I support IRI and I Love Israel


I support IRI and I Love Israel
by The Prince

A while back I wrote a little blog asking a question from all IRI supporters, thugs and cyber dogs. //iranian.com/main/blog/prince/faati-you-got-some-esplainin-do

No reply came my way! A couple of them barked a little but nothing substantial to even come close to satisfy my eager curiosity.  So I started looking around to see how they behave in an IC environment. I conducted my research by watching their posts, reading their blogs and studying their replies to others’ posts. You know? watching them closely, sort of like those filmmakers on the National Geographic Channel who study and photograph insects and maggots and snakes and hyenas. Perhaps this way I can get some answers, I thought.  After a while, I realized that although I did not get the answer to my own question but instead, I might have stumbled upon an interesting behavioral pattern. It seemed that this group of parasites, demonstrate a perverted affection like behavior towards the state of Israel!

Almost on every post or blog or reply that they put out, Israel is on the center stage. It is as if they cannot get enough of it!  Like the poor Majnoon drunken with the love for Leili, no matter what others say or talk about, these poor souls only see the eyes of Leili, in this case Israel!  It doest not matter what the subject of the discussion is, they will talk about Israel. People talk about IRI killings, they go straight to the subject of Israel. People talk about planes falling from the sky like leaves in autumn, they talk about Israel. People talk about criminals in the hierarchy of this satanic regime, they talk about Israel. Tomorrow, people will talk about ice cream, I bet you anything they will still talk about Israel. They love Israel to no end!  Mind you, on the surface they condemn Israel and its actions, but underneath, you know it is the dance of love!

What they’re really saying is: “O’ Israel without you we are nothing! With what weapon, O’ Israel, can we face all these questions and accusations? Logic?! Hell No! In your absence o’ beloved, how can we divert people’s attention from the real issue and blame every unrelated matter on you? Without you, how could we have taken all the oil money from Iran and rebuilt Lebanon with it? If it wasn’t for you O' Israel, that blind fuck… sorry… make that, that great leader sheikh Hassan Nassrollah, would not have been a millionaire by now! Not having you as our partner, we will have to close up shop and move back to Iran, working long hours in the dark hallways of Evin raping and torturing innocent people.”….Come to think of it, some of these yoyos will probably consider that a promotion! After all, that crackerjack monkey Dr. AN got promoted from putting bullets in to people’s head to become El Presidente. Why not them?  They can kill people just as easy as the next guy!

Honestly people, hasn’t the time come for us to get together and drop these Motherfuckers like a bad habit? I mean look at Egypt!


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Demo, Iraqis have a democratic republic ( fighting was required)

by bushtheliberator on

With Saddam Hussein gone, Iranians can lay claim to haveing the most repressive regime in the ME. Their possible responses :::

#1 Just whine about it, and keep their heads bowed.

#2.Find someone else to blame for their misery.

#3. Arm themsevles,and prepare to offer their lives.If this is too much of a sacrifice,you can just stick with #1,and #2.




IRI is Israel's Bastard Child


Don't you know that the majority of people who are ruling Iran today are Jewish? From Ahmaghinejad who changed his family name from S... .. Why on earth does Ahmaghinejad call for the destruction of Israel? Because by maintaining an aura of anti-semitism, the Americans are forced to send that $3.5 billion unconditional check to Israel on January 1st. It's so that their New Year gift keeps coming every year. It is so that billions are donated to Jewish charities so that Jews can become leaders, scientists, financiers, professors, ... while Iranians are murdered, bottle raped, tortured, and forced to take drugs. Mr. Ahmadinejad is a servant of British-Israel mafia. They work together to plunder, rape, and murder Iranians and Iran.

People who got in the streets in 1979 shouting Death to the Shah were in essence saying: Death to Iran. 

A study has now shown that 80% of the mullahs were previously Jewish. Of course, now that its been exposed that Mohmamd's wife, Khadijeh was daughter of rich Jewish merchant, that means that the entire Shia line is JEwish -- Ali, Hosein.. like the idiot christians who pray to Jesus the Jew, iranians pray to Hosein, the JEw. 

get on with it people. open your eyes. Put Islam aside. Bring down this barbaric rapist Islamic despots who are training zombie martryrs. 

