Iranians are simply following their aspirations, nearly 150 years in the making

07-Dec-2009 (4 comments)
This year’s massive demonstrations of university students are not only the capital but also in a dozen major cities, are being joined by the populace, including families, parents, grandparents as well as siblings, and have taken a new direction. The demonstrators are primarily chanting slogans against their own government and its figureheads including the “supreme leader”, and multitude of failing or ill conceived polices>>>


Dangerous game

Obama’s noble vision blinds him towards the dangers of terrorist regimes

07-Dec-2009 (25 comments)
The United States needs to learn from the mistakes of its recent past and find pragmatic solutions to foreign policy challenges of our time. The ‘war against terror’ is an asymmetric struggle that requires new innovative strategies. This is nothing like the Vietnam, first and second Persian Gulf wars, or in fact any other conventional battlefield-based conflict. Hence, the Obama administration bears the moral responsibility to take existing and emerging threats from rogue regimes and organizations seriously.>>>


It has nothing to do with being Persian!

We should look for values from any human being from any background

06-Dec-2009 (5 comments)
I always hear: “He is just another typical Persian guy. He tries so hard to be everything but him self”, or she is just “Another pretentious Persian girl, good by day, nasty by night”… We as young Iranians, as people from different cultural backgrounds, can be unconsciously incompetent in the area of moral identity. The problem is: we distinguish, separate and/or confuse our values. Generally speaking we separate the parameters of social acceptance (of our current environment) from a perceived outline of what is expected from us ethnically, as Iranians>>>


آمریکا! متشکریم!

مشکلات سی سال گذشته باعث گردیده تا کمک های آمریکا به حفظ استقلال کشورمان به فراموشی سپرده شود

06-Dec-2009 (25 comments)
ایران، تمامیت ارضی و استقلال سیاسی خود را مرهون بزرگ مردی است که در سالهای پرآشوب بعد از جنگ جهانی دوم در مقابل زیاده خواهی های استالین و ارتش سرخ ایستاد .Harry S. Truman سی و سومین رئیس جمهور آمریکا در 12 آوریل سال 1945 به دنبال مرگ فرانکلین روزولت جانشین وی شد و با اقتدار کامل تا 20 ژانویه سال 1953 از کاخ سفید، ایالات متحده را در سالهای طوفانی پایان جنگ در اقیانوس آرام که با تسلیم ارتش امپراطوری ژاپن به ژنرال مک آرتور پایان یافت و همچنین مقابله با نفوذ روزافزون شوروی در نقاط مخالف جهان، رهبری کرد>>>


I Have Someone in Calgary
06-Dec-2009 (2 comments)
I have someone in Calgary
Who is still thinking  of me.
When I saw her in Tehran
She was waiting for a child.
We went to the front yard at night
To count the shots of firing squads >>>


This Moment
06-Dec-2009 (one comment)
In an infant’s crying,
In a hammer’s pounding,
In a river’s thundering roar,
In a mother’s teardrops,
In a friend’s hand reaching out,
In a stranger’s heartfelt smile,
In a night’s union of moon and
His mistresses, a thousand anxious stars >>>


Like Water to a Fish

From across the world we will remember all those who stand for freedom

04-Dec-2009 (9 comments)
The other day I read an article by a long-time friend and fellow activist, Heshmat Tabarsadi. I was struck by the powerful words, the courage that did not mince words, but cut directly to the point. Tabarzadi still lives in Iran, and it is for him and for the thousands of others fighting for freedom for Iran, that we must come out on 16 Azar. I met Heshmat more than a decade ago. We were both growing our student organizations, and we forged an alliance called the United Student Front>>>


Heritage taken hostage

Auctioning ancient Iranian artifacts for crimes against Israelis

04-Dec-2009 (5 comments)
This issue has very important implications for the United States. First of all, one can imagine how much dislike, distrust, and suspicion would be incurred by a Western power dragging another culture's ancient heritage to the auction block. America's museums are national institutions that are often trusted to hold and display the cultural materials of other societies around the world. They are not bank accounts or slush funds to be raided whenever money is needed>>>


