Petty role model

While Mr. Bush wages war against ‘evil’ he is inspiring malice at home

12-Oct-2007 (165 comments)
One of America’s greatest presidents, Franklin D. Roosevelt, recruited a group of advisers from the prestigious Columbia University – they were known as ‘Brain Trust’. In their first one hundred days in office, the Brains Trust helped Roosevelt enact fifteen major laws beneficial to the country. Regrettably, today, Columbia under the leadership of a petty role-model, Lee Bollinger, is losing its prestige and has become a place of hate and discrimination. A noose was found in a lecture room of a black female professor>>>


The escape route

Iran-IAEA agreement provides US a major opportunity to clear up its genuine concerns regarding Iran's nuclear program

10-Oct-2007 (18 comments)
Iran's recent deal with the IAEA provides the best path out from diplomatic deadlock. Washington, however, seems set to miss another opportunity. Following intense negotiations, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announced in late August a new work plan reached with Iran, aimed at resolving all outstanding issues in Iran's nuclear file by the end of the year. The agreement was branded as "a significant step forward" by the Agency's Director General, Dr Mohamed El-Baradei. It was also hailed as a move in the right direction by most of the 118 nations of the Non-Aligned Movement who have consistently recognised Iran's right to a nuclear energy program>>>


 به بهانه اشاعه فرهنگ ایرانی!

راه اندازی جشن های نوروزی و تئاتر

10-Oct-2007 (12 comments)
جالب این است که این مراسم باز هم تحت عنوان اشاعه فرهنگ ایرانی برگزار میشود این جشنها و گردهمائی ها هم میتوانست موثر واقع شود اگر اشاعه بخش فرهنگ خردگرایانه ، انسانی ایرانیان در کنار رقص های زیبا با لباسهای مختلف و غذاها جلوه گر میشد. اما متاسفانه در این مراسم قسمت های با ارزش فرهنگ ما که تاکید بر همدلی انسانها ی مستقل از ملیت اشان دارد به نمایش گذاشته نمیشود.>>>


The burden on children

Only if the busy adults of this world would pause for a second to listen to children’s stories

09-Oct-2007 (5 comments)
I really wish that all the children of Iran and the rest of the world could at least celebrate a day of pure happiness. It would have been so joyful to see that for once, even if it lasts only for one day, all the children of the world were to live beyond the disputes caused by adults, who are making this world an intolerable world for human beings. Till when do the children of the world have to pay for the hatred that has conquered many of adults’ minds, hearts and bodies? Till when do children have to pay for countries’ poor economic situations? Till when do they have to die with HIV and other diseases? Till when do they have to face bloodshed and brutality of this world before even they get to experience a handful of some of the smallest joys of this life?>>>


Have it your way

Iranians are extraordinary people!

09-Oct-2007 (28 comments)
This may seem odd, but we must compare Iranians to others in the region, or other places relatively similar, and not to America or other developed-world countries. One thing is amazing, that I have been writing critical about Iran almost all the time and I even mentioned it clearly that I see myself as an Azerbaijani making a clear distinction between my own background and some others within Iran BUT then almost NO-ONE, commented or wrote that I WAS NOT an IRANIAN. >>>


The real story

"The Iran Agenda": U.S. Policy and the Middle East Crisis.

08-Oct-2007 (2 comments)
Journalist Reese Erlich grew up in Los Angeles just south of UCLA. As a child he used to walk up Westwood Boulevard toward Westwood village, past a stockbroker's office and the Crest movie theater. At the time there was no Tehrangeles. The Westwood legal offices I visited last year to fix my Iranian passport mess used to house the ultra-right-wing John Birch Society. As an aborigine of sorts, Erlich has no grievances against the Iranians who have colonized the Westwood of his childhood. On the contrary, he seems to delight in the cultural upgrade. >>>


No time to waste

Leadership of resistance movement

08-Oct-2007 (18 comments)
This situation calls for a prompt action and a pragmatic solution without getting into many details through endless talks that has not accomplished anything for our nation other than wasting time! Iranian elite need to participate actively in deciding about Interim leadership of a national movement as soon as possible by emphasizing on uniting factors and elements which are shared by as many as possible without insisting or expecting everyone to agree. Those who expect to apply rules of democracy on a resistance movement like an established democracy are asking for impossible and are part of the problem rather than solution!>>>


Secretary Rice thinks Iran is scary and boring. She’s wrong.

