Let's cast another type of vote

by Midwesty

What is the top priority for the Iranians inside and outside of Iran right now?

1- Economy

2- Human Rights

3- Nuclear Issue

4- Promoting  war against IRI 

5- Demoting war against IRI.

Tell me why you think so.


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Thanks MeyBokhor,

by Midwesty on

The number #6 has a hormonal imbalance cause didn't need to take a vote on that one. :O)



Economy 28.6%, Human Rights 35.7%, Nukes 0%, War 14.3%, No War 21.4%

Thanks all, let's keep it coming...I need more votes so far only 14 users have participated. We need more.


It's always the economy

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

For Iranians in Iran it is always the economy. As for Iranians abroad, it is option number 6:
6- Their ego.


Thanks Q jan,

by Midwesty on

Appreciate your input. It's delightful to see how diverse the Iranian community is.




by Q on

It's a no brainer.

Just think about the numbers of people involved for a second and you'll see there's no other choice. Also, I have neither the right nor the desire to make economics or nuclear issue a priority. Iranians living in Iran have that responsibility. All I can do is support them.

There is no way to peace. Peace IS the way.


Fouzul Bashi jan,

by Midwesty on

All opinions are respected. I didn't have any intention to have them close since it seems facts in human sciences are closely coorelated and interactive. Nevertheless, I thank you for your participation and the comments so I need to address the issue in my humble soon-to-come analysis.

Fouzul Bashi

... می وستی جان ، خدمت شما عرض کنم

Fouzul Bashi

Firstly, I find the closed questions problematic.  They foreclose the responses, as many stats do ;)  Secondly, some of the issues are so closely bound  that it wouldn't be possible to prioritize one against the other.  

Having said that, being a Fouzul leaves me no option but to take part in this survey. :)

I can only speak for myself.  As an Iranian living OUTSIDE of the country Demoting War against IRAN, takes priority.  Please note, my priority is to defend IRAN (not the IR) no matter what the system or who is in power.  If it is the IR in power, I would defend Iran just in the same way as if there were a secular democracy or a monarchy.

If I were in Iran, I believe MY personal priority would have been human rights.   I believe observing human rights and a lawful society can only promote the type of unity necessary to defend our country from external attack.  For me observation of human rights and lawfulness as well as being important in their own right are a matter of national security and our first insurance against foreign aggression. 

I was in Iran recently and although human rights and civil liberties are high on the agenda of many, Economic Considerations and security seemed to me to be at the root of many grievances of the opposition. Equally Economic Considerations seemed to be the driving force of many Basijis and Ahmadi-Nedjad supporters in the lower income and deprived sections.   

You could say, the first human rights are the rights to food, shelter, and work, the rest would follow at least a half-full stomach.  

That is why sanctions are the daftest idea to promote democracy in Iran.  They break people domestically and weaken them against external attack.  Drill this into Fred's skull for fun ;)


Shifteh jan,

by Midwesty on

Thank you very much for your input.

So far we have:

20% for the Economy, 50% for the Human Rights, 0% Nuke, 10% War and 20% No War.

Thanks all, please encourage others also to participate. There is a beauty in the sceince of statistics that politicians seem never like.

All others, please keep it coming.



Shah Gholam Jan,

by Midwesty on

Thanks for answering my call from the other blog, I appreciate it. I get you too have the top priority which is the Economy.

Thanks and Regards,



Ali9 jan,

by Midwesty on

Thanks for your comment, I get from your comment the top priority is Human Rights.

With Regards,

Shifteh Ansari

Human Rights

by Shifteh Ansari on

Human rights is the number one issue for Iranian people inside Iran and should also be for Iranians outside Iran.  Iranians inside Iran are generally frustrated with the Islamic Republic of Iran's management of the country, be it through its stupid economic management or the way their votes have been rigged, or their youth have been murdered and abused.

If we want to help people of Iran, we must help put pressure on IRI not through encouraging attacks on it, but through raising awareness about its consistent violations of human rights in Iran.  In the long run, this will work a lot better than anything else for ridding Iran and Iranians of these criminals.

Shah Ghollam

Midwesty, my two cents here!

by Shah Ghollam on

Though I believe the chices you putup are too constraining with limited usefulness, here is mine.

1-Economy: Because it have proven that given the choice, people prefer feeding themselves as their first priority.

2-Nuclear issue: rallying behind iranian rights will illustrate Iranians resolve and unity in defending Iranian rights on International scene. It will also send an important message that regardless of internal problems, Iranians are aware of outsider possible manipulations to weaken Iran as an independent nation and further give excuses to to Iranian enemies to militarily subdue Iran for the next century by transforming Iran into another pakistan, Saudi Arabia or Jordan. take your pick!

3-Demoting war against IRI: The war against IRI is a war against all Iranians with the cover of animosity against IRI as government. The west's reaction to Iran's nuclear wishes would not at all change even if Iran was a fully democratic nation but not a satellite of the West. In other words, the West/Israel have the slightest interest in iranian lives and for Iranians to have Human rights and Democracy (proof:pay attention to their satellite countries in the ME), they are interested in supremacy in ME in particular. Tomorow if Shaaban Be Mokh can become the head of dictatorial Iran, it is all fine to the West so long as he cows to the West on nuclear issues primarily. this is a fact and not a fairy tale.


