Iran's Nuke fears and "Death to Russia" in Tehran

by fatemeholfati

International community's fears about Iran's nuclear bomb could be unfounded but the insanity and instability of the Islamic regime are sending shivers down the spine of the world leaders.

We know that Russian technical assisstance has come at a high price but there has never been any discussions of the charges  and fees by the Tsars ancestors at Keremlin who had annexed Iran's northern terretories in the past 200 years, the most recent being the Caspian sea. Th cries of "Death to Russia " in Tehran is a mild indication that people are unhappy about the support of Moscow for Tehran fundementalist but of course Iranian grass roots knows too well that in the chess game of international real Politiq, Iran is going to be the loser again. No doubts, USA and its allies will sweeten Moscow with a good deal of incentives to delay the opening of Bushehrs nuclear plant for more technical work! The German's shell of the plant, which is now about 35 years old, must be too ancient to be compatible with modern Rusian nuclear technologies, or may be not!

Iran's mullahs need urgently to convince Mr Obama that the alleged enrichment has peaceful aims. What Iranian people are concerned about , given the poor sate of the economy and lower rates of petro-dollars, is the price tag for Iran's Russian developed nuclear facilities.


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You posted,

by Ostaad on

"the insanity and instability of the Islamic regime are sending shivers down the spine of the world leaders".

Do you have any first-hand knowledge of that, or you just decided to let the readers know how the world leaders "really" feel because you just say so?

BTW, the last time I checked, Iranian banks were open, the traines were running, the refineries were refining oil products and, last but not least, the bazaar was open and functioning.

Do you call that insanity and instability?!!!

I sure wish the West were wise enough not to push Iran into the Russian arms any further. But at the end of the day, this is the West's problem no Iran's.