Death & Revolution

Response to comments regarding piece on my wife Ezzat Tabaian

10-Jan-2008 (18 comments)
A death-worshiper sees death as the only solution to all problems of life, and his permanent war cry is, "Kill or be killed." We find death worship not only in the desire of the people for martyrdom but also in the methods and slogans of their struggle and sources of their inspiration during the 1978-79 Revolution in Iran. Especially, when the clergy who officiate the ceremony of death become politically active and after the "outside the zone" movement in Summer 1978 and "the nights of poetry" in Fall of the same year, gradually take the leadership of the revolution>>>


In our face

Innovative ways of abusing people

10-Jan-2008 (52 comments)
Human mind, that wondrous grey matter housed perspicacity, given time, has the uncanny flexibility to acclimate to almost any horror it encounters. It is a defense mechanism that the mind through rationalization, beguiling trivialization, begrudging justification or an outright denial preserves some semblance of sanity and avoids what is loosely termed ”loosing it”. The operating factor for this innate mechanism is time. Ingrained value system need time to adjust and go though a series of steps. The fuse box of mind trips and reboots with a higher threshold for yet more horrendous events to be pacified- all along tweaking that which is the essence of what is generally labeled human values>>>


فرهنگ عدم تحمل

ترور شخصیت در جنبش چپ ایران

09-Jan-2008 (13 comments)
25 سال از جان باختن منوچهرهلیل رودی (ابراهیم شفیعی) گذشت. منوچهر,همچون خلیل ملکی, اسحاق اپریم و دهها انسان آزاد اندیش و آزادیخواه دیگر , ازقربانیان ترور شخصیت در جنبش چپ میهنمان است , و دریغ و درد که آخرین قربانی نیزنیست. در سالگشت در گذشت منوچهر نگاهی گذرا به زندگی , و چرایی و چگونگی ترور شخصیت او می اندازیم , به این امید که این دست روشنگری ها تلنگری شوند برای آغاز دور ریختن اندیشه و رفتار پلشت " ترور شخصیت". >>>


شبحی در خانه

تجاوزهای خانگی در مورد دختران در ابتدا متوجه پدران و برادران است

05-Jan-2008 (38 comments)
کودک آزاری معقوله ای است که بحث در خصوص آن ، شنونده را منزجر می کند. کسانی که خود در طیف آزاردهندگان کودکان نیستند ، می اندیشند که چگونه ممکن است کسی بتواند نیاز جنسی خود را با کودک بر طرف سازد و از طرفی وحشت از همه گیر شدن و بر ملا شدن این موضوع باعث شده تا این مقوله در کشورهای نامترقی به تابو تبدیل شود. آنچه در این میان بسیار نفرت برانگیزتر است رشد و گسترش تجاوزهای خانگی است که بسیار کمتر از کمتر ، در مورد آن بحث و تحقیق می شود>>>


Love and the Revolution

I write to bring you back

03-Jan-2008 (25 comments)
Ezzat! January 7th is your anniversary. Fifteen years ago your heart stopped beating. I felt it in my heart and the earth stopped moving for me. It was late afternoon. Inside a booth I put some coins in the phone and heard your dad's voice, "She called us. First a man asked my name and then she talked." He did not remember what you had said. I took a deep breath full of trucks' exhaust in Darvazeh Qazvin Street and said, "I already know. She is gone forever. Her heart doesn't beat anymore." Where did I go? I don't know. 'Two days later, I met with your father in the park next to the railroad station. We walked together. The sidewalk was full of war refugees with their big bundles. He handed me your vasiet-nameh (will), and I cried. >>>



They did not come

02-Jan-2008 (one comment)
- Like always you have forgotten to cook rice for dinner, no?
- Who cares? Don’t stress me out. I still have time.
It is nighttime. It is cold. All day I have wandered around the house. I counted all the pieces of furniture in the house: the brown coaches, our dining table, the Piano, our carpets, our phones, all those paintings and books, my desk, my bed, my parents’ bed, our lights…
- Are you crying?
- No, but I wish I could cry for hours. Have you ever been invaded by the flood of memories?>>>


 شباهت های ناگزیر!

اسدالله لاجوردی , مایکل هایدن

27-Dec-2007 (3 comments)
مقایسه و همسان دانستن هرشخص و حکومتی با اسدالله لاجوردی و حکومت اسلامی ایران , شاید توهین به آن شخص و آن حکومت تلقی شود , من اما قصد چنین توهینی ,حتی به مایکل هایدن , و حکومتی چون حکومت جرج بوش ندارم , ضمن اینکه نمی توان بر شباهت های ناگزیر اینان , که در نگاه من شباهت های ناگزیر نوعی ازقلدری سیاسی , و تفکر و رفتار ارتجاعی ترین جناح مسیحیت و اسلام است , چشم پوشید. برای نمونه کاربرد و تایید شکنجه و شکنجه گری یکی از این شباهت هاست.>>>


ملاقات پس از کشتار ۶۷

در این‌جا، کوچکترین‌ و ناچیزترین جانی‌شان دست صدتا شمر و خولی و یزید و حرمله را از پشت بسته است.

