My dear thirty years of hesitation and unstable attitudes towards our lives in that rich and great country, should not be ignored if we are really intended to make up for the wasted times and gone-with-the wind opportunities and aspirations .

We have to confess our faults and be brave and reasonable in facing with the bitter nature of our plaintive failures during the past three decades in which our country, our rich land, could have seen itself between the top five countries in the world.