Evil de jour

The very people who are preparing us for another war are the only ones that are going to benefit from it

04-Oct-2007 (15 comments)
Now it is Iran’s turn; and the Evil de jour is Mr. Ahmadinejad. He is described as anything from Hitler reincarnate to the most dangerous man on earth. Never mind that he is not the head of an army, or that he has no real power; the main thing is that he is EVIL. Never mind that there are no Iranian troops in Canada or Mexico; never mind that he does not possess thousands of nuclear missiles; he is still the most dangerous man alive and we have to do something about him. It always amazes me to see that people, time and again, fall for the same old song and dance routine. Don’t you ever get a sense of déjà vu? Can’t people see that they are being, so openly, manipulated? Apparently not. >>>


Blame game

Why do so many people make such a big deal about Jews?

04-Oct-2007 (72 comments)
Why are so many people making such a big deal out of such a troubled nation, the Jewish nation (if we can call it a nation). Although Jews are pretty strong (especially rich) and so and so, there is absolutely no proof about all the things said and written exaggerating their power and importance. Iranians say Zionists (Jews) plot against Iran to destroy it. Many in other countries believe similar stories, though in slightly different, locally appropriate, versions. The richest man in the world is currently an Arab (search on Google world's most powerful man is a non-Jewish, Christian, American. Arabs in the U.A.E. make much more money than Jews in Israel. The Internet is full of anti-Jewish stuff, and Jews seem to be squeezed out all over the virtual world.>>>


Can I save him?

Ali Mahin Torabi’s story should shock and awaken

03-Oct-2007 (17 comments)
Today my friend in Iran called me. She told me about the imminent execution of Ali Mahin Torabi, her nephew. He’s 21 years old, and he has been declared guilty of a murder he hasn’t committed. He has spent the last five years of his life—since he was 16 years old--in a prison, waiting for his execution... He is still full of life and hope but my friend sounded so desperate. She asked me to help Ali. I write this with that task weighing heavily upon my shoulders. Where to begin?>>>


 اشاعه تفکر نئولیبرالی

از طریق دانشگاهها و موسسات غیر انتقاعی به بهانه کمک به ایران...

03-Oct-2007 (24 comments)
یکی از وظایف عاجل ایرانیان مستقل و عدالت طلب حساسیت نشان دادن و به چالش کشیدن این فرومایگان تسلیم طلب و خود فروشان فکری است . این » استادان محترم « تحت تائثیر فرهنگ فکری نخبه گرایی بعنوان بخشی از فرهنگ نئولیبرالی کوشش میکنند با اشاعه چنین تفکراتی هرچه بیشتر امتیازات جامعه بشری را در انحصار طبقه نخبگان قرار دهند . اینان از طریق ارتباط با جوانان در دانشگاه ها و برگزاری سمینارهای مختلف و با زبان آکادمیک سعی دارند با شیوه های متفاوت فرهنگ شرق را زیر سئوال ببرند تا نهایتا نتیجه گیری کنند که ملل شرق و جنوب بدلیل جهل و نادانی است که امکان پیشرفت برایشان وجود ندارد.>>>


 القاعده و طالبان  و  زیبا کلام

از این شخص نمی پرسند چگونه جرات می کند القاعده و طالبان را جنبشی اصیل و مردمی لقب دهد؟

03-Oct-2007 (3 comments)
واقعا این تاسف انگیز نیست که در غیاب چنگیز پهلوان که از دست طالبان های ایرانی در تبعید بسر می برد زیبا کلام به نمایندگی استادان دانشگاه ایران در مجلس یادبود احمد شاه مسعود رهبر ملی افغانستان و ملقب به شیر دره پنجشیر که عمری را در مبارزه با طالبان گذرانده شرکت کند و طی سخنان گهرباری! نه تنها قاتلان او را تبرئه نماید بلکه برای مقتول نیز یک تکلیف در برابر قاتل معین نموده و یاران و همفکران او را به پیروی از قاتلان او فرا بخواند؟>>>


It's time boys and girls

A good majority of Americans think Iran and Iraq are the same country. That's license to bomb.

03-Oct-2007 (9 comments)
Few years ago, in soccer field my friends and I played for years, I got into a huge argument with the perfect picture of an American. Fierce supporter of Bush, back when his popularity was way up in the 40 percentile, with his eyes closed and one of those who believed then and the poor bastard who probably still thinks that Iraq had something to do with the 9/11. We were going at it heavily about, well, me being right and he being wrong. >>>


شروع فاجعه برای ما

در صورت حمله نظامی محدود اما بی تردید نظام اسلامی در جایگاه خود تحکیم خواهد شد

02-Oct-2007 (29 comments)
آخرین گزینه ی آنها، حتی اگر آراسته به پوشش قانونی شورای امنیت سازمان ملل باشد، اما شروع فاجعه برای ماست. حمله نظامی به ایران کور کردن گره دمکراسی در کشور است. جنگ مستبدان واقعی امروز را به قهرمانان دروغین فردا تبدیل خواهد کرد. از آزادی ستیزان و پایمال کنندگان حقوق بشر در ایران، شهید و مظلوم خواهد ساخت. آرامش و امنیت نسبی، خردگرایی و شعوری که لازمه ساختن دمکراسی و رشد نهادهای جامعه مدنی است را با خشونت، احساسات شدید ناسیونالیستی و شعارهای ضد امریکایی و ضد اسرائیلی جایگزین خواهد ساخت.>>>


Accidental emigrants?

