When and how?

US-Iranian engagement

30-Mar-2009 (11 comments)
On Nowruz, the day when Iranians celebrate the coming of spring and the new Iranian calendar year, US President Barack Obama took the helm of American foreign policy towards Iran and dramatically communicated his will to chart a new course away from the failed policies of the past. "My administration is now committed to diplomacy that addresses the full range of issues before us", Obama said in a video message to Iranians. But given the upcoming Iranian presidential elections in June, the real challenge for the United States is when and how to further engage Iran. Obama understands that there are vast areas of convergence between the United States and Iran when it comes to Iraq and Afghanistan, and many more areas where constructive engagement could produce tangible results for both sides>>>


Wall Street vs Main Street

Will we finally make lifestyle changes that the real world now requires?

30-Mar-2009 (one comment)
Yoram Bauman, an Economics Professor at the University of Washington, is well-known for his sense of humor. He recently compared Italian and Wall Street Mafias: "Italian Mafia are gangsters who make offers you can't refuse, whereas financial mafia are bankers who make you loans you can't understand, I'm not sure which is worse." Well, Professor Bauman, I can tell you the worse one is NOT the Italian Mafia. It is this Wall Street’s culture of entitlement that is hard to shake. Yes my friends, here is the punch line: Wall Street simply destroyed Main Street, pure and simple, and it is going to take years to rebuild it. The main root of the current crisis can be summed up in one word: greed, the first of the seven deadly sins>>>


Literary tranquilizers

Maintaining sanity, have some fun and enhance our survival and quality of our lives

30-Mar-2009 (7 comments)
I have coined this title for referring to my collection of the most potent, popular, brief and soothing words of wit and wisdom mainly Persian. My aim is to provide an alternative for ever-increasing trend in substance abuse or myriad of over-the counter or prescribed pills that are popped daily to cope with increasing stressful conditions associated with our 'modern' technological age. The greatest advantage of literary tranquilizers are their virtually no cost and lack of side effects provided that one gets addicted to them and loves them. Resorting to these should beat all other devastating addictions >>>


داد داور

سه مرد شیک پوش و خوش بو وارد می شوند و بلافاصله صندلی های جلوی میزم را اشغال می کنند

30-Mar-2009 (3 comments)
هر روز وقتی اتومبیل قدیمی پرایدم روشن میشود با خود فکر می کنم که آخرین روزی است که با این لگن به سرکار می روم. خیلی اذیتم می کند . از طرفی برای یک قاضی عالی رتبه ای مثل من دیگر افت دارد با این اتومبیل های قدیمی فکسنی بروم سرکار. وارد پارکینگ اداره می شوم، نگهبان مثل فیلم " عقده حقارت لاندو بوزانکا" از من اسم و فامیلم را به دقت پرسیده و کارتم را کنترل می کنند. لابد برای آنها هم عجیب است که من چطوری با این هیکل گنده در آن ماشین کوچک جا می گیرم.طبق معمول آسانسور خراب است و باید هیکلم را چهار طبقه بالا بکشم. باز کردن قفل در اطاقم هم قوز بالا قوز است. هر گاه به خدمات اداری می گویم که آن را درست کنند ،به نحوی می فهمانند که باید اندکی اسکن رایج بسلفم و گرنه باید هر روز زجر بکشم>>>


30-Mar-2009 (5 comments)
بارها در گذر درهم  بگذشته من
بسر کوی خیال تو دلم
                 باز تپید
باز با یاد تو دل شیدا شد
بتمنای وصا لت پرو بالی زد و
سینه بدرید
دیده ام باز بدنبال تو هر سو میگشت >>>


This heart
30-Mar-2009 (12 comments)
It aches from within
It pounds with every breath
Its waves pound the shores
The Ocean gods are mad
Heart that’s clear as water
Filtered through sands of life
Open to be hit any moment
Can not be otherwise >>>


The outsiders

Millions of highly educated Iranians feel disconnected from their own country and government

28-Mar-2009 (31 comments)
Instead of being motivated to be a participant and contributor to a brighter future their top priority is to find a way to leave Iran. Instead of voting for the next president they are voting to never to have anything to do with Iran. The extent of this alienation is so deep that it was not uncommon to hear some Iranians being in favor of Iran being bombed by Bush so as to bring about change. What does this tell you about the situation in Iran? It says that given the slightest opening, opportunity, chance, or circumstance, --- even being bombed! --- the Iranian people will remove those in power. >>>


