In long-term interests of peace

U.S. must change Iran policy

31-Jan-2009 (22 comments)
President Obama has promised to restore the United States' moral authority in the world. In order to do so, the new administration should revise U.S. foreign policy that has proved a political failure and undermined respect for international human rights. Topping the list is the U.S. policy of regime-change toward Iran. The policy has failed to bring any tangible changes in the Iranian regime's behavior. Instead, the policy has harmed the Iranian people's demands for the rule of law and respect for human rights. Since December, Shirin Ebadi, the only Muslim woman ever to receive a Nobel Peace Prize, has been suffering at the hands of radical Islamists>>>


Let them rot

Do not expel Mojahedin Khalg members from Iraq

31-Jan-2009 (18 comments)
If MKO members are expelled from Iraq, these middle-aged men and women, who have not been doing anything but worshiping Maryam and Massoud five times a day for the last few years, will have to go mostly to European or Arab countries. Some Arab intelligence organizations from Saudi Arabia and Jordan and also the Israelis are already doing on site job interviews with them to use their talents against Iran. Those who go to Europe will definitely have to lay down their arms and organize into a political organization. European Union decision to take them off the list of terrorist organizations is just for this purpose>>>


جای خالی "تلویزیون"!

نگاهی به برنامه‏های تلویزیون فارسی بی‏بی‏سی (بخش نخست)

31-Jan-2009 (5 comments)
تلویزیون فارسی بی‏بی‏سی سرانجام پس از دو سال تدارک گسترده، دو هفته پیش برنامه های خود را برای مخاطبان فارسی زبان آغاز کرد. این شبکه که از پشتیبانی نزدیک به 150 کارمند و روزنامه نگار در لندن و برخی دیگر از نقاط جهان برخوردار است، به دلایل مختلف از اهمیت و اولویت بسیاری برای نقد و تحلیل های رسانه ای برخوردار است زیرا به نظر می رسد پس از نزدیک به دو دهه از آغاز به کار تلویزیون های فارسی زبان در خارج از کشور مهم ترین و حرفه ای ترین شبکه تلویزیونی فارسی زبان مستقر در خارج از کشور باشد. >>>


Do you love poetry?

Every day I hid behind the curtain of my room, waiting to catch the light of the morning

31-Jan-2009 (21 comments)
“Do you love poetry?” Someone asked me. I used to listen to Shamloo citing the poems of Rumi and Khayyam during the nights of war in the dark, walking in my room, going from one corner to another, and pausing for seconds by the window to watch the city outside, the apartment buildings facing our apartment building, the narrow street, and people in their home – unaware of being watched - and feeling like a voyeur....Maybe this is how I loved to be a writer. Every night, the old woman of the second floor washed her feet in her kitchen sink, looking tired and bored....Maybe this is how I decided to leave my home>>>


پول سیگار

ناظم مدرسه بارها سر صف تذکر می داد که اگر میخواهیم ترقی و پیشرفت کنیم بایستی از همین حالا فارسی حرف بزنیم

31-Jan-2009 (4 comments)
ما بچه ها تقریبا همه بختیاری بودیم. صنعت نفت که راه افتاد و کار که فراوان شد خیلی ها ماندنی شدند و ییلاق گرمسیر ورافتاد. صبحها نان تیری را با یک استکان چای شیرین میخوردیم و راه می افتادیم طرف مدرسه. فارسی و املا و حساب. خیلی وقتا دقیقه شماری میکردیم تا زنگ تفریح را بزنند که برویم بیرون و با هم لری(بختیاری) حرف بزنیم. ناظم مدرسه بارها سر صف روز شنبه که ناخنهای دستها را بازدید میکرد و بلندی و کوتاهی موی ماشین شده سرمان را، تذکر می داد که اگر میخواهیم ترقی و پیشرفت کنیم بایستی از همین حالا فارسی حرف بزنیم. البته ما نمی دانستیم ترقی و پیشرفت یعنی چه. از اون گذشته، خجالت می کشیدیم فارسی حرف بزنیم. چون قاتی می کردیم و بعدش بچه ها برایمان دست میگرفتند. >>>


I liked your laughter

In memory of Ardavan Davaran

31-Jan-2009 (5 comments)
I liked your laughter
As you drove away
And looked back at me
In your side mirror
Not giving me time
To wave goodbye.
Perhaps, like my mother
Who hopes for a day of return
I could hold the Koran over your car
And protect you against evils


The day I became a woman

I never forget the joy of walking around proudly sporting two rings of blue thread in my ears

29-Jan-2009 (16 comments)
The day had arrived. I was both excited and scared. An elaborate meal was being prepared in our huge kitchen. Our “receiving room” (otaagh pazeeraee) had been swept and dusted and the doors to that wing of the house, usually closed during our daily life, had been left open, so I could see the beautiful red carpets and the elaborate furniture from where I was sitting. I could also see all the fruits and pastries arranged on the coffee tables, knowing full well that no one was to touch anything until the guests had arrived. Though this was one of my mother’s usual lunches with the women of our family, this was also a special day for me>>>


From BBC to Rumi

A story from the heart

29-Jan-2009 (4 comments)
Amidst the madness around us, the joys and the sorrows, sometimes it is soothing to read or write about something that is very personal and light. Two weeks ago, I was at the Philadelphia indoor food market where many vendors bring their produce and sell them at relatively low prices. Walking around I lost my Kafia, or let’s say someone picked it up after I dropped it. I felt really bad because I had had it for nearly thirty years; I had bought it in Iran and would wear it when going to meetings at Tehran University or around the corner at the many street gatherings, during the now long gone spring of freedom of 1979>>>


I, also, have a dream!