18-Dec-2007 (10 comments)
آذرماه ۶۷. بالاخره بعد از گذشت هفت ماه، موفق به دیدار خانواده شدم. مادربزرگم، مادرم و پدرم به ملاقات آمده بودند. بیچاره مادرم فکرمی‌کرد که اعدام شده‌ام. بارها مراجعه کرده بود. به او گفته بودند که ملاقات ندارد یا این‌جا نیست تا این که نامه‌ام را دریافت کرده بود. مادرم اشک می‌ریخت. سراغ مرتضی مدنی را گرفت. با چشمانی اشک‌بار پرسید که آیا از او خبری دارم یا نه؟ هنوز پاسخ نداده بودم، گفت: ملاقات ندارد، دل‌مان شور می‌زند. دلم هری ریخت پایین. به خودم دلداری می‌دادم که شاید زنده مانده باشد. با هم بزرگ شده بودیم. بعد از انقلاب دیگر کم‌تر از هم جدا می‌شدیم. روز پنج مهر دستگیر شده بود درحالی که تا چند لحظه‌ قبل از دستگیری در کنارم بود.>>>


Soft war

Preparation for massive bombing of Iran

16-Dec-2007 (13 comments)
Hands Off the People of Iran (HOPI) held a successful launch conference on earlier this month. Nearly 90 members and observers packed the Somerstown Community Centre in central London. Comrades from many different political organisations and persuasions ensured that the conference was lively, with a wide range of views expressed and amendments and motions voted on. Iranian comrades played an active role in the discussions, helping provide the basic understanding of the situation to enable informed debates. >>>


Justice under god

The highlight of repression in the Islamic Republic starts with the Bill of Retribution

15-Dec-2007 (160 comments)
Justice must correspond to the necessities of our time. The penal system of the Islamic Republic of Iran is not in compliance with our society’s expectations. Our Iranian norms of morality and Islamic jurisdiction cannot complement each other. To describe how this system was mechanically imposed on our society, we must go back to the first years after the revolution of 1979 in Iran to see how the IRI steadily developed an ever greater repression with a growth in the number of executions and increasing violence throughout the country>>>


Call from death row

My instincts tell me that at the end of this black night, a warm sun is going to shine in the sky

13-Dec-2007 (68 comments)
Walls, only walls. I am surrounded by walls. I cannot forget any of the terrifying moments of these last few days. I don't want to think about how time is running out. Only a few more days... From the first day of my arrest, five years ago, until now, the sky is all I can see. During all these unbearable moments, I can only stare at the endless fences of my prison. I can only see its towers and its barbed-wires which pierce my heart. Do you hear the bleeding of my wounded heart?>>>


Dignity and justice for all

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights remains as relevant today and it was 59 years ago

12-Dec-2007 (3 comments)
December 10 we not only celebrated Human Rights Day, but also the launch of the year long campaign leading to the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The theme for 2008, the year long campaign is “Dignity and justice for all of us”. As we reflect today, there are many reasons to celebrate how far human community has come since 1948, in it’s journey of protecting and ensuring fundamental freedoms for each member of human race. The life of the declaration, conceived as an outcome of the soul of a world severely injured by the horrors of the Second World War has been a very dynamic life.>>>


Cutting rope

Lobbying against the death penalty: Interview Amnesty International's Piers Bannister

10-Dec-2007 (9 comments)
Piers Bannister, a researcher on the death penalty for Amnesty International, has had an active role in international lobbying for a global moratorium on the death penalty. A resolution calling all states for a moratorium on executions, passed at the UN General Assembly Third Committee in November 2007, leads up to a vote by the UN General Assembly. Piers, who has kindly answered some of my question about the death penalty in a previous interview, kindly agreed to talk more about international lobbying for the resolution. >>>


Life is cheap(er)

Mykonos murderers released too early

07-Dec-2007 (13 comments)
On September 17th 1992 four members of the Democratic Kurdish-Iranian Party were shot to death in a Greek restaurant ‘Mykonos’ in Berlin. Dr. Sadegh Sharafkandi, Fattah Abdoli, Homayoun Ardakan and Nouri Dehkordi who were in Berlin for a conference of the Socialist International were brutally killed on bright daylight. Now Germany and Iran seemingly are trying to improve their diplomatic relations by swopping detainees. This occurrence reminds us that in politics it’s all about interests, meaning making sure you are guaranteed of your current and future existence. It’s a very basic need and usually results into cruel unethical conduct.>>>


با خودم به بهانه ی زهرا...

دروغ می گوييم تا دست های به خون آغشته مان را بشوييم.

07-Dec-2007 (8 comments)

اعتراف می کنم که هيچ وقت نتوانستم هيچ خبری و گزارشی و نوشته يی را در باره ی زهرا تا آخر بخوانم. هميشه وقتی شروع به خواندن می کردم بغض گلويم را می گرفت. و می ترسيدم. می ترسيدم که گريه کنم. نه اين که از گريه کردن می ترسيدم. نه. هيچ وقت از گريه کردن نترسيده ام من. امّا آن که زهرا را کشت، می خواست که من گريه کنم. و من نمی خواستم. درست به خاطر اين که او می خواست. اين اندازه را امّا در سرگذشت زهرا خوانده ام که او همسن انقلاب است. انقلابی که آخوند آن را نربود؛ بلکه خود ما آن را به او تقديم کرديم.