07-Oct-2007 (32 comments)
About this time last year, I was having tea with my teenage cousin Shirin in Tehran. We were celebrating the good news in the papers that day. Her name had been published among the list of admitted students to her “first choice” university. Her hard work had paid off and it was time to have fun. Iranian fun. She invited me to take part in some of the leisure she’d sacrificed to a yearlong preparation that was devoted primarily to studying and thinking about her future. Her offer impressed me - neither she nor her friends were the slightest bit embarrassed by my hot pink scarf with sparkly gold embroidery. I wore the Britney Spears of hijab. >>>


Ahmadinejad gets warm welcome in the Americas, south of USA

07-Oct-2007 (17 comments)
As President George W. Bush is increasingly becoming alienated from the American public and internationally is turning into a pariah, the leaders of such independent nations as Zimbabwe, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Iran respond forcefully to his heartless and mediocre rhetoric and his ongoing search for finding terrorists inside the U.S. and overseas. Just like the authorities in Israel, he ceaselessly looks for new ìHitlersî and invents many if there are none, to justify the systemís thirst for territorial occupation and murderous campaigns against the peoples of Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and maybe even Iran.>>>


Stop whining

... and start writing

07-Oct-2007 (8 comments)
We can’t force people to like us, nor should we be able to. There are millions of Debra Cagans living amongst us in America, and we cannot change all of their minds. Hating for them is as essential as breathing. Unless they have someone to look down on, they would drown in the misery of their own pathetic lives. Some people are just that way. They have got to have someone to kick around, belittle and demean, so that they don’t have to think about just how tragic their own lives and personal circumstances are. We just happen to be Debra Cagan’s whipping-boy.>>>


Artesh e Solh kojaast?

A haunting song on war & peace

05-Oct-2007 (8 comments)


ديگر قرباني نخواهم شد

تجاوز و اثرات آن بر روي زن ‌، خانواده ‌، اجتماع

05-Oct-2007 (2 comments)
زنان ديگر ‌، بدون آنكه لحظه اي بي انديشند كه اين حادثه هر لحظه در كمين خودشان است ،‌ با نگاهي قهر آلود به شخص مورد تجاوز قرار گرفته ‌، مي نگرند و اين در حالي است كه بايد توجه بيشتري به اينگونه زنان كرد . اينان هموراه لحظه اي را بياد مي آورند كه در آن زندگي شان از مسير طبيعي خود خارج گرديد. لحظه اي كه مي كوشيدند دستي را كه راه دهانشان را مسدود كرده پس بزنند . لحظه اي را كه عرق ريزان با دستاني ضعيفتر از بازواني كه سخت پيكرشان را در بر گرفته بود مي كوشيدند تا خود را رها سازند .لحظه اي را كه فرياد زدند اما كسي صدايشان را نشنيد ...>>>


Atomic Islamic Iran

Is the Islamic Republic of Iran attempting to produce a nuclear bomb?

05-Oct-2007 (15 comments)
To have or not to have nuclear weapons. This is the root of all arguments regarding Iran's nuclear programs. There is an argument among the people of the developing countries that while a number of countries have nuclear weapons, why should not the other countries have it? From this point of view, the rationale of depriving the third world countries from the nuclear weapon is that the US and the other main world powers wish to still remain more powerful than the other countries to continue ruling the entire world. This point of view suggests that the industrial and developed countries want to keep the rest of the world in the state of backwardness>>>


نسبت ما با احمدی نژاد چيست؟

آيا براستی حکومت اسلامی و احمدی نژاد هم بخشی از «هويت ملی» ما بشمار می روند؟

05-Oct-2007 (31 comments)


بطوری که می بينيم، «سفر احمدی نژاد»، همچون «کاتاليزور» ی کارآمد، وجود اختلاف و تفاوت عميق در بين اعضاء همين گروه «مخالف» را بصورت دردناک آشکار کرده است بطوری که برخی از آنها، عليرغم ژست های هميشگی شان، يکباره و بعنوان افرادی ضرر ديده، ادعای خسارت و لزوم پاسخگوئی به جسارت رئيس دانشگاه کلمبيا را سر داده اند. بدينسان طرح اين پرسش نابهنگام نيست که: براستی چگونه برخی از آنها که عموماً مدعی مخالفت با حکومت اسلامی هستند، هنگامی که در برابر کاربرد سنجهء سخنان رئيس دانشگاه کلمبيا قرار می گيرند، از شمول «مخالفان» خارج می شوند؟



A logical energy strategy

An anti-Imperialist case against a nuclear Iran

04-Oct-2007 (12 comments)
In the fog of justifiable panic, some good comrades, friends and allies are prone to (and do) argue the following: Because the Iranian regime is under fire by the imperialists, we must support whatever the mullahs do, unconditionally. That regime is involved in a fundamental conflict with the imperialists, and all other conflicts (those involving the civil and social rights of the Iranian people vis-à-vis their state) must take a backseat to this supreme conflict... Refusing to do the hard work, some of us have consequently fallen back on 'my enemy's enemy is my friend, god be dammed!' type of thinking; a mentality that, when adopted previously by western leftists, led to their defeat in one battlefield after another during the Cold War >>>