Club Foot

For my dear late sister

04-Dec-2009 (3 comments)
Her name is Nora
She is 7 months old.
She moves her little feet
90 degrees inward and back to straight
with complete flexibility >>>


04-Dec-2009 (one comment)
از جَـنمی برتر
که در آوردگاه شدائد
سازشگرانه نزیستند >>>


Sweet Dreams

London exhibition of Kourosh Salehi's paintings and films

Salehi is part of a group of post-revolution Iranian Artists who have merged East-Western traditions and have invented a new language of exile, and in this regard is considered as one of the significant painters of his generation. This exhibition, a collection of paintings and video art films, traces his most recent works. His films, which are mostly shot in Iran, and in the past have led to his arrest by the authorities, are both intense and dreamlike. They each have a story to tell and in this sense are closer to narrative based films than conventional video art. Longing and reconciliation are a common theme in his films>>>


Camelot Remixed

our motherland has become the breeding grounds for masters in the art of concessions, deceptions, and self-preservation

02-Dec-2009 (56 comments)
In a quaint, sleepy town named Ahmad-Abad, there lies in state Iran’s old political lion buried in the grounds of his dining room in a family house that served as both his sanctuary and prison for nearly ten years. There he lies as if awaiting a long overdue state funeral, but there are no statesmen present to pay their respects and no honor guards flank the coffin at each corner. At the time of Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh’s death, there was no abrupt interruption of nation’s regular television programming, no chocked up announcer carrying the devastating news of our loss to the world, and no footage paid homage to his life and legacy>>>


دیپلماسی دروغ و مضحکه

دروغ گویی و بلوف زنی حاکمان برای ایرانیان چندان شوک آور نبوده است

02-Dec-2009 (7 comments)
دروغ و بلوف‌زنی خصیصه برجسته فرهنگ و زبان حاکمیت در ایران بوده است. در جمهوری اسلامی این خصیصه برجستگی بیشتری یافت، و حاکمان به پشتوانه پایگاه مذهبی خود، کاربرد دروغ و بلوف را تا آن جا که «حفظ نظام» ایجاب کند مجاز شمردند. آقای خمینی حتا یک بار گفت که اگر در پاریس برای مخالفان عقیدتی جمهوری اسلامی (از جمله کمونیست‌ها) وعده آزادی داده «خدعه» کرده است. از دید او خدعه (به شمول دروغ و بلوف) در راه حفظ نظام جمهوری اسلامی مجاز بوده است، و سران دیگر جمهوری اسلامی نیز عموما از همین رویه پیروی کرده‌اند>>>


The Morning Maze

Laleh Khadivi's recently published novel

the camion drops the soldiers in the city streets like rabbits in a warren and so they scatter... without possessions Reza moves easily through the maze in his soldier suit and soldier boots…the looks are at him…Sarbaz! Over here! We’ve got the finest quarters in the city? A samovar in every room…and past him…covered women keep their heads cast down, uncovered women do the same…The Desired. The Existing. The Single and the Supreme…everywhere the dynamite demise of an ancient city… for the sake of the new old homes exploded into crumbles of rubble…boys play in the mess as if in castles, fortresses, dens and caves>>>


In search of an identity

Romania travelogue

When the Romanian-born Herta Muller won the 2009 Noble prize for literature, her novel The Land of Green Plums shot up to No. 7 on Amazon.com; until then it had been No. 56,359. Muller was little read even in her adopted country Germany, in whose language she writes. Romanians, whose language is different, still take unusual pride in her. This would be a reflection of their craving for positive international recognition, which I observed in my recent trip to Romania. Never mind that like another Noble laureate Elie Weisel, who was Romanian-born, Herta was an émigré from an inhospitable homeland. Romanians, in time, mix history with myth for respectable results. Such is indeed the case with the legacy of another famous writer, Bram Stoker’s legend of Dracula>>>