Puzzle of Persia

Islamist tyranny in the land of moderates

28-Mar-2009 (3 comments)
During the post revolutionary period of 1979-82, after fighting and eliminating most of the internal opposition; ayatollah Khomeini and his allied clergies established their Islamist tyranny over the entire Iranian political, military, financial, judicial, and cultural affairs. Since then, a puzzling Persian theocracy has plagued the Middle Eastern politics and become a prime source of emulation and support for most militant Islamists. To consolidate their tyranny, lucrative industries, banks and major companies were confiscated and controlled by the Islamist instruments (Bonyads). The Iranian military was purged and then subjugated to the constant oversight and scrutiny of the Revolutionary Guards>>>


The Secret Agent

Part 1

28-Mar-2009 (12 comments)
My favorite game as a child was playing ‘dead or alive’ with photo albums. Flipping through the thick pages, I tried to guess just by looking at someone’s photograph whether that person was still living. Often the age of the photograph was a clue. If the paper was yellowing, or the subject was wearing something that looked like a costume, the person was probably dead. Sometimes though the clues were outside the picture. “Who’s this, Mom?” I asked shoving a black and white photo in her face. The subject was wearing a dark suit, and looked like a movie star. My mom sighed the way women sighed those days at Gone With The Wind. “That’s Golbaz,” she said. >>>


کدام زرتشت؟

انديشه ورز يا پيام آور؟

28-Mar-2009 (5 comments)
فرارسيدن ششم فروردين، زادروز خيالی (تصوری، قراردادی اما بجا و مفيد و خجسته) ی زرتشت، يکی از شخصيت های افسانه ای شده و جهانگير ايرانزمين، فرصتی يگانه را برای پرداختن به برخی از نکات قابل بررسی فراهم می سازد که من نيز می خواهم مقالهء اين هفته ام را به چند نظر گذرا در همين زمينه اختصاص دهم؛ بی آنکه مدعی باشم «زرتشت شناس» ام و نيز بی آنکه قصدم طرح مسائل مربوط به نوانديشی های مذهبی باشد. پس، آنچه که مطرح می کنم صرفاً نگاهی است پديدارشناسانه و جامعه شناختی به آنچه که می توان «معمای زرتشت» خواند ـ «معما» بدان خاطر که دربارهء اين چهرهء تاريخی / افسانه ای که حدود 3500 سال پيش در خراسان بزرگ می زيسته (و من نيز با آنها که معتقدند «مزار شريف» در افغانستان آرامگاه اوست هم عقيده هستم) حرف ها و حديث های گوناگون و متضادی مطرح می شود.>>>


I am giving birth for you
Giving birth to the
Infant of my heart
Labour was not hard, but agonizing
My baby doesn’t know anything
What is wrong? or what the world is?
He doesn’t see black or white
Everything is green
Everything is orange
Everywhere is colourful >>>


با نوروز بیا
28-Mar-2009 (10 comments)
ای اهورا مزدا
دریافت کن خفته گان آریا.
با نوروز بیا،
پاک کن شبنم اشک ما.
واژگون کن تخت دیوها.
سرنگون کن خاقان کدخدا،
آنچنان کن انتقام خون فرزندان ما. >>>


Music to our ears

Musical remix of Obama's Norooz message to Iranians

26-Mar-2009 (22 comments)



Persian poetry of rebellion hits a classical note

26-Mar-2009 (18 comments)
Namâd Ensemble is once again touring, delivering commendable performances at each venue. If you are already familiar with them, you understand what makes them worthy of praise. If, these musicians are unknown to you, however, you may wonder what genre their music falls under and what exactly sets them apart. Mentioning that these five men collectively play Tombak, Frame Drums, Daf, Udu, Kamanche, Queychak, Setar and Shourangiz, may automatically invoke images of a traditional Iranian group; but Namâd is more than that. Before we jump to labels, perhaps we should pause to consider that while a performance is a transitory experience for the audience, for the musicians it is the culmination of months and years of struggle to render the extract of their essence into the language of composition>>>


Way to Beg, lady

These days, I feel more sympathy for beggars

26-Mar-2009 (6 comments)
There is this lady who begs almost everyday near my workplace. I first noticed her more than couple years ago. What made her stand out from all the other beggars is how she went about asking for money. She said something to the effect that whether people wanted to help her with her goal of making some amount of dollars. I forgot the number of dollars she mentioned but what was interesting to me was how she talked about her goal and somehow made her begging a little bit higher class than all the others. She had a goal and was working towards it and here was passersby’ chance to help her achieve her goal>>>