Bringing attention to ourselves as a peaceful and peace loving community with intelligence, integrity, and heart

02-Oct-2007 (9 comments)
We are, for the most part, law abiding, tax-paying citizens who are assets to our communities, but we tend to shy away from American politics, be apathetic to political developments, and disinterested in local elections. Why is that? Is it because over the past three decades each of us has been catapulted into this new land initially as a “temporary measure,” which turned into a serious, unplanned, and permanent reality? Is it because we see ourselves as “accidental emigrants,” not sure what to do now that we have stayed and have gone on to have children, businesses, and careers here?>>>


Blown out of proportion

All we hear about is the distorted version of Ahmadinejad's statement about homosexuals. Why is that?

01-Oct-2007 (52 comments)
A few days ago, I was home minding my own business, eating my yogurt (as they say in Farsi/Persian) when a friend told me over the phone that Ahmadinejad had made a fool out of himself by saying that there are no gays in Iran. Because I don’t have cable television, I could not listen to Ahmadinejad’s talk at Columbia, live on TV. I had to trust that the president “gand zadeh” as my friend put it. She was upset not only because of Ahmadinejad’s alleged statement about the lack of homosexuals in Iran, but also because of Bollinger’s disrespectful and rude introductory remarks. >>>


Inferior news for inferior people

The great propaganda machine called VOA

01-Oct-2007 (19 comments)
The history of propaganda in the US is as old as the country itself. After all, what else can justify eradication of millions of Native Americans on the grounds that they’re savages or enslavement of millions of others because their color is a sign of their inferiority? However, for the moment, we can look at post-WWII history and all the relevant US laws. VOA is controlled by the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), which also runs Radio and TV Mari (targeting Cuba), Radio Sawa and AlHurra TV (in Arabic), Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe (targeting eastern Europe), and Radio Free Asia.>>>


هیلری پولی

هیلری کیلنتون و مدافعان فرهنگ ایرانی

28-Sep-2007 (22 comments)
اخیرا در یکی از تلویزیونهای محلی شمال کالیفرنیا ( آپادانا ، یکی از بیست واندی تلویزیون فارسی زبان مدافع منافع آمریکا) مدیر تلویزیون به همراه ۳ تن دیگر ، خبر از تشریف فرمائی خانم کلینتون را به شمال کالیفرنیا دادند و به همین مناسبت کمیته ای متشکل از ایرانیان طرفدار ایشان اقدام به برگزاری ضیافت شامی کرده اند تا بتوانند بنا بر ادعای خودشان با جمع آوری کمک های کلان مالی خانم کلینتون را ازباغ منزل میزبانشان به کاخ سفید روانه کنند ! مسلما در آمریکا اینگونه کمپین ها صد ها سال است که بوسیله بیلیونرها و کمپانی ها فراملی مختلف تحت نام دموکراسی برپا میشود. >>>


If an imaginary cartoon becomes real

Nuclearization of the Middle East

28-Sep-2007 (7 comments)
In recent months, several Arab countries, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, The UAE, Yemen and Lybia have boosted their nuclear programs or announced their intentions for reaching "peaceful nuclear capability". But many experts believe that Arab countries -- some of whom enjoy huge oil incomes -- are simply preparing themselves against the Iranian nuclear threat. While deterrence is the main rationale for the measures this or that Arab nations takes, some non-proliferation experts like Joseph Cirincione interpret the nuclear surge in the Middle East to be a result of global powers' interests and their competition to sell their nuclear technology.>>>


زورآزمایی بدون برنده

مقایسه سفر احمدی نژاد با خروشچف در شبکه ی رادیوی عمومی امریکا

28-Sep-2007 (3 comments)
*خروشچف که در سال 1959 در شرایطی مشابه با شرایط احمدی نژاد در نیویورک قرار گرفته بود تهدید کرد که سفرش را نیمه کاره گذاشته و به مسکو بازخواهد گشت. این تهدید منجر به توقف فعالیتهای تبلیغاتی "جوخه حقیقت" علیه وی شد. دنیل شور ، تحلیلگر و مفسر اخبار در "ان پی آر" – شبکه ی رادیو ی عمومی امریکا – معتقد است رفتار ی که با محمود احمدی نژاد در دانشگاه کلمبیا و مراکز دیگر شد، یاد آور رفتاری است که امریکائیان با رهبران شوروی سابق در جریان جنگ سرد داشتند. >>>


Both Bollinger and Ahmadinejad came away with a handsome quid pro quo

27-Sep-2007 (7 comments)
On the surface, it has the trappings of a controversial historical event. Ahmadinejad assents to visit Columbia University, protestors of all stripes camp outside the gates, Lee Bollinger springs a rhetorical ambush on him, Ahmadinejad cries foul, public opinion is inflamed and polarized. Fierce debates ensue: Is Bollinger in the service of Neocon and Israeli interest groups? Was the invitation a stage for Ahmadinejad to legitimize his infamous views? Did Bollinger's critical introduction backfire and allow Ahmadinejad to steal the mantle of advocate of free speech? What happened at Columbia on Monday has spiraled far beyond the well-manicured grounds of the Morningside Heights campus, and like a steroid-fuelled game of Telephone, has totally changed its meaning>>>


The small voices of history

Limitations of new unheard voices

27-Sep-2007 (one comment)
It worries me to see only a certain number of Iranians voicing their experiences, stories and opinions. It seems to me that only a small number of Iranian voices are being heard throughout the world and the concerns of many other Iranians are not being disregarded in different ways. As an Iranian who lives in the United States, I worry that we are getting too distracted by our own voices and experiences of immigration, exile and nostalgia. I worry that many of us forget that Iran still has a population of almost 70 million peopleó 70 million individuals. Not all of these individuals are privileged enough to have a chance for voicing their own stories and opinions.>>>