Implicit defence of the Islamic regime?


by fatemeholfati

The Editor,


Dear Sir, If the thirty Iranian interlocutors composing the letter ”Truth & reconciliation for Iran” published in the Guardian of 30th July had cared to read an admirable analytical article by Martin Amis entitled “End of The Ayatollahs?” appearing some ten days earlier in the Guardian of 17th July they might have possibly revised their piece which is both ostentatious and full of contradictory statements too numerous to relate here. How can any Iranian with intellectual integrity fail to perceive the significance of the post Election silent and dignified march of millions in Teheran when it was bloodied by Islamic thugs as seen on television monitors across the world ?? .Don Quixote once said “facts are the enemy of untruths” here I venture to exclaim some facts:

1: The clerico-fascist regime in Iran has been engaged in terrorism right across the world from Argentina to, middle East, to Lebanon and Palestine. It has poured billions of dollars into the coffers of dubious Islamic allies without palpable improvement in the lot of poor Palestinians who are still suffering under the Iron grip of Israel with little prospect of deliverance’. It has been responsible for the murder of numerous Iranian opposition leaders(ex premier Bakhtiar, Ghassemloo ...) abroad and summary executions of secular dissidents at home in line with Khomeini’s explicit edict that “killing -the enemies of Islam - is a form of worship”.

2:The Constitution of the Islamic regime negates democratic reform. Soon after the recent disputed Presidential election . the chief theorist of the regime Ayatollah Yazdi unashamedly reiterated his edict that the Holy Islamic Government is empowered and legitimised by the Almighty. Voting by people who are inherently “minors” is purely decorative.

3:Second only in the world for the reserves of Gas and oil with a capable and brainy young population Iran ‘s economy is in chaos today with corruption in high places huge unemployment ,alarming inflation and little accountability. The ruling clerico-fascist bunch can only point the accusing finger at Foreign imperialist interference. This smacks of threadbare absurdity . The Authors of the disjointed piece “truth & reconciliation for Iran” whose implicit defence of the Islamic regime defies comprehension aught to go back to their professorial desks, think again and come up with better excuses.

Yours Sincerely.

Dr. M. Sabetian. , past President, Iranian PEN Centre in Exile, //

This letter is written in responce to the following article published in the Guardian on Friday 31st July 2009

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You are a smart reader! but content is the response to you not the messenger!


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by k1s1000 on

It appears to many of us tha what occured in Tehran was the uprising of rich against the poor, not vote rigging.



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who is writing this? Fatemeh Holfati or Dr. M. Sabetyan who has signed the letter?



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great piece

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