Preventing disaster

Washington can give An Israeli attack on Iran the red light

30-Nov-2009 (63 comments)
Only a few weeks after US-Iran diplomacy began in earnest, it seems to be heading towards a premature ending. Rather than tensions reduction, the world has witnessed the opposite. Iran is refusing to accept a fuel swap deal brokered by the IAEA, the IAEA has passed a resolution rebuking Iran, and Tehran has responded by approving a plan to build ten more nuclear facilities. With the potential end of at least this phase of diplomacy, fears of a disastrous Israeli attack on Iran are on the rise once more>>>


رنگ علف
30-Nov-2009 (7 comments)
های که من مرتکب خبط دگر نمیشوم
باز در این مبارزه خاک به سر نمیشوم
شعار مرگ و زندگی برای کس نمیدهم
اسیر زنده مرده‌ی یک دو نفر نمیشوم


Stand up to radicals

Let us not lose this chance to oppose injustice

30-Nov-2009 (4 comments)
Thirty years have passed since Iranian students took over the American embassy in Tehran and took the embassy employees hostage. At the time, I was a college student in San Diego. I and perhaps the rest of the Iranians in the United States did not understand the gravity of the situation and what that action meant for the future of Iran. We were mostly concerned about our own safety in the US and how to protect ourselves from misdirected anger. Little did we realized that this was the beginning of the radicalization of our county of origin>>>


Limits of Capitalism

Blind adherence to free market ideology may no longer serve our economy

30-Nov-2009 (3 comments)
The market system that has been credited for the economic opulence of the global economy especially the Western world in recent decades is now on trial. People are losing their faith and have started questioning the fair operation of this system since the advent of current economic crisis. Free enterprise system has been placed under stringent scrutiny by thousands of inquisitive observers who want to know what went wrong and why the system did not work the way it was supposed to? >>>


The Slow Way is the Fast Way

Like a knife and like the opposite of a knife

My father fought for a country that could be itself even though it was small and full of oil. He could walk down a street and say hello to the baker and think, there's the country I love. Keep writing, I've thought many times, you'll get to that. The slow way is almost always the fast way. The slow way of becoming a writer is to try to do everything at once. But everything is at once. On the corner of Powell and Market, everything was even more than at once, it was about two seconds ago. So what could a man take with him that was as good as a paper and pen?>>>


The Face of Tomorrow
The end persists
In few words
Nothing matters anymore
Desperation drags feet
And I see you fading at a distance where
The border of Fall and Spring turns into dust
Day appears, in disguise
Taking shadows in its strides >>>


Bad loan

After snatching Ebadi's Nobel medal, could Cyrus cylinder be next?

28-Nov-2009 (14 comments)
Given that Shirin Ebadi's Nobel medal is now in the hands of the Islamic Republic, the British Museum should reconsider its loan of the Cyrus cylinder, on which the 'charter' Ms Ebadi referred to is inscribed – it is due to go on display in Tehran in January. According to one source, the chances that the Iranian government will decide to keep the cylinder are “very high”. Iran’s clerics have a history of hostility towards Iran’s pre-Islamic heritage – after the revolution, Ayatollah Sadegh Khalkhali threatened to raze Unesco-recognised world heritage sites with bulldozers>>>


No Rest or Peace

Why does the international media focus so much macabre interest in the dying moments of an Iranian woman?

28-Nov-2009 (63 comments)
The ruthless exploitation of the death of Neda for political purposes is an egregious example of a propaganda war being waged by the enemies of Iran – everyone should be concerned, however, since the manipulation of the media and public opinion is a feature of domestic news coverage in the West as much as it is of reporting on a Middle Eastern state, notes Reza Esfandiari and Yousef Bozorgmehr. The tragic death of Miss Neda Agha-Soltan continues to reverberate five months after her shooting in Tehran>>>