I have a dream that I wake up tomorrow and see the IRI no longer in existence

29-Jan-2009 (114 comments)
I have a dream that IRI officials apologize to the Iranian people and surrender themselves to justice for the crimes against humanity they have been committing in Iran for the last 30 years. Apologizing for destroying Iran’s infrastructure, ruining its economy, isolating it, oppressing its people, imprisoning and murdering them, exiling them, taking their freedoms away, taking them hostage in order to promote their own brand of Islam, for making the entire world an enemy of our country, for destroying Iran’s image and reputation, for abolishing the values it once stood for, for taking Iran back to the 7th century, for applying barbaric laws and for leading the world in stupidity and savagery>>>


 Just a t-shirt

We better be prepared to examine our own past, too

29-Jan-2009 (8 comments)
Every Martin Luther King Day over the last few years, plus as many days as possible during February (Black History Month,) I have been wearing the shirt above and this year was no exception. Mine is actually black, in some ways more fitting, but I wish I had seen the version above in wine-red first. I bought it from the wonderful people at, who also offer a wide range of other African-American themed t-shirts. This particular shirt gets some of the strangest looks, not to mention some interesting reactions. This morning while lying down on my chiropractor’s adjustment bed, I noticed him reading the back out loud. He later insisted on reading the front before discussing my ever ongoing need for additional treatment.>>>


خبری هست
29-Jan-2009 (7 comments)
همیشه در اوج بی خبری
خبری هست
خبر افتادن برگ
در گذر باد
خبر رقص یک موج
در دامن آب
خبر بغض زمین
در گلوی اتشفشان >>>


نسل در هم شکسته شصت خورشیدی

برایش گفتم چقدر در ایران احمق بودم وهزاران ساعت و دقیقه در خودم گم شده بودم

29-Jan-2009 (9 comments)
با یکی از کارمندان ارشد وزارت خارجه حرف میزدم .برای ماموریت جدیدی به تهران می رود .چمدان اش را دیشب با هم مرتب کردیم .چند دست لباس زنانه و وسایل روزمره و پنج روسری رنگی که یکی اش را خودم برایش خریده ام و خرت و پرت های دیگه. نقشه ی بزرگ تهران را جلویش گذاشتم و همه جاهایی را که با پوست و خون و قلبم دوست دارم نشانش دادم و بی اختیار اشک همه ی صورتم را پر کرد .بی آنکه نگاهم کند گذاشت با دستمال کاغذی پاکش کنم .از دربند و خیابان شریعتی و قلهک و نیاوران و میرداماد و میدان محسنی برایش گفتم .توپخانه را نشانش دادم و از هوای مسموم تهران برایش حرف زدم. آنقدر از تهران گفتم که بی اختیار گقت: می خواهی با مسئولیت خودم ببرمت تا این همه غم غربت از پا نیاندازد ترا هادی جان!>>>


خاطرات شاطر علی – 2

درد سرهای یک معتاد مسافر!

29-Jan-2009 (4 comments)
فکرش رفت تو خاطرات اروپا رفتن بچه محل ها زمان شاه. یادش اومد که برو بچه ها میرفتن آلمان بنز میاوردن!آخه بنده خدا نمیدونست که اولین قدم در راه حج پاک کردن مال و اموالشه! ملاهه بهش حکم کرد که اول باید همه قرض و قوله هاتو بدی. بعدش باید مالتو پاک کنی! یعنی مالیات شرعی ات رو به خدا بدی! ترجمه اش این بود که باید خمس و ذکاتت رو بدی به من (یعنی آقا پیش نماز محله)! خلاصه اینکه شاطر علی بخت برگشته اول رفت یه چرتکه خرید و شروع کرد به حساب و کتاب.سه، چهار هفته بعدش شاطر بلیط و پاسپورتش حاضر بود و روز شمار پرواز به جده بود. در نتیجه ملای محل چندین میلیون تومن ثروتمند تر شده بود!با نزدیک شدن سفر طولانی خارج از کشور، شاطر روز به روز فکرش مشوش تر و مشغول تر مشگل اصلی اش میشد!>>>


Dual communication

A Pro-Iran argument against the IRI’s nuclear program

27-Jan-2009 (38 comments)
The new US Ambassador to the United Nations, Dr. Susan Rice, has vowed that the Obama administration intends to pursue “vigorous diplomacy” to prevent the Islamic Republic from obtaining nuclear weapons. According to Obama himself, such diplomatic overtures will be complemented by a principled “carrots and sticks” approach conducted, presumably, in concert with the EU and -- potentially -- China and Russia, who have traditionally been less willing to really press Tehran to comply with its NPT obligations. Clearly then, the Obama administration needs to immediately to reach out to these powers, as well as the broader international community, to make the case that a nuclear-armed Islamic Republic is simply an unacceptable prospect>>>


Bye Bye Cockroach!

Was it me or was it corporate America that made a cockroach out of me?

27-Jan-2009 (8 comments)
n Monday, corporate America announced that they are laying off 50,000 people. As this gloomy day progressed, this number got even bigger... Although losing my job was hard, tough, emotionally as well as financially, I can't deny the big positive impact it had on me. It made me think about myself. What I've been doing?... Where do I stand?...Is this what I wanted? How far am I from where I want to be? And that was fabulous. To stop. To take a break from the life of a mechanical cockroach that I was. To observe this mechanical cockroach and wonder why it was programmed the way it was. >>>