Who is supporting IRI? Israel and Europe. 


re IRI

by Delavar1 on

I think that Khatami is Zionist. But Rafsanjani is a Maoist as opposed to Mousavi being a spy for America. But Khamenei is actually a Bahai.

The Prince

Just for the record!

by The Prince on

Aynak, I fully and wholeheartedly AGREE with you. Sageh zard baradareh Shoghaleh!


I fully agree, support for IRI or Israel is one and the same

by aynak on

They both love to see a Mobark like dicator to justify their own brutal existence.

They both will suffer, with any real-democratic regime in the region.

Hopefully there is also a picture of Nothing Yahoo to cover these guys rear end, to complement the AN's picutre in the front.

May we all have good dreams.

The Prince


by The Prince on

I am guessing that I could or would probably might've agreed with you, only if I knoew what the hell it is that you are talking about?!!!

The Prince


by The Prince on

Thank you Researcher. I needed the laugh! "I am just an "IRI supporter" and must be stoned to death for daring to tell the truth!" It is funny as shit when an IRI supporter pretends to be the VICTIM of stoning.  By the way, you just proved the whole point of this blog! Thank you.



In the Honor of "Maggots"

by Demo on

The "Maggots" are all but GOD's creatures & are much more superior to those in the "neighborhood" who are blinded with their false prides & value their lives over other of own species' lives under the pretense of the self made "Locality/Nationality!"


Three cheers for the great "state" of Israel

by Researcher on

You forgot the "Jewish" part. How could you? Go back to your room and chant "Never Again!" 3000 times. May Moses forgive you for such a grave transgression against the JEWISH STATE OF ISRAEL.

It is true that nobody in the area has accepted Israel as a state but who cares. Well, let's see the countries that have accepted Israel as a state: Germany (that 's the one that murdered the Jewish people), England (that's the one that came up with an ingenious plan to throw the Jewish people out of Europe and relocate them in the Middle East where they won't bother the civilized people of Europe) . Well, there are other countries but they all act as one due to their financial entanglement. So, yes, it is a "state" alright. 

And why would anybody connect Iran's problems to Israel? This has been asked and answered a thousand times of course, but one more time: Open your eyes and ears and listen and see that Israel is practically the ONLY government asking for the annihilation of all Iranians (in order to protect the "state" of Israel against "threats" of course). OK, read that one more time - the only government that is actively asking for support to bomb Iran and has already succeeded in murdering Iranians through their ILLEGAL sanctions.

But what do I know? I am just an "IRI supporter" and must be stoned to death for daring to tell the truth! 

hamsade ghadimi

prince, you stated the

by hamsade ghadimi on

prince, you stated the obvious.  the cyber jihadists want everyone to focus their attention in solving the israel palestinian issue before that of the iranian people. a favorite place of gathering of these maggots is fred's blog. here’s one of these individual’s response to fred’s blog today (//iranian.com/main/blog/fred/goodbye-khalil) regarding the imprisonment of a human rights lawyer in iran:

"The same individual's life had long ago had been terminated if he would have had lived in the occupied territories & had defended "Palestinian" citizens by the the foregoing nation of "Israel" through a car bomb, an air raid, or in a prison cell." 


The Love Dance

by Demo on

Wish there was a way to translate the "Prince's" delicacy to "Arabic" and distribule among the Iraqis. The people there know first hand the meaning of the so called "love dance" after loosing more than a million of their own during 8 years occupation on the behalf of the "underneath love" nation! Imagine how the "Majesty" would have written his/her manuscript if the same had happened to his/her motherland! Just mind crippling! 


Never mind the blog, check the photo!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Exactly where  mahmood-bi mokh's head belong, on the tip of the masses genetiles! 

Thank you!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


You can't call them maggots

by Cost-of-Progress on

One of them complained about it when I called them maggots in a post and JJ deleted my post.

Since maggots are actually an important part of the nature cycle, I later apologized to maggots!