تکه ای از روزنامه سوراخ شده ی آسمان

مارسیا وقتی به نیلی چشم هایم نگاه کرد فهمید که باید چه کاری بکند

دست هایم را که باز کردم، مارسیا ماه را از صفحه ی آسمان کند و در میان تاب انگشت و کف دستم قرار داد . چکه های آبی که از چشمان ماه به کف دستم می ریخت را با دستمال ارغوانی روی میز کنار دستم، پاک کردم تا مارسیا نداند که چه کاری انجام داده است. پرنده های بی بالی را که در آسمان، تکه های نان پخش شده ی مارسیا را که از روی میز به طرفشان پرت می کرد را دیدم که چه طور با اشتیاق پره ی چشم های کدر و بی رونق ابرها را می دریدند تا لقمه ی نانی به دست بیاورند.>>>


28-Nov-2009 (3 comments)
For whom do you wake up
to stretch your aches
on the creaking floor?
And late at night, after
the exhausting routine,
who reaches out to applaud
when you close your front door?


در هیهات ناگزیری واقعه
خیلی غصه می خورم
در این رواق غریبه،
به کوچ ِ راویان حماسه های کهن
- حتا، اگرچه به َرسم توالی فصل-
اندیشه ی قشنگی نیست >>>



Luna Shad's romantic entry into the music scene

26-Nov-2009 (19 comments)


ازنیاوران تا شاه عبدالعظیم

ایران باید از معدود کشورهای دنیا باشد که حاکمانش حتی تاریخ خود را نبش قبر کرده و گذشتگان را گوربگور میکنند

26-Nov-2009 (21 comments)
باغ طوطی اولین جایی بود که میخواستم بعد از آنهمه سال ببینم. امیدم بدرختان تنومند قدیمی بود، چنارهایی که پر از کلاغ میشدند و به گنبد شاه عبدالعظیم ابهتی میدادند. بسیار تعجب کردم که تمام محوطه قبرفرش بود ودر تمام سطح آن باغ قدیمی فقط چند درخت کاج ده پانزده ساله و نیمه مرده مانده بود و روی تنه یکی از آنها پیراهن بچه ای پهن بود تا خشک شود. زیر درخت دیگری بچه ای مشغول بازی بود. دو زن وسط آفتاب روی قبری نشسته بودند و چای میخوردند. شاید آنها نیز برای تکرار خاطرات کودکی آمده بودند>>>


Elephants gone wild

The supreme leader, unlike past conflicts, ceased to be a semi-partial arbiter

26-Nov-2009 (8 comments)
It is the role of the supreme leader to be the arbiter of last resort, to maintain a balance between each dynastic group’s spheres of influence, preventing them from violently colliding or cooperating too much. He has to maintain the façade of solidarity and impartiality while refereeing a multi-team melee. So what happened this time? Superficially this was a presidential election between an incumbent and a challenger. But behind the scene, there was more at stake. There was a major power struggle between the elite at the highest levels of the IRI, a struggle for total domination of the government>>>


نسل سرکش

موضوع اصلی آلبوم جدید گروه ماد طغیانه که نشانه هاش درنسل سرکش امروز ما به وضوح دیده میشه

عبدی بهروانفر: آلبوم "کخئووکلخت" آلبوم دوم من وگروه ماد است که ضبطش از سال1387 شروع شد واخیراٌ مراحل میکس و مستر و چیدمان ترکها تمام شد. آلبوم 8 ترک داره بعضی از اونا قبلا با گروه اجرا شده که البته دراین آلبوم تنظیم وسازبندی جدیدی دارند. آلبوم در سبک فولک راک و تلفیقی از سازهای اصلی راک، بلوز و سازهای محلی خراسان است. یکی از بخشی های بزرگ استان خراسان اهل چناران -عاشق علی اکبر بهاری- در این آلبوم قشمه، سرنا و کمانچه زد. تلفیق سازهای بلوز، راک و سازی مثل قشمه - از استخوان بال عقاب ساخته میشه با قدمتی بیش از4000 سال>>>