Last minute shopping

Last minute shopping

Photo essay: Tehranis preparing for New Year

by Farshad Salehi
19-Mar-2008 (4 comments)



Confessions of a Farsiholic

Reviewing a one-word epic

18-Mar-2008 (46 comments)
The first time I was fined for saying “Farsi” instead of “Persian” I didn’t fight the ticket because back then the action was all about French. French fries had become “Freedom” fries, ruining a flavorful shortcut to khoresh-e-gheimeh. Flag wavers claimed fried potatoes sliced lengthwise should never have been called French fries in the first place. There were “chips” to go with fried fish in England as early as 1864. Surely the US adopting fries in the 1930s, should have named this calorie bomb after her freedom-loving ally, and not after folks who would leave Iraqis in peace. The Francophile in me worried that the logic of Iran experts who said the term “Farsi” broke ties with prestigious Persia, could also apply to French culture>>>


Man of dialogue

In Memory of Hossein Alikhani

17-Mar-2008 (7 comments)
In addition to our shared interest in world peace and global dialogue, Alikhani and I shared something else in common: we had both suffered grievous injustice in America, and we had both brought civil rights law suit against the perpetrators of human rights abuse against us, in his case the US federal agents who abducted him and chained him to a bed for weeks, and in my case the rights abusers at Harvard University who framed me with a fictitious crime story in order to silence me. "We are comrades in suffering," I told Hossein one day and he chuckled, and I always felt he was one of the few people who knew the depth of my emotional pain caused by the blindness of American justice to my cry for justice>>>


Frankly, I do give a damn

Darius Danesh succeeds Clark Gable as Rhett Butler

16-Mar-2008 (one comment)
British Iranian Darius Danesh has been cast as Rhett Butler in Trevor Nunn’s musical production of Margaret Mitchell’s classic novel, Gone With The Wind, which opens at the New London Theatre 22 April 2008, following previews from 4 April – booking (*) to 27 Sep 2008. He joins Jill Paice (Scarlett O'Hara), Madeleine Worrall (Melanie), and Edward Baker-Duly (Ashley Wilkes). Danesh was born in Glasgow and educated at Glasgow Academy. He then went on to study English and Philosophy at Edinburgh University. His father, Dr. Booth Danesh, is Iranian and his mother, Dr. Avril Danesh, is Scottish. He has two younger brothers; all three were named after Persian Kings.>>>


How the sun came to be

[The writer is 10-years old]

16-Mar-2008 (14 comments)
Long, long ago, before time began, before you or I were in the world yet, before your parent’s, parent’s parents were born, in the deep forest Foofoo, in the heart of New Zealand, there was quarrel between the lion, the zebra, the kangaroo, the elephant, and all the other animals in the deep forest Foofoo. It was all about the sun, they didn’t have on. Mind you, they didn’t even know what it was, until the lion declared: “Why can’t I see my beautiful feathers, it’s no good having no light.”>>>


فرهنگ شخصی : ج

اگر از جمعیت ایرن جاهلان، جلادان و جاسوسان را کم کنید چندتا جنازه باقی خواهد ماند؟.

15-Mar-2008 (2 comments)
جهنم : محلی در آن دنیا خیلی گرم که آدم را شکنجه میدهند و بر گفته ادیان همه آدمهای گناهکار به آنجا میروند. مشکل این است که در این دنیا هم همچنین محلها وجود دارد ولی برای آدمهای بیگناه و اگر برگفته ادیان هر کس که میرقصد و آواز میخواند گناهکار است و به جهنم میروند . من ترجیح میدهم برم آنجا که همه آدمهای با حال هستند. جمهوری: حکومتی که در آن همه مردم حق و حقوق برابری دارند. معمولآ بهترین رژیم است ولی اگر به آن یک صفت اضافه کنند مثل جمهوری اسلامی منظور این است که همه با هم برابرند ولی مسلمانان برابر ترند و اینجاست که خراب میشود. >>>


Grandpa's Boy

Grandpa's Boy

Photo essay: Conversation with Kourosh Taghavi

by Mersedeh



Emissary of Love

A Conversation with Kourosh Taghavi

14-Mar-2008 (2 comments)
There once was one; and then there were none. Under the blue dome of the evening sky, apart from the presence of God, there was absolutely no one…. Nestled between the Caspian Sea and the Alborz Mountains, in the city of wolves, lived a little boy with his grandfather. The little boy loved to hear stories and his grandfather had many to tell, and so they spent most of their days together. Years passed; the boy grew up and left home to live adventures of his own; chasing legends and dreaming of giants. Along his journey, he spent many nights under the blue dome of foreign skies, far from his city and far from anyone to guide him.>>>


