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December 1999

December 27
* Remember?
That was me, that was you, that was us

December 20
* Sipping lattes in diaspora
By Shafagh Moeel

December 13
* Young democrats
Khatami addresses increasingly outspoken students
By Afshin Molavi
With photographs by Siamak Namazi

December 6
* Fast forward
Paintings by Aazam Harati

November 1999

November 29
* Qartoons!
Faramarz Rahmani's fresh approach to Qajar art

November 22
* Abadan 1999
Do you still recognize it?
Photos by A. Shahripour

November 15
* Let's not talk about sex
Zakani's ribald satire: what's wrong with the act of love?

November 8
* The plaid sofa
If keep lying there I can re-live all those moments and years
By Termeh Rassi

November 1
* Halloween 1999
Iranian party in Washington DC
Photos by Jahanshah Javid

October 1999

October 25
* Moving along
Youth ignore political upheavals
Photos by C.S.

October 18
* Reconstructing dreams
Designs by A. Reza Rowhani

October 11
* Div-o-Pari
Paintings by Aidin Hashtroodi

October 4
* Her eyes
"Her eyes were so black they seemed to drain the room of all its light"
By James Buchan

September 1999

September 27
* Doors wide shut
Photographs by Hadi Haraji

September 20
* Gharib-e aashenaa
Letters to Googoosh

September 13
* Spirits
The art of Aylene Fallah

September 6
* I was once an Iranian
Now I must grasp what it means to be an American
By Massud Alemi

August 1999

August 30
* Behraban brother, Napoleon
Early Franco-Iranian relations
By Iradj Amini

August 23
* Mission accomplished
Traveling to Turkey to bring my daughter & visit Rumi
Written and photographed by J. Javid

August 9
* Persian dreams
Reinterpretations of Ghajar art
Paintings by Rose Ghajar

August 2
* Sense of belonging
A need life should allow us all to fulfill
By Sally Amir

July 1999

July 26
* Taleqan
Getting away from it all
Photos by Rasool Nafisi

July 19
* Solidarity
Iranian rally in Washington DC
Photos by J. Javid

July 12
* The spark
... that ignited nation-wide student protests

July 5
* Real fantasies
Drawings by Bidjan Asadipour

June 1999

June 28
* Khiyaar chambar
Persian words in the English language
By Mansoureh Haqshenas & Koorosh Bayat

June 21
* Shamlu
A small tribute

June 14
* From Khomein
The life of the Ayatollah
By Baqer Moin

June 14
* Khomeini
By Jahanshah Javid

June 7
* Andre the great
Andre Agassi makes history with his French Open victory
By Jahanshah Javid

May 1999

May 31
* L.A. wedding
"This was bigger that Princess Di's"
By Hamid Taghavi

May 24
* From revolution to freedom
The young generation fights for what should be theirs
Written and photographed by Aria Mehandoost

May 17
* Jaat khaali
Searching for lost relatives, friends

May 10
* Casual moments
Photos from the Qajar era

May 3
* Travelers on one ship
An in depth interview with Abdolkarim Soroush
By Mahmoud Sadri

April 1999

April 26
* Laughing at the world
Poking fun at some very serious global issues
Cartoons & illustrations by Hadi Farahani

April 19
* Aftershock
A book captures the Iranian-American experience

April 12
* Beautiful Belgrade
Friendships amid the Yugoslav civil wars
Written and photographed by Jahanshah Javid

April 5
* 15 Bedar
Or 13 Bedar in Washington DC
Photos by Jahanshah Javid

March 1999

March 29
* In every direction
Images of a society that is far from uniform
By Nader Davoodi

March 22
* Iranian of the Year
Mohammad Khatami is the people's choice for the second year in a row

March 15
* Solitude
Sadaf Abbassian's electronic drawings

March 8
* Common sense
No one has chronciled Iranian events quite like Masoud Behnoud

March 1
* Monica & Bill
Photos in memory of the Lewinsky affair
By J. Javid

Februry 1999

February 22
* The self-made king
With a little help from the British
By Cyrus Ghani

February 15
* Summer of 78
Abadan - the way it was

February 8
* Revolution: 1979-1999
The events that changed our lives forever

February 1
* Revolution: 1979-1999
The events that changed our lives forever

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January 1999

January 25
* Pleasure in pain
Omar Khayyam's recipe for a smile in hard times
Photographs by Shahrokh Golestan

January 18
* Two-colored lollipop
Reflections on life in Iran and the U.S.
By Tara Bahrampour

January 11
* Googoosh
Letters to the most-loved Iranian

January 4
* Immigrants or exiles?
Identity and Influence among Iranian-Americans
By Haleh Vaziri

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