Ali9 Akbar

For what it's worth...

by Ali9 Akbar on

The Prioritized list..... 

[1] HUMAN RIGHTS.... this should be self explanatory to anyone that has an IQ in the double digits or greater....


[2] The Economy this will improve for ALL IRANIANS if #1 is guaranteed


[3 & 4] Demoting [Promoting] War against the IRI....  with #1 and #2 on the uptick #3 becomes a non-issue


[5] The Nuclear Issue will be the Last Issue because now with #1 & #2 guaranteed there will be the assurance that all Nuclear energy will be focused on Electricity Generation and NOT TERRORISM….


Midwesty: Here is Juan

by vildemose on


Thanks vildemose

by Midwesty on

I will sure read Juan Cole's analysis and see if it's going to affect my analysis.. In the mean time:

14.3% Economy, 42% Human Rights, 0% Nuke, 14.3% War against IRI, 28.6% No War.


Thanks Anonymouse jan,

by Midwesty on

I won't have comment until I get all the answers that I can get. In the mean while:

We have three votes for #2, two #4 and one for #1.

This means 50% for Human Rights, 33% for War Against IRI,and %16.3 for the Economy.

Sound childish the way I am collecting the data, isn't it? But you'll be surprized when I analyze it.

Keep commenting please! I won't do this again!


For those who live

by vildemose on

For those who live abroad:

Demoting war against the IRI by not further antagonizing AIPAC or belligerent tit for tat spectalce betwen NIAC and AIPAC.

You demote war against IRI by talking peace with AIPAC. Let start diplomacy from abroad and that takes addressing the nuclear issue along side averting a disatrous war. You can't avert war without discussing the prospect of  nuclear-armed proxy wars by the IRI or on behalf of Russia to jeapardize the interest of US. Unless, you care more about Russia's interest, eh?

I suggest you read Juan Cole's analysis in that regard.



Human Rights. Cause millions of Iranian people in Green say so.

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


Thanks Anvar,

by Midwesty on

I didn't put the list in any specific order because I didn't want to imply any bias. I am getting so far two #2, one #1, and two/one #4. Based on my very limitted sampling pool I am getting 40% rate for who are for War against IRI, 40% Human Right's concerns, and 20% Economy as the top priority.

It is interesting so far. Thanks all. I am eager to see more votes through our honest but simple voting mechanism.


Thanks Jenab Sargord,

by Midwesty on

I see your point however we get back again to three pillars of the revolution, Independence, Liberty, and the Islamic/Utopian Republic.

I hodl my comments on this since I don't like to influence other who want to participate.

Thanks again!  


I vote for #2 - Human Rights

by Anvar on

*Midwesty* - Speaking just for myself, I’d say the issue of Human Rights is of the highest priority.  I’ll elaborate since you want to see my work to see how I come up my answer:

Through protecting and promoting (of all) Human Rights (#2), the country’s treasures and natural resources would be used for the well being of all its citizens.  One side benefit is an improvement in the abysmal shape of current Economy (#1).

The problem with Nuclear Issue (#3) is its possible military use and building atomic bombs.  Even if one was to argue for its defensive value (by dropping it on “enemies” who have no human rights), we must understand that in less than 10 minutes of launching an atomic bomb from Iranian soil, in any direction, Iran will be evaporated.  So if the authorities concern themselves with the Human Rights (#2) of Iranians (the right to live), then Nuclear Issue (#3) would never be a problem.

If there is no Nuclear Issue (#3), then no other country will ever be Promoting War Against IRI (#4).  No one will go to war with IRI to save our Economy (#1) or protect our Human Rights (#2).

If there’s no threat of Promoting War Against IRI (#4), then there would be no need for Demoting War Against IRI (#5).

Since the issue of human rights seems to have the greatest chance of eliminating or improving on the other issues on the list, I give it the highest priority.

Of course, I can be persuaded if there are other compelling arguments.  Share your conclusions of this social experiment.  


Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

1 and 5 are a toss up. However, since I believe the odds are against a war, I choose 1. The economy should be the top priority, and President Ahmadinejad has recently made some surprising declarations toward this end. Whether or not he'll be successful or any changes will be well executed is another matter.

But the economy is in need of improvement. That said, a big wrench may be on the horizon in the form of additional sanctions. Hopefully China will help spare us the worst, but it's tough relying on others.  

Still, Iranians always find a way. Remember the Imposed War. 



by Midwesty on

We should learn from Americans how they protect their freedom by participating positively in social movements. If you don't dare in this free land to take action against a few coward bunch who live 10,000 miles away from us, how on earth you want to protect Iraninas inside of the country. 


Thanks Bavafa,

by Midwesty on

I appreciate your vote and comments. I hope other people would follow your lead and leave comments.


number 5

by Bavafa on

I am not inside Iran so I can not speak for them but from outside my top priority would be number 5 (Demoting war against IRI) …. Reason for that is that I believe in such war mostly innocent people will get hurt or killed. Those who are in power (on both side) will never see a harsh day as a result. Also, I don't believe that such thing will ever bring any thing good to the Iranian people, perhaps another dictator but nothing that any independent nation needs or deserve.




by Midwesty on

Let me know why is that, briefly please.



by Atessa on

For Inside...I vote for: the right to life & to breathe ...To existe.

For outside...I vote for: Promoting  war against IR