شیر آزادی

کو و کجا تا شخصی با این شجاعت برخیزد و از شجاعت او خلقی بهره مند شوند؟

11-Mar-2008 (9 comments)
مرحوم احمد بورقانی که البته من توفیق اندکی در هم صحبتی با ایشان داشتم اما با کارها و زحمت ها و خدمت های او آشنایی داشتم. به خصوص از وقتی که گشایش پس از انسدادی در جامعه ما رخ داد و مردم با آرای خود مردی را بر مصدر ریاست جمهوری نشاندند که از او توقعات بلند و بزرگی داشتند، علی الخصوص برداشتن قدم هایی استوار در راه آزادی و ایجاد جامعه مدنی. وعده های بزرگی هم از او شنیدند. ملموس ترین و دیدنی ترین بهره و بخش آن وعده ها، آزادی مطبوعات و مطبوعات آزاد بود. البته وزارت ارشاد در این امر مسیولیت اول و اهم و احسن را داشت. مرحوم بورقانی چنان چه همه ما اینک می دانیم به سمت معاون وزیر در امور مطبوعات در آن وزارت خانه مشغول به کار شد و آن چه که ما از جنس شکوفایی مطبوعات در دوران ریاست جمهوری آقای خاتمی می دانیم تا حدود بسیار زیادی مرهون دلیری های این از دست رفته عزیز است.>>>


My hero in the dark

My father took me every Thursday night to the only movie theater of the town

11-Mar-2008 (13 comments)
We lived in a small town in Mazandaran and my father was respected and well known. He was a busy man and I, as a little girl, craved to spend more time with him. My father took me every Thursday night to the only movie theater of the town. Our family had its own special reserved seats. Row nine, seats 10 to 14. Every time we drove down the main street, I looked for that place. The brown brick building with an orange fluorescent sign at its side. I would stare at the letters forming the word “Cinema.” I could find it from afar, could recognize its shape, and I envied anyone standing in the black line waiting to buy a ticket. I would gaze at the colorful posters of actors and picture their adventures in my daydreams>>>


We live in a different age

A superficial sketch of my thoughts

10-Mar-2008 (2 comments)
We cannot judge the past from the standards of the present. Everyone will willingly admit this. But every one will not admit the equally absurd habit of judging the present by the standards of the past. The various religions have especially helped in petrifying old beliefs and faiths and customs, which may have had some use in the age and country of their birth, but which are singularly unsuitable in our present age. The past brings us many gifts; indeed, all that we have today of culture, civilization, science, or knowledge of some aspects of the truth, is a gift of the distant or recent past to us. It is right that we acknowledge our obligation to the past>>>


Early celebration

Early celebration

Photo essay

by Jahanshah Javid
10-Mar-2008 (4 comments)



God without demands

Architectural gem

04-Mar-2008 (26 comments)
On the chest of the central plateau of Iran since more than 3000 years before Christ has stood a defiant warrior called Yasatis. Yasatis or Yazd is an ancient Iranian city that has survived many terrible events amongst them the Mongolian aggression. Although Genghis Khan did tremendous damage to the city and its people, he was not the toughest enemy the city had to face. It was the harsh desert climate surrounding the city that constantly attacking from every direction for thousands of years. People of Yazd are renowned among Iranians as modest and humble people>>>


Arbaeen in DC

Arbaeen in DC

Photo essay: Marching for Imam Hossein in Washington

by M
03-Mar-2008 (33 comments)



Being Afraid of Death

Can we learn anything from giving thoughtful consideration to our own death?

02-Mar-2008 (6 comments)
The premature death of one of my former students, reminded me of my own eventual mortality. Death is the most mysterious, certain event (not counting taxes, of course) in everybody’s life, albeit the most undesirable. Just as we utilize every conceivable scheme, legal and sometimes not, to minimize the payment of taxes, we also resort to numerous means, including unconventional ones, to postpone our physical demise. We follow a strict diet programs, exercise on a regular basis, take our daily vitamins and food supplements, avoid risky activities, and try not to miss preventive medical check-ups. When we get older, we do foolish things to pretend that we are still young, easygoing